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Apple Confirms Fix For iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug On The Way

2/15/2013 02:13:00 PM - 0 comments

There was a lot of criticism when Apple released iOS 6 and a public apology was signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The criticism seemed to have died down but now Apple is coming under fire for the inadequacies found in iOS 6.1. There were connectivity issues with the iPhone 4S which were quickly fixed with iOS 6.1.1. Then there were issues with battery life and a flaw in the passcode lock screen. Now it seems there is an issue with Exchange support.

Everything seemed to be fine when iOS 6.1 was released at the end of January and there were a number of improvements built into this build. It has however quickly become apparent that there are problems that were triggered with this release. Apple has reacted very quickly and they have acknowledged that the point release does have an issue with “excess exchange activity after accepting an exception to recurring calendar event” and that a software release will be made available to rectify this problem.

To the average person, the exchange issue might not seem like a big problem but it has certainly been causing distress to those professionals who are in charge of maintaining corporate servers in enterprises. Exchange administrators were the first to pick up on the fact that iPhone and iPad devices running on iOS 6.1 were gathering excessive logs and this was also the reason why Microsoft recommended that all those in charge of servers were to block all devices running iOS 6.1.

Support article TS4352 on the Apple support website acknowledges this problem. No time scale has yet been given for the release of the software fix but we assume that we will see iOS 6.1.2 very shortly. As an interim fix, Apple has suggested that users disable and then re-enable the Calendar on the associated Exchange account on the device. This is done by going to Settings>Mail, Calendars, selecting the relevant Exchange account and then switching the Calendar option off and then back on after a few seconds.

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