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Jailbreaking Your iPad Is Now Illegal

10/31/2012 09:10:00 AM - 0 comments

If you want to play old school games on your iPad you can still do it but now, you will in fact be breaking the law. This is because under new rules that were issued by the U.S. government, jailbreaking the iPad is now a violation of Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This came into law on the 28th of October 2012.

You will remember back in 2010 iPhone owners breathed a sigh of relief when it was ruled that jailbreaking smartphones was perfectly legal under the DMCA. This is still the case but the updated list of exemptions explicitly excludes tablets, a category of devices that the government found to be too “broad and ill-defined” to allow their owners free reign when using them. So from now, it is illegal to jailbreak the iPad or any other tablet device.4

This really doesn’t make any sense. You are free to jailbreak your iPhone but you can’t run the same jailbreaking tool on a larger device running the same operating system. You can access Cydia on your iPhone but you can’t do it on a screen that is a few inches bigger. It really is bizarre and staring from January 2013, it will be illegal to unlock new smartphones for the purpose of switching carriers. Unlocking older devices will still be fine though.

When the news of this broke iOS jailbreak developer MuscleNerd expressed concern about it on Twitter. He stated that unlocking is no longer an explicit DMCA exemption, neither is jailbreaking iPads. No exemption = illegal. We are sure that developers like MuscleNerd are not happy about this news because it means they will have to be a lot more cautious about building new jailbreak tools for iOS. Tools like Redsn0w will still be able to jailbreak iPhones but the developers may have to add something to ensure that they won’t work on iPads or include some fine print about using them on iPads.

An untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 hasn’t yet been released so we will have to wait and see if these new laws will have any impact on what the jailbreak community is working on.


Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5 Nearly Here But There’s A Catch

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Since the launch of the iPhone 5 everyone has been waiting for news of a jailbreak and we have all realized that this is not going to be as easy as before. The iPhone 5 has a brand new chip and operating system and so far the Dev Team has been stumped. Planetbeing, a member of the Chronic Dev Team has however given iPhone 5 users a ray of hope. He says that he has almost figured out a full tethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5.

From this tethered iphone 5 jailbreak there will come an untethered iphone 5 jailbreak but the problem is, it can only be run from a developer account. Planetbeing said on Twitter that he upgraded the #failbreak with a kernel exploit so tweaks actually work in the iPhone 5. Almost a full tethered jailbreak but you need a dev account. There were a few retweets to this comment replied saying that he is still working on it. You can view all the tweets by following @planetbeing.

It may sound great and give iPhone 5 users some hope but sadly the words “need dev account” pose a catch. There are often unusable jailbreak techniques that Apple Developers can use but these jailbreaks cannot be rolled out to the masses. In the best case scenario this dev-only untethered jailbreak will open the door for untethered jailbreaks for everyone and allow Cydia developers to update their tweaks accordingly.

For those of you waiting for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, it means you will have to hold on a little longer. It is great to hear that the Dev Team are still working on bringing an iPhone 5 jailbreak solution to us but for now we just have to wait until it becomes available. As always we will keep you updated as things transpire.


iPad Mini And iPad 4 Now Available For Pre-Order

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The latest iPad mini and iPad 4 are now available for pre-order. These new devices are competing directly with the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD in the ever expanding small tablet market. The iPad mini has to be the most important new product to come out of the media event which was held on the 23rd of October but will sales be as successful?

For all those interested in getting their hands on a new iPad mini or the iPad 4, pre-orders are now live and you can go to the Apple store and place your order now. The iPad mini is essentially a smaller iPad 2. It comes with the same dual core A5 processer, which is now outdated, and the same 1024 x 768 resolution display on a smaller size of just 7.9”. The lovely new design is really thin at just 7.2mm and weight about half the current 9.7” iPad. The new iPad mini is priced at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model and is considerably more expensive that its peers. The 16GB models of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 cost only $199 which is a big price difference.

Whilst Apple does have a habit of charging more for their devices, they do have a much bigger variety of tablet optimized apps, a larger digital library of music, movies and TV shows so I guess this helps justify things. The iPad mini is available in black and white in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB in Wi-Fi only or 4G LTE models on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

The iPad 4 is another item that goes on pre-order today and it features a new A6X CPU, improved front-facing camera with HD FaceTime, Lightning connector, LTE support for Europe/Asia/Australia and improved Wi-Fi. This model is however facing fierce criticism from those who purchased the iPad 3 as they feel Apple shouldn’t have launched an update so soon.

Whatever your opinion, if you want to get your hands on either of these new Apple devices you can pre-order now by going to the Apple store.


Apple Event Round Up Including The iPad Mini

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The Apple media event which took place in San Jose did as we all anticipated include the iPad min, a tweaked Mac mini, the iMac, a 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina display, an update to iBooks and some alterations to the third generation iPad.

The event kicked off with Apple CEO Tim Cook giving shareholders an update on how much the company has achieved in the last month. Then Phil Schiller and Tim Cook took it in turns to officially reveal the new Apple fruits.

The first announcement was a new version of iBooks. There were no real significant changes. iBooks now features continuous scrolling in between pages for easier reading, better iCloud support and social sharing features. This is not really the kind of update we were expecting but at least it was something.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display was next and it offers those looking for a thinner, lighter notebook the chance to purchase a high end product in a smaller size. This new model comes with a price tag of $1699 which is $500 cheaper than the 15 inch edition. The Mac mini was next and this features intel’s newest Ivy Bridge processor along with four USB 3.0 ports. There is also a server edition offering up to 2TB of HDD space. The re-designed iMac was also unveiled and this is now just 5mm thick at its thinnest points around the edges. The optical drive is going but we are sure this won’t be an issue with people.

Whilst the Mac alternatives were great, it wasn’t the main reason everyone had tuned into this event. This event was always all about the iPad mini and when Schiller finally unveiled it to the world all doubts about this new device were put to rest. The iPad mini packs in the A5 processor, 729p 7.9 inch display and a bezel reflecting that of the iPod touch. It fits nicely into the hand too. The rumor of 12 different models turned out to be a little off but there is still plenty of variety for everyone. The 16GB iPad mini will retail at $329 so we don’t think Apple are going to be dealing with massive demand just yet.

The last thing that was announced at this event is something that is a little controversial. Apple decided to give the iPad 3 a few changes. The new “twice as fast” A6X processor has been added along with better Wi-Fi, improved 4G LTE in European and Asian nations and the new lightning connector. A lot of talk has followed this update and many people seem to think that they have been ripped off. It has only been eight months since the launch of the third generation iPad and to have a fourth generation iPad announced so soon is ridiculous. What does everyone else think of this?


Apple To Announce iBooks 3.0 At Media Event On October 23rd

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According to a iTunes leak, Apple is set to announce iBooks 3.0 at its Media Event tomorrow. This special media event is also expected to be the unveiling of the new iPad mini as well as a refresh of the Mac mini and iMac desktops.

With the launch of a smaller iPad, it really isn’t surprising to find that Apple are going to tweak and improve their iBooks service especially when they are planning to drive home the education message in a bid to get more sales for the iPad mini too. The iPad has already played a big role in offering a more interactive education in many schools and learning facilities and with a smaller, cheaper version set to be launched more schools and children will be able to take advantage of this technology.

iBooks 2.0 was announced earlier this year and it came with digital textbook support. A current listing on Apple’s iTunes Store mentions iBooks 3.0 and with the media event scheduled for tomorrow we are sure that Tim Cook and his friends at Apple will be able to offer us further insight to this new version during the keynote speech.

Whilst the iPad is not considered to be a device for readings, the smaller iPad mini with a lower price tag might just be something that consumers will be willing to pick up and read on. The display of the new iPad mini is expected to have the same resolution as the iPad 2 which means it will a sharp look for the new iBooks will be used.

We have absolutely no idea as to what improvements have been made to iBooks 3.0 but we are speculating that it has been significantly altered from its current state. All will become clearer tomorrow and we will also have all the updated information with regards to the iPad mini, new iBooks and any other product that is mentioned.


Concepts For iPad Is A Great New Gesture Based Drawing App

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Concepts for the iPad is a beautiful, unique and responsive gesture based drawing app that has just been released. One of the great things about the iPad 3 is that fact that artistic apps look fantastic on the high resolution display. The Concepts App from TopHatch is a perfect example.

This new app makes use of every pixel on the iPad allowing users to mockup unique and stunning creations directly on their device. The whole app is based around capturing the artistic nature that comes from freehand sketching and then combining it with the precision that comes with technical drafting. Most of the drawing apps offered for the iPad usually just offer a number of different pen types or brushes rather so Concepts really is unique and worth investing in.

This app has a very minimalistic toolbar that sits in a clean interface that has been designed to allow users to focus on what they are doing more so than being distracted by a clutter interface. It is also built around simple gestures that will allow users to hide or show the toolbar using simple swipes. The development team behind the Concepts app have done a great job in ensuring that all lines and strokes down are always smooth with vector based graphics and this makes everything you do look great even when you zoom right in.

As far as drawing apps go, Concepts comes with multiple pen types and sizes as well as a variety of ink colors. Users have the ability to create concept galleries that can be visualized in a side scrolling format. There is also an advanced eraser feature that makes it so easy to make changes. There is also a presentation based feature built in that allows galleries and concepts to be sent to an Apple TV on the same network using AirPlay technology.

Concepts is available from the App Store for iPads running iOS 5 or above and it is free of charge. There is also an option for an in-app to enable precision drawing mode which is available for $1.99.


Invites Sent For Apple Media Event On October 23rd

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It is now official, Apple has sent out media invites for an event they are going to host on the 23rd of October. This event will be held in the California Theatre, San Jose. It is expected that Apple is going to announce their iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, a line up of iMacs and a brand new Mac mini.

We have been giving you all the reports and theories so far surrounding Apple’s iPad Mini and while many may have thought this was just a rumor, Apple have now announced a special event. Usually Apple’s keynotes are held at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco but this event is going to be held at the California Theatre in San Jose and this is the first official indication that the new iPad Mini will indeed be launching this month.

The iPad mini is expected to have a 7.85 inch display and we have also learned that there could be as many as twelve different configurations such as a Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE offering in each of the 8, 16, 32 and 64GB storage capacities. There have over the past couple of months been various leaks of internal parts as well as a bunch of mock-ups which have given up plenty to speculate about. Apple are very good at covering things up though so don’t be surprised if the new smaller iPad doesn’t look anything like what we may have presumed.

When it comes to pricing, there have been speculations that it will cost between $249 and $299. This has yet to be confirmed and we will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple to see if the rumors were right. Apple will be holding a special event next Tuesday and everyone here is really excited about the prospect of the iPad mini finally making an appearance. We will keep you updated and bring you all the news as it transpires.


Unlock iOS 6 On iPhone 4 And 3GS Using Ultrasn0w Fixer

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Apple’s iOS 6 is the latest offering in their firmware and there are plenty of dev-teams out there who are spending a lot of time looking for new loopholes and gaps that Apple’s security team may have missed. This comes in the form of jailbreak and unlocking. We are happy to say that if you have iOS 6 on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS you can unlock it using Ultrasn0w Fixer.

By unlocking your iPhone you will be able to use any SIM and you also get to bypass restrictions that may have been set by your carrier. If you are like many other iPhone users who have been preserving their baseband for unlocking purposes over the past couple of years, you will be more than familiar with Ultrasn0w Fixer which has now been updated for iOS 6.

Ultrasn0w Fixer for iOS 6 only works for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and it supports the following basebands:

• 01.59.00 • 04.26.08 • 05.11.07 • 05.13.01 • 05.12.01 • 06.15.00

The official Ultrasn0w tool might be updated in the near future but for now this Fixer will work perfectly. Your iPhone running iOS 6 will have to be jailbroken to use this utility and at present there is only a tethered jailbreak available via Redsn0w. You also need to have preserved baseband. If you have all this, then just follow the steps below to unlock your iOS 6 iPhone.

Step 1: Launch Cydia and then hit Manage and then Sources.

Step 2: Add the iparelhos repository. You should already have this is you have re-added your sources from iOS 5, but if not, select Edit and Add and then type http://repo.iparelhos.com before hitting Add Source.

Step 3: Open the repo and browse to the Ultrasn0w Fixer for 6.0 utility. Tap the install button and let Cydia do the rest.

Step 4: Download the latest official iteration of Ultrasn0w from Cydia and install it.

You should now have an unlocked iOS 6 iPhone. You do have to make sure that you install the Fixer before you install the official Ultrasn0w utility otherwise this won’t work.


iPad Mini To Be Launched At Apple Event On 23rd October

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We have been watching for days now to see when Apple would be sending out invites to press members for their announcement event for the iPad Mini. A new report has stated that Apple will be holding this event on the 23rd of October which means we have less than two weeks to go.

This report comes from John Paczkowski from AllThingsD and he cites that Apple will be holding a special media event later this month and a smaller iPad will be revealed. Paczkowski’s sources have always been reliable in the past so we are sure that this is the real deal too. There was no further information revealed except that it is believed that this event will be held at Town Hall Auditorium on the company’s own campus in Cupertino, CA instead of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Based on rumors, reports and the general speculation doing the rounds, the iPad Mini which most people are calling it is essentially going to be a smaller version of the iPad 2. It will most likely feature a dual-core A5 chip, have low resolution dual cameras and a 1024 x 768 display. The size of the display is what is going to be different and it suggested that the display size is going to be 7.85 inches.

At this size, the iPad mini will be in direct competition with the likes of the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Apple does at present sell a cheaper $399 iPad 2 but this is still at least $200 above the price of these other tablets and therefore the new iPad Mini will have to retail around $249 to see strong sales results.

The launch of the new iPad Mini will see Apple following trends for the very first time instead of setting trends which is what they are usually known for. We still have to wait for the official launch on the 23rd October to see what we are really going to get with the new iPad Mini.


iPad Mini To Be Wi-Fi Only

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According to the latest rumors, the iPad Mini is set to be Wi-Fi only at its launch and it has also seen some last minute design changes. Also if rumors are to be believed the current iPad is to get a minor refresh this month also.

It is being suggested that the new 7.85 inch iPad Mini will hit the market with a maximum price tag of $250 in a bid to compete directly with the Nexus 7 tablet from Google and Asus as well as Amazon’s new range of Kindle Fire devices. There has always been confusion as to why Apple would want to produce an iPad Mini when the iPad does so well and many think it is really just to satisfy the mid range market. According to reports, Apple are hoping to ship more than ten million of these new devices during the holiday season.

The standard 9.7 inch iPad ships with either a Wi-Fi only option or a Wi-Fi plus cellular option which is something that we might not see with the iPad Mini. According to a report from the Guardian, the new iPad Mini will come as a Wi-Fi only device meaning that users won’t have the option of using a SIM card to connect to a cellular network for data on the move.

In addition to the new iPad Mini, we are also expecting Apple to ship an updated version of the current third generation iPad that bring 4G support for the United Kingdom’s first 4G LTE network that will be operational at the end of this month.

If Apple is planning on holding a media event during October, invitations could be going out in the next day or two. This may or may not be the case however as Macotakara have suggested on their website that one of Apple’s official equipment manufactures has had to halt production of the new iPad Mini because of a last minute change in the design. We have no idea what this is but if an October launch is to be had we will find out very soon.


Lightning To 30-Pin Adapter For iPhone 5, iPod Touch And iPod Nano Now Available

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When Apple launched the iPhone 5 they also changed the connector. This has been name Lightning. This decision hasn’t been too popular with people who own lots of accessories such as speakers, car chargers, docks, etc that were made for the older 30-pin connector. The good news is that the Lightning to 30-pin adapter is now on sale.

Those of you who have order these adapters will be delighted to hear that they are now being shipped. This news comes from the people over at MacRumors in the form of a short post in which they cited that shipment notification emails have been sent to their readers stating that their orders have been shipped. Most of these readers are from Australia so for those in other regions the wait may be a little longer.

For those who you who haven’t ordered an adapter yet it is worth noting that there are in fact two types available. There is a rather bulky offering for $29 that does directly under your iPhone 5 and a nicer $39 unit that comes with a 0.2m cable that goes between the Lightning connector and the 30-pin port of the accessory you want to use. These new adapters are compatible with the iPhone 5, the fifth generation iPod touch and the seventh generation iPod Nano. The prices for these may seem a little on the high side but we are sure to see some third party adapters making it into the market soon for a much cheaper price.

The new connector really is here to stay and it has some advantages too. It is thinner, smaller and reversible so it can be connected anyway you want. We are sure to see more and more information about this new connector and there will be new accessories in the pipeline but for now an adapter is the only way to go.


One Year On And Apple Remembers Steve Jobs

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One year after his passing, Apple remembers Steve Jobs in a tribute video and note from CEO Tim Cook. Apple fans and general technology enthusiasts worldwide will remember October 5th 2011 and now one year later the world remembers him again.

Apple has posted a very classy tribute video on their official website today along with a note from CEO Tim Cook which you can check out right now. This video is available on Apple.com and it goes through photos from Steve Jobs’ life and showcases his most important achievements after his return to Apple in the 1990s. It starts with his favorite quote by Wayne Gretzky, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. This is the philosophy that is followed by Apple when it comes to creating new products and technology.

After this section of the video you will see some stunning black and white portraits of Steve Jobs with his most successful and revolutionary products such as the iMac, iPod and iPhone and there are audio clips playing in the background from keynotes that he gave. When you have finished watching the video you can read Tim Cook’s message which is a touching tribute to this great man.

Since his passing, Apple has released multiple successful products such as the iPhone 4S, the new iPad, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and it looks like the company is doing pretty well. It is nice to see that they are still remembering this powerful man and if you would like to read more about Steve Jobs and his inspirational journey from a jobless college dropout to the CEO of the world’s most valuable company then you can do so in Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs.

A movie called jOBS based on the life of Steve Jobs is also currently in production with Ashton Kutcher taking on the lead role. A wax figure of Steve Jobs has also recently been put on display at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong.

It may be a year on, but it looks like the world hasn’t forgotten this legendary figure and it is lovely to see that Apple has done something fitting to mark his one year anniversary.


Leaked iPad Mini Parts Show Nano SIM Support And More

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Leaked iPad mini parts reveal that there will be an anodized metal black version, support for Nano SIM cards for 3G models and more. The rumor mill is back in full swing and UkrainianiPhone has released some images of the new iPad Mini that will likely get people talking.

We have already heard that the iPad Mini will be a great deal thinner than the Nexus 7 and that the invitations for the media event will go out on the 10th of October which means that event itself could be held around the 17th of October with the actual device launching a couple of weeks later. We are already in October and everything is getting quite real and these images make us even more aware of this.

Many of the details are still scarce but these images show that the iPad Mini will use the anodized aluminium material of the iPhone 5 and it is also thought that there will be a white and silver and a black and slate configuration. The new iPad Mini will of feature the Lightning dock connector.

The images made available at UkrainianiPhone also provide an insight into the 3G model that we are all anticipating which looks to be packing the new Nano SIM card but be warned, this is merely speculation based on the images. Google’s Nexus 7 which launch earlier this year at around the same price bracket that Apple is reportedly pricing the iPad Mini at was Wi-Fi only so if Apple are going to offer cellular data as an option it will really widen the appeal of this device.

The iPad Mini is expected to come with a sharp display, front and rear cameras and according to a lot of reports has already gone into production over at Foxconn’s Brazilian plant. We will be sure to keep you updated on all things iPad Mini as we receive them so be sure to stay tuned.


Instagram Is Now Compatible With The iPhone 5 And iOS 6

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Facebook are also the proud owners of the popular image sharing app Instagram and whilst this takeover resulted in some great new features, users have been left behind when it comes to iPhone 5 support. We are delighted to say however that the wait is over and the App Store is pushing out updates for those who have Instagram already installed on their devices.

If you are new to the world of photo sharing with Instagram, you can now go and get the app from the App Store free of charge with full iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support. This is fantastic news and as many of you know Instagram has taken the world by storm and is the world’s best photo sharing app.

The latest Instagram update adds in iPhone 5 support that extends the interface of the app so that it is compatible with the new larger display that the iPhone 5 ships with. As well as the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 updates, Instagram also has changes to the way new users are handled as well as making amendments to the process of recovering lost or forgotten passwords. This app enhancements and security fixes are also mentioned in the information on the App Store.

At a glance there doesn’t look to be any visual or interface changes to the software other than adding extra pixels for iPhone 5 users but there is more and if you are a lover of Instagram and you have updated to the iPhone 5 or iOS 6 then you need to get your hands on this.

A lot of the popular and well known apps are now being updated to be fully compatible with the new iPhone 5 so we can expect to see a lot more updates being pushed out by the App Store in the coming weeks.