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How To Make Facebook Notification Email Links Open In Official App Instead of Safari

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Cydia is the place where you will find great tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices. As more and more packages are released and Apple continues to update iOS it become increasingly difficult to images what developers will come up with next. Today we want to tell you about one of the latest packages to hit Cydia called FaceMail.

The FaceMail tweak is a combination of the native iOS Mail app and the official Facebook app from the App Store. As you probably already know, Facebook has recently given its iOS app a makeover to make it even faster. FaceMail doesn't bring you any massive functionality to the social network, instead what is does is put right a wrong that has probably not even been noticed by a lot of users, but severly annoys people who have come across it.

With Facebook, users can get email alerts when something happens on their account. When you click on the link in the email it opens up Mobile Safari and takes the user to the mobile Facebook website to sign in and see what the alert is all about. FaceMail changes this behaviour by creating a link between the Mail and Facebook apps meaning that when a link is tapped from an offical Facebook email account, it will open up in the installed Facebook app and take the user to the notifications section rather than trying to force a log in through Mobile Safari.

This may sound rather trivial but if you are an iOS user who has become frustrated with this you will be delighted with this new tweak. FaceMail is available free of charge from the BigBoss repository with no specific iOS version requirements being given. It does however require that you have the official Facebook app installed on your device.


High Quality Images of New iPhone Revealed

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High quality images of the next generation iPhone's front panel compared to the iPhone 4/4S have surfaced showing us intricate details of what we can expect when the new model hits our stores.

We are getting ever closer to the announcement of the next generation iPhone. Some high quality images have surfaced comparing the old and the new and they are certainly worth taking a look at. NoWhereWise.fr has some high quality images on their website which allegedly show the front plate of the sixth generation iPhone.

The front panel images of the next iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5 have been doing the rounds for quite some time now but this is the first time we have been able to get a proper side by side comparison with the current iPhone 4S. As you will notice from the images the width of the new device appears as though it will be the same which ties in with most of the reports we have seen over the past couple of months.

The height of the device though is set to increase rather significantly to accommodate the new longer, 4 inch display and whilst this may be only a little increase from the current 3.5 inch display, you can see from the images that it offers quite a bit more. The as yet unspecified chip near the earpiece also shown in the pictures suggest that the iPhone 5 will not be getting NFC technology this time round.

The new 4 inch display is what most people are eager to see. The pixel density is expected to stay the same, so while you will have more display to play with, it will be just as sharp as what you have become accustomed to. Apple as far as we know will be announcing the iPhone 5 on the 12th of September with a US launch nine days later. We really don't have that much longer to wait and as we receive further information we will be passing it on to you here.


Images Of Fully Assembled iPhone Five Leaked Online

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September is almost here and everyone is waiting patiently for the launch of the much awaited sixth generation iPhone which has already been dubbed the iPhone 5. If you can't wait that long, you will be happy to hear that images of the fully assembled 6th generation iPhone front panel with home button and front camera have been leaked.

September 12th is the official date for the media event but until that happens we all just have to wait and make do with the numerous leaks of components and parts that are appearing all over the interent. These images and leaked reports are giving everyone a pretty good idea of what to expect from the next generation iPhone.

Although we have aleady seen rendered images of what designers believe the new iPhone to look like based on the leaked components, we haven't actually seen any assembled images or full device leaks so far. The latest images to emerge show a practically fully assembled front panel which should give prospective buyers a visual indication of what to expect when the iPhone hits the shops in a couple of weeks time. These assembled photos show the Sharp IGZO display attached to the panel and they also show a fully attached home button embedded with a metal holding bracket.

We are seeing these leaks parts popping up almost everyday and at this rate we could actually see a fully assembled device before Apple even introduces it to us. It is evident from the assembled display images that the new iPhone will take much of its design aesthetics from the iPhone 4 and 4S. Regardless of what Apple are planning to introduce on the 12th of September, we are sure it is going to be the best iPhone yet. If you would like to see the leaked images you will find them on the Apple Pro website.


Apple To Hold Two Separate Events For The New iPhone And iPad Mini

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Reliable source John Gruber suggested earlier this week that Apple would likely hold two separate media events for their upcoming product range. This would mean a media event for the new iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

Gruber has suggested that Apple will first invite shareholders and spectators to a media event that will be about the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. This event is set to be held on the 12th of September and will see the new iPhone 5 being introduced along with the sixth edition of the OS firmware. The iPhone is then expected to be released to the public nine days after this announcement.

A couple of weeks later, Gruber reckons that Apple will announce the iPad Mini at its traditional music event in early October. It was originally thought that these two devices would be announced at the same time but now it seems that they will be staggered by about a month.

Gruber is well known for his accuracy and given his track record when it comes to Apple gossip we can be pretty sure that there will indeed be two separate events. The smaller iPad which was still doubtful now looks to be a certainty and with price being the key factor this could be one of the most successful gadgets of all time. The Google ASUS Nexus 7 has seen strong sales and great reviews in its first month or two on sale making the iPad’s dominance look set to drop. The introduction of the iPad Mini could change this completely.

If Apple can deliver a decent device at an affordable price it could mean game over for other table vendors. One of the main issues that consumers have with iOS devices is the high price tag so if Apple can get the price right on the iPad Mini it could mean big things. As always nothing has yet been confirmed but with September 12th approaching very quickly we don’t have long to wait.


New Apple Dock Connector Cable With Smaller Port Images Appear Online

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It always seems to happen in the run up to a new Apple product launch and the iPhone 5 is no exception. We have seen so many images at this stage and the latest image to appear online is the new dock connector cable with a smaller port.

The next generation iPhone will include a lot of changes whilst still remaining largely the same as the current iPhone 4S. The display is set to be larger which is the first time that Apple has deviated from the 3.5” diameter. The depth of the new iPhone is also said to be slightly reduced thanks to a revamped method of screen manufacture.

The headphone jack is going to move to the bottom of the new iPhone device and the FaceTime camera that was first introduced with the iPhone 4 is going to have a more central position. This is going to save space as is the new dock connector. When compared with other USB tablets and smartphones, Apple’s dock connector is quite large at 30-pin and this looks to be significantly downscaled to just nine.

Images of the new Apple sync cable seem to confirm this new change in the dock connector and although it cannot be confirmed it really does look legitimate. One thing we can be sure of is that Apple will be selling plenty of adapters for millions of peripherals and we could see a bit of an outcry from those people who won’t see the benefits of this change. What the change does do however is save room for upgraded hardware.

It is only a matter of weeks now before we get the official information right from Apple themselves so stay tuned and we will keep you updated on any new information we receive.


New iPhone 5 Front Panel Shows 4 Inch Display And Centered FaceTime Camera

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There have been so many leaks for the next generation iPhone so we all have a pretty good idea of what it is going to look like. Now UBreakiFix.com has dropped a couple of fully assembled front shots of this new iPhone in white.

These images do tie in nicely with what we have already seen and if you look at them compared to the iPhone 4S the changes from the front facing profile are not that noticeable. The screen is significantly longer, as is the iphone itself but apart from the centered FaceTime camera there really isn’t that much difference. The iPhone 4/4S design has been a real winner for the past two and a half years and there really was no reason to change this design dramatically. It is nice to see that Apple haven’t changed the design for their new iPhone that much.

As well as what can be seen from the images on the UBreakiFix.com website we know that there will be a smaller 9-pin dock connector which is going to free up plenty of space within for new and improved hardware inside the shell. In addition to the downscaled dock connector the sim tray also looks set to be cut down to size with Apple almost certain to implement a new nano-SIM tray doing away with all the excess plastic.

The headphone jack on the new iPhone 5 is going to be repositioned from the top to the bottom and the current speaker grills will also appear different on this device which will be slightly thinner than its predecessor.

Even though we have received a great deal of information in regards to the aesthetics, it still remains to be seen what Apple plans to pack within the device. LTE would seem a certainty after the third generation iPad, as does NFC given the transaction based features of iOS 6, but there is still plenty of information that we still don’t know.

We don’t know whether Apple will go with a quad-core processor or if they will follow in the footsteps of the iPad by implementing the A5X dual core chip with quad core graphics. This information along with the official release date is still unknown as is the price for this new iPhone. It shouldn’t be long now until all this information is released and you can be sure that we will let you know as soon as we do.


New Apple Set Top Box To Have DVR, Social And iPad Like Interface

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New reports are circulating and claiming that Apple is giving the Apple TV another upgrade. This new Apple set top box is said to have DVR capabilities, social and an iPad like interface. It was the Wall Street Journal that reported that the company is working to revamp its existing Apple TV set top box.

This report suggests that Apple is working hard to bring out a new redesigned Apple TV set top box with DVR features finally being added to the device years after it was requested by customers. The new box will not record content though and it seems like it will stream content as soon as a matter of minutes after it has begun airing on traditional television.

The Apple TV currently offers streaming of content via iTunes and just doesn’t seem to fit with the way most people watch content. If the Wall Street Journal is correct in their assertions then this could all change.

In order to make the jump to an Apple DVR as painless as possible for its customers, Apple is also reportedly set to adopt a more iPad like interface. With the current offering less than ideal and the options hidden within a labyrinth of menu options, Apple is reportedly set to go for an iOS like interface to help with the adoption of this device which has to date been something of an enthusiasts toy.

The main problem with the whole Apple TV thing is the lack of content deals. Apple is rumoured to be in talks with TV companies so we have to wait to see what kind of a deal they come up with. There are still rumors of an Apple TV which could be just around the corner too but with so many Apple products set to launch who knows when this could be.


The New iPad Mini Images Leaked

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Whilst the next generation iPhone is the most anticipated device to be arriving from Apple in the next couple of weeks, the purported smaller iPad or iPad mini as it is being called is supposedly hot on its heels. The iPad mini is supposedly being launched to compete against the smaller tablets cropping up in the table market.

There have been plenty of supposed leaks of the ipad mini and the general concensus is that it will look like a big iPod touch. It also looks as if the ipad mini will have a significantly thinner bezel which will make it akin to the iPhone and iPod touch that we have at the present moment. Another thing that is looking promising with the new iPad mini is the possibility of seperate volume buttons. The release date that rumors and reports are suggesting is October/November.

The rumors, reports and leaked images show that the iPad mini has some key advantages over other tablets. The images leaks that we have been priviledged to view so far have shown no sign of a back camera and we feel that the lack of this will be a recurring theme on the smaller, cheaper devices. A front facing camera is essential for FaceTime and although leaks have shown no hole for a camera this could be just the fact that it has yet to be drilled in the images we have seen.

In terms of when the iPad mini will hit the market things are still a little up in the air. Apple will have to be very careful to ensure that they separate it from the launch of the iPhone and the limited number of hardware leaks that we have seen up until now would seem to indicate that there is quite a way to go yet before the iPad mini is ready for mass production. Either way, if Apple can manage to get the iPad mini out for a reasonable fee then it could put a lot of pressure on the current tablet market.


Next Generation iPhone Pre-Orders Set For September 12th

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Everyone who is anyone is anxiously awaiting the release of the next generation iPhone. They are waiting to find out exactly what Apple has in store regarding the devices technical specifications. Most of all, people are just anxious to get their hands on this new iPhone. For anyone who has already owned an iPhone the wait to see what the sixth generation will bring is coming to an end.

The all important Apple media event is looking like it will happen on the 12th of September with Apple reportedly planning their usual product introduction for the new iPhone. It has been speculated in the past that Apple were planning their release day for the 21st of September and it seems like this could very well be the case along with the addition of initial pre-orders being taken immediately after the hardware announcement. If this is true then September 12th could be the day everyone has been waiting for and it will surely be a very busy and long day for Apple's online store workers.

The reports that we have been receiving have also hinted that Apple is planning on introducing their secondary wave of sales to the wider international market during the early stages of October. We have always seen Apple introduce their products on a staggered basis and this could see international consumers getting their hands on the new iPhone around October 5th.

It really isn't that long to wait now until we find out exactly what Apple has in store. As always they are remaining tight lipped about what they have planned for the event. Will it just be the introduction of the new iPhone or will we see a whole new line of products during the same event? Will the new iPod touch or the iPad mini be mentioned? As yet we have to wait and see until the official information is released. It is only a matter of weeks and like the rest of us here, we're sure you can't wait to finally find out.


Next iPhone To Have Taller Display Is All But Confirmed

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If you are one of the many people out there waiting on the release of the next generation iPhone then you really won’t have to wait much longer. It is widely expected that the Apple media event that is being planned for September 12th will be all about the iPhone and will possibly introduce the new device for sale approximately nine days later.

Apple have already released the fourth beta of iOS 6 to developers and the new iPhone will be the first device that will ship with this major rebuild of iOS 6 pre-installed on it. What we have learned though is that if Apple does announce the next generation iPhone next month, they will more than likely announce a public iOS 6 launch on the very same day.

We already know that iOS 6 will bring some great features to the existing hardware but what about those people who are actually planning on purchasing or upgrading to the new iPhone? One of the biggest discussions has been about the larger display that Apple is set to introduce to compete with other smartphones. The physical size of the iPhone has always remained the same but rumors are suggesting that the next release will have a 640x1135 resolution display thanks to a larger vertical dimension. Thanks to some clever trickery with the iOS simulator within Apple’s Xcode development environment, it has been proven that Apple have been testing out their software on larger display devices.

Those involved with this testing have managed to tweak the simulator tool to run at the 640x1136 resolution which is thought to be the next iPhone’s native screen resolution. These tests were carried out on both the latest public release of iOS as well as a beta version of iOS 6. When running iOS 5.1, the simulator increased the space between app icon rows to symmetrically lay out the existing four ways on the larger screen. With iOS 6 an additional row of icons was added to the display showing the iOS 6 has internal logic for a new user interface layout on a bigger device.

This is all very interesting but it really doesn’t provide us with any proof that the next generation iPhone will ship with the reported larger display. What it does show is that Apple has put some thought into producing larger display devices. As always we really do have to wait for the official announcement but at least the wait time is nearly over.


Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 4 On iPhone And iPod Touch With Redsn0w

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Apple always seem to be able to create quite a storm when it comes to releasing new hardware and we are all familiar with the rush of crowds on Apple retail stores when new generation idevices are made available. iOS 6 is a giant leap forward for Apple especially when you consider the amount of new major changes that this software release will bring.

Apple has built their own advanced mapping systems that offers 3D mapping and fly over city tours as well as efficient turn by turn navigation which is being integrated into the new iOS 6. Although most general users will be looking forward to getting their hands on the new iPhone and software that will come with it, it is those who jailbreak their devices that will be most excited to see what the jailbreak community does is terms of production of new tweaks and enhancements for iOS 6.

Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 6 to developers and this allows developers to test and discover all the latest changes. For those involved in jailbreaking it allows them to liberate devices that are running this latest beta. The iPhone Dev Team again seem to be ahead of the game with their latest version of Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 which is capable of jailbreaking the fourth beta of iOS 6 on A4 capable devices. These jailbreaks are purely for developers. MuscleNerd took to Twitter to say that jailbreak developers can continue using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 with iOS 6 beta 4.

It really is great to see that the jailbreak teams a staying on top of Apple and they are continuing to push out support to the millions of iOS device users around the world that jailbreak their devices. Jailbreaking iOS 6 on the iPhone and iPod touch is really simple. It is again only for developers and if you have iOS 6 beta 4 which is available from the iOS Dev Center you can now download Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 for Windows and Mac.


iOS 6 Beta 4 Build 10A5376e For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Now Available

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We are getting closer and closer to the announcement and release of the next generation iPhone and as part of this announcement and launch we will also see the public outing of the next major release of iOS which is iOS 6. Apple has already pushed out three betas of iOS 6 to registered developers giving them the chance to test their existing apps for compatibility and investigating the new APIs and report any bugs that they may find.

The bug reporting part of beta software is a vital part of the process and ensures that when launch time arrives we all get the best possible product. Apple has officially released the next step in the development of iOS 6 by making the fourth beta of the software available to all registered developers. iOS 6 Beta 4 build 10A5376e for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available in the Developers Center. This update is available to all members of the developers center and you can access it is you have a registered Apple ID and a paid development account. If you already have a beta version of iOS 6 you will start to receive notifications that an over the air update is available.

Considering that this is the fourth beta and the clock is ticking away to a possible release date, Apple will be hoping that each release to developers will bring with it a more stable and noticeably enjoyable iOS 6 experience for users. This iOS does contain some substantial upgrades with one of them being the inclusion of a whole new 3D enabled mapping systems, Apple really do have their work cut out for them ensuring that everything is in perfect shape to compliment their new iPhone when the release date is finalised.

If you do have a developers account then be sure to check out this new beta release which is available for both Mac and Windows.


Next iPhone Still Reportedly Set To Launch In September

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Regardless of the components shortage that has been reported, it seems that the next iPhone is still going to launch in September. As we get closer to September and October, rumors, reports and leaks relating to the next iPhone are becoming more frequent. We have seen images and videos of the next iPhone with its body fully assembled showing a smaller dock connector, a larger more elongated screen and a metal back.

The next piece of news that we have received pertains to the next iPhone’s launch window. This news comes courtesy of AppleInsider where they state that they expect Apple to release their next iPhone in September. According to the AppleInsider, Apple’s supply chain is ready for the initial increase in manufacturing, however availability of in-cell touch panels from LG and Sharp may be low due to decreased yield rates. These manufacturers will however be able to supply the touch panels to display manufacturer JDI.

Other components like metal and glass casings for the new design and modem chips are also available in good supply. According to the source the leaked images of the next iPhone are very likely authentic. They have also stated that the new design may come with Gorilla Glass for enhanced heat dissipation and improved wireless reception.

All this information lines up perfectly with the reports we have been reading from multiple sources that are claiming that the next generation iPhone and perhaps the rumoured iPad Mini will be revealed on the 12th of September. Apple is always very quick to launch their products after they announce them so a launch date during September sounds perfectly reasonable.

There will be more information made available over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to the final announcement from Apple and of course we will be covering them here so make sure you stay tuned for our updates.


New iPhone To Have Even Smaller 8-Pin Connector Port

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Rumors really are doing the rounds at the moment concerning the new iPhone that is due to be launched in September. The latest report is that the new iPhone will have an even smaller 8-pin connector port which is twice as small as the recently reported 19-pin connector port.

As well as having a supposedly longer slightly thinner form factor, reshuffled headphone jack and a few cosmetic tweaks, the one recurring feature to be discussed is the smaller dock connector. The current 30-pin connector was said to be making way for a 19-pin connector which was half the size but now iLounge has speculated that Apple might in fact be cutting this new port down to just 8 pins. Two of iLounge’s sources corroborate that 8-pin notion as well as hinting the dock connector itself could be subject to a name change. The report suggests that Apple doesn’t need more pins than a USB offers although their connector does have advantages.

The current 30-pin connector has 11 pins that are deemed surplus to requirements but the 19 that are left are still used by accessory makers. By cutting this number down to 8 it would appear that the majority of accessories will become useless which really won’t do Apple any favors especially considering that consumers have already spent hundreds on iPeripherals. With this being said, the new leaked shots of the new dock do look a lot smaller than 19 pins so we will really just have to wait and see what Apple are planning. Either Apple have packed the pins in tightly or there is going to be a lot of disgruntled third party accessory makers and purchasers.

As well as the dock speculation there is also talk about the new iOS 6 which is said to also include a new Bluetooth 4.0 bridging feature which opens the door to an iPod nano watch. This feature could allow for iMessages to be read on the iPod nano which could be interesting to a lot of gadget geeks.