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Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 Works On OS X Mountain Lion

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Last week we saw plenty of Apple related news hitting the internet. The release of financial figures for the third quarter of 2012 showed great progress with seriously impressive sales of the iPad and a profit of $8.8 billion raked in during that period. We also saw the release of the final retail version of OS X Mountain Lion hitting the Mac App Store.

Users from all over the world headed over to the Mac App Store to purchase and install OS X 10.8 onto their Macs and for many the question of software compatibility was on the back of their minds. For active members of the jailbreak community, you will be aware that any update to Apple’s iOS software can generally lead to tweaks and Cydia packages becoming unstable due to internal changes made by Apple. Updating a desktop operating system doesn’t have an impact on Cydia tweaks, but it does have the potential to impact the way jailbreak tools work.

Redsn0w which is one of the most popular jailbreak tools provided by the iPhone Dev Team has moved to eradicate some of the fear by taking to twitter to inform all users that Redsn0w is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion. There is more information on their blog.

Those who intend on using Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 on OS X 10.8 will need to Ctrl-Click-Open the app for the first time to bypass the new security features in Mountain Lion. This is only applicable on the first run after the download. The fact that Mountain Lion was only officially released and that there was a jailbreak related update already available shows that the iPhone Dev Team are really on the ball and they are continuously looking out for the interests of their community.

If you have purchased OS X Mountain Lion and you are looking at jailbreak tools, Redsn0w is available. Redsn0w can be used to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 and below untethered on all devices except for the 3rd generation Apple TV.


iPhone 5 Cases Indicate A 4 Inch Display

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The next iPhone which has been dubbed the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a slightly larger display. Rumors are suggesting a 4 inch display and cases that have cropped up in the UK this week have only served to confirm this notion. Apple has religiously stuck to their 3.5 inch display on every generation of their iPhone so far but with many rival smartphone manufacturers going with the bigger screen size it seems that Apple may be about to follow the crowd.

Most of the rumors that have been coming in regarding the new iPhone so far have been based on hardware leaks and cases leaks. Case leaks are often based on rumors so while it is encouraging in the sense that the protective cases depict what we are expecting to see, they cannot be taken as a sign that the larger screen is for certain.

The images of these new iPhone 5 cases surfaced via MobileFunUK’s undisclosed sources and they also indicate the other hardware changes that we have spoken about here such as the smaller dock connector. Up until now the 30-pin port has been a permanent fixture but the 19-pin port which is being suggested is going to free up plenty of interior space whilst still maintaining the same functionality.

The next generation iPhone won’t really change that most aesthetically, but given the success of its predecessors there really isn’t any reason for Apple to make and drastic changes to the design.

The leaked images of the cases for the iPhone 5 are pretty funky and they include kickstands that allow users to watch landscape movies without having to create a support. The cases that are made available this early are usually quite cheap and they don’t offer much protection. These ones however did look more like the ones we are used to purchasing at an Apple Store so who knows, they may be legitimate after all.

As with all these rumors and leaks we do have to wait for the official story but if reports are to be believed it really won’t be that long to wait. The latest reports suggest that the next iPhone is to be released early in September.


iPad Mini and New iPad To Follow iPhone Launch

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According to the information we have been receiving it seems like the iPad mini and a refreshed iPad are going to closely follow the launch of the next iPhone. Rumors about a new iPad mini have been relentless over the last few months and some are now suggesting that Apple are planning to release two products around the same time as the new iPhone launch.

Ming-Chi Kuo who has already built up a reputation of accurately predicting Apple’s movements has given his estimations as to when Apple plan to release these new devices. He suspects that Apple will launch the next iPhone in September and he believes this will be earlier in the month more so than later on. With regards to the iPad, he suggests that the so called iPad mini will also arrive in September.

The third generation iPad which was released in March is also expected to be tweaked according to Kuo. He expects that the internals will be altered amending the thermal issues and reducing the costs in the process. Kuo is forecasting huge sales for both the iPhone and the iPad in Q4 of this year.

It really doesn’t matter what the case may be in terms of sales figures, Kuo’s predictions means that the next iPhone could actually begin shipping in less than six weeks which is really exciting and we will be happy to see then end of the rumors and be given the facts that we all so desperately want to see. The iPad mini now seems more certain two and if these reports are correct it looks to be an exciting couple of months ahead.


Apple To Introduce A Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector Into The Next Generation iPhone

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Reports are constantly surfacing now about the launch of the next generation iPhone and today’s report comes from Reuters. They are stating that Apple are planning to introduce a smaller 19-pin dock connector into the next generation iPhone.

The current connection port on the iPhone allows users to connect a charger or connect their phone to a third party accessory. Recent reports have confirmed that Apple have been granted a patent for a new dock connector and this is believed to form the main connection point for the new iPhone that is likely to be released later this year.

This new dock connector is going to be dramatically smaller in size and will move from the standard 30-pin format down to a more streamlined 19-pin connector. This will free up some space on the bottom of the device where the 9mm headphone jack is rumoured to be relocated. If the movement of the headphone jack happens it will satisfy a lot of users who have been calling for its move. It will also fall more in line with the iPod touch.

While this all sounds great, if the 19-pin connection does form part of the next generation iPhone it will represent a problem for a lot of consumers. A smaller connection will mean that a lot of accessories that users rely on will be rendered useless. Gadgets like music stations and cases that contain connected keyboards are all designed to the current device standards which is the 30-pin connector port so moving to a smaller connector is going to cause problems. This may be a problem for users but it will be a real profit maker for Apple as users will have to upgrade all their beloved accessories.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed if this is what Apple are planning but if it is the case then many people are going to find that they are severely out of pocket. Not only will they have purchased a new iPhone, but they will also have to purchase all new accessories too to tie in with the updated 19-pin connection port. What do you think about this? Will this design change prevent you from buying the next generation iPhone when it is released?


Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 3 With Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 On iPhone and iPod Touch

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Developers can now jailbreak iOS 6 Beta with Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 on the iPhone and iPod touch. Normally when iOS betas are released by Apple, jailbreaking isn't usually number one on users's agendas. Many people like to have the option of installing some of the many great tweaks offered by the jailbreak community though and this is when jailbreaking comes into play.

The iPhone Dev Team have been hard at work and they have just announced that iOS 6 beta 3 can be jailbroken using their latest version of Redsnow. This jailbreak for the third beta follos the same sequence as those of the first two betas in that it is a tethered boot and is limited to A4 based devices such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch 4G. The tethered jailbreak means that whenever your iOS 6 device is switched off or rebooted you will need to reconnect to your PC or Mac in order to jailbreak the device again.

This jailbreak will not install Cydia as this is not yet supported on developer releases of iOS 6. You will however have root access meaning that you can install .deb files the slightly longer way using afc2 or SSH. This means that even without Cydia you can install your tweaks but it just takes longer.

If you want to jailbreak your device using the Redsn0w tool it is now available but please remember that you must be using a legitimate version of iOS 6 beta 3 and this means having a developer account with Apple. The final version of iOS 6 is expected to arrive sometime in October but until then you can enjoy testing the latest version jailbroken with Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3.


IOS 6 Beta 3 Released For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch For Developers

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The new iOS 6 was announced last month at the WWDC event and Apple are going through the usual number of betas. If you have a developers account you can now download iOS 6 Beta 3 and see what bugs have been fixed and changes implemented.

The third beta version of iOS 6 bring with it the usual array of bug fixes and stability issues found in the second beta and testing of course will be taking place by all developers to see whether anything else has cropped up in this round.

The new Apple Maps app seems to be the only big new feature of iOS 6 and some developers are being quite critical of the seemingly lackluster upgrades. Many of the developers that have tested iOS 6 and played around with it are somewhat disappointed by how similar it is to iOS 5 which launched in October 2011.

There is nothing wrong with iOS 5 so a lot of people are wondering why there is such a need for a significant overhaul. There are so many great tweaks offered by the jailbreak communiity and iOS has become something of a bore for many to look at. Functionality should always be the first priority and iOS has been the smoothest mobile OS since it first arrived but we do feel that iOS needs some upgrades. This of course is our personal opinion.

As always with pre-release betas you do have to have a developers account to gain access to the new iOS system. It costs $99 to sign up as a developer on the iOS Dev Center and if you are interested in the construction of iOS then this really is a worthwhile investment.


New iPhone To Have Larger Screen And A Centered FaceTime Camera

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Rumors about the next iPhone have been surfacing really quickly of late and the latest is that the next iPhone front panel has been leaked again and this time it shows a larger screen and a centered FaceTime camera.  This is a hot topic and the next iPhone which is being dubbed the iPhone 5 is something that most of us are anxious to see.

The new iPhone 5 is currently being manufactured in China and the leak of the front panel has just surfaced over at Apple Pro. Besides having a larger display which looks to be around the four inch mark the image on this blog shows the front panel mostly unchanged from the current iPhone 4S. The only remarkable alteration seems to be the FaceTime camera which is now centered. This looks better and brings it in line with the iPod touch which also features a centered front-facing camera.

As yet there is no way of confirming whether the device is currently in production, it would usually start around this time if it is to be ready for a September/October launch. Last year we had the iPhone 4S which is the only device to feature the Siri voice recognition tool and this allowed Apple to really catch in over the holiday period. The next iPhone will want to stay on top too and with a larger screen this really could be the deal breaker. We have no information as yet as to whether the camera will be improved and we will have to wait and see on this. It will also be interesting to see if the processor is improved. A quad-core A6 has been speculated along with the A5X chip seen in the iPad 3.

For now all we do have is rumors and leaked images and we really can't wait to see what turns out to be true when the new iPhone 5 is officially launched.


More iPhone 5 Rumors As Samples Surface

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If you follow all the Apple rumors you won’t be surprised to hear talk of the new iPhone 5. This device rumor has now been backed up with hardware “leaks” and looks set to become a little longer. The display which has always been 3.5 inches since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 is expected to increase to nearer the 4 inch mark.

Besides the screen and apparent unibody design, there only looks to be slight changes from the current iPhone 4S form factor which has been around for almost two years now. To give readers a better idea of what could be on the horizon, GottaBeMobile seems to have stumbled across some images of what they describe as “iphone 5 engineering samples”. Unlock other hardware leaks these images look to be more of a metal mock up and whilst they do tie in with everything we have been hearing about the new iPhone 5, you do have to ask yourself where these mock-ups really came from.

There are so many people out there that could mold metal and whips these up. These could also be a basis for case makers which of course have been previously very reliable. If you remember last year the case-makers took a bit of hiding when rumors were flying about a new iPhone 5 and we had the launch of the iPhone 4S so it really is of no surprise that this report is being taken on board with some apprehension.

This report could of course be the real deal but like all rumors we do have to wait for more concrete evidence before we can really confirm that the iPhone 5 is definitely on its way.


Get Advanced System Management Features On Your iPad

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If you have a jailbroken iOS you will most likely have a list of packages from Cydia which to you are essential. Tweaks are made available on Cydia every day and today we have something that really does make the must-have list. Speero is a tweak by well known developers Andrea Oliva and Akhil Tolani and it really is amazing.

The description given by the developers for Speero is a system management tool but that really doesn’t do it justice. Speero is much more than this. It is a package that is simplistic and packed with functionality. In order to use Speero you will have to have Activator on your iPad. The Speero package is invoked via a user-defined Activator action such as a double tapping of the status bar or something else that you decide on. When this action is given, Speero comes to life as a full screen package that gives the user access to a wide range of system settings as well as one stop access to multiple Activator based events.

When started, Speero is split into four main sections. These section have space for different Activator events, a wide array of system settings, important and interactive information about the iPad and a place at the bottom which acts as an implementation of the multitasking tray. All configurations are handled through a dedicated preferences section in the Native Settings app.

The information section provides users with important feedback about the amount of free RAM on the iPad, the version of iOS installed and the device’s IP address. There is also a great feature that gives users the ability to copy the device’s UDID to the clipboard with a simple tap.

The settings panel allows users to activate additional plugins so you can expect to see extension for the Speero package popping up on Cydia very shortly. You can also dismiss the interface by simply double tapping on. There is an extensive list of pre-defined system settings that come with the Speero package and priced at just $0.99 it really is a great deal.

Speero is available to download from the BigBoss repository and it requires a jailbroken iPad running iOS 5 or above.


The iPad Mini Is Being Manufactured In Brazil

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The rumors that a smaller iPad is on the horizon are in full swing and today we have a report that states that the iPad Mini is being manufactured exclusively in Brazil and it will have an iPod touch 4G like form factor. This new mini iPad is set to retail in order to compete with the cheaper down-sized tablets such as the Google Nexus 7.

The latest report to surface says that the 7.85 inch iPad mini is going to be manufactured in Brazil. Most of Apple’s products are put together in China and a Chinese source, the Macotakara blog, has stated that Brazil is where the new iPad mini is going to come from. Macotakara states, as per their source, that whilst the front projection size is slightly larger than that of rivals, the depth is considerably thinner than the Kindle Fire, offering a svelte form factor similar to the fourth generation iPod touch.

Chinese outfit Foxconn, who are the main producer of Apple products, has outsourced a lot of their work to Brazil so this rumor isn’t too farfetched and could actually be truth. The prospect of having a tablet that will be as thin as the iPod touch sounds exciting too and even though it may be a little wider than the Nexus 7 it does make sense seeing as though Apple uses a 4:3 tablet ratio whilst the others use the 16:9. The wider screen is great for watching movies but it isn’t as good when browsing the web or using apps.

p>The reference and comparison to the iPod Touch does beg the question that if a new iPad mini does arrive on the scene will there be any need for the iPod touch at all? Like all rumors that surface relating to Apple products it is as always a matter of waiting to see if they come to fruition. Time will tell but it does sound very promising don’t you think?


Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 Released To Improve iPhone 3GS 06.15.00 Baseband Downgrade

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MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has just released an updated version of the Redsn0w tool. Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 helps to improve iPhone 3GS 06.15.00 baseband downgrade. This new release adds the DFU IPSW method into the tool.

For those who don’t know, Redsn0w now allows iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users sporting the iPad’s 06.15.00 baseband to downgrade back to 05.13.04 baseband with a fully working unlock and GPS. All the users who were unable to get this downgrade to work last time should now be able to use the latest version of Redsn0w to do this provided that their iPhone qualifies for the downgrade.

The latest version of Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 covers three different types of NOR chips in the iPhone 3G and 3GS and the instructions on how to downgrade the baseband are similar to the last release. A new DFU IPSW method has also been added to this release of Redsn0w. This method helps those who have an iPhone with either a broken or intermittent home button to enter DFU mode with a IPSW file. This new feature can be accessed in Redsn0w by going to Extras -> Even More -> DFU IPW.

MuscleNerd stated that they have received a lot of feedback from users who couldn’t launch a DFU ramdisk because their iPhone home/power buttons were broken or intermittent and therefore we have added a new Redsn0w feature that allows users to enter DFU mode as long as their phone is healthy enough to restore to a normal everyday IPSW. Users do not have to be jailbroken already to use this method.

Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 is now available for download for Windows and for Mac users.


Webr For iOS Lets You Create Websites From Your iPhone

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If you are looking for a way to create your own personalized space on the world wide web we have some great news for you today. The unique Webr mobile app which is available to download from the App Store allows you to do just this. Webr is a fairly unique application that allows users to create, publish and edit their own website right from their iPhone.

With Webr users can create a website that transcends beyond a standard blog based site into something that is dynamic and engaging. Webr lets users choose from a selection of site themes that determine the aesthetics and layout of the content. The app itself is based on very simple steps that makes it easy for all users to follow. You create your website title, add images, text and pages and choose a theme to determine the look of your website before you finally publish it to the web.

Users will find a good set of themes within the Webr application as well as an easy to use interface that allows pages to be created without any difficulty. Webr offers users the ability to also choose their own unique website address as well as making the page a lot more social and interactive as users can link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The standard features of the Webr application should be enough for most users but for those who do want a little more power the developers have added Site passwords, log creation and meta data editing for maximum SEO coverage. The Webr iOS app is great and one of the benefits is that everything is handled though a well designed mobile interface right on your device. If you think you would like to try Webr for yourself then you can download it now for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from the iTunes store.


Apple To Launch A Thinner iPad?

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The rumor mill is in full swing again and there is now speculation that Apple will reportedly launch a thinner iPad complete with an IGZO display panel. You will be aware that Apple launched their current generation iPad back in March of this year and it has seen a huge improvement over its previous model.

Sales figures to date also show that the current iPad has been the more successful than what was originally hoped for. This iPad includes retina display and Apple’s A 5X chip. However, not everyone can be pleased all the time and there are those who believe that Apple took a step backwards by making the new iPad thicker and slightly heavier than its predecessor.

In order to receive the required specifications for this iPad the weight and thickness had to be bumped up a little. If DigiTimes is to be believed, then it seems that Apple is planning to right these wrongs with the release of a new and improved iPad later this year. One of the reasons for the thickness was the inability of Sharp to mass produce LCD panels built around their IGZO technology that dramatically decreases the power needed to efficiently output light through the display.

According to the report that we have read, Sharp have managed to get their production line in order and this means that Apple is now able to include that technology into a new iPad that will be as light and thin as the iPad 2. To us however, it does seem like a far fetched story and we can’t image that Apple would break their traditional release schedules especially when you consider that the current iPad is selling so well. Perhaps they will incorporate this new technology into the next iPad but for it to be released this year, that we can’t see happening. What do you guys think?