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Get Google Maps App Experience On iOS 6 Now

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If you have been an iPhone owner for the past number of years, you like many others are probably sad to see Apple casting out Google Maps and introducing their own maps app. There are plenty of people who are willing to embrace this change but there are many who are sceptical considering Google has provided a tried and tested mapping experience for quite some time.

Before you decide to abandon iOS for the Android there is an alternative. We have heard that Google is planning on offering a standalone mapping application for iOS and you never know, Apple could create a worthwhile competitor for Google Maps. We won’t really know this until iOS 6 is officially released in October.

If you are running the beta version of iOS 6 it is still possible to get a decent and usable version of Google Maps for your iOS device. Although Apple have removed it from the iOS, Google still offer their maps service through the mobile web which when mixed with Mobile Safari and home screen web bookmarks actually produces a very handy end result. If this is what you are after or you would like to compare Apple’s mapping application to Google Maps then this is something that you can easily do.

Although it may not be perfect, using the mobile Google Maps site and adding it as a bookmark to the home screen of your iOS 6 device, is a worthwhile option for those who are having difficulties with Apple’s mapping application. Most of the native options are still available, such as determining the device’s location and getting directions and routes which makes it perfect for general use.

If you are running iOS 6 beta and you want to test out the two mapping apps why not try out this solution and let us know what you think.


The First PrePaid iPhone 4 and 4S Goes On Sale With Cricket Wireless

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Consumers in the United States are in a state of excitement as the iPhone 4 and 4S are now officially available to buy on a prepaid basis from Cricket Wireless. This might seem normal to a lot of European consumers who have had this option available to them for quite some time now, but in the United States this is a first.

Normally people who purchase and iPhone 4 or 4S have to sign up for an 18 to 24 month period which is the minimum terms in order for them to get their hands on the device. This is not very convenient and this is why people are so excited about the prospect of being able to get their favorite device on a prepaid basis.

Cricket Wireless are offering the iPhone 4 and 4S to people who want to purchase the device outright. The 8GB iPhone 4 retails at $399 and the 16GB iPhone 4S costs $499. Once customers have paid this amount they then pa $55 per month to get access to an unlimited calling plan that offers unlimited voice calls, text messaging and an all you can consume data pack. You should note that unlimited always comes with a fair usage policy so be sure to check this out beforehand.

It is a regular occurrence to see people queuing up outside official Apple Stores to be one of the first people to get their hands on whatever is being released and we are sure that Cricket Wireless were not expecting the queue they had when they opened their stores on the morning the prepaid version of the iPhone become available. It just goes to show that there are a lot of customers out there that don’t want to be tied into contracts and who are more than happy to go with a prepaid version of the iPhone. What do you think? Would you prefer a prepaid iPhone?


Get iOS 6 Twitter Widget On iOS 5 Notification Center

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If you have an iPhone that is running iOS 5 or above and you would love to get access to some of the great things coming with iOS 6 then we have great news for you today. When Apple introduced iOS 6 at the WWDC earlier this month they showcased some great new features including Twitter and Facebook integration sharing directly to the Notification Center.

Now we have to say, that Twitter focused Notification Center widgets are nothing new to the jailbreak community and there are a number of these already available. With Apple officially showing their own NC Twitter widget including the design and aesthetics an iOS developer has rushed out to make his own version. The iOS 6 Twitter widget for Notification Center does exactly what it says.

For those of you that aren’t running iOS 6 and can’t wait for the official release of this firmware at the end of the year this tweak should cater for your native Twitter needs. When installed the widget is activated through the usual Notifications section of the Settings App with no additional home screen icons or dedicated preferences present on your iPhone. It is also worth remembering that as a widget designed and coded for the Notification Center this particular package has one up on the official Apple version thanks to the support of Dashboad X.

iOS 6 Twitter Widget for Notification Center is available free of charge and it can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository. In order to use this tweak you are required to have iOS 5 or above for it to function correctly./p> Read more...

Access Tweetbot’s Secret Settings On Your iPhone

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One of the most popular Twitter apps is Tweetbot from Tapbots. Tweetbot offers a large range of features and options and is still very simple to use. One of the great things about Tweetbot is the extensive account settings and options it offers. This allows any attached account to be amended and set up to suit individual tastes and requirements.

Users can personalize everything with Tweetbot ranging from the size of the text in tweet cells to setting up additional sharing accounts as well as the tweet marker service to ensure seamless synchronization between multiple devices. Once you have set up your Twitter account and altered the settings to suit your needs you may think there is nothing else left but this is where you are wrong. Adding Easter Eggs to software is not something that is new and developers have been adding hidden features to their apps for quite some time.

With Tweetbot it seems that developers have tucked away some great secret setting that they don’t want you to know about. These secret pages can be accessed on any normal installation via the standard settings page using some simultaneous left and right tap gestures. After accessing the Accounts and Settings page all you have to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap three times at the same time on the left and right hand side of the screen. A new screen will show containing additional debugging and authorization settings./p>

This extra page may not prove useful to standard users but for those who are interested in this kind of thing these settings include WWAN streaming, open notifications an a feature called What The Trend. All of these are available and are the extra settings along with the ability to provide OAUTH information. Knowing this might make you wonder what hidden features are available in other popular apps.


How To Get The Best iOS 6 Features On iOS 5

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Apart from the new Maps app it looks like iOS 6 is really just a incremental update more than anything else. Everything that was announced for iOS 6 we have already seen in one form or another be it a Cydia tweak or a minor feature on other platforms. After going through each of the new features mentioned for iOS 6 we have been able to find all of these features available for iOS 5.

The new Siri features including the ability to take sports related queries and local searching in newer coutries has already been implemented in one way or the other with Cydia tweaks. The SiriSports tweak which is free from Cydia under ModMyi lets you make queries related to NBA, MLB and NHL from Siri. Sireet which is also free from Cydia under ModMyi lets you use Siri to tweet. Last but not least those of you in unsupported countries can install International Locations for Siri which is just $0.99 from the BigBoss repo to get local search.

Siri for the iPad is something that we have also been looking forward too. Siri has finally made its way onto the iPad with iOS 6 but only the 3rd generation iPad is supported. The jailbreak community has in fact covered this with a tweak called Spire which brings Siri to the iPad. The only problem with this is that it only works on devices running iOS 5.0.1 or earlier so it won’t support the new 3rd generation iPad.

The Do Not Disturb feature that has been added to iOS 6 is available in a Cydia Tweak called BannerDisable which is free from the BigBoss repo. This allows you to turn off all push notifications with a flip of a toggle from the native Settings app.

FullScreen for Safari is available at $1.99 from the BigBoss repo. This tweak is actually better than the official iOS 6 feature as it lets you view full screen in landscape and portrait.

The most exciting feature of iOS 6 has to be 3D maps. Apple has implemented their very own in house implementation of the Maps app which has great 3D renders of numerous cities around the world. There aren’t many apps in the App store that provide the same results but if you have an iPad then the UpNext HD maps app is a great choice. Google have announced that they will be bringing a dedicated Maps app to iOS which will bring 3D maps to everyone.

When it comes to Facebook integration the jailbreak community already have a tweak called Fusion which is $2 at the BigBoss repo that not only integrates Facebook in iOS but also MySpace and Foursquare. You can even update your status on these networks with the Siri integration that comes with Fusion.

As you can see, there are jailbreak apps available to give you all the iOS 6 features on your iOS 5 device.


Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta On iPhone And iPod Touch (A4 Devices) With Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1

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The jailbreak community have been hard at work since the WWDC last week announced the first beta version of Apple’s iOS 6. As is the case with all new iOS updates, all limera1nable A4 devices and below such as the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS can now be jailbroken tethered only using the new Redsn0w 0.9.13dev 1 tool.

Before you use this tool to jailbreak your device it must be noted that this jailbreak is meant for developers who are looking to fix bugs in their broken tweaks/apps. iOS 6 beta is only currently available to registered developers of iOS Dev Centre and Cydia won’t be installed. This jailbreak is compatible with A4 devices only and Hacktivation is not supported.

Here is your step by step jailbreak guide./p>

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Redsn0w tool. Once downloaded locate the Redsn0w zip file and uncompress the content to a familiar location.

Step 2: Download iOS 6 beta IPSW firmware file legally from the iOS Dev Centre. Make sure the downloaded firmware file is specific to the device you are going to jailbreak. Once you have downloaded the firmware file, restore it on your device using either Xcode or iTunes.

Before going through any jailbreak process it is always a good idea to make a full backup of your device’s content. Connect the iDevice to iTunes via USB and make a complete backup.

Step 3: Run the Redsn0w executable file and select Extras from the main interface before clicking the Select IPSW option. Next locate and select the iOS 6 beta firmware file. On the main interface of Redsn0w, select the Jailbreak option.

Step 4: The rest of the jailbreak process is easy and Redsn0w provides on screen prompts relating to the jailbreak procedure. The only thing you will have to do is connect your device into DFU mode so make sure you follow the steps on screen exactly.

Step 5: When DFU mode is detected by Redsn0w, the rest of the process will be automatically completed. This jailbreak is a tethered method which means if you device loses power or has to be restarted you will have to reboot it into jailbreak state.

You do need to remember that Cydia won’t be installed with this jailbreak and that is because it is not ready for iOS 6 yet. The only way to access the device is through SSH or afc2 and if you don’t know what either of these are then you shouldn’t be using the developer version of Redsn0w.


Download iOS 6 Beta for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV

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Now that iOS 6 has been announced, the beta version of the upcoming firmware has been seeded. As is usual, the first released build of iOS 6 beta is only available to developers so if you are not a registered member of Apple’s developer program you are going to have to wait a little while longer to see what all the fuss is about.

The new Maps service from Apple is one that is really going to impress along with the native Facebook integration. Twitter was already incorporated into the native iOS last October so it is great to see Facebook now taking its place too.

As this is the first beta release there are likely to be some bugs but I’m sure those downloading it will be anxious to see the foundations of this new iOS and get a preview of the brand new software before it is released to the public. There are likely to be a few betas before the official release and each of these will bring various updates and improvements and we will keep you posted as these arrive. For now here is a brief overview of the new features you can expect with iOS 6.

Siri has been updated for iOS 6 and you will now be able to ask Siri about the latest sports updates, make reservations in your favorite restaurant, ask about movies and more. You will also be able to launch apps and tweet directly on Twitter. Siri is also now available for the iPad. Native Facebook integration is also part of iOS 6 and this is going to make logging in, linking, and posting status updates, pictures and more to your profile much more steamlined. Native Phone app has been updated as has Safari.

iOS 6 will be compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd generation. The final version of iOS 6 should be made available to the public later this year along with the next iPhone. For now if you are a developer you can download the beta version of iOS 6 and see exactly what it can do.


WWDC 2012 Overview Including iOS 6

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Yesterday was a huge day for Apple and they really weren’t kidding when they said there was a lot to look forward to at the WWDC 2012. Not only did they showcase some very impressive software improvement in the form of iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion, they updated the Mac family too.

To start with, Tim Cook took to the stage and talked about some impressive App Store stats followed by Phil Schiller who spoke about Mac improvements. These improvements included updated hardware for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. There was even a brand new model of the MacBook Pro introduced complete with Retina Display. After talking about hardware Apple returned again to software and Craig Federighi took to the stage to give an overview of OS X Mountain Lion.

It wasn’t all about Mac though, and after talking about OS X Mountain Lion Scott Forstall took to the stage to talk about iOS. It was then time to talk about iOS 6 and the various improvements that will come with it including extended Siri functionality, Facebook integration, 3D maps and more.

The talk on iOS 6 ended WWDC 2012 and Apple quickly began seeding the first iOS 6 beta firmware for developers. A new version of iTunes to handle iOS 6 beta was also launched and a brand new developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion. If you didn’t see the event and would like to watch WWDC 2012 the whole thing is available online.


Downgrade iPhone 3GS/3G 06.15.00 Baseband To 05.13.04 With Working Unlock and GPS

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There are so many people who jailbreak their iPhone so that they can unlock it and use it on unauthorized wireless networks. The main unlocking solution that people use is Ultrasn0w because it is very simple to use.

Currently Ultrasn0w can unlock iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4/3GS with support for five basebands. One of these is 06.15.00 which as many are aware is an iPad baseband which people had to upgrade to in order to unlock their device. One of the big problems with 06.15.00 is that is breaks the iPhone’s GPS feature. Today we have great news for anyone with this problem. You will soon be able to downgrade from 06.15.00 to any other previous baseband.

This news came straight from jailbreak developer MuscleNerd on his twitter account. He stated that he has made great progress on the tool and said that all the pieces are there. He said that users will be able to downgrade the iPhone 3GS/3G from 05.16.00 to any prior baseband.

This is fantastic news for anyone who has been stuck with 06.15.00 baseband on their iPhone 3G or 3GS. Once MuscleNerd releases this too we will bring you all the details and let you know how you can downgrade your iPhone. If you are looking to downgrade your iPhone and you want to have your GPS feature up and running again then stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as the new Ultrasn0w tool has been released.


Redsn0w 0.9.12b1, Pwnage Tool 5.1.1, and Cinject Update To Benefit From Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak

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The developer community is currently looking forward to the announcements that Apple will be making at the WWDC next week. The iPhone Dev Team have however decided to give the jailbreak community a little gift prior to this and they took to Twitter to announce that all of their software packages have now been updated with the latest Rocky Racoon untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1.

Jailbreakers around the world have been able to jailbreak their iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 thanks to Absinthe 2.0 and considering that jailbreaking is all about freedom and the ability to choose the updates to Redsn0w, Pwnage Took, Cinject and Ultrasn0w all come at the perfect time. This gives all those looking for a jailbreak solution even better choice no matter what iOS device they have.

Absinthe is a great one click jailbreak solution. Redsn0w is also a great choice for jailbreakers with many people waiting for Rocky Racoon support to be added. According to the official Dev Team Blog, the software packages have had updates applied to them. The Pwnage Tool has been revised to version 5.1.1. Redsn0w has been updated to version 0.9.12b1. Cinject has been updated to version 0.5.4 and Ultrasn0w has been updated to version 1.2.7 with iOS 5.1.1 support.

Updates to Ultrasn0w only brings iOS 5.1.1 support and doesn’t offer any additional baseband unlocks from the previous version. CinJect has been updated with some additional options to its predecessor 0.5.3. Updates to the Redsn0w tool include support for saving SAM tickets as part of the initial ramdisk jailbreak but this feature only applies to devices that are powered by the A4 chipset or earlier models. The Pwnage Tool removes the synchronization issues that some users reported with the use of Absinthe 2.0 tool but again this only applies to A4 and earlier devices.

As you can see, jailbreakers now have a great deal of choice when it comes to getting all the freedom they need from their iOS devices so be sure to check each and every one of these out before making your decision.


iOS 6 To Have Facebook Integration, Redesigned App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is to be held this month and although developers and engineers from Twitter will be present it looks as though it will be the social networking giant Facebook that will ultimately steal the limelight. After such a long time it looks as if the integration of Facebook into Apple’s next major iOS release will be made official at the WWDC.

Apple have been making a big fuss over the new Facebook iOS apps that have landed in the App Store in recent days. If things do go as we all expect at the WWDC it will be great news for not only Facebook but for Apple too. Facebook has over 900 million registered members who are all very active on the social network and this partnership will be extremely positive for current iOS users who are looking forward to Facebook integration with the native iOS.

p>Unfortunately, until we see an official announcement from either Apple or Facebook we won’t know how deeply Facebook will be integrated into iOS 6. It is likely that users will be able to share information from native apps to their Facebook Wall, but beyond this it really is difficult to predict. iOS 6 is going to see some design changes surrounding the iTunes and iBooks Stores and this is according to 9to5Mac.

It really is hard to know what we can expect especially considering the fact that we know Apple acquired Chomp which means that we would see users being able to interact better with the App Store. Until the final announcement is made however we are still only reacting to rumors and passing on the information that we hear.


iPhone 5 To Be Taller Than The Current Generation iPhone

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There is less than two weeks to go until Apple hold their Worldwide Developer Conference once more and it seems that nearly everyone is expecting them to announce more than just information on the upcoming iOS 6. Normally at this time of the year we are bombarded with rumors and plenty of pictures of leaked parts and components that are said to be part of the next generation iPhone.

People seem to accept now that he WWDC will have an announcement about iOS 6 and Apple’s expected 3D maps application. We could also see some hardware related announcements if rumors are to be believed. A few of the latest reports have shown images of leaked parts that are believed to be from the much anticipated iPhone 5 and if these rumors are correct this sixth generation iPhone could be longer than its predecessors.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of the people over at Japanese blog Macotakara and they are showing pictures of what could possibly be a front glass panel for the iPhone 5. Without knowing where the components have come from, it is almost impossible to determine whether or not it is genuine. Macotakara are also reporting that the home button on the front screen component is slightly smaller than the one found on the iPhone 4S.

Regardless of whether or not this is an official iPhone 5 part, it definitely does seem to indicate that a larger display is a possibility on the next generation iphone. It is hard to know, whether any announcement about the iPhone 5 will be made during WWDC or whether Apple will focus solely on software related announcements. I guess the only thing that we can really do is wait and see.


Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreaks Almost One Million iOS Devices In A Matter Of Days

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We all love statistics and since the launch of the new Absinthe 2.0 tool nearly one million iOS devices have been jailbroken. The Chronic Dev Team who are behind the Absinthe jailbreak tool really haven’t wasted any time in telling the world just how popular the lastest version of Absinthe has been with jailbreakers.

The most prominent members of the Chronic Dev Team took to the stage in Amsterdam last Friday to give a two hour presentation about the exploits used in their previous iOS 5.0.1 untether before going on to introduce the second major release of Absinthe at the HITBSecConf. Absinthe 2.0 was immediately made available for public download and version 2.0.2 was pushed out to bring iPhone 4 9B208 build compatibility.

After only a couple of days of availability the Chronic Dev Team’s twitter account let the world know how many downloads the Absinthe jailbreak tool had received. The tweet stated that 211,401 iPad 3’s had been jailbroken and 973,086 devices has been newly jailbroken. One of the largest appeal factors to Absinthe 2.0 is that it is the first tool that provides a jailbreak for the new iPad 3.

Absinthe 2.0 provides users with the ability to jailbreak pretty much all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1.1 with the exception of the third generation Apple TV. The total number of devices being jailbroken using Absinthe is rising all the time. According to the owner of the BigBoss repo he was transferring 1 gigabit of data per second across ten servers since the release of Absinthe and this just goes to show how popular this jailbreak tool really is.