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Download Ringtones Of Your Tagged Songs With SoundHonudTones

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If you want to download ringtones of your favorite tagged songs this new tweak for iOS will help you do just that. It seems that the guys over at UnlimApps have been really productive lately. Only last week they added one of their latest tweaks to the Cydia store which allows users to access their ringtones service directly from within the Shazam music recognition app. Users who found this app useful are in for a treat with the second treat from UnlimApps called SoundHoundTones. The SoundHoundTones tweak offers user the same functionality as the Shazam tweak by hooking into the official SoundHound app and adding a custom UnlimTones button to the view. This button contains each individual tagged song. The new button acts the very same way as it did in Shazam. It takes the artist’s name and song title and performs a search in the UnlimTones app that is installed as part of this tweak. After installing this tweak the tagged song view contains an additional purple button that acts as the link between the SoundHound app and the UnlimTones service. The button fits perfectly with the official user interface of the app too which is great. This tweak offers a service in which the developers of SoundHound should possibly have offered as part of their apps experience. When you download this tweak there are no additional home screen icons or settings preferences and it works with any installation of SoundHound, free or paid. SoundHoundTones is available to download from the BigBoss repository and works with all iOS versions. It is also free of charge so if you use SoundHound and you want to download ringtones of your tagged songs this could be the app that you have been looking for.

Unlock iPhone 4 On 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 Baseband Running iOS 5.1 With The New GEVEY Ultra Interposer

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Over the past number of days the unlocking aspect of the jailbreak community has been hopping with potential unlockers being introduced to a new method of iPhone unlocking using a procedure that takes advantage of Sam Bingner’s Subscriber Artificial Module or SAM. On top of this, now the latest GEVEY Ultra 5.1 now supports the GSM iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 with modem firmwares up to 04.12.01. The update to the GEVEY Ultra SIM is going to be welcome news for thousands of users who currently rely on a hardware based unlock for their iPhone 4. The GEVEY SIM has been updated to include some additional enhancements. With this type of unlock a jailbreak is a pre-requisite as is making sure that your iPhone has been officially activated through iTunes before you use the GEVEY Ultra. The updated GEVEY Ultra is available currently as a pre order item from the Apple N Berry website, comes with support for the GSM iPhone 4 on iOS version 4.1 right up to the very latest iOS 5.1. It also provides a hardware based unlock for basebands up to 04.12.01. This newly designed chipset doesn’t require any cutting to fit perfectly into the iPhone 4 and it offers longer device battery life thanks to the design changes. The manufacturers are also saying that it will give improved reception, better signal strength, consistent voice calls and a better all round data connection. The availability of the GEVEY Ultra 5.1 comes just after the unlock method that uses the SAM package from Cydia which allows any jailbroken iPhone on any firmware to be unlocked. This could mean that the GEVEY priced at $49.99 could suffer in popularity.

Voice Answer Is A Siri App For All iOS Devices

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Siri like apps have been cropping up for some time now. Voice Answer is a Siri like app for all iOS devices that answers all you day to day questions using voice and text. While Voice Answer isn’t just another Siri copycat, it is strikingly similar and unlike Apple’s offering it isn’t just reserved for those owning the iPhone 4S. Siri does have its imperfections and implementation across the board of iOS 5 deives would have gone down a lot better if this weren’t the case. Voice Answer is a great new app and it does its best to try and answer all you questions. If you don’t feel like speaking them you can type them which is of course at times very useful. Siri doesn’t allow text to be written down and often Siri can mishear what you’ve said and you may feel that it would be quicker to type. With Voice Answer the speech recognition can be a little rough but if you have had any experience with Siri or a similar app you will know what to expect. Voice Answer boasts integration with Wolfram Alpha and in some instances additional information such as images will be given with your answer. Voice Answer is available at the App Store and it costs just $3.99 which may see quite high but the Wolfram Alpha feature along with the ability to type questions in manually makes Voice Answer a worthwhile purchase as a Siri like alternative.

Redsn0w Jailbreak Now Updated To v0.9.10b7

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The jailbreak community is always waiting patiently for the next iOS jailbreak and it seems that the iPhone Dev Team have been hard at work implementing additional features and updates to their popular Redsn0w jailbreak too. The latest version to be released is v0.9.10b7. This is the seventh beta of the current Redsn0w release and this means that it now comes packed with some great new features as well as preliminary support for a very exciting new aspect of the tool which should hopefully come in the next release. The iPhone Dev Team have announced their intentions to include built in support for firmware restores which will negate the need for users to restore their devices through Apple’s iTunes software. This means that users will be able to handle all of their jailbroken needs from within one application. The 0.9.10b7 release of Redsn0w also bring with it the implementation of the Corona A5 jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as long as they are running iOS 5.0.1. Other improvements to this version of Redsn0w include the ability for users to re-install the jailbreak for those who have accidentally uninstalled the untether. One of the biggest aspects of Redsn0w is the ability to stitch together a custom firmware bundle, which is an aspect that has also been improved upon with the new ability to grab saved blobs directly from Cydia. This latest version of Redsn0w will now also provide additional information about the connected device. The updated Redsn0w jailbreak tool really is good news for A5 users who are sitting on iOS 5.0.1 but the biggest news of this update has to be the planned restore feature that is due to follow with the next Redsn0w release. Full details and the official release notes can be found over on the iPhone Dev Team blog.

Iris For iPad Now Available For Ultimate Instagram Viewing

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When it comes to exceptional apps it is not very often that we see something that is truly amazing. That is until now. Nearly all of the social network’s official apps are eclipsed by third party offerings and what we have to tell you about today is something that is going to be really big. Instagram has been a revelation on Apple’s iPhone and an Android version has also been released. This is Facebook’s latest acquisition and it looks to be moving on to bigger and better things. The new iPad offers great pixel density and it seems only right that it should get a port of the strong image social sharing app. As yet however, only a small amount of average to decent Instagram viewers are available. That is until now. Iris for the iPad has just been released and it really does do Instagram and the iPad a great deal of justice. Unlike similar apps, Iris doesn’t merely scrape the surface in terms of features and instead it draws users in and entices them to fall in love with Instagram all over again. Many of the Instagram viewers that have been released have failed to deliver in terms of service. Iris is on a whole new level and it allows you to like and comment on images posted from your own friends in main view. It looks similar to the iPhone version but it still has its own unique design which complements the larger screen. In fact you will find that Iris outdoes the iPhone version in many areas. When in your own profile you can toggle between a large image and a small image grid and if you tap on the icon resembling the globe you can view your images by geographical location. You can also check out the locations of other people’s photos once they are geo-tagged. This new app is available from the App store and costs just $1.99. If you like instagram and you have the new retina display iPad then this is money well spent. Why not check it out today and see what you think.

LTE Chip Shortage Means No New iPhone Till October

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According to the latest new iPhone report to hit the internet, there will be no new iPhone at least until October thanks to a LTE chip shortage. An analyst has seemingly told investors that he believes that Apple will not release a new iPhone during the summer because of chip shortages. There have been a lot of rumors lately that have suggested that Apple was working on getting the next iPhone out to customers before October but now it seems that this just isn’t the case. Gene Munster who is an analyst at Piper Jaffray believes that even if Apple had wanted to bring out the next iPhone sooner than October it wouldn’t be possible because of shortages by LTE chip maker Qualcomm. LTE is now part of the new iPad arsenal and Munster believes that the iPhone is also going to pick up on the 4G speed. With Qualcomm’s supply issues it means that a new iPhone release date would be more like October. It is also believed that Apple will include LTE in the new iPhone as an important feature in the product update. LTE capability in the iPad has been rumoured since the iPad 2 launch and many had hoped that the 4G technology would be added to the iPhone before the iPhone 4S was announced. With this technology now present in the new iPad device, it is almost a certain that Apple will put the LTE chip into the next iPhone too. For now this is just another of the many new iPhone rumors that are doing the rounds and as with every single one of them we really do have to wait and see what transpires.

Next iPhone To Have A Liquid Metal Body Enclosure?

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The new iPad is available almost everywhere now so the focus of the latest round of rumors are on the next iPhone device. The latest rumor to surface isn’t really a new one, more a recycled rumor that came before the release of the iPhone 4S. This rumor is saying that the next iPhone will have a liquid metal body enclosure. According to ETNews, the next iPhone which it is calling the iPhone 5 will deviate from the iPhone 4 and 4S glass form and instead use liquid metal. Apple purchased the IP rights to the liquid metal technology a couple of years ago and this actually makes the liquid metal rumor one that could be believed. So far though, liquid metal has only been used in a SIM card ejector tool. According to this report, both Apple and Samsung are to deviate from the materials currently used in their devices and the report also mentions the all but confirmed ceramic finish of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is to be announced in London on the 3rd of May. Like the S III, the next iPhone is set to be thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts and the report goes on to say that the liquid metal body is likely to consist of zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper. This liquid metal encased device would mean less scratches and corrosion and manufacturing this would be a lot easier too. The metal would also be lighter but as strong as titanium so it would make sense for Apple to move in this direction. These are of course still only rumors and the report does go on to mention that the next iPhone will debut at WWDC this year so we only have a couple of months to wait.

Get A Gesture Based Lock Screen For Your iPhone With Stride

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If you are jealous of Android owners who have the amazing option of drawing a pattern on their screen every time they want to unlock it then we have great news for you today. Stride for iOS brings a gesture based lock screen to the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

One of the latest tweaks to land at the Cydia stores is called Stride. This extends the manner in which users can unlock their jailbroken iPhones by introducing the ability to set a custom pattern that needs to be drawn every time the device needs to be unlocked.

There is already the Android Unlock tweak which has been available from Cydia for quite some time but Stride is different. Stride has a lot more power packaged into it and it is more professional and polished than the Android Unlock tweak. Stride is a bit like the Draw Something app and the Android Unlock tweak all mixed together in a great iOS package. The native password limitation are bypassed with Stride meaning that users can enter their own crazy pattern which only then can replicate in order to unlock their device.

Adding Stride to your tweaks makes unlocking your iPhone a fun experience and by mixing Stride and the native iOS passcode security settings together you will make it almost impossible for anyone to get into your device without your permission. Stride is available on the BigBoss repository for just $2.99 and you must have an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or above. You do have to have a jailbroken device and you can choose from Sn0wbreeze, Redsn0w or Abinsthe depending on the firmware version you are running.

New iPhone Rumors With Launch In October

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It’s only April but already reports of a new iPhone are beginning to pop up all over the internet. The latest iPhone rumor seems to be coming straight from the horse’s mouth and is stating that the new iPhone will have a unibody design and will launch in October.

Kotaku who have translated a report by a Chinese newspaper say that one of the Foxconn officials has been speaking of Apple’s plans for the new iPhone. Foxconn currently produces Apple’s iOS devices and the company’s head of Human Resources has been telling the Chinese Newspaper that Foxconn has received an order from the Cupertino outfit. He also stated that the release date will be around October.

This has seemingly led Foxconn to begin a massive recruitement drive to ensure that there are enough people to meet Apple’s release schedule. Since Apple launched the iPhone 4S last October this latest rumor does seem to tally with release dates and it does add a little bit more to all the rumors doing the rounds.

Hard facts about a new iPhone release are of course hard to come by but with Foxconn employees more eager to speak up than usual it won’t be a surprise if this information changes over the coming months.

The new iPhone is also subject to rumors of a change in design features which was the case with the iPhone 4S too. Rumors are that the new handset will feature a new sleek body and with the iPhone 4S having the same shell as the iPhone 4 it might just be that the new handset will have a redesigned body. Of course we will have to wait and see on this one too.

Unibody designs are the normal for Android handset makers so we could expect to see the new iPhone sporting a unibody design too. Of course we do have to state that as of now these are all but rumors and until some concrete evidence is provided we need to take every rumor that comes out as just that.

Get Twitter Like Native Facebook And More In iOS5

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If you use social networks on a daily basis then you will have been happy with Apple’s Twitter integration into iOS 5. If you use other social networks and not just twitter then there you may feel that the integration with iOS5 could have been better. Of course there are developers out there that are working hard to create this.

The developer that is currently working hard is @HomeSchoolDev and he has created a great new tweak called Fusion. This allows you to use the iOS5 Twitter sheet to post to other social networks. You can post to Facebook, MySpace or Foursquare. One of the great things about this new Fusion tweak is that it has Siri integration too. This is a great addition and it allows users to dictate what they want to post using Siri which means less typing.

The Fusion tweak works on plugins so whenever a new social network comes on stream the developer can add a simple plugin to the Fusion tweak that will allow the user to post updates and statuses to the network using the Twitter sheet. It sounds really promising and this tweak is sure to become extremely popular with social network users. The Fusion tweak is available via Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it costs just $2 which is an excellent price especially considering it feels just like a native feature of iOS.

In order to use Fusion you will need to jailbreak your device. If you want to jailbreak the latest iOS 5.1 tethered you can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze. For jailbreaking the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you can use Absinthe. Those using an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 or iPod Touch you can have an unthethered jailbreak using Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze if you are using iOS 5.0.1.

How To Get The 4G Indicator On Your iPhone 4S

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If you have an AT&T iPhone 4S then you will have the 4G indicator but if you don’t have an AT&T iPhone 4S this post is for. When Apple rolled out iOS 5.1 one of their updates was one that was only available to AT&T users and this was the 4G indicator in the status bar that replaced the 3G symbol.

There has been a lot of talk about 4G connectivity recently. The iPhone 4S is using HSPA+ and the 4G indicator is relevant as the International Telecommunications Union ITU recognizes this as true 4G. The AT&T network is currently the only network in the US that is actually allowed to use the 4G symbol due to licensing agreements but it has managed to confuse a lot of people when the indicator started showing up after the iOS 5.1 update.

If you are confused the bottom line is that the display of 4G rather than 3G is really nothing more than a visual replacement. The updated symbol doesn’t give you any additional speed increases and all that has happened is that with iOS 5.1 the indicator has been changed for AT&T users. If you want to benefit from this update but you aren’t an AT&T subscriber then you can now download the 4G for iPhone theme from the Cydia store.

The 4G for iPhone package is a WinterBoard theme and once it has been activated and the device has been respringed the status bar will display the 4G indicator whenever the device has UMTS data connectivity. 4G for iPhone is available from the ModMyi repository free of charge and in order to install it you must have a jailbroken iPhone.

New iPhone Rumor States New iPhone Coming In June

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The new iPad has arrived and now the rumor mill is in full force again claiming that we could have a new iPhone launch in June of this year. It seems that a recruiter for Foxconn which is Apple’s primary iPhone, iPad and iPod touch manufacturer has been recorded on a Japanese TV program stating that Apple will release its next generation iPhone as early as June of this year.

The World Business Satellite aired this footage on Monday where the recruiter is said to have stated that Foxconn is looking for 18,000 employees for the fifth generation iPhone. When he was asked if the high number was due to high demand for the iPhone 5, he said that’s right, the new iPhone will come out in June.

If this latest rumor is to be believed it would mean that the iPhone 4S has only been given a mere 8 months of shelf life and the iPhone 4S is still selling millions. This doesn’t really seem like a logical move on Apple’s part. If we also take into account that Apple made a fortune by capturing the holiday shoppers in 2011 moving a launch date back to the summer would be counterproductive. Another thing that makes this rumor unbelievable is why would a recruitment consultant have been told such sensitive information. We all know that Apple likes to keep things secret and leave the world guessing right up until the last minute.

While many have dubbed the next iPhone the iPhone 5 this could in fact be the sixth generation after the release of the unnamed new iPad so we could actually see it being named the iPhone 6. Whatever happens, this really does seem like a farfetched rumor and one that is not likely to have much weight. If there is a new iPhone to be released this year it will probably be in September/October and not June but as always we will just have to wait and see.

Get The New Multitasking App Switcher For iPhone Called Aero

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Aero is a new stylish multitasking app switcher for the iPhone which is available for download now. In the past number of weeks we have seen a great deal of developers release their work onto the Cydia store which is a third party app store. Last week a new tweak called Aero was released on Cydia.

A standard installation of iOS allows users to double tap the home button to bring up a switcher tray along the bottom of the screen to show you the apps currently running in the background. Aero which has been introduced hooks into the multitasking experience and allows users to view all of the running apps with the ability to switch between them in a familiar fashion to Apple’s multitasking app. Aero is however hoping to offers users the same functionality that they have become accustomed to but packed with a lovely interface.

Aero offers users Activator compatibility with the inclusion of nine different animations including Linear, Cover Flow, Rotary, Wheel, Time Machine and more. The configurable options that Aero provides also allows users to enable a wrap mode which allows the running apps to wrap around the screen when you are scrolling through them. The ability to remove apps from the background is also a feature of Aero.

The ability to multitask is something that all iOS devices must have and the Aero tweak is available to download from the ModMyi repository for just $1.99 with no iOS compatibility requirements so you can use it on any firmware version. Of course in order to download and install the Aero tweak you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and you can choose from a number of options including Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, Absinthe and more.