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How To Get The iOS 5.1 Camera Lock Screen On Your iPhone Running iOS 5.0.1

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Apple released iOS 5.1 with its new iPad earlier this month but there weren’t that many changes to report. One of the additions is the fact that the double tap of the home button on the lockscreen to display a camera shortcut button has been removed in favour of permanently displaying a camera icon that reacts to swipe up gesture. This means that in iOS 5.1 the shortcut to the camera app is now always visible on the lockscreen and a vertical sliding motion on the shortcut causes the lockscreen to be smoothly dismissed and the camera’s viewfinder is displayed.

When the camera’s viewfinder is displayed users can easily capture photographs without the need to unlock their device to locate the camera app. For those of you running iOS 5 who would like to have this feature enabled there is a way. Camera Grabber for iOS 5 is a new jailbreak tweak that can be found in Cydia and it mimics the new shortcut functionality that Apple have introduced in iOS 5.1.

Most jailbreak users are staying away from the latest iOS update as there is no stable and complete jailbreak solution available for this firmware version as yet. This means that many people will miss out on some of the added features of the new firmware until an untethered jailbreak is available. The release of Camera Grabber for iOS 5 has however ensured that jailbreak users can enjoy the updated quick camera access without having to upgrade their firmware.

Camera Grabber does not install any additional SpringBoard icons. The slide to unlock bar is shortened to accommodate the new grabber type camera button which is launched by sliding vertically. The new tweak is perfect and it even respects the passcode rules so if you have a passcode activated the user won’t be able to gain access to the camera without entering the code successfully. Camera Grabber for iOS 5 is available from the BigBoss repository and it is free to download and use on iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS and iPod Touch. You must be running iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1 to install this tweak.

A New Alternative To The Messages App For iPhone Is HandcentSMS

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HandcentSMS for the iPhone offers users a powerful and customizable alternative to the iOS native messages app. The lack of messages app alternative on Cydia can be put down to the fact that biteSMS and the others that are available have covered everything you need and they are very functional too. The latest offering is called HandcentSMS and is available through the Cydia store and the creators of this app believe it can unlock the messaging potential of the iPhone.

HandcentSMS is a completely free app that is very powerful and customizable. It is a great alternative to Apple’s messaging app which handles both SMS and MMS messaging services. This new app allows users to send quick replies without having to launch the full version of the app and they also have the ability to customise the conversation list which includes the incoming and outgoing fonts, background colors and text bubble styles. Users can also set ring tones and alerts on a per contact basis, hide or show message time stamps, enhance MMS and slide shows. Users also benefit from message signatures and cross platform Emoji support.

Handcent SMS comes with a large number of features and is designed for those who want more from their texting experience. In order to download and use Handcent SMS you will need to jailbreak you device. If you need help jailbreaking the latest iOS 5.1 tethered you can use Redsn0w. If you want to jailbreak the new iPhone 4S or iPad 2 there are also plenty of options available.

Skype For iPad Updated With Retina Display Graphics

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The Skype app for the iPad has been updated to include retina display graphics and it really makes everyone wish that the new iPad came with a HD FaceTime camera. Skype is the very popular VoIP communications software and the new version includes improved visual quality for those of you who have the new retina display.

When it comes to keeping in touch with people, Skype is by far the number one choice. By keeping the Skype iPad app up to date, Skype really is taking a step in the right direction. The latest version of this app requires iOS 4 and up although the release notes do recommend running the latest iOS 5+ for the best Skype experience. The new Skype release update really does appear to be just a cosmetic update and aside from the retina tweaks that have been incorporated there really doesn’t seem to be any other changes.

The changes do however make users wish that the 3rd generation iPad has a front facing HD camera instead of the VGA one that is comes with. The new Skype app has been downloaded by millions since its release. Skype which is a free communications app is used by millions of people worldwide as a means of keeping in touch. There is free instant messaging and of course with the video feature you can actually see the person you are talking to. Skype to Skype calls are free around the world and users can get cheap voice calls too if required. Skype has been around for quite a number of years now and if they keep updating their apps to coincide with new software releases they are sure to be around and the number one choice for quite a number of years to come. There really is no other contender to compete against Skype and if you have purchased a new iPad then be sure to download the newly updated Skype for iPad app to see how the latest retina display tweaks have been incorporated.

Open Attachments On iPhone And iPod Touch With iMessage

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If you want to know how to receive and open attachments of any type in iMessage using your iPhone or iPod Touch then keep reading. There was a new update implemented into the build of iOS in the form of Apple’s iMessaging system that came with iOS 5 back in October. The iMessage service is Apple’s messaging experience on all iOS devices and it will soon be officially supported by the Messages app as part of the new operating system due out this summer. This will allow users to send unlimited messages over data or Wi-Fi to other iMessage users.

The great thing about iMessage is that it will be free of charge, you don’t have to spend money to send text messages and you can share photos, videos, locations and contact information with other iMessage users. Users can also have group chat. There are more powerful features which includes delivery and read messages, seeing when someone is typing a message and being able to pick up a conversation where you left off on other iOS devices.

iMessage is a bit like an instant messaging service limited only by the fact that Apple will only support the transfer of a limited number of file types. In most cases this will be fine for normal users but for more advanced users there is an answer. If you want to receive files that aren’t supported by Apple’s iMessage you can use the Attacher tweak from Cydia which hooks into the core of iMessage and allows users to receive and open any attachment type through the iMessage interface.

Message with attachments are received and displayed as normal and this includes the name of the attachment and the extension. Attacher is really just a tweak that allows amendments on the receiving end of things so you can’t attach alternative file types to your messages. Attacher is free of charge from the ModMyi repository and you must have an iMessage capable device to install it. You will also have to have a jailbroken device to install this tweak and there are plenty of great jailbreak tools to choose from.

Downgrade iOS 5.1 To iOS 5.0.1 On iPad 2 And iPhone 4S

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Well known developer iH8sn0w has found a way to downgrade from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. iH8sn0w is responsible for the production of Sn0wbreeze, iFaith, iReb and f0recast and it seems he has been hard at work again trying to solve some user problems.

As many iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners know, these A5 processer devices have so far not been able to perform firmware downgrades. When Apple releases a new version of iOS they stop signing the older firmware and this means that any official restores result in the user installing the latest official iOS version onto their device. For normal users this isn’t a problem but if you are an iDevice owner who wants to jailbreak their device this is a nightmare because if they accidently upgrade their firmware they have to wait until the Dev-Teams come up with a working jailbreak for the new iOS version.

On older devices users can already downgrade their firmware once they have the relevant SHSH blobs saved. In the majority of cases Cydia will automatically capture any available blobs and update the users’ Cydia app with the blobs that have been saved. The iPad 2 has been around since March 2011 and the iPhone 4S since October 2011 but there hasn’t been a way for users to downgrade these A5 powered devices.

Developer and hacker iH8sn0w now claims to have found a loophole in Apple’s APTicket system that has allowed him to successfully downgrade his iPad 2 from iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1. He also believes that this loophole will allow firmware downgrades on Apple’s new iPad running on the new A5X processors. iH8sn0w shared the news on his twitter account and it basically means that owners of the iPad 2, the new iPad and the iPhone 4S can now downgrade their devices to any firmware they choose.

WeeSearch Pro A Great New Web Search From Your iOS 5 Notification Center

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WeeSearch Pro for the iPhone allows users to search multiple locations on the internet directly from their iOS 5 notification centre. As many of you are probably aware the amount of information that you search for on the web on a daily basis is phenomenal. From Google to YouTube to Wikipedia, the internet really does have something for everyone and now searching is becoming a whole lot easier.

If you are a smartphone user then you know how tedious searching the internet can be. If you are an iPhone user and you benefit from a jailbreak then you now have the option of using the WeeSearch Pro app by Jonas Gessner. WeeSearch Pro is a Notification Centre based tweak which when activated provides users with a dedicated Notification Centre based hub for everything search related. WeeSearch Pro puts a simple search bar into your Notification Centre along with a selection of pre-defined sites where you can search for information. These sites include Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and more. Users can also add different search engines using the Manage Search engines option that is available.

One of the great things about this tweak is the addition of a very simple web view which appears when the search button is pressed. This allows users to view the results before deciding on whether to continue and open the results in mobile safari or return to the Notification Centre.

WeeSearch Pro is available from the BigBoss repository for just $1.49 and to run it you need iOS 5 or higher. Of course you will need to jailbreak your device in order to install this tweak and there are plenty of options available including Sn0wbreeze, Redsn0w and Absinthe.

New iPad Goes On Sale In Apple Stores From 8AM Today

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Everyone is so excited about the third generation iPad and this really is fast becoming the most anticipated iPad release to date. The huge Retina Display forms the centrepiece of what is going to be a very popular device. Apple has already seen a massive demand in pre-orders and it is safe to assume that once the doors open in the Apple Stores today there is going to be a huge rush as everyone tries to get their hands on this latest piece of Apple technology.

You can be sure that there will be people huddled up outside their nearest Apple Store in the hope that they are near the top of the queue and will indeed get their hands on a new iPad today. During other iPad releases, Apple stores have closed throughout the day to get ready for an early evening release which can often cause a lot of problems for customers and staff and it seems that this time round it is going to be different.

According to a photo that was posted over at 9to5Mac, it seems that stores will be opening at 8AM rather than the usual evening event. This is going to make things so much easier for staff to get to all the customers and of course it means that those who join the queues won’t have to wait for as long. It is also thought that Apple Store employees are to receive an extra 10% in their pay packets this month which although not confirmed would be a lovely gesture by Apple and it will show the public that they really do look after their staff and appreciate how hard they work during times like this.

If you are planning on getting your hands on a new iPad today then be sure to come back and tell us in the comments how you got on.

How To Bypass iOS 5.1 Restriction When Installing iMovie v1.3 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Running iOS 5.0.1

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The Apple media event last week caused quite a stir and Apple announced the release of a brand new iPad and Apple TV. Both of these new products are going to be released to the public on the 16th of March at 8am. The pre-order section of the Apple website was inundated with pre-orders and this caused a number of server and store down issues. Apple also took the opportunity to announce some of their apps at the media event that have been updated so that they are now compatible with the new iPad Retina display and these include the iWork Suite, GarageBand and iMovie.

For those of you that can’t live without your jailbreak the update of iMovie is going to be tough. This new app benefits from a great deal more functionality and an improved user interface but it also comes with a requirement that iOS 5.1 be installed. This means that jailbroken users who wish to keep their untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 won’t be able to download it. That’s what most people thought anyway.

It seems that the App Store makes a quick reference check against a .plist entry saved in the CoreServices directory of the device to determine what version of iOS is installed. If the check returns a value less than the minimum version required, an alert is displayed advising that it requires a specific iOS version.

If you have a jailbroken device it is simply a matter of using a program such as iFile or SSHing into the device and changing the version string in the SystemVersion.plist, which will fool the OS into believing that iOS 5.1 is installed and this will allow you to download iMovie. This means that jailbroken devices can benefit from the great new features and additions to the newly updated iMovie App. All you have to do now is head over to the App Store, download the iMovie app and enjoy all the cinematic goodness that awaits.

New Feature Packed iPad Puts Apple On Top

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All eyes were glued to the Media Event that took place last Wednesday where Apple’s new iPad was revealed. The feature list for the new iPad is exception and finally implements some of the great new hardware that people have craved. This includes the long overdue introduction of the Retina Display which really is just the icing on the cake.

Other features of the new iPad include quad-core graphics, iSmart camera and 4G LTE compatibility. Of course all these great features would be useless without the increase battery capacity which has been increased by 70%. This means that users should be able to get the most from the new iPad. The new iPad is due to go on sale this Friday the 16th of March and already Apple pre-orders have gone through the roof with many of their online stores having trouble keeping their servers online. The much awaited announcement of the next generation iPad has been worth the wait and this feature packed tablet really is going to be something that many users are going to want to buy.

Another great announcement was that the iPad 2 would be dropping by $100. Other tablets have always had the advantage of being cheaper so now with $100 knocked off the price of this fantastic device Apple really have got two generations of devices that are sure to be on top when it comes to tablet based numbers. The iPad 2 is now even more affordable and of course more favourable to consumers which means that the likes of Samsung are going to be in trouble with the new iPad finally being launched.

Plugication For iPhone Makes Music Resume Playback When Headphones Are Plugged In

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jailbreakers are always on the lookout for great new tweaks and modifications that they can add to their idevice. The best modifications from the Cydia store are the ones that are thought through properly, are there to solve a problem or enhance a users experience and are given a professional level of completion before being distributed. One such tweak which is relatively unknown in Cydia is Plugication.

Plugication is a tweak that looks at addressing a problem that Apple haven't thought to rectify as yet or perhaps they have chosen to ignore it. If you are an iDevice user you are well aware of the fact that once you remove your headphones from the device you music stops playing immediately which is quite annoying at times. Plugication works to reverse this by recognizing when the headphones have been plugged back in and then automatically resuming music playback through the chosen music application. Plugication is compatible with multiple music applications including Spotify and it is also very simple to use with some nice settings added too. You can also toggle this app on and off whenever you like.

Plugication is available to download free of charge on the ModMyi repository and in order to download it you have to a jailbroken idevice.

Launch Your Favorite Apps From The Lockscreen With AppSlider

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Apple recently announced that the twenty fifth billionth app has been downloaded from their official App Store confirming that their app store is the biggest on the mobile planet. This does show that iOS users are active in the App Store it also reminded us that we should mention the unofficial Cydia Store which also has impressive numbers. Cydia is home to some really great third-party tweaks and modifications for jailbroken iOS devices and more are being added daily.

One of the latest Tweaks is called AppSlider and this was created by developer Ron Melkhior. This tweak makes modifications to either side of the slide to unlock graphic on the idevice's lockscreen. This is perfect for anyone who has one or two applications that they use all the time. Twitter users can have Twitter located on the lockscreen giving them quick launch access without having to unlock first.

The AppSlider tweak really just gives users the ability to launch custom applications from their lockscreen and it does this by adding the chosen applications to both sides of the slider. This tweak has its own preferences panel which can be found in the setting application and this is where you can choose your two lockscreen applications from. You can toggle this tweak on and off through the setting panel which is also great. AppSlider is a very simple and very powerful tweak and it will definitely appeal to iPhone users who have a couple of apps that they use all the time. For security conscious people you will be happy to hear that the AppSlider tweak respects the passcode lock setting so if you have a passcode lock set through your settings app, the numeric keypad will still be presented when the application is tapped which will require the correct password before proceeding into the app itself.

AppSlider is available from the BigBoss repository and it is free to download. You will need to be running iOS 5 and have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch.

What Does The iPad 3 Offer?

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The iPad 3 is set to make its debut on the 7th of March at a special media event in San Francisco. The rumors have been coming in very fast indeed and one of the latest rumors is one that actually reveals a great deal of information about what the iPad 3 might just hold. If these rumors are true then tech blog MIC Gadget really have gotten their hands on the front glass, rear shell and case of the iPad 3 and some great pieces of information to go with it.

The first thing that they reported is that the front panel of the iPad 3 does in fact have a home button. When Apple initially sent out their invitation to the press event there was huge speculation and many believed that the iPad 3 didn't have a home button due to the way it was photographed. It also seems that the iPad 3 is slightly thicker than the iPad 2 and the edges are more tapered. This will make the device feel thinner when being held. The iPad 3 also fits the current generation smart covers too. MIC Gadget has plenty of great photos and a video on their blog where they compare the alleged iPad 3 hardware with that of the iPad 2. Here is a brief overview of what they are saying.

The iPad 3 will be available in its current assortment of 16GB, 32GB and 64Gb. The price points for each of these devices is also said to be remaining the same. There is speculation that LTE will not be built into the iPad 3 and they report that this is due to the fact that there is a limited market for the LTE and that the price of this chip would increase the cost of the device. They do state however that LTE could be added into the next generation model after the iPad 3.

Again these are just rumors and with all rumors they must be taken with a pinch of salt. We are of course only a matter of days away from the official unveiling of the iPad 3 so we will all know the facts very soon.

An Alternative To Cydia Called The iTweak Store

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Jailbreaking is now even more popular than ever and today we want to tell you about a web based alternative to Cydia called the iTweak Store. For the last number of years, Cydia has been the cream of the crop when it comes to jailbreak device apps, themes and more. The Cydia icon has become the visual indication that a device has been jailbroken with all jailbreak tools installing Cydia as part of the process. Are you ready for some competition?

Whenever a developer wants to package a tweak for sale or download the only real option that they have is to make it available via the Cydia store. There are some alternatives like hosting the file themselves but because Cydia has such a large following it doesn't make sense to do this. So there really isn't any competition to Cydia. This could all be about to change though thanks to a new service called iTweak. This is a web site that is offering tweaks and applications for jailbroken devices.

Itweak is a web based service and it looks likely that users will be able to download any hosted packages directly to their device. This will allow them to take advantage of the usual things we have come to expect like unique user logins and account management facilities. The iTweak service is being developed by @roktheworld27 and @mtamermahoney and the small piece of information that is available on the home page says that iTweak is one of the best places to get all your tweaks, themes, utilities and more on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The home page also states that they serve as an alternative to Cydia and the Apple App Store.

The iTweak home page looks and feels like a native application and users can navigate directly to the new and updated packages as well as the usual things like terms or service. There isn't really that much information available about payment methods as yet but we assume that paypal will be available. The iTweak service sounds like a great idea but the problem that they are going to have initially is convincing developers to list their packages on an unknown and untested service when they could be hosting them on Cydia which is well established. Add to that the fact that various web services have popped up in the past which have failed and it will take a lot of convincing. As soon as more information is available on iTweak we will let you know but until then let us know what you think? Do you think Cydia needs competition?