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New Improved A5 Chip And Brand New A6 One On The Way

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According to rumors Apple is reportedly working on an improved A5 chip as well as a brand new A6 offering. This comes as part of the speculation on what the reported Apple media event due to take place in early March will bring. This media event will let everyone know what the new iPad 3 is gong to hold and many think that Apple could be planning more.

A large number of the rumors around the iPad 3 seem to be in agreement that it will feature retina display and have an improved rear camera. Over the past couple of days there has been disagreement over the processing power that the new iPad 3 will have. Some say it will be the quad-core idea whilst other believe that Apple will stick with the current A5 offering as a base but improve on the existing chip by possibly adding an improved graphics engine.

If these latest reports are to be believed, Apple could be planning a double barrelled approach by improving the A5 chip and developing an improved quad-core processor which is likely to be called the A6. 9To5Mac are reporting that the A5X chip is a halfway upgrade between the current a5 model and the next model which will be the Apple A6. Evidence has also been found within the iOS 5.1 beta releases that points to Apple working on the S5L8950X and S5L8945X model numbers which would seem to point to two individual processors with the current A5 model being the S5L8940x number.

The fact that two separate processors are being worked on by Apple will be enough to produce plenty of rumors and possibilities but if this is what is happening then logic reasoning would point to the fact that the A6 chip would be used in the new iPad 3 while the A5X processor could be used in the revamped Apple TV set top box. As with all rumors this is just speculation and it could be that Apple is deciding which processor to use. Only time will tell and we are all waiting anxiously for the March media event to see which rumors are in fact true.

Swipe For Mail – The New Way to View Your Email

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Swipe for mail allows users to swipe left or right to see their next or previous emails in the Mail app. This is another app made available for jailbroken iDevices. According to Cydia, Swipe for Mail adds the ability to swipe left or right in Mail.app to retrieve the previous or next email. No icons are added to your home screen or settings and there are no options to configure either.

We tested the Swipe for Mail tweak on a jailbroken iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 and we can confirm that it works just as advertised. It might be a small tweak but we feel that it is a very useful tweak which makes reading email a more pleasant experience and it saves you plenty of time. If you are one of the few who prefer tapping their screen this might not be the tweak for you as it involves swiping. It is however a great simple tweak that you can add to your jailbroken iPhone or iDevice that uses the Mail.app.

You will of course need to have a jailbroken device to install this tweak and if you need help jailbreaking the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you can use Absinthe. If you have the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod Touch you can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze. Swipe for Mail can be downloaded for free from Cydia under ModMyi repo which is included by default.

ProTube HD Lets You Experience YouTube As It Should Be On Your iPad

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A few weeks ago the reinvention of the YouTube application for the iPhone was made public as it was imagined by developer Jonas Gessner. This is available to all those who have a jailbroken iPhone and is available through the Cydia store. This new app has a number of features and additions that many feel should have been native in Apple's stock implementation of YouTube. ProTube has been a huge success for jailbroken devices and following on from this Gessner has released a HD version of the app for the iPad.

If you are not familiar with the ProTube app then all you need to know is that it is a complete reinvention of the YouTube application which combines a professional look with a powerful feature set.

ProTube HD is not just another tweak, it is a full self sufficient application and when you launch it ProTube presents the standard mobile version of the YouTube website with some really powerful features. By taking advantage of the mobile version of YouTube and then coupling this with the iPad screen and the recognized interface controls, ProTube HD represents what many people are saying is a superior alternative to the native experience. This application has some great features including all of the expected YouTube activities such as commenting, sharing and rating videos, you gain control over your user account, you get high and standard definition video downloads and the option to save only the sound track of a video in high quality MP3 format. There are plenty more features built in and you can view the full list in the Cydia store.

ProTube HD is a bargain price at just $1.49 and it is available now through the Big Boss repository. It is compatible with iOS 4 and above.

Leaked Images Shows iPad 3 Will Have A Rear 8 Megapixel Camera?

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Leaked images of the new iPad 3 have surfaced again and this time they reveal more tapered edges and a rear 8 megapixel camera. Rumors suggest that the iPad 3 announcement event will take place on the 7th of March and tension and excitement is building. More and more people are anxious to find out about the proposed design and technical specifications of the new tablet.

We are all well aware of the fact that Apple product announcements are big news but with the iPad growing in popularity the public attention for this launch is going to be at an all time high. As the date of the announcement grows closer it seems that more information is being leaked which provides an insight into the design of the new iPad 3. Apple Daily has posted an article that features images of the new tablet device. These images show the rear of the new iPad 3 and the article also shows a comparison between the slight change in the form between all three iPad devices.

There are no major changes to the design of the iPad 3 although these images do show a notable exaggerated taper around the edges which cause the camera to actually be embedded within the taper. The camera is rumored to be an 8 megapixel camera. Additional speculation that relates to the retina display and quad core CPU and the March 7th announcement date have yet to be confirmed but they seem to be holding strong. The leaked images do seem to tally with other reports which means there is no reason to doubt their legitimacy. We will have to wait and see though.

Send Files To Your iOS Device Via iMessage Using The OS X Message App

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OS X Messages App lets users send files of any type to iOS devices via iMessage. The beta release of Apple's new messages app for Mac may have a hidden secret and this is something that could make getting files onto iOS devices very easy.

Apple just recently released the beta version of their messages app to the public. This isn't fully complete yet and there will more than likely be visual tweaks as well as other changes and the addition of more features before this app ships as part of the new release of OS X Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion is currently available for developers to test and with the new Messages app theere are plenty of new things to try. As with all Apple software releases, people are keen to see just what can be done with the messages app and the implementation of iMessage on anything other than an iOS device.

The people over at iPhoneil have discovered that Messages in particular appears to have a hidden secret. It appears that users of the Messages app on the Mac can actually send pretty much any file to iOS device owners with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch able to open them. This includes sending videos, PDF files and more. It is something that isn't being discussed that much but it could open up a lot of opportunities for getting files on an iOS device without having to jump through lots of hoops. The files that are already confirmed to be working include PDF, TXT and also .app files.

It isn't clear whether this is an intentional feature or whether Apple just never thought about such a thing being possible so hopefully this feature won't go missing when Mountain Lion makes its official debut later this year.

Transform Your iPhone With Some Great Themes

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If you are looking to transform the tired look of your iPhone then jailbreaking is the way to go. If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can transform it with some amazing themes. Cydia is the place to go for those amazing themes and this app store is packed full of themes and customizations that have been designed to make your iPhone or iPad look as different as possible from the iOS that you are familiar with.

Jailbreaking is all about having the freedom to alter and change the way the native iOS device looks and behaves and themes are one way to do this. WinterBoard was the main application used to execute themes but this is all about to change thanks to a new application called DreamBoard. DreamBoard is an advanced theming platform which takes control of the device's SpringBoard and lets user take almost complete control over placing widgets and apps, removing the limitations which existed through traditional theme methods.

DreamBoard has plenty of great options with great themes and aesthetic modifications which are compatible with DreamBoard are available through Cydia. These include the Metro DreamBoard theme which was the first complete Windows Phone/Windows 8 inspired theme. This theme consists of twenty one tiles with two animated one and there is no external setup required. OS7 is another DreamBoard compatible plug and play theme which benefits from the auto creation of home page tiles as well as an alphabetical list of installed applications. Metro 8 is another Windows Phone theme for DreamBoard which comes with a basic theme setup and is a great alternative advanced theme for those looking for more.

These three themes are just some of what is available for DreamBoard and there are plenty more available in Cydia. In order to use any of these themes you do need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

What's Different - iPad 3 Leaked Parts Have Been Compared With The iPad 2

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The iPad 3 is getting closer and iPad 3 leaked parts have been compared with iPad 2 parts and the findings show a slightly thicker profile, bigger battery, bigger retina display and high resolution camera.

It is just a matter of weeks before the iPad 3 event if rumors are to be believed and to add fuel to the fire it seems that iPad 3 parts and components have been leaked and if this is correct they reveal some interesting information about the brand new iPad 3 device.

This news came from the folks over at 9to5Mac in the form of a report in which they cite a post over on ilab.cc which is full of photos of some of the iPad 3's leaked components. The back panel suggests that the iPad 3 will be about 10mm thick which is 1mm thicker than the iPad 2 and this is supposedly due to the newer more powerful components such as a larger camera sensor, bigger battery and thicker dual LEB backlit LCD panel. Ilab.cc compared one of the rumored sharp high resolution LDC panels and found that it fits absolutely perfectly with the leaked iPad 3 back plate.

That's not all, the iPad 3's camera hole is different to the iPad 2 design and this suggests that the iPad 3 may just come with a more respectable rear camera too. The results of this iPad 3 component leak study match perfectly with the rumored hardware specifications which are a longer lasting battery, a 2048x1536 9.7” retina display and better camera sensors to match the higher resolution. It isn't clear as yet if there will be a quad core A6 or just a faster more efficient dual core A5.

According to latest reports the iPad 3 is set to be announced in the first week of March at Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco.

Sara Is The Latest Siri Clone That Works On All iOS Devices

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Siri has always been of interest to developers and this escalated with the release of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 in December 2011 and the release of the A5 Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 in January. Up until now the best way to install Siri on an unsupported device has been Spire which was released in December 2011. That is all about to change with the introduction of Sara.

Spire is easy to set up and requires users to connect to a proxy server in order for the various commands to be answered by Apple's pocket slave. It was only a matter of time before more Siri alternatives became available and a Vietnamese Dev Team has produced a more advanced tool which goes by the name of Sara. This free voice recognition utility takes things a little further than merely setting reminders or driving users crazy with nonsensical conversation and it also appears to be much more versatile.

It has been described by its creators as having an open brain allowing those in the know to create plugins for special commands. Right now the feature set is still impressive and you can scan barcodes or QR codes. The most encouraging thing about Sara is that is works in a variety of countries and it has 37 languages. If you want to get your hands on Sara you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone and you will find it in Cydia.

The TweetLine Tweak For iPhone Uses Siri To Let You See Your Twitter Timeline

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When iOS 5 was first introduced back in October 2011, it was evident to many that it contained a number of really useful features which quickly became the focus of the jailbreaking development community. The notification centre was one of these but the real feature that developers were chomping to get their teeth into was Siri and this came with iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. It is the intelligent voice assistant that has been built in.

Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4S hardware and due to the initial lack of a jailbreak for A5 powered devices running on iOS 5 it was difficult for developers to create and test any Siri based tweaks. The release of Absinthe has change all this. Absinthe provides an untethered jailbreak for all A5 devices which in turn has opened the gates for Siri enhancements.

One of the latest tweaks to use the functionality of Siri is called TweetLine. This is an AssistantExtensions plugin which provides Twitter integration through the registered Twitter account in the setting application. By activating Siri through the normal method and giving the spoken command “timeline”, the TweetLine tweak forces Siri to display the latest five tweets from your Twitter timeline. TweetLine has been built on the AssistantExtensions tweak which allows developers to quickly and efficiently develop enhancements for Siri.

TweetLine displays your last five tweets in plain text but usernames and any links are redundant. This tweak could prove useful if you want to quickly check your timeline but other than that there isn't much that it can do. TweetLine is available free of charge through the ModMyi repository and requires a Siri enabled device with a registered Twitter account. You also need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Two New Siri Related iPhone 4S Commercials Released By Apple

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Apple have released two new thirty second commercials in their next step in promoting Siri, the headline feature of the iPhone 4S. The first of these commercials centres around a Road Trip and features the integration of Siri with the Maps application, location services, Yelp and it also demonstrates the intelligent voice assistant's ability to give on the fly directions to a specifically requested location.

The second commercial focuses on a young music lover and pays attention to how Siri can display musical notes to help the young musician learn new skills as well as composing a text message from spoken words to the other band members. This commercial shows Siri's use of the Wolfram-Alpha service to pull up search results and it also shows how users can program their own nickname into Siri.

Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have changed the way we think about consumer technology and they have also dramatically enhanced the way some people actually live their lives. The iPhone and iPod touch brough such technologies as FaceTime which allows people to connect to their loved ones via video entirely free of charge once they are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The iPad also comes with FaceTime capabilities but it is also about to play a pivotal role in reinventing educational standards across the United States. It is also used quite extensively in the medical and aviation industries to enhance professional standards.

Apple's products may be amazing but their success is all down to their ability to market them. Apple knows how to market perfectly using effective visual campaigns, simple and immediately recognizable television commercials and perfect product placement strategies. They engage with their audience and encourage sales.

Both of the new Apple commercials follow a familiar pattern and they are simplistic whilst still focusing entirely on the product they are attempting to promote. They invoke an emotional reaction and they demonstrate how the iPhone 4S and Siri work in real world situations and how they can easily be integrated into daily life.

Sent Tweets Via Siri With Assitant Extensions

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Assistant Extensions is a great new tweak that will allow you to open apps, send tweets and more via Siri. There are more and more tweaks released via Cydia every they and these allow jailbroken iDevices to get the most out of their devices. You could say that jailbreaks actually allow iOS to run the way it always should have run.

Since the release of the untethered jailbreak for A5 devices there have been more and more Siri tweaks released. Apple's voice recognition software has been the centre of so many developers attention since it launched with the iPhone 4S last October. Jailbreaking allows using to enjoy some great Siri perks and these include allowing simple SBSettings-like commands to be activated using Siri. There are many more Siri tweaks including SiriToggles and the soon to be released Sireet which will allow users to send Tweets using Siri.

AssitantExtensions has been released however and this allows users to send Tweets, activate SBSettings toggles and open various different apps without having to touch your screeen. This new tweak is available free of charge from the BigBoss repository. If you have SiriToggles the developer of AssitantExtensions does recommend that you remove it even though no conflicts between the two have been reported. The features of AssitantExtensions do however supersede SiriToggles so you won't need it anyway.

If you plan on downloading AssitantExtensions you will need a jailbroken iPhone and there are plenty of tools that you can use to do this including Absinthe, Sn0wbreeze and more.

iPhone's Stock Weather, Compass, Calculator, Clock, Stocks And Voice Memo Apps To iPad

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If you are a new owner of an iPad 2 then you have probably been shocked to find that some of the key stock applications are not there when you turn it on. These are all natively installed on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You may have spent some time searching for these items on your new iPad but Apple has decided that it is not necessary to have the likes of Weather, Calculator, Voice Memo, Compass and clock on the iPad.

If you want these apps then all is not lost and the jailbreak community is here to the rescue. Ryan Petrich who is an iOS developer has produced his latest iPad enhancement which brings these native applications to the iPad's springboard. This tweak is called Belfry and it has been released into the BigBoss repository free of charge. It is available to download for all jailbroken iPads. Installing this tweak will add six additional icons to the SpringBoard and you can launch them as normal apps just the same as the iPhone.

This is something that has been talked about for quite some time with the jailbreak community and if you intend to download Belfry make sure you read the information in Cydia first. Belfry is only available for iPads runnign iOS 5 or higher and users will definitely experience some visual anomalies after the iPad has rebooted. There may be some graphical errors when running these apps and this is due to the way the iPad handles the running of native iPhone applications. This can be partially rectified by installing a tweak called RetinaPad along with Belfry which will render the applications in full screen mode in the best possible way for the iPad. In order to use Belfry you will need to jailbreak your iPad and you can jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe.

Jailbreaking To Become Illegal Again

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In July 2010 the United States government ruled that jailbreaking and the unlocking of Apple iphones was deemed to be a legal act as long as the process wasn't being carried out with the intention of circumventing copyright. This ruling was a major blow for Apple especially as they had invested so much time and money into making their devices and their operating systems as secure as possible. Apple has always been a public advocate for making jailbreaking an unlawful act.

Apple released a short statement at the time that stated that whilst jailbreaking would be officially legal it would still void any official Apple warranties. Apple also stated that their goal was to insure that customers have a great experience with their iPhone and that jailbreaking could severely degrade the experience.

Last week we saw that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is lobbying for users to add their electronic voice to a petition which aims to ask the United States Government to declare once again that jailbreaking an iPhone does not violate the DMCA. The EFF are asking for this initial exemption, which is set to expire to be extended to cover tablet devices such as the Apple iPad which is not currently covered in the original ruling.

Charlie Miller who is an iOS developer is an advocate for this change and he has been alerting his Twitter followers to the petition and directing them to the EFF website where they can add their voice. A recent Tweet by Charlie Miller makes a plea for users to sign the online petition to help keep jailbreaking legal and to add the iPad to the ruling.

A lot of people were under the illusion that the ruling was permanent and that no further action is needed but Miller has been quick to point out that this is not the case. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is due to expire and according to statistics, the new Absinthe jailbreak tool which is being downloaded by so many shows that jailbreaking is still extremely popular and the jailbreaking community is thriving and expanding. A growing number of software developers now make a living from selling their software and tweaks on Cydia.

It really is important to have your voice heard and if you want to sign the petition all you have to do is visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation website and send your comment to the Copyright Office. Comments must be received by the 10th of February 2012.THE REST OF THE POST HERE (between these two SPAN`s, so dont edit them.) or delete them. Just remove this text and copy in the rest of the article.