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Open Attachments On iPhone And iPod Touch With iMessage

3/23/2012 12:44:00 PM - 0 comments
If you want to know how to receive and open attachments of any type in iMessage using your iPhone or iPod Touch then keep reading. There was a new update implemented into the build of iOS in the form of Apple’s iMessaging system that came with iOS 5 back in October. The iMessage service is Apple’s messaging experience on all iOS devices and it will soon be officially supported by the Messages app as part of the new operating system due out this summer. This will allow users to send unlimited messages over data or Wi-Fi to other iMessage users.

The great thing about iMessage is that it will be free of charge, you don’t have to spend money to send text messages and you can share photos, videos, locations and contact information with other iMessage users. Users can also have group chat. There are more powerful features which includes delivery and read messages, seeing when someone is typing a message and being able to pick up a conversation where you left off on other iOS devices.

iMessage is a bit like an instant messaging service limited only by the fact that Apple will only support the transfer of a limited number of file types. In most cases this will be fine for normal users but for more advanced users there is an answer. If you want to receive files that aren’t supported by Apple’s iMessage you can use the Attacher tweak from Cydia which hooks into the core of iMessage and allows users to receive and open any attachment type through the iMessage interface.

Message with attachments are received and displayed as normal and this includes the name of the attachment and the extension. Attacher is really just a tweak that allows amendments on the receiving end of things so you can’t attach alternative file types to your messages. Attacher is free of charge from the ModMyi repository and you must have an iMessage capable device to install it. You will also have to have a jailbroken device to install this tweak and there are plenty of great jailbreak tools to choose from.

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