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PhoneIt-iPad Now Fully Supports iOS 5 Running On 3G iPad

11/30/2011 09:32:00 AM - 0 comments
For those who really like the idea of using their iPad as a fully functioning phone there is great news to report today. Thanks to a hack by iPhoneIslam, iPad users that are running the new iOS 5 can now install PhoneIt-iPad and start making phone calls right from their iPad.

This app is not free and you will have to pay $19.99 but the benefits that you get are great. Once you download PhoneIt-iPad you can activate it online by entering your iPad’s serial number. There is only one device per purchase so once you have entered your serial number you won’t be able to change it. This hack only works on the original iPad with 3G so if you have an iPad 2 or one with WiFi only capabilities it won’t work for you.

Another thing to note is that a plain data SIM won’t work either and you will need to get your hands on an activated SIM card with mobile service. If you have a SIM card in a phone and you make calls on it you can use this on your iPad to make calls. The last thing to point out is that in order for this hack to work you need to have a jailbroken iPad because this hack requires access to the Cydia Store.

You can use Redsn0w to jailbreak your device and there are plenty of instructions available as to how to do this. The developers behind this hack are hoping to have a version available for the iPad 2 very soon but right now there is no support for the iPad 2 and PhoneIt-iPad will only work on the iPad 1. PhoneIt-iPad can be found in the Cydia app store so if you like the idea of making calls from your iPad this could be the thing for you.

Jailbreak iOS 5.0/5.0.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad And iPod Touch 4G

11/28/2011 10:29:00 AM - 0 comments
If you have been waiting for news about jailbreaking iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 then we have good news for you. There is now another jailbreaking tool available called Ac1dSn0w which will allow you to jailbreak iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 tethered on OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. There is a step by step guide to follow in this post.

News of this new jailbreak came from a Unix hacker in the form of an update sent via his Twitter account. As of now Ac1dSn0w isn’t much different from the likes of Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze but it is an alternative and it looks like it might have a good future too thanks to features such as remote jailbreaking, custom firmware creation and iRecovery remote. It is currently only available for OS X.

In order to use this jailbreak you need to download Ac1dSn0w for Mac and launch it. Next you need to connect your supported iOS device via USB to your Mac. Then you need to turn it off. The next step is to click on Show Assistant and follow the on screen instructions to enter DFU mode. Once your device is in DFU mode all you have to do is click on jailbreak from Ac1dSn0w and allow it to do its thing. Your iOS device will then reboot after the jailbreak has been completed. You then need to put it into DFU mode again and click on tethered boot from Ac1dSn0w to jailbreak tethered on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

Once completed your iOS device will now boot in tethered jailbroken state and you will have Cydia installed. If you wish to restart your device you will have to boot into a tethered jailbroken state each time. This new jailbreak will work on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad so if you are looking for a jailbreak this could be the tool for you.

iOS 5 Hidden J2 Code String Relates To iPad 3 Retina Display

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Rumors of the next generation iPad are getting stronger and according to a recent analyst report that has been published, production for iPad 3’s retina display has already begun. The new comes from CNET where a cite analyst Richard Shim’s claims that iPad 3 panels are going into production.

Mass manufacturing the 9.7” 2048x1536 displays is not an easy or a quick task and Shim’s claims that there will be three separate display suppliers so as to ensure that Apple has enough devices when it comes to the launch. If we take a look at the last two iPad announcements we can expect to hear something in March with a release happening in April.

From CNET:

It’s happening–QXGA, 2048×1536. Panel production has started [for the next-generation iPad]. There’s three suppliers,” Richard Shim, an analyst at DisplaySearch, said in an interview today. Shim confirmed other reports that cite three companies, Samsung, Sharp, and LGD.

The jump from 1024 by 768 pixels to 2048 x 1536 pixels would, in the words of the late Steve Jobs himself, be a “quantum leap” for tablet computing.
I believe those of you who upgraded to an iPhone 4 from a 3GS or 3G will remember the first time they laid eyes on the Retina Display. Games looked better, text looked sharper and videos looked crisper. The same will happen with the iPad 3’s rumored Retina Display and it’s going to leave us all floored. It won’t be 316ppi like the iPhone 4S, but 264ppi for 9.7” display will still be pretty impressive.

The report that was written by Shim is also backed up by a piece of code found by 9to5Mac in iOS 5 which hints towards the iPad 3 having a retina display. The code string mentions an iOS device codenamed J2 which is claimed by DigiTimes to be one of the two iPad 3 prototypes being tested by Apple in iOS 5.

We all know that Apple is a very secretive company and as such all the reports and all the rumors won’t be clarified until the new iPad is officially announced.

iOS 5.0.2 Delayed Because Of Memory Leak Issues

11/23/2011 02:14:00 PM - 0 comments
It looks like we are going to have to wait a little while longer before the battery issues that we hoped would be fixed this week have finally been ironed out. We are lucky that we are not seeing a repeat of the antenna issues that we faced last year but it does seem that this year’s updates aren’t going as smoothly as planned either.

Many people are saying that we should have seen it coming especially when you look at how many pre-release beta versions of iOS 5 there were. It is clear that Apple was struggling to piece together the new features that were coming on board including iCloud, iTunes and more.

We were expecting iOS 5.0.2 to be released this week but it looks as though this is going to be put on hold with no ETA being reported. We have read reports that battery issues have been sorted out but that there are issues with memory leaks which require a little more looking into. It seems that Apple has decided to spend a little more time on this release rather than having to release iOS 5.0.3 almost immediately after iOS 5.0.2.

We are hoping that Apple get things sorted out as quickly as possible or they may just have to face the wrath of all those people who spend a lot of money on the iPhone 4S. As soon as iOS 5.0.2 does arrive we will be downloading it and reporting on the fixes and what you can expect to find.

New Video Shows Siri Opening The Door To Third Party Control

11/21/2011 02:10:00 PM - 0 comments
What we have to share with you today is awesome. It seems that a hacker going by the name of plamoni has released a video on YouTube what shows that Apple’s Siri can be used to control a thermostat. All this is thanks to a Siri server that is being run on a computer with the iPhone 4S looking to it in order to fulfill requests asked of it.

This is all done by cracking Siri’s security protocols which means that those who are familiar with coding can actually interfere with how Siri works and they can inject different code and data at will. This server allows developers to create custom Siri handlers for different actions. The example of the hacker we mentioned allows him to set and check the status of a WiFi thermostat and there is no reason why this couldn’t link into the APIs of other devices. Imagine you could tell your TiVo to record TV shows using Siri. With this hack the possibilities are almost endless.

The great thing about this hack is that you don’t have to have a jailbroken device. This hack really does show off the potential power of Siri. This is one thing that we really will be keeping our eyes on and we hope that Apple picks up on this and brings it to us all sooner rather than later. Check out the video below for more information.


SBSettings To Your iPhone Home Screen Like Shortcuts Without Jailbreaking

11/18/2011 09:08:00 AM - 0 comments
SBSettings are usually given as a primary reason for people to jailbreak their idevices. It is one of those things that once you become accustomed to having it, using your idevice without it become very difficult.

iOS 5 can be jailbroken using an untethered jailbreak and many hacking groups have been looking for various exploits in order to pwn the software. iPhone 4S users whilst they have many advantages such as Siri and 64GB of flash storage cannot jailbreak their iPhones at all.

With that said, there is a way that those of you who are running untouched firmware can create shortcuts of the toggles found within SBSettings. These include WiFi, Airplane Mode, Brightness and Bluetooth and this can be done without jailbreaking. Icon Project which is available for just 99 cents in the App Store can help you to create custom icons with specific URL links to various settings. This is a great app that will see everyone through until every iDevice is able to use SBSettings.

There are lots of editing options available and these allow you to create some great icons. These include Auto-Lock, Brightness, Bluetooth, Date & Time, FaceTime, iCloud, Location Services, Music, Music Volume, Notes, Notification, Photos, Profile, Safari, Sounds, Twitter, Store, Usage and more. You can find the full list by visiting the App Store and looking for the Icon Project App.

Music Fans Check Out This Latest Tweak For iPhone

11/16/2011 09:54:00 AM - 0 comments
Music controls pro for the iPhone is the ultimate jailbreak tweak for all you music junkies out there. If you want to have more control over your music capabilities then this new jailbreak tweak for the iPhone is definitely for you.

The Music Controls Pro tweak has been added to the Big Boss repository and this new version allows you to control your music for 46 different music programs including Pandora, Grooveshark, the standard iPod app and more. This tweak will run in the background so interacting with other apps or pressing the home button won’t stop the songs or videos you might be listening to. While the tweak is running you can control your music collection using your headset, Bluetooth or your lock screen.

This new tweak comes packed with SBSetting toggle options, dock metadata for car steros and remote server support. The remote server means you can control your music from another iPhone over wi-fi. As mentioned, Music Controls Pro can be round in the Cydia store and is priced at $5.99. You can even check it out for free by downloading the 5 day free trial. Of course to avail of this tweak you will need to be running a jailbroken iOS device and there are plenty of guides that will show you how to do this using Redsn0w, Pwnage tool or more.

If you want more control over your music then this could be just the app you have been looking for. Why not take a look and get the free trial to see if it’s the one for you.

Get Panorama Camera Mode Without Jailbreak On iPhone 4S

11/14/2011 09:35:00 AM - 0 comments
You may remember last week that we reported that you can use the panorama camera function built into iOS 5 using a Cydia tweak called Firebreak. Well we have great new today. You can now enable the native panorama camera mode on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch running iOS 5 without having to jailbreak your device.

If you are using iOS 5 and you want to perform a hack without having to jailbreak your device, you can now enable the hidden native panorama option for your iOS 5 camera. This hack is very simple and below are the steps you need to perform. This hack will work on any gyroscope capable device including the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is backup your device’s data using iTunes. This is not the usual precautionary measure that you hear of; you actually need to modify this backup in order to perform the hack.

Step 2: Next download the iBackupBot from www.icopybot.com which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Once the download is complete just install and launch it.

Step 3: Locate you com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist file. Double click the file which will take you to the editing page.

Step 4: Directly below DiskSpaceWasLow , add EnableFirebreak then hit the disk icon to save.

Step 5: Restore your backup via iTunes and the process is now complete. Launch the camera app and then navigate to the options and click on panorama to start taking pictures in panorama mode.

We have tested this and yes it does work really well. If you don’t like the idea of editing your .plist files, you can always download Panoram 360 via the App Store which will work with a similar effect.

Apple Store iPhone App Now Includes Self Checkout and In Store Pickup

11/11/2011 09:19:00 AM - 0 comments
Apple has updated their Apple Store iPhone app to include the self-checkout feature that will allow people to buy things in Apple’s retail stores without having to get a clerk to take their payment.

This newly updated app will allow users to choose the things they want to purchase from the shelves in Apple’s retail stores and then scan the barcode using their iPhone’s camera. The item will then be charged to their iTunes account the same way as apps, music and other online content currently is. The updated app also expands Apple’s personal pickup option to all US retail stores. Here is exactly what you can expect with the new version of this app.

Personal Pickup: Buy in the app and choose to pick up your order at any Apple Retail Store. Most in-stock orders are available for pickup within an hour. (U.S. only)

EasyPay: Purchase select accessories in store quickly by scanning the barcode and completing your transaction right in the app. (U.S. only, requires iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S)

Track your stuff: View the status of current and previous orders from the order status section in the More tab.

What this newly updated app means is that there will be no need for human interaction during the process and all you have to do is scan your item and leave the store. It is not yet clear whether there will be some kind of security check in order to minimize the risk of theft. The self-checkout system will be available for anything that is currently available on the shelves in any Apple store but larger more valuable items will still require you to get the assistance of a member of staff to process the order.

Apple has also started to roll out a system that will allow people to buy items online and then collect them in-store. This will again reduce the amount of time required for processing purchases in these busy Apple stores. This is sure to be a huge success over the Christmas period which is always extremely busy. To download the new Apple Store App 2.0 just visit your iTunes store.

Firebreak Allows You To Enable The Hidden Panorama Camera Mode In iOS 5

11/09/2011 10:17:00 AM - 0 comments
In the Apple keynote speech this year you may remember the mention of a new panorama mode that would be made available to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the release of iOS 5. Well, iOS 5 has arrived and the promised panorama mode is nowhere to be found. There was no explanation from Apple about this either and it left many people wondering why the feature was pulled.

It seems that one developer has done a little digging inside the camera app and discovered that editing a particular .plist file will make the missing panorama mode available. If you don’t know much about editing file lists and stuff there is good news. A new tweak has been made available via Cydia called Firebreak the will allow users to enable the camera’s panorama mode without any file editing required.

In order for this tweak to work you will have to have iOS 5 or higher and a gyroscope capable device. No icons will be added to your homescreen and the panorama button will be added to the options menu in the camera app. Firebreak is available free from the jailbreak app store and once installed it will do everything for you. You will need to have a jailbroken iDevice in order to take advantage of this tweak and there are plenty of ways to do this.

There is still now answer as to why Apple have kept this out of iOS but we are sure someone has a reason for this. For now if you want to use the panorama camera function you will be required to jailbreak your iOS 5 device and download the free Firebreak app from Cydia.

Hacker Runs Unsigned Code on iOS Thanks To Security Vulnerability

11/07/2011 12:14:00 PM - 0 comments
Apple, as you know, has always been very proud of the way the iPhone handles security but a hacker has found a major iPhone security vulnerability that allows unsigned code to run on iOS.

Forbes has reported that security researcher Charlie Miller has released a video that shows one of Apple’s iPhones executing unsigned code. In simple terms, he has made the iPhone do things that Apple never authorized. What Miller did was make a simple stock checker app that he had approved with the App Store. Running this app in the normal way doesn’t do anything that it shouldn’t, but when Miller activates something on a server the app accesses he get access to the iPhone remotely and is able to launch apps, make the iPhone vibrate, browse the iPhone’s file system and even download the contents of the address book. This type of flaw could create a lot of nightmares for people.

Apple has since removed the app from the App Store and Miller has not released information on how this hack works. He is giving Apple the chance to plug the hole in iOS 5.0.1. He did however; state that the flaw is part of Nitro, a JavaScript engine added in iOS 4.3.

This information in the wrong hands could means that malicious users could get an app through Apple’s review process and then systematically steal data from people’s iPhones worldwide. Apple is working hard on their iOS 5.0.1 release where they are hoping to solve the current battery issues and we are sure they will be working on this security issue too.

Charlie Miller has released a video showing what he was able to achieve so if you want to know exactly what this security vulnerability could mean take a look below.


Gmail App for iDevices Now Available In The App Store

11/04/2011 02:23:00 PM - 0 comments
Gmail for the iPhone has been released and this native Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is being well celebrated. This official Gmail app is something that a lot of people have been waiting for and now that it is finally here let’s take a look at exactly what it has to offer.

The official Gmail app for the iOS device brings with it some features that many people have been waiting for. It looks like Google has put a lot of their web based experience into this app and this looks great. Here is what the official Gmail blog has to say about their new app:

• Push notifications
• Search across all emails
• Autocomplete from you gmail/phone contacts
• Upload photos with the attachment button
• On iPad you can navigate mail with split mode.

With this new Gmail app, iDevice users will be able to organize their mail efficiently. They also have a complete inbox for important people thanks to priority mail and they can organize mail using archiving, labelling, starring, deleting and more. The Gmail app has been optimized so that users can perform the simplest tasks with very user friendly gestures.

It is clear to see that Google have put a lot of thought into their new Gmail app and it is now available for download via the App Store. If you have been waiting for the official launch of this great app then we are delighted to announce that the wait is over. The official Gmail app is ready and waiting for you to download

LockMessages Protects Your iPhone Text Messages

11/02/2011 02:17:00 PM - 0 comments
We all want our privacy and most of us want to ensure that our text messages are kept private. We’ve all been there, you get a message on your iDevice and someone sees it and starts questioning you about it. Well now you can safeguard your text messages on iPhone from prying eyes using LockMessages which is the latest Cydia Tweak.

LockMessages is a great new app and the best feature of this new tweak is that it allows you to customize the alerts you receive on your lockscreen or through the Notification Center. You can change the sender’s name to something neutral and you can also change the title to a generic sequence of characters which safeguards all your sensitive details.

In addition to the above, you can also set a passcode to your Messages.app which gives you even more privacy and protection. If you want to safeguard your messages you can get LockMessages from the BigBoss repository for just 99 cents. If you do purchase this app the settings are configured in the Settings.app because there is no Springboard icon with this. Also it is worth noting that this app is for iOS 5 only so if you want the extended privacy that it offers you will have to have the latest operating system on your idevice.

In order to use LockMessages you will need a jailbroken iOS 5 device and there are numerous ways to do this such as using Redsn0w and you can find all the details including step by step tutorials right here on our blog. If you want to protect your text messages from prying eyes and you have an iOS 5 device then this great little Cydia Tweak could be just the thing you have been looking for.