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Get Flash On Your iPhone And iPad

5/31/2010 04:01:00 PM - 3 comments
Everyone knows that Apple devices don’t support flash and that there is currently no way to get flash on your iPhone or iPad. This is the case even if you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. If you are fed up with this then I have great news for you today. There is a brand new iPhone app that is available in the US App Store and it is called CloudBrowse.

This brand new app actually enables browsing full flash enabled websites via a shared web browser on a remote server.Whilst CloudBrowser may not be as good as Skyfire which is available for Android and Windows phones it is still a massive breakthrough for iPhone and iPad users and it really does work too.

The way it works is that you open up a website and all the flash content on the website is then processed on an offsite CloudBrowe server which then converts and displays the flash content in a format that the iPhone and iPad is capable of displaying. You might find that some of the flash content is choppy and it can lag quite a bit but as far as viewing flash websites on your iDevice this app works and it is better than having nothing at all.

This really is great news for anyone that is fed up with the flash issue on their iDevice and if you want to give this new app a shot you will find it in the US App Store. The CloudBrows works by running a shared version of Mozilla Firefox instance on a remote computer to deliver everything that it does. It might produce some choppy content but on a whole I think you will love it. You can check out the video below which actually demonstrates some flash based websites including Hulu, YouTube and more. Take a look and see what you think.


Apple Keeps Backup Design Hidden

5/30/2010 06:27:00 PM - 0 comments
It’s true; Apple has a backup design for the new iPhone 4G/HD in reserve. The leaking of the iPhone 4G/HD might have spoiled things for some people and been great fun for others but it actually turns out that Apple have a backup design hidden. There was a report by DigiTimes that stated that Apple already has a backup design for their brand new iPhone 4G/HD which actually looks a lot like the current iPhone 3G/3GS design. This backup plan was created and kept in case Apple had any complication in mass producing the new design that we have already seen due the double leak by Gizmodo and people in Vietnam.Most people are actually looking forward to the release of the new design for the 4th generation iPhone and according to sources the iPhone which we have seen in leaked prototypes has been given codename N90 but there is actually another one which is called the N91. The N91 prototype is more like the iPhone 3GS in design except that it comes with added features such as video conferencing, an improve camera, a processor and more.

This report also mentioned the AMOLED touch screen panels for the new iPhone. This is something that Apple wanted to put on this new model iPhone and they even approached Samsung Mobile Display about it but mass production and price seemed to be an issue. The current IPS panel only costs around $20 but if Apple were to go with the AMOLED panel it becomes quite expensive at a cost of between $34 and $38.

Of course this is all speculation and we really won’t know the truth until the 7th of June when this year’s WWDC takes place and Apple make their official unveiling of the 4th generation iPhone for the very first time. They will also be launching the iPhone OS 4 too so you still have to wait another week to hear the real story and see the first real iPhone 4G/HD.

ATT Confirm New iPhone Launch For June

5/29/2010 03:13:00 PM - 0 comments
We’ve talked about it and speculated about it for quite some time new and eventually AT&T have confirmed that the new iPhone 4G/HD will launch in June. We have known for quite some time now that the new iPhone 4G/HD would hit the shelves in June but it is nice to have the official confirmation. It seems as though AT&T has confirmed to their employees that there will be a new iPhone and it will hit the stores in June.There were reports to suggest that it would be July so now we have official confirmation that the new iPhone 4G/HD will hit the stores in June and we don’t think that it will be late June either but early June straight after the WWDC event and Apple’s unveiling. That is just a couple of weeks away now so if you are planning on getting the next generation iPhone you really don’t have that much longer to wait.

The discontinuation of the iPhone 3G and the drop in price of the iPhone 3GS at Walmart stores really does make it quite obvious that the new iPhone model is well and truly on its way. There shooting of the new iPhone commercial by Sam Mendes is another sign that the new iPhone 4G/HD launch is imminent. To be honest we can’t wait for this year’s WWDC and we are sure that the keynote will be one of the most exciting events that we are going to see for quite some time to come. Apple are hiding a lot of exciting things behind the curtain at the moment including the new iPhone and the iPhone OS 4. They are also planning on giving everyone a sneak peak at the upcoming Mac OSX 10.7 too and if reports are correct there have a couple of surprises to unveil too.

It all kicks off on the 7th of June and I really can’t wait to see what is going to happen and what the reaction of the world will be.

New iPhone To Have Video Chat

5/28/2010 06:11:00 PM - 1 comments
The latest news to be leaked about the new generation iPhone 4G/HD is that it will have a video chat feature. This news comes from Engadget who have stated that a source close to them has confirmed that the next generation iPhone is to have video calling/chat and that this feature is going to be the highlight of the first of the TV ads that are to air after the 7th of June.The series of TV adverts that are being shot are being directed by Sam Mendes who you might know as the man behind American Beauty and Jarhead. He is also going to be the director of the next James Bond movie and with this in mind we should be expect to see some pretty good TV adverts for the new iPhone.

From the information that has been leaked we know that one of the TV adverts is going to feature a mother and daughter having a video call using the front facing camera that is another new feature of the iPhone 4G. This front facing camera was leaked in the double iPhone 4G/HD leak earlier. One of the people due to star in the TV adverts even mentioned something about it on her Twitter account so we do know that shooting for the new Apple adverts are already underway and now it is just a matter of waiting to see exactly what Apple have in store.

We know that the official announcement is going to come on the 7th of June and there really isn’t long to wait until that date now. Once this year’s WWDC takes place Apple will unveil their next generation iPhone and it will be available to the general public. The iPhone OS 4 will also be launched and then we can really give accurate reviews and reports on the new iPhone. There is so much speculation and talk surrounding the new generation iPhone that it really will be a relief to finally have it available so that we can put an end to all the leaks and have the real story.

iPhone 3GS Price Drop

5/27/2010 02:08:00 PM - 0 comments
The iPhone 4G is well and truly on its way and this is clearly seen in the price reduction of earlier models. Every time a new iPhone has come on the market the price tag of the older model has been dramatically reduced. When the iPhone 3GS was launched the price of the iPhone 3G model was dropped to just $99. Great news for anyone who couldn’t afford an iPhone or those who were holding out until the price dropped.Walmart have officially dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS down to just $97 and this is only on a two year contract. This is probably to get ready for the launch of the iPhone 4G. Apple has also stopped shipping the iPhone 3G 8GB models to AT&T stores and they are not taking any further orders for this model either. What does this mean for people who currently have this model? Do they need to upgrade and buy a newer model?

The signs really are clear and the new iPhone 4G/HD is well and truly on its way. The next generation iPhone is due to be announced on the 7th of June at the WWDC. The new iPhone and the iPhone OS 4 are due to be announced at this event and I’m sure there will be plenty of information to report too.

It is expected that Apple and AT&T will drop the price of the iPhone 3GS down to just $99 when the next model iPhone is announced so be on the lookout for this. The current price of the iPhone 3GS currently stands at $299 for the 32GB model. There is a great deal of anticipation around the launch of the iPhone 4G/HD and there are so many people who are just waiting to get their hands on this new model and to see what features are going to be launched with it. If you are one of these people I’m sure you will be happy to see June 7th getting every closer.

The White iPhone 4G HD

5/26/2010 10:13:00 AM - 4 comments
You have probably heard the rumors about the leaked white front panel of the next generation iPhone which have had people talking about the fact that Apple might be going to offer the 4th generation iPhone in both black and white color models. These will be full around to the front panel. Well to help give you a better idea of what this will mean I want to show you the real thing.These stunning renderings of the iPhone 4G/HD in full white color have surfaced recently and they will give you a great idea of what the real version of this color variant will look like if Apple really are going to release it as an option. What do you think?

There is a big controversy over the appearance of the iPhone with most people either loving or hating the new all flat design for the iPhone compared to the rounded corners that come with the iPhone 3G/3GS. After taking a look at these pictures though I am sure you will agree that this new design really is pretty amazing.

I don’t know if these rendered images which are based on the iPhone 4G will actually represent the next iPhone that Apple will launch or not but I’m sure you will agree that whether they do or not it looks pretty good anyway.

Apple is expected to unveil the next generation iPhone at the annual WWDC 2010 conference which will be held on the 7th of June and they will then be made available for general public. The new iPhone OS 4 is also expected to be released at this annual event too.

There is not that long left to wait and in another week we will all know exactly what Apple have planned and exactly what they are launching. Until then all we can do is speculate. I have to admit, I really do like the idea of a white iPhone and I’m sure there are many people out there who think the same. If you were given the option which color would you choose for your iPhone 4G HD?

iPad Apps Store Goes Global

5/25/2010 02:40:00 PM - 0 comments
If you are an iPad owner then you are going to love this post, especially if you are an international owner. The dedicated iPad App Store that you can find on your device is now live for all the supported countries. This is great news and it means that as and from this week all international users will no longer have to put up with the extremely annoying error that says the App Store is not available in your country. This is great news and I’m sure there will be many people out there who will be only too happy to finally say goodbye to this error.If you have been using your iPad outside of the United States you will have noticed that whenever you wanted to download an app to your iPad via the iTunes App Store you were required to go to the US iTunes page. Thankfully this won’t be a problem anymore because now the iPad App Store for international users has gone live. This is a move by Apple because the international launch date for the iPad is getting every closer. It think it is a great move and the complete roll out of the App Store will be implemented once the iPad shipments to all international countries have been completed.

For all the international users it mean no more having to visit the US iTunes store every time you want to download something and it also means that you won’t get the now available in your country error. There are so many people who are thrilled about this latest move by Apple and with the international launch getting even closer I think that they have done the right thing.

New iPhone OS 4.0 Wallpapers

5/24/2010 11:41:00 AM - 0 comments
As I already informed you in the last post the Beta 4 of the iPhone OS 4 has been released. This new Beta 4 version comes packed with 25 new non-distracting wallpapers and these go really well with the brand new homescreen wallpaper feature that is included with the OS 4.If you don’t have access to the iPhone 4.0 Beta version but you would still like to have these wallpapers on your phone. All you have to do is download them and follow the instructions that I have included below in order to sync them with your iPhone and iPod touch.

As far as I am aware, this is the first time that Apple have actually updated the wallpapers stock and this goes right the way back to the iPhone 1 so it really is a much needed new feature and one that is sure to be very welcome. Times are changing and wallpapers have taken on a whole new level since the early days.

As I said, all you have to do is download these new wallpapers that come with the OS 4 Beta 4 version. The next thing that you will need to do is to transfer these to your current iPhone OS 3.x firmware. All you have to do is select the new wallpapers folder in iTunes to sync it with your iPhone or iPod touch. Now all you have to do is select the use as wallpaper option to set it as a wallpaper. Wallpapers are actually really popular and this new set of 25 wallpapers is sure to be a huge success.

If you want to use any of these new wallpapers as your home screen wallpaper on your iPhone OS 3.x or iPod Touch you will first have to jailbreak your iPhone. You will need to use Spirit and you will have to install the Winterboard app from Cydia. You can get all the information you need on iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking by visiting any of our recommended sponsors.

These new wallpapers are really catching people’s attention so make sure that you check them out and add them to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Developer Release Of Beta 4 iPhone OS 4

5/23/2010 11:34:00 AM - 0 comments
This is great news that has just been released. It seems that Apple has just released the Beta 4 of iPhone OS 4 for developers. This release comes along with a brand new version of SDK for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. Only the members that are actually enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program will be able to get access to these newly released bits of the iPhone OS 4 and the new SDK. To access these all you have to do is sign into your Apple Developer Connection.The iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 and the new SDK include all new API improvements along with some great new features too. A lot of the bugs have also been fixed. The new change log is sure to be very welcome by developers especially those who have been involved with the previous Beta versions of the new OS 4.

The Beta 3 version of the iPhone OS 4 was released earlier this month with the Beta 2 version being released on the 21st of April. The first Beta version was unveiled at Apple’s 1-Infinite loop campus in Cupertino. The announcement of the new OS 4 added a lot of new features for both the developers and the users and there is a lot of anticipation around the launch of the brand new iPhone OS 4.

All developers can now download the iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 edition and the newly improved SDK so if you are one of these people make sure that you get this download so that you can check out what has been added and what has been fixed.

All the usual protocols and procedures for testing the Beta version apply so be sure to check out the Beta 4 edition and stay tuned for more information which I will be bring to you as it is announced. The iPhone OS 4 is set to be great and if you want to be a part of this every changing technology then be sure to download the OS 4 Beta 4 and SDK now.

Are You Ready For The Apple iWatch?

5/20/2010 04:08:00 PM - 3 comments
There has been talk about Apple introducing an iWatch for quite some time now so I wanted to update you on this. The Apple iWatch concept has been designed by an Italian design house by the name of ADR Studio. When the information about this concept was released there was a tremendous amount of interest in the not only the concept but the actual Apple iWatch itself. It seems that people haven’t forgotten about watches afterall.Since the introduction of mobile phones watches have kind of become irrelevant. When people ask you for the time it is an automatic reaction to take out your phone and look. Do people still wear watches?

Well obviously they do and after the tremendous response that ADR Studio received for their iWatch concept the designer actually went and created a brand new video so that he could show off his vision of what the next best thing from Apple could be like. I have to admit, it looks pretty amazing but you can be the judge of this yourself.

Before you jump ahead and watch the video here is a brief explanation from the designer himself about his amazing concept:

The Apple iWatch concept is a wrist device that features an aluminum body, WiFi and Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader, 16GB of storage for music and pictures, a weather forecast system, connectivity with iPhone and iPad and an LCD projector so that users can beam their photos and videos onto a wall or something similar in order to watch them.

It sounds amazing doesn’t it so take a look at the video below which has been inspired by the official iPhone and iPad ads that have been created by Apple.

I guess we will all have to wait and see if Apple will announce this brand new iWatch concept at the WWDC 2010 but let me know what you think of the idea anyway. Would you wear an iWatch? Do you think it will be a good seller? I really would like to hear your opinions on this one.

The Official Twitter App Is Here

5/19/2010 09:38:00 PM - 0 comments
We have been waiting for this for quite some time but the news is finally here. Twitter has finally launched the official Twitter app for the iPhone. This is going to be great new for online business owners and those who take social networking seriously. Twitter has acquired the famous iPhone app that is called Tweetie and they have finally released it as Twitter for the iPhone. The popular Tweetie 2 app was made available for sale at $2.99 prior to the acquisition by Twitter and the new app is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store.

Twitter really has taken the world by storm over the past year and this short 140 character messaging service is used by businesses all over the world. It is also very popular for celebrities with people like Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears having hundreds of thousands of followers.

Twitter is part of the social networking phenomena and it allows users to post short messages, follow people of interest and keep up with what is happening in the world. Twitter has fast become the best source for up to date news and when the volcano in Iceland had flights all over Europe grounded Twitter was really the place to be for up to the minute news.

If you have an iPhone and you are planning on using Twitter you will be happy to know that you can now download the Twitter app free of charge. Twitter is definitely here to stay and for people in the know and those with the Apple iPhone the Twitter app is a must have. This app is now available on the US store.

Twitter has made some changes to the formerly known Tweetie ap and this includes adding some great new features. The search page has been completely revamped and searching tweets and users has been simplified into one screen. You also have the option to search phrases in and around your location. Twitter’s top tweets also made it onto the search page which also features a side scrollable box where you can read the latest tweets from celebrities and others. You can also browse trends and view suggested users.

All in all, the overhaul looks amazing and is sure to be a huge success. You can download the Twitter app from Apps Stores right now.

July To See 1st iPad Inflight Entertainment System

5/18/2010 11:35:00 AM - 0 comments

The iPad is really moving up a gear. So far we have seen it being fitted into dashboards of cars but the best is yet to come. July is the month that you really need to keep note of because the very 1st iPad in-flight entertainment system is due to be up and running in July. This brand new venture will see the iPad taking to the skies thanks to the brand new Ai IFE system from Bluebox Avionics.

In flight entertainment is something that is really becoming popular and this is mainly thanks to the long range aircrafts that are now taking to the skies. Crafts like the Airbuses, Boeings 777 and 787 need in flight comfort and entertainment and this is now becoming a high priority.

From July people will have another method of differentiating between their chosen airline and this is because they will be able to check out what in flight entertainment systems their airline service will be providing. If you have to spend 12 hours or more on a flight you want to make sure you do it in comfort. The Ai IFE system from Bluebox Avionics now includes the Apple iPad which comes preloaded with content and apps for all the passengers. The estimated cost at the present time for the rental of the iPad is approximately $10 per flight which really isn’t that bad.

The iPad was selected as an in flight entertainment system because it is the most advanced consumer product available and it is very flexible in its use too.

Some of the features of the new Ai IFE system from Bluebox Avionics includes:

• A full range of games from the app store
• A full selection of magazines which are powered by Zinio™
• 10 hours of video battery play
• E-books from the app store
• Custom built airline apps
• A selection of over 200,000 commercial apps

This is going to be a huge advantage for airline carriers and from what is being said there is already one major international carrier that has already signed up for the service. I’m sure there will be many more to follow too.


Apple iPhone OS 4.0 update 'to include Facebook integration'

5/16/2010 03:01:00 PM - 0 comments
Everyone seems to be waiting for the iPhone OS 4.0 software update, as we are gradually inching closely to the June 7, WWDC conference. Fresh reports reveal that the new iPhone operating system could bring native Facebook integration to the iPhone that shares information across programs.

With this feature, iPhone users will now be able to import their Facebook contacts and regular address book in to one place and then send messages to friends from their phone using Facebook Chat. Speculations are also rife that Facebook Connect, the system that allows people to sign on to partner websites using their Facebook ID, might also be made available to developers in the iPhone Software Development Kit. This will help them add social networking features to their apps on future projects.

Facebook integration to enhance iPhone experience

Statistics reveal that there is an estimated 34 million active users of the Facebook iPhone app in a month. Facebook, which has more than 400 million users worldwide, divulges that this is almost one-third of all devices running the iPhone operating system.

More details about the iPhone 4.0 software update is expected to be divulged at the WWDC next month in San Francisco. Facebook integration into the iPhone’s new operating system will be interesting considering the fact that even rival operating systems like Google Android and the forthcoming Windows Phone 7, all offer superlative social-networking experiences.

So with this added integration on your iPhone operating system, you too can aggregate friends, contacts, photos and information from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, in to a single widget that provides real-time updates.

What will this new integration mean for you?

Posted: Seuli.B

Verizon CDMA iPhone Coming Soon!

5/14/2010 03:28:00 PM - 0 comments
As the whole world is watching if the telecommunication giant Verizon finally manages to crack the partnership with Apple iPhone, a new breeze of rumors have been sweeping the smartphone world lately. The latest rumor is that the next Apple iPhone that is to be made available on Verizon will be a CDMA iPhone, and the orders for the same have already been made.

As per industry sources, the orders for the 10 million CDMA iPhone has already been placed with Taiwan’s Pegatron Technology Corp., the contract manufacturing subsidiary of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. News is also rife that Pegatron has been contracted to produce at least 10 million CDMA iPhone units each year And alongside this rumors, one news that is making the rounds is that this CDMA iPhone wouldn’t necessarily be tied solely to Verizon and may even look for other providers (like the Sprint in U.S) for future iPhone versions.

Reading through the Rumors…..

Reading through the rumors, analysts are of the opinion that if the Pegatron rumors are held correct, and if the said CDMA phone is in fact an entry-level world-mode phone which Apple chooses to make available to both its current Chinese GSM/UMTS partner; then it can be assumed that Verizon may not enter the iPhone arena until 4G models based on LTE technology begin to surface, probably in early 2011.

However, coming to the Verizon CDMA iPhones both Apple and Pegatron have declined to comment on the speculation surrounding the CDMA-enabled devices. Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone for universal accessibility at the annual WWDC 2010 conference on June 7, 2010. It is also expected that iPhone OS 4 will be released at the same event.

Watch this space as we’ll keep you updated on the slightest move!

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Gianduia: The Flash ‘Alternative’ from Apple?

5/12/2010 09:48:00 PM - 1 comments
As the Apple-Adobe war intensified over Flash, reports of new developments has begun to surface about Apple developing its own Flash alternative. It is learned that it is based on the technology called Gianduia, which was introduced by Apple at WWDC 2009. This was much expected as Apple had earlier made it very clear that it will rather support HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS instead of Flash.

Apple has always been taking strong exceptions in not using Flash in any of its mobile devices, starting from the iPhone to the latest device - the iPad. And they have always been rather open about their reservations in not using the same. Speaking about the limitations of Flash, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had referred to it as "a closed system" and said "we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the Web should be open."

So, does the technology Gianduia fulfill all requirements that Flash cannot provide? Lets find out!

What is Gianduia?

Gianduia (read "jan-doo-yah") is described as being "a client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps." Reports indicate that Apple have been apparently using Gianduia in several of its retail support applications, including services such as the One to One program, the iPhone reservation system, and the Concierge program for Genius Bar and Personal Shopping reservations. Thereby, considering that the technology is standards-based and is not new to Apple, it does make sense for Apple, considering its position on Flash.

The Apple-Adobe ‘Flash’ war

It all began since the time Adobe announced Creative Suite 5 saying that Flash would allow its developers to export projects as apps for use on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. However, a change to its iPhone Developer Licensing Agreement banned developers from using technologies other than Apple's to develop applications.

Steve Jobs then had justified Apple’s decision on not allowing a third-party layer of software (Flash) to come between the platform and the developer; saying that that will eventually result in substandard apps, which will further hinder the enhancement and progress of the platform.

But, the explanation did not go well with Adobe as they quoted the allegations completely false and baseless. The company reportedly has also filed a complain with the U.S. authorities about Apple's unjustified actions. Analysts opine that if the case drags on too far, it may even lead to an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice.

What do you think of the ongoing Apple-Adobe dispute? Should both the companies call for truce or do you support a Flash alternative?

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Steve Jobs: Printing Capability On Your iPad Soon

5/10/2010 10:13:00 PM - 1 comments
How many of you have actually wanted a “print” option from your iPhone? Well, even if iPhone couldn’t provide it yet, the good news is that your new gadget from Apple Inc. – the iPad will soon come with printing capability.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has recently confirmed in an email query that Apple customers will be able to print from their iPads. However, the head honcho fell short of specifying a date for release yet.

This indeed is a revelation considering the fact that currently there is no simple way to print from the iPad. The best you can do is to e-mail the document to a computer with printing capabilities and then print. However, it is not very clear as to how you can connect the printer to the iPad.

The Steve Jobs email that broke the story…..

Rumors are rife that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has apparently divulged this breakthrough information about the possible inclusion of “printing capability” for iPad in the future. Replying to a customer query who wrote:

Dear Steve,

Why no printing on the iPad? What gives?

A ’man of few words’ Jobs apparently responded about 15 minutes later in his quintessential style, “It will come.”

Printing as a feature in iPad can be revolutionary considering the fact that business users in particular could use with the iPad. As of now, productivity suite iWorks which is currently the most popular paid-for service for the iPad, indicates that more and more consumers are using the tablet for more than just entertainment; thus increasing the need for printing capabilities.

Moreover, a careful study shows that the iWorks support pages contain the line "Printing directly from iPad is not currently available" – this clearly hints that the feature might be added at a future stage.

Do you think the printing capability from Apple iPad will make your life easier? What more do you wish the iPad had?

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AT&T–Apple iPad 3G deal to Keep Verizon Waiting?

5/08/2010 09:14:00 PM - 1 comments
Everybody were almost sure that AT&T’s exclusivity as a carrier with Apple Inc. will end this year, as Verizon seemed fairly close to seal the deal. However, it seems the AT&T’s iPad deal has offered the carrier company a new lease of life as reports suggest that AT&T's iPad deal might delay Verizon iPhone. So, does that mean that the Apple iPad 3G deal will help clinch AT&T another year of iPhone exclusivity?

Well, as analysts are busy evaluating on the iPhone's future, fresh reports indicate that the U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T might continue to have carrier exclusivity for the iPhone until at least 2011 as Apple extends AT&T exclusive contract. Thanks to the iPad 3G deal it has cut with Apple early in the year; this will delay Verizon iPhone Release Date until 2011.

How did it all happen….

This change of events was indeed not much expected a few months ago as Apple hasn't been happy with AT&T's network performance for the iPhone. However, AT&T’s strategy to offer generous and recurring monthly data program for the iPad (in a bid to secure the Apple phone exclusivity for US) did seem to work well to keep rival Verizon Wireless off Apple Inc.

Taking the customer reliability factor into account, both the telecommunication giants AT&T and Verizon are found to be considered 99 percent reliable, according to a recent analysis made by Global Wireless Solutions. Therefore, if you take into account the gist of this study, it was a well strategized step from AT&T to actually cut the iPad deal with Apple – probably one of the best ways to keep away Verizon for a while.

Missed Verizon iPhone by a Whisker?

Earlier, Apple had announced its interest in roping in Verizon Wireless for distribution and marketing of iPhone. However, Verizon lost the exclusivity deal later to AT&T; and the rest is history. AT&T reached the pinnacle of business after it was offered exclusivity for Apple iPhone.

Yet sometime later, some consumers complained of poor service from AT&T and the company had launched a 100 days campaign to revamp its image. And, it does seem to work as they have succeeded in impressing Apple to the extent that Apple have agreed to give it six more months as it seals the iPad 3G deal with AT&T, giving Verizon iPhone miss by a whisker.

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Experience Enhanced Texting With TextNow App for iPhone

5/06/2010 07:20:00 PM - 0 comments
Sending text messages is one of the most indispensable functions of a smartphone and what better than that to be able to send and receive text messages without needing an SMS plan. Yes, you heard it right – TextNow app for the iPhone has made it possible for you to send and receive text messages without an SMS plan.

TextNow like most texting app circumvents the built-in Messages app on the iPhone, enabling iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users alike to send and receive text messages. This app from Enflick is priced at $1 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

How it works….

TextNow works by converting your friends' phone numbers into e-mail addresses. Here you can use a custom "textnow.me" address within the app to send and receive messages in a familiar, iChat-esque interface.

The app not only has a presentable look, but also is also highly customizable i.e. you can change the color scheme, set background images, tweak the alert sounds, use landscape mode, access your address book and even connect the app with Facebook to download images.

Besides, TextNow supports push that will give you notification on receiving a new text. If you are one of those users with iPod touch and Wi-Fi-only iPad, you can send or receive messages only with a Wi-Fi connection.

TextNow App Pricing – Deceptive?

TextNow sells its app with the "Unlimited Free Texting" tag against its pricing. Analysts however, consider both the price tag and the ‘unlimited free texting’ claim as little deceptive. TextNow grants an initial three months of unlimited texting; henceforth which you can either purchase unlimited messaging worth $4 for a year or a lifetime subscription worth $8.

The TextNow subscription besides the messaging services also offers you the option to choose from a large collection of background imagery and alert tones. Analysts opine that although the prices at which TextNow app for iPhone is offered is considerably cheaper than any mobile carrier's texting rates, the ‘Free Texting’ claim is hypothetical.

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New Jailbreak ‘Spirit’ for iPhone iPad Released

5/04/2010 04:59:00 PM - 1 comments
After basking in the limelight for the last few years over iPhone jailbreak, the unofficial iPhone dev team is at it again with what they are best at – Jailbreak - enabling users to run third-party software on the device -- including malicious programs unavailable on iTunes App Store and unauthorized by Apple. And this time they are busy showing their exploits at jailbreaking the iPad.

The last weekend the dev team released a new jailbreak named "Spirit" for both the iPhone 3GS and the iPad. First made public on the social networking site Twitter by Dev Team member Comex, the Spirit jailbreak is said to be applicable to any iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3 or 3.2. Comex also commented that the "Spirit" jailbreak provides a root shell with full access to the iPad file system and wasn't based on a browser exploit in April.

“Spirit” Jailbreak program for iPad – What’s new?

The latest jailbreak hack “Spirit” was first demonstrated on the iPad in early April, just 3 days after the release of the Apple iPad. What is specific about Spirit jailbreak program is that it enables users to install an unauthorized digital equivalent to the Apple App Store called Cydia, which again allows users to access unauthorized software such as "Backgrounder".

Backgrounder is a program that offers users the facility to run more than one application at a time. Cydia software which was initially used in iPhone jailbreaks can now be updated to run on the larger iPad.

What’s new with "Spirit" jailbreak unlike previous exploits, it is untethered – i.e. users are not required to plug their devices into their computer every time they reboot. Until now hackers who attempted jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS and latest iPod Touch could only apply a "tethered" jailbreak, which prohibited them from performing a hardware reset without connecting it to their computers via a USB cable.

The Spirit jailbreak program can be considered to be another feather in the iphone dev team’s cap in its continuing cat and mouse race with Apple. Although there are limitations for users choosing to jailbreak their devices considering the Apple product warranty will become invalid; the trend do not show users keeping off jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone or iPad devices .

Jailbreaking will enable you to explore more iPhone and iPad applications apart from the Apple approved apps available at the iTunes App Store. Jailbreaking helps you access and run hundreds more applications, besides offering greater control and choice to install more features and functions into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Rhapsody 2.0 for iPhone gets offline playlists

5/02/2010 10:07:00 PM - 0 comments
You must have always wanted to play your favorite music on the iPhone sans an internet connection, which until today wasn’t possible. However, now subscription-based music service Rhapsody has released a new version of its iPhone app – Rhapsody 2.0 that allows you to play playlists even when you don't have an Internet connection.

This advanced feature of offline playback has puts Rhapsody in a unique position, until someone else catches up. As of now, Spotify has an iPhone app with offline playback; however, that is available in Europe only. Similarly, Thumbplay who has a quite popular offline playback feature is available only for the BlackBerry.
Rhapsody 2.0 app for iPhone is free for download from the iTunes App Store. However, you'll need a subscription, which costs $9.99 a month/one device (for 9 million songs) or $14.99 a month for up to three devices.

How it works…..

After creating one or more Rhapsody playlists, you can download all tracks of your favorite artists, albums from the catalog for offline listening, besides streaming more than 9 million songs via them to your phone over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you’ll be able to play them anywhere once they are downloaded on your phone.

The Rhapsody 2.0 version also runs on the iPod Touch and iPad -- caches playlists on the devices. This facilitates customers to listen to music without an active connection to the Internet via WiFi or a 3G data network.

The only limitation of Rhapsody 2.0 app as detected of now is that it works only with playlists, and not individual songs or albums. Therefore, if you want to listen to your favorite album offline, you have to save your album by converting it into a playlist first. Apart from that, you cannot stream or even play music in the background while using another application.

Sources reveal that Rhapsody has plans to add offline playback to its Android app, and to introduce a BlackBerry app, later this year.

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