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Apple WWDC 2010 Starts On June 7

4/30/2010 09:27:00 PM - 0 comments
The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010 will start on June 7 through June 11 in San Francisco's Moscone West. One of the most-awaited events for developers worldwide, like every year will focus on offering advanced content for skilled developers across five key technology tracks - Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS.

A press release from Apple Inc. yesterday announced that this year’s five-day conference WWDC will for the first time include iPad development sessions and hands-on working labs for iPhone OS 4 - the world's most advanced mobile operating system; as well as Mac OS X core technology labs.

What to look forward to at WWDC 2010….

- Apple engineers at WWDC 2010 will deliver over 100 solutions-oriented technical sessions and labs.

- WWDC 2010 will offer the amazingly diverse community the opportunity to connect with thousands of fellow iPhone, iPad and Mac developers from around the globe.

- Five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners will be announced at WWDC 2010. There is no specific requirement to enter the contest and winners will be selected from the App Store, based on criteria that include design, technical excellence, innovation, quality, technology adoption and performance.

- Sessions at WWDC 2010 will be offered in support of the five technology tracks, and will include:

Application Frameworks: Implementing Local and Push Notifications; Future Proofing Your App; Understanding Foundation; What's New in Foundation for iPhone OS 4; Advanced Cocoa® Text Tips and Tricks; API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch®; Advanced Gesture Recognition; Integrating Ads with iAd; Building a Server-driven Personalized User Experience; Using Core Location in iPhone OS 4; and Calendar Integration with Event Kit.

Internet & Web: Delivering Audio and Video Using Web Standards; Getting the Most Out of Safari® Integrated Developer Tools; Using HTML5 Local Data Storage; Adding Touch and Gesture Detection to Webpages on iPhone OS; and Creating Info Graphics with Standard Web Technologies.

Graphics & Media: OpenGL ES Tuning & Optimization; OpenGL ES Shading & Advanced Rendering; OpenGL ES Overview for iPhone OS; OpenGL for Mac OS X; Game Design and Development for iPhone OS; Introduction to Game Center; Setting Up Games on Game Center; Game Center Techniques; Core Animation in Practice; Discovering AV Foundation; Editing Media with AV Foundation; and Advances in HTTP Live Streaming.

Developer Tools: Developer Tools Overview; Designing Apps with Interface Builder; Working Effectively with Objective-C® on iPhone OS; Mastering Core Data; Advanced Objective-C and Garbage Collection Techniques; Advanced Performance Analysis with Instruments; Mastering Xcode for iPhone Development; and Adopting Multitasking on iPhone OS.

Core OS: Network Apps for iPhone OS; Core OS Networking; Creating Secure Apps; Developing Apps that Work with iPhone OS Accessories; I/O Kit Device Drivers for Mac OS X; and Simplifying Networking Using Bonjour®.

WWDC 2010 Synopsis…..

Apple WWDC is much expected to feature Steve Jobs' keynote; however, there has not been any word on it yet. Apple is optimistic that the essence of WWDC, which offers a unique opportunity for developers to work alongside Apple engineers and interface designers will help make their iPhone and iPad apps even better.

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iPhone 4G ‘Exclusive’ leaves Blogger in Felony Soup

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The tale of the ‘exclusive’ iPhone 4G coverage from Gawker Media's Gizmodo.com proved to be costly for Gizmodo blogger and editor Jason Chen, whose Fremont, California home was raided on Friday.

Police are said to have seized four computers and two servers, an iPad, and other devices. The search warrant had indicated that Jason’s computers may contain photographs of Apple's "prototype 4G iPhone," as well as email pertaining to its purchase, call records, etc.

Gizmodo had a spectacular time the last week as it got millions of unique visitors thronging to get a scoop of one of biggest Apple secrets - the forthcoming iPhone 4G. However, the hype was short-lived as Apple known to fiercely guard its product secrecy issued a notice through its lawyers to Gawker Media to return the ‘stolen’ 4G iPhone.

Sources reveal that the California, San Mateo County's investigation and criminal probe into Apple's errant iPhone prototype is expected to broaden beyond Gawker Media's Gizmodo.com and charges of felony may be enforced.

Flashback: The ‘exclusive’ iPhone 4G – How it reached Gizmodo

Although the curtain for the ‘exclusive’ iPhone 4G story fell on Friday night with the policing raiding Gizmodo employee and editor Jason Chen’s home, the story takes root long back last month when an Apple software engineer Gray Powell, purportedly misplaced the yet to be released iPhone 4G device in a Redwood City, California bar; to be lifted by an unidentified person.

Reports indicate that the stranger who picked up the left behind iPhone must be pretty iPhone savvy, who swiftly contacted Gawker Media's Gizmodo.com to strike a deal for the ‘most anticipated’ device of the year. It is believed that the person who lifted the iPhone 4G from the bar was well informed that ‘Gizmodo had previously indicated its willingness to pay significant sums for unreleased Apple products’.

Will there be felony investigation against Gizmodo and others?

Experts in California law are hinting at a possible launch of a felony investigation which will also take into account Gawker Media's Gizmodo.com, which acknowledged buying the prototype for $5,000 from an unknown person. One of the prime reason for an extended investigation is to identify the person who found the so-called 4G prototype and offered it for sale to the gadget blog.

Although it is not very clear of the law enforcement official’s course of investigations, there are reports that charges could be filed against the buyer of the phone – i.e. the Gizmodo employees. There is also a debate on why Gizmodo is protecting the person’s identity from whom they have bought the stolen iPhone. After all, it is a stolen good and abiding by laws you are bound to help investigation involving theft.

What does California law say….

It is evident that California law makes it a crime for someone to find lost property but not return it. However, there is also an ongoing debate as to whether bloggers qualify as journalists and should benefit from federal and state laws limiting newsroom searches. Here are a few things you need to understand before you too join this debate.

- Under a 1872 California law, any person who finds lost property and knows who the owner is likely to be--but "appropriates such property to his own use"--is guilty of theft. There are no exceptions for journalists. In addition, a second state law says that any person who knowingly receives property that has been obtained illegally can be imprisoned for up to one year.

- A federal Privacy Protection Act broadly immunizes news organizations from searches, effectively requiring police to use subpoenas in most cases instead. It applies not just to traditional media but anyone "reasonably believed to have a purpose to disseminate to the public a newspaper, book, broadcast, or other similar form of public communication."

- Again a similar California law prevents judges from signing warrants that target writers for newspapers, magazines, or "other periodical publications," a definition that a state appeals court explicitly extended (PDF) to shield Apple rumor sites.

Earlier, Apple acknowledged that the device belonged to the company and its lawyers have asked Gizmodo for it to be returned (to which Gizmodo complied). It is well known that Apple goes to extraordinary lengths to protect the secrecy of its products, and is known to have taken aggressive legal action in the past. However the company has declined to comment on the police raid.

Watch this space for more updates as the case unfolds!

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iPhone Dev team Introduces Android OS to iPhone

4/22/2010 09:59:00 PM - 2 comments
If you have been wondering if someday you can install Android on an iPhone, just the way you made possible to make the OS X run on a Windows netbook; look no further – the day has arrived. In a recent YouTube video, iphone dev team member planetbeing has successfully demonstrated installing Google’s Android operating system and running the Linux Kernel on the iPhone2G. Not only that, he has even successfully set it up to dual boot Android and the iPhone OS on iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G devices.

Here is the video demonstration showing the iPhone being dual-booted to run Android OS:

How the Android was made to run on the iPhone….

In the video, dev team’s planetbeing apparently demonstrated an Apple iPhone running with the Google's Android operating system. It shows that using Android you can boot, make phone calls, receive text messages, play music, browse and WiFi, amongst many other features working alongside.

Apart from that the video has also highlighted the boot process of the iPhone which worked with the Tux Linux mascot. The demo also shows that the device initially runs on iPhone Operating system and that dual-boot configuration is set up in the phone.

In the video message, planetbeing has stated that although the process cannot be termed as production-quality; it can surely be named alpha quality. He also claimed that nearly everything has been found to be working after the interchange. So, if you really want to tinker, you can download the system image and documentation.

How it works….

The Android port works on the first and second generation iPhone models while the iPhone 3GS support will require more time. The Android port was possible with OpeniBoot, a Linux 2.6 bootloader, which currently works with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G only.

It has been the dream of every iPhone developer to have Android OS working on the iPhone. And planetbeing’s demo has definitely brought much discomfort to Apple (considering the ongoing tussle for excellence between Google and Apple Inc.). However, its all a win-win for users who can now have a choice in hand for a change.

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Website Claims to Unveil the iPhone 4G Prototype

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The iPhone 4G has been the hottest topic to be discussed online and offline across the globe; much so that even rumors seem to appall even the geeks and the amateurs alike. Although, iPhone 4G rumors have been brewing up the smartphone market with new stories every other day, technology gadget website, Gizmodo took the industry by storm as it released a series of ‘exclusive’ photos which it claimed to of the new Apple iPhone 4G model.

The website proudly announced, “You are looking at Apple's next iPhone. ….We got it. ….. It's the real thing……” Gawker Media owned Gizmodo.com claimed that this new version of the iPhone was found unattended in a Redwood City bar. According to the blog post, the looks of the iPhone was camouflaged to look just like the current iPhone 3GS; however, the features in this 4G iPhone are significantly different from the earlier versions.

The new iPhone 4G is claimed to have:

- Front-facing video chat camera

- Improved regular back-camera with lens noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS

- Camera flash

- Micro-SIM (like the iPad) instead of standard SIM

- Improved display with the "Connect to iTunes" screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.

- An addition next to the headphone jack – seems be a secondary microphone for noise cancellation.

- Split buttons for volume

- Entirely metallic buttons for power, volume and mute functions

A new look for the iPhone 4G?

Gizmodo also claims of a drastically new look for the fourth generation iPhone based on the detailed study they conducted on the iPhone (believed to be a 4G) which they found. They have also posted exclusive pictures of the iPhone to prove their point.

- The new device has an entirely flat back made more likely of glass or ceramic or shiny plastic in all possibility to facilitate the cell signal to pass through.

- Moreover, you can hear a more hollow and higher pitched sound by tapping on the back, compared to tapping on the glass on the front/screen. However, that could just be the orientation of components inside making for a different sound.

- The shape of the new iPhone is more squared off and an aluminum border goes completely around the outside

- Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS; however with apparently higher resolution
- The new device is 3 grams heavier than the iPhone 3GS and has a 16% larger battery

- The larger battery has called for the internal components to be shrunken, miniaturized and reduced.

Reports: Gizmodo bought the ‘found’ iPhone 4G prototype for $5000

Reports suggests that the iPhone 4G prototype which Gizmodo editor Jason Chen showcased on the website, was allegedly a ‘lost’ iPhone and Gawker Media has paid $5000 for the device.

The traffic counts at Gizmodo has been soaring ever since the iPhone 4G scoop was published, making Apple conspicuously uncomfortable on its product security breach.

Update: Apple requests iPhone 4G back from Gizmodo

Gizmodo had clearly mentioned that the iPhone 4G prototype which it has unveiled was a found lost in a bar in Redwood City. Apple has acknowledged the device is their prototype and has formally asked Gizmodo to return the 'device'.

Gizmodo, which had the iPhone in possession for months and wasn’t too sure if this is the ‘real thing’ until it posted the exclusive details in its blog. However, they now seem to be assured since Apple sent a letter to Brian Lam, editorial director at Gizmodo, requesting to return the device.

What’s your take on this? Is this the ‘real’ iPhone 4G?

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Dev Team Jailbreaks iPhone OS 4 with Redsn0w 0.9.5

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Although it was not surprising, but most anticipated that the iphone dev team will soon arrive with a jailbreak for the recently released iPhone OS 4 Beta. The April 15 confirmation from its member MuscleNerd on Twitter was nonetheless just a formality for the iPhone jailbreak community.

MuscleNerd’s Twitter message which read “1st public 4.0b1 jailbreak http://is.gd/buMgi ..Only JB devs til they fix their SW! iPhone3G+Mac only til more is working” and posted with a video proof can be viewed below. However, the dev team has not revealed any ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on release.

For every Apple upgrade, iphone dev team has a jailbreak….

As Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4, it has opened up more than 100 new features and over 1500 new APIs useful for both users and developers respectively. The most important aspect of iPhone OS 4 is that it is completely supported on iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G. iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G will run almost everything except for multitasking. An iPad version of iPhone OS 4 is expected to be released this fall.

At the same time, the iPhone Dev Team has released a test version of its redsn0w 0.9.5 beta tool to jailbreak the first iPhone OS 4.0 beta. This beta tool just jailbreaks the iPhone OS 4.0 beta and doesn't hactivate (carrier unlock), so resist using this tool. However, this early version as of now supports just iPhone 3G and that too only on Mac.

MuscleNerd in his Twitter meassage has clearly mentioned that the tool is for jaibroken app developers; so that they can fix their apps before final the build of iPhone OS 4.0 is released. The dev team’s iPhone OS 4 jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.5 follows closely on the heels of Geohot’s claim, where posted an image about jailbreaking iPhone OS 4.0 with blackra1n.

Developer’s Speak….

Analysts and iPhone developers have noted that the iPhone OS 4.0 beta is very buggy and it indispensible for you to have a properly-registered developer UDID (Unique Device Identification) code for passing the device activation stream. At the same time, experts have also strongly recommended avoiding iPhone OS 4.0 beta from torrents or any other sources, as you may end up damaging your device.

So, if you want to jailbreak the new iPhone OS 4.0 with redsn0w 0.9.5; yet do not think you are a pro at it, you may ask for technical support at easyiphoneunlocking.com.

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SketchBook Pro App for iPad Does Brisk Business, Sells 10,000 copies

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The launch of iPad has also opened up windows of opportunity for developers and app development firms to showcase their products. Autodesk Inc is one such app developer, who has made record sales of its app - SketchBook Pro. Autodesk Inc. is also one of the first app developers to release sales figures for its iPad product.

The SketchBook Pro app priced at $7.99 is currently positioned at no. 6 on the list of paid iPad apps; and according to company reports has sold 10,000 copies in the first few days of the iPad launch. The sales trend is encouraging taking into account the fact that it was a breakthrough decision taken by Autodesk developers in January (at the time when Apple announced the iPad).

More about SketchBook Pro app for iPad

The SketchBook Pro app designed exclusively for the iPad is a drawing and painting application that dallows iPad users to create and color images with their fingers. This app is however, not one of those apps which have been upgraded from a popular iPhone app by just adding a larger interface but have undergone the complete design process.

Although, there has been much apprehension revolving the user experience iPad would offer for its app, Sketchbook Pro app for the iPad is unique. One such example has been provided by comics artist Jim Lee, who has shown off Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. The iPad app offered all smoothness of reading comics in a completely new dimension, which was a refreshing break from the monotony of typing a blog post or an email.

App developers scuttle for space….

Similarly, many other developers are also scuttling to strike gold with iPad apps. Even though many developers have spent weeks working on applications for Apple’s new tablet device, only a few had the opportunity to test their software on the iPads. The stakes are high for small developers as it requires great skill and appreciation to feature as a coveted Apple product.

Have you bought any app for your iPad; how was the experience like?

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iPhone Dev Team Demonstrates early iPad Jailbreak

4/10/2010 11:02:00 PM - 2 comments
Any addition in the Apple family is incomplete without the iPhone dev team offering a befitting response. Keeping in tune to the trend, there are reports of the dev team showing early iPad jailbreak, just a day after the iPad is publicly made available. This news was revealed by this torch-bearer of the jailbreaking community through a message on the social networking website Twitter.

The Apple iPad was released in U.S. stores for sale on April 3, 2010; and as the iPad opened up to record sales, so also was divulged the news of the iPhone dev team to have demonstrated a successful jailbreaking of the tablet. Earlier, George Hotz had announced a effective solution to jailbreak the iPad. Whatever be the outcome, it is the consumers who will gain on both counts with the iPad - be it jailbroken or not.

Jailbreaking the iPad…..

The iPhone dev team is said to have developed a new technique for iPad jailbreak, as mentioned by their team member, MuscleNerd. By definition, jailbreak installs an open-source package manager called Cydia or others; the only difference being apps (both paid and free) are offered by this package manager, which are not available in the Apple App Store.

This recent jailbreak which has given root access to the iPad, has been referred by the iPhone Dev team as Spirit - credited to Comex who mentioned that the 'Spirit' jailbreak isn't based on a browser hack. There are indications that the iPhone Dev Team might be working with Comex to reveal a user-friendly tool for jailbreaking the iPad. However, not much is known about unlocking the Wi-Fi+3G versions of iPad since they haven’t been unveiled yet.

Spicing up the jailbreak iPad race….

Geohot had earlier revealed his intentions of offering jailbreak for the iPad and we may expect him to show off his skills soon, now that the tablet device is released. Although not much has been divulged either from Hotz or the iphone dev team, it is most anticipated that the easiest solution leading to iPad jailbreak will soon be available.

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Initial iPad Sale Scales 3 Million, Breaks All Apple Records

4/09/2010 10:46:00 AM - 2 comments
Finally, the D-day arrived for Apple iPad on April 3 and the first day sales figures exceeded the figures Apple sold of the first-generation iPhones in 2007 over a two-day period. Apple claims that 300,000 iPads were sold on Saturday against the reported selling of 270,000 iPhones during the new smartphone's first two days of availability in 2007.

The sales figures that Apple publicized included deliveries of pre-ordered iPads, sales at Apple's retail stores and shipments to its partners. However, this figure and the response garnered during iPad launch were much anticipated by analysts; some even quoting that Apple sold closer to half a million iPads over the weekend.

iPad sales breaks all Apple records

The iPad sales figures have surpassed all records at Apple Inc. and it is very much on the expected lines predicted by analysts prior to its release. A March 26 estimate of Apple iPad preorders revealed the figures of 240,000 – exclusive of in-store reservations or bulk orders by businesses, schools and other organizations. While an analyst’s calculation on the basis of Marshall's two-thirds Saturday, one-third Sunday formula, Apple would have probably sold a total of 450,000 iPads approximately.

Reports indicate that Apple sales multiplied over the weekend mainly through retail stores and through Best Buy than it did in the initial three weeks of pre-orders. However, the best part is that unlike the first-generation iPhone launch, Apple didn’t disappoint its customers and had a sizeable inventory of iPads.

Analysts have predicted that if this trend is maintained, Apple will sell about four million iPads this year. Apple also revealed on Monday that the new iPad owners have downloaded more than a million applications and more than 250,000 electronic books from its iTunes store on Saturday. This is indeed encouraging trend, isn’t it?

Apple enthusiasts have more to cheer as Apple's online store will release the WiFi-only iPad on April 12, while the model that also includes 3G connectivity will be launched later this month.

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Apple Set To Unveil iPhone OS 4.0

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Summer of 2010 is approaching, and the smartphone industry is abuzz with activities. Apple has recently sent invites to the press for a special event in Cupertino on Thursday – to unveil the next major version of the iPhone OS. Rumors are rife that it could be multitasking for the iPhone, with some even pointing their fingers at iPad.

Analysts and enthusiasts who have been following Apple closely have been engaged in decoding the invite itself, which is cryptic - the shadow of a large number "4" stretching across a blue background, with a caption that reads: "Get a sneak peek into the future of the iPhone OS."

What is the new iPhone OS 4.0 set to offer?

The revealing of the new iPhone OS is nonetheless a sheer indication of the fact that there’s always room for improvement in the operating system. This is flattering taking into account the fact that Apple has sold a large number of devices running the iPhone OS — an estimated 40 million iPhones, more than 20 million iPod touches and now 300,000 iPads.

All in all, the news of the unveiling of the iPhone OS 4.0 has raised expectations for iPhone users considering the fact that the last major revision of the iPhone OS — version 3.0 was a huge hit, as it had added many long-awaited features. It had included break-through features like copy and paste, support for picture messages, the ability to buy and rent movies and TV shows directly over the iPhone, stereo Bluetooth, and a landscape keyboard for email and text messages.

The most expected feature in the iPhone OS 4.0 is that of multitasking. There has been an ardent endeavor for quite sometime to bring true multitasking support to the iPhone for third-party apps via an Expose-type interface. With the help of this feature, core iPhone apps like email and the iPod music player can run simultaneously in the background.

What to expect from iPhone OS 4.0……

Multitasking, which facilitates running more than one third-party application at a given time has been one of the most requested iPhone OS features. Although, the current iPhone OS is capable of multitasking since the feature is currently supported on some native Apple applications like listening to music in the iPod app while web surfing or checking mail; there are however, certain limits to it.

Analysts are optimistic that an enhanced multitasking feature for iPhone OS 4.0 would help attract consumers towards iPad – as it is set to be the potential laptop replacement. With iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking in iPad, you can edit pictures and get web links as well, while creating blog posts.

Higher resolution is one of the most expected features of the new iPhone OS 4.0. Although iPhone’s HVGA display has significantly improved since 2007, offering better than 800×480 displays over the iPhone’s 480×320 screen, an upgrade in the forthcoming version of the OS will revolutionize the display feature.

Support for a second camera is also one of the anticipated features of the to-be-released iPhone OS 4.0, considering the fact that the next iPhone will have higher configurations than the current 3-megapixel sensor. There are also rumors about an addition for front-facing camera for video chatting.

A unified inbox is on the expected lines in iPhone OS 4.0. Even though you may wish to have a separate space for personal and office work, it is preferred by most to access it from an unified, so that you do not have to tap, tap, tap our way from one mailbox to another.

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iPhone HD with Video Conferencing – Coming this Summer!

4/04/2010 04:43:00 AM - 4 comments
The latest news sweeping the iPhone world is of the new iPhone HD, which is set to be announced on June 22, 2010. This latest version is rumored to be compatible with Verizon Wireless and will include a number of new features. And what better way to stand out in the competition than to release a front-facing camera and a suave video conferencing app?

The iPhone HD for AT&T will be manufactured by the same ‘ol Hon Hai Precision Industry, while the CDMA iPhone will be made by Pegatron Technology.

New iPhone HD: What to expect

Every year, Apple releases a new version of the iPhone. Reports indicate that the new iPhone OS 4.0 handset will come with an A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip (SoC), 960 x 640 display, front-facing camera, and multitasking support for third-party applications in the iPhone OS 4.0. Apart from that, the new device will have a 960 x 640 display which is double the current iPhone resolution (480 x 320) and would do a fantastic job of displaying 720p (HD) video.

There are also rumors that the new phone will have a bigger display – possibly 3.7 inches. All in all, iPhone enthusiasts are optimistic that the next generation iPhone HD will live up to its name by sporting a high definition touchscreen with a resolution much greater than the existing model.

Apple is expected to put the same A4 SoC processor running at 1GHz that can be found on the upcoming iPad, which is effectively twice the storage capacity of the current one: 64 GB. It is also expected to be based on an Apple A4 chip similar to the one in the new iPad.

Will the new iPhone HD compatible to Verizon and Sprint

As reports gain momentum about a possible tie-up of iPhone with Verizon Wireless, this will definitely initiate the beginning of the ending of AT&T's long-held role as exclusive carrier of iPhone in the United States. Wall Street Journal reports has also indicated that Apple is possibly working on smartphone for carriers that use the CDMA standard, which includes Verizon and Sprint.

Do you think the new ‘iPhone HD’ will revolutionize the smartphone industry? Share your views.

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iPad Unlock

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The iPad is the latest technological advance to be released by Apple. The iPad release date is set for the 3rd of April, 2010 and like all other Apple devices you can expect that this newest addition is going to be locked to the Apple because it is using the same operating system as the iPhone.

Why Should You Unlock / Jailbreak you iPad?

Some of the great things that you can expect from the iPad include having access to over 150,000 different apps, a big multi-touch screen that is 9.7 inches. With built in wi-fi this really is going to be the must have device for every tech junkie out there.

iPad Features

The Apple iPad is almost here and some of the great features that you can expect to see include:

• Web browsing using Safari
• Reading and sending email
• Viewing photos
• Watch videos via YouTube
• Listen to music
• Play games
• Read e-books using the ibookstore
• View maps
• Take notes
• Send SMS messages
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Home screen
• Accessibility
• iWork including keynote, pages and numbers for all your work presentations
• Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G
• starting from just $499
• Built in 25 watt hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery
• Up to 10 hours of battery life
• Charging via power adaptor or USB to computer
• Available in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash drive

When purchasing with Wi-Fi and 3G you can get access to the web and all the features even if you are not within range of a Wi-Fi network. In the U.S. the 3G service being made available for this device is from AT&T and for this you will have to choose a data plan that starts are $14.99 per month.

Why Unlock iPad?

This new Apple device sounds great but there are some iPad problems that you should be aware of. The first thing is that this new device doesn’t have a multitasking feature built in which means you can’t listen to your music and surf the web or you can’t switch back and forth between Twitter and Facebook.

Unlock iPad Here

There is also no adobe flash support.
Even though the 3G version of this device is to be unlocked it doesn’t mean that AT&T aren’t going to be the exclusive carrier. This new device is going to be GSM only and this means that a number of operators will be ruled out.

This new device has been built to run on the AT&T 3G. Because of this the iPad unlock is going to be a valuable resource for many people. Some of the benefits of iPad unlocking and jailbreaking will include:

• The ability to use this device with any network and any sim card in the world that doesn’t work with apple
• The ability to choose your own service provider
• The ability to use the iPad with your current network provider
• The ability to bypass iTunes and use whatever software you want
• The ability to use Bluetooth to transfer data
• Add folders
• The ability to multitask
• The ability to use the device as an external drive on your Mac

The difference between Unlock and Jailbreak is very simple. A jailbreak will allow you to install third party applications on your device and customize any of the settings that are in place by unlocking the iPad firmware that has been pre-installed and comes with the device when you buy it.

By unlocking iPad you will be able to use any carrier and any sim card in the world that currently does not work with Apple products.

Get Much More With Unlock iPad
If you are intending on purchasing the latest Apple device then you really will want to be able to use all the features that this beauty comes with. With our system you will be able to utilise all the great features of this device the way you want to use it.

Why put up with not being able to multi-task or having to use iTunes when you really don’t have to. Why sign up with AT&T when you really don’t have to. With this software solution you can use your iPad the way you want with whom you want in a matter of minutes.

Don’t be fooled by Apple, don’t take their word for it, unlock you device and see how truly powerful your iPad can be. For more information on how this works and what it really can do for you iPad Unlock.


New iPhone Search Apps from Yahoo!

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Introducing Yahoo Sketch-a-Search, that allows users to search by drawing a location on a map. This new app for the iPhone promises to simplify local searches without requiring to type keywords or search terms.

Moreover, the Yahoo Sketch-a-Search app has a split screen with a Google map on the top and blank slate on the bottom. Users can immediately see a map centered on their location using GPS, as soon as the Yahoo Sketch-a-Search app is launched.

As of now, the app is limited to restaurant searches in the U.S; although Yahoo has plans to add more local categories and expand the app globally. You can easily fetch local businesses within a boundary that you draw (in any shape) in the search results on the map on the bottom part of the screen.

New Search Apps from Yahoo – How it works

The Yahoo Sketch-a-Search app is second in addition to another app from Yahoo called Yahoo Search iPhone App, which is an the integrated search service for the Apple iPhone. This application includes a number of interesting features, including voice search and “Shake to Clear” – as the name suggests, it clears the last search as you shake the phone.

This new Yahoo Search iPhone app also offers a range of new local tools and features that can refine a Yahoo search based on a user’s current location and also add relevant maps using location-aware technology.

On the other hand, the Yahoo Sketch-a-Search app works by allowing users to draw a boundary on a map around a specific location. The app can bring up local content, including restaurants and businesses, and it is not required for the user to know the name of an area or neighborhood.

The application displays push pins for each restaurant within that area and lists them below the map. Besides that, the app also filters restaurant results by cuisine, ambiance and star rating. You just need to click on a restaurant from the list leads to a page with information collected by Yahoo, such as user reviews and photographs. From there, a user can click to call the restaurant or get directions.

The idea behind the app….

The idea behind the application was to offer an enhanced way to do local searches. While, local search apps typically use GPS, zip codes or even a neighborhood name to locate shops in the area; with this app, you can instantly see a map centered on their location using GPS. You can then draw a circle around an area as wide as they want.

As of now, searches are limited to restaurants, coffee shops, and some hotels; however, Yahoo plans to expand to other local categories, like gyms, gas stations, pet stores, retail shops, and even real estate locations like apartments and houses.

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