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Plants vs. Zombies iPhone App Sales Sets App Store Record

2/27/2010 09:13:00 AM - 1 comments
Another record set at the App Store as PopCap Games announced Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone has sold over 300,000 copies and made $1 Million in sales in just 9 days. Amazing!! Isn’t it? Analyst believe that although the title ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ was slated to be a highly anticipated title, the sales report and the revenue it has generated in less than a fortnight is phenomenal.

This sales figure from Plants vs. Zombies has also set new standards for the App Store. According to a statement made by PopCap Games, customer feedback on the iPhone adaptation of Plants vs. Zombies has been inspiring. Early customer feedback and critical analysis of the app has referred to it as a great adaptation of the game – considering the fun element being kept intact on the smaller touch screen, in spite of it being originally a computer game.

Plants vs. Zombies – The Game begins

"Plants vs. Zombies" can be described as a finely-tuned tower defense game. The main game strategy is to place offensive plants on your lawn to prevent zombies from breaking into your house and eating your brains. You have the option of choosing from dozens of different plants with diverse attack properties – specific to handle certain kinds of zombies. As for example, if you plant an ice plant, it will stop the track and field zombie from charging your front lines.

The best thing about Plants vs. Zombies is that the game remains basically unchanged on iPhone and iPod Touch. In fact, iPhone enthusiasts believe that the iPhone version of ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ with brilliant touch screen controls is in reality better than the full PC and Mac versions.

Every move for the app is controlled by touch - from collecting sun to laying down new plants. This allows you to multitask a better way than you could would actually do with a mouse and keyboard. Originally launched on the PC and Mac in May, 2009; it has however, reached the top slot on the AppStore within 24 hours of its launch. And the most interesting fact is that it is selling for $2.99, which is higher than many paid apps.

It’s raining fortunes for PopCap Games

It is indeed raining fortunes for PopCap Games at its Plants vs. Zombies game hit the $1 million revenue mark in the first nine days of sales, selling 300,000 units and setting a new record for AppStore. Analysts also believe that a console game that sold 300,000 units has the potential to generate $18 million at retail.

Apart from that, PopCap also revealed that Bejeweled 2 has now sold more than 3 million units on the AppStore; thus making it the first paid app to hit that milestone. The consistent positioning of the jewel puzzle game in the top ten on the AppStore’s top-grossing list is no small feat considering the competitive existence of 150,000 iPhone apps in the store now. But all in all, Plants vs. Zombies app is a complete steal and a game you would love to own.

Have you played ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ on the iPhone? Share your experiences.

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Apple ‘Finally’ Launches iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3

2/25/2010 09:41:00 PM - 0 comments
Apple released an update for the iPhone SDK for the iPad - iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3 in the midst of much adulation; however retracted the same quickly without explanation. The short-lived update followed the second iPhone OS and SDK 3.2 beta for the Apple iPad, launched several weeks ago.

Latest reports indicate that the version of the iPhone Software Development kit (SDK), including iPad tools which was temporarily pulled back for unknown reasons, has once again been made available on the development site. However, this incident has raised quite a few eyebrows as to what led to this flip-flop from the otherwise ‘strategically accurate’ Apple Inc.

The all new iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3 – What to expect

Apple released the new iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3, which contains the software tools that allows an iPhone / Touch app to be easily converted to an iPad app. Early reports of the new update reveals an expanded Settings app, evidence of YouTube playing video in HTML5, file sharing, and other features not available in previous betas.

According to a statement made by Apple, the new SDK allows “existing iPhone projects to include the necessary files to support” the new Apple tablet computer – the iPad. Therefore, it can be clearly assumed that many developers are awaiting these helpful SDK features - particularly since the release of the first model of the iPad is impending.

Furthermore, this latest version of the iPhone OS also includes, in Apple’s words - a new Universal Application binary format for applications. This module will facilitate developers to deliver a single application that can take advantage of all of the features of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad. This can be done by placing the code into a single package for easy distribution and management.

The new version of iPhone OS will facilitate developers

This new introduction will facilitate developers and make things much easier for them to produce software that will run on all three Apple mobile platforms. As stated in an official Apple announcement on January 27, via its iPhone Dev Center, “iPhone Developer Program Members can start developing the next generation of innovative applications for iPad with iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, now available in the iPhone Dev Center.”

Apple has further reiterated that the iPhone Dev Center also provides members with additional resources including the iPad Programming Guide, iPad Human Interface Guidelines, Preparing Universal Applications, and sample code." For your information, the beta is only available for registered developers.

As of now, developers who are working with the iPhone and Touch only, are using v.3.1.3. However, now members of the iPhone Developer Program may also download and use the new 3.2 beta, which includes support for the iPad. These development tools should be incorporated once again when the final build of 3.2 is released, which is expected to be soon.

Stay tuned to this space for further updates.

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Apple Removing ‘Indecent’ iPhone Apps from App Store

2/23/2010 01:30:00 PM - 3 comments
Latest reports to have stirred the iPhone world are of Apple removing over 5000 risqué iPhone and iPod Touch applications from its online App Store. This includes banning sexually explicit material including those which had previously been approved for sale. This move comes as a surprise for the”developers” who have been raking fortunes with such iPhone apps.

According to reports published in The Wall Street Journal, this new policy towards adult-themed contents and apps with "overtly sexual content" will face the brunt of the decision – inclusive of photos featuring women in bikinis and lingerie. The Journal quoted an Apple statement as saying, "If we find these apps contain inappropriate material, we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple".

What made Apple take to moral policing?

Its hard to conclude at the moment if this is a sheer case of moral policing; however, sources reveal that this could be an earnest attempt on the part of Apple to clean up the App Store ahead of the shipping late next month of its new iPad tablet computer. This is an important agenda for Apple since it intent to promote the iPad and it’s App Store, which currently offers more than 140,000 programs as a device for families and schools.

Check out the new guidelines Apple has posted:
- No images of women in bikinis.
- No images of men in bikinis
- No skin
- No silhouettes
- No sexual connotations or innuendo.
- Nothing that can be sexually arousing
- No apps will be approved that in any way imply sexual content

Apple has also been heard to have stated saying that this move was a consequence of complaints from App Store users. The statement also added that Apple has been frequently reviewing and responding to customer complaints about objectionable content when reported.

App Store to come clean for the iPad launch

Apple has always been a marketing genius and what better to promote its latest device – iPad to reach out to families and schools as an educational tool; thus getting the App Store cleaned of racy applications. All in all, it is a strategic attempt for the “Brand Apple” to represent a clean image.

Speaking in real terms, the iPad is going to be a big-big platform for apps; not to mention that the iPad will run almost the same applications that work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Considering the popularity of the iPod Touch amongst the children and teenagers, Apple considered this as its social responsibility to impart some sort of policing for the App Store.

It is worth mentioning that Apple last June, had introduced parental controls and ratings to help keep sex-themed applications away from children. However, analysts opine that the volume of such apps - which he estimated made up as much as 5 percent of the more than 140,000 apps in the App Store - might have exceeded the level Apple could be comfortable with.

Apple’s ban drives developers in a tizzy…

This latest decision by Apple Inc to remove all lascivious apps from its App store has driven many developers in a tizzy. Even as Apple shows little to change their minds, developers are finding it absolutely hard to accept that their wages will turn into a zero. Some of them have also indicated at a paradigm shift towards alternative platforms like Google Android.

What are your views on this issue?

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Google Acquires reMail iPhone App, Removed from App Store

2/21/2010 09:45:00 PM - 1 comments
Apple Inc. did not let Goodle Voice happen for the App Store. In a latest development, Google acquired reMail from the AppStore on February 17, 2010 and removed it from the iTunes Store. As anticipated, the reMail – considered to be one of the best apps for the iPhone; could soon make its way to Android.

The reMail website already reads "Copyright 2009 Google"; however, not all of the links to the ‘presently unoccupied’ spot on the iTunes Store have been removed. As of now, reMail is active and continues to work for iPhone users who had purchased the application before its removal, was meant to be an alternative to the iPhone's built-in mail client.

reMail’s iPhone application – What Next?

The reMail’s iPhone application allowed for full-text search and offline support, among other things. One of its best features was that it helped store all mails on the iPhone in such a way that it took up significantly less space as compared to the same amount of mail on Google's servers.

Addressing the curiosity that accompanied this buy back of reMail from the App Store, Gabor Cselle, the founder who will soon join Google’s Gmail team has released a statement for its customers using reMail’s iPhone application:

“You might be wondering what will happen with reMail’s product. Google and reMail have decided to discontinue reMail’s iPhone application, and we have removed it from the App Store. reMail is an application on your phone. If you already have reMail, it will continue to work.”

The statement further reiterates to offer support for all reMail’s iPhone application users until the end of March besides promising to enable all paid reMail features for you. You can activate these by clicking “Restore Purchases” inside the app. reMail downloads email directly from your email provider to your phone, and your personal information, passwords, and email are never sent to or stored on our servers.

Here is a video of reMail in action:

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Apple iPhone, iPad Triggering Memory Shortage

2/19/2010 02:57:00 PM - 1 comments
The latest buzz to have hit the iPhone world is about the probability of iPhone causing memory supply crunch in 2010. This assumption has been fuelled courtesy Apple's iPhone plans this year – where the average iPhone to carry over 35GB of storage after capacity upgrades across the line, or more than the 32GB maximum available today.

Analysts at iSuppli have indicted Apple of creating an industry-wide shortage of NAND flash memory; which is used to store music, video and apps on its Iphone and Ipod. On the other hand Apple would like to increase the iPhone’s storage capacity to 64GB.

The study further reiterates that collectively with an approximate growth of nearly 32 percent in iPhone shipments that is an estimated 33 million, Apple's sheer dominance of NAND flash memory could lead to a major crunch in the rest of 2010.

Will Apple be responsible for triggering memory shortage?

However, analysts indicate that this is not an out-of-the-blue incident. Even conventionally, Apple has always doubled the capacity on its flash-based devices every year. Apart from that, it could also produce a 64GB iPhone as well as a 128GB iPod touch through memory technology advances.

Going by the trend, if the situation persists, added competition from Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, Google Nexus One and other smartphone devices – who are deliberately trying to match Apple's level of storage; can only make matters worse. There are also popular e-readers like the Kindle and Nook, which in spite of growing in popularity hardly ever have more than 2GB of storage as a result of the very small file sizes of e-books.

On the other hand are tablets like the iPad, which have the potential to aggravate supply problems with as much as 64GB of memory onboard. However, without a clear hint of their success, it is really impossible to judge whether these will impact the market as much as smartphones.

The effect…

NAND Flash Memory shortage, according to the analysts may have possible effects on the market. Since other device manufacturers might have some trouble sourcing NAND flash chips, they could become more expensive considering the fact that Apple has already reserved ample supplies of NAND memory in long term contracts.

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BBC iPhone App for News and Sports Announced!

2/17/2010 11:09:00 PM - 0 comments
The BIG news trickling out of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is that BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is launching a trio of apps: an iPlayer app, BBC News iPhone app and a Sports results app. The announcement was made during a keynote speech by the BBC internet head Erik Huggers, who announced that BBC will offer iPhone applications for its news and sport content from April this year.

This is a free application and has been widely appreciated by iPhone users and analysts. BBC has also chalk out a clear vision for its iPhone app - web equals mobile; mobile equals web.

BBC iPhone App: What to expect

- The BBC News iPhone app will use carousels for categories of news that will include - Top Stories, World, Business, etc,

- It will also come accompanied with a breaking news ticker at the top, along with options and a button to stream BBC News live.

- News posts are very similar to the desktop version; the only difference is that here, videos should run via the BBC News iPhone app.

- You can now access more categories in a horizontal row with the landscape mode; besides leads appearing as you move across the headline/image tiles.

- BBC has also revealed that it is also considering releasing apps later this year for its popular iPlayer service. The on-demand video and audio player serves up 20 million requests for TV and radio programmes every week.

- The iPhone app will combine content from the BBC Sport website and 5 Live radio, including live commentary and scores, and will allow fans to watch sports matches live on their phone. There are also plans to update the apps later in the year to include more content, including Formula 1.

- A different version of the apps is also in the offing for international audiences, supported by advertising.

BBC News iPhone app’s ambitious plans

Erik Huggers also announced future plans for BBC News iPhone app at the MWC. He revealed that the iPhone is the first smartphone for BBC to take their plunge into the mobile phone market. It will soon be followed by version for the BlackBerry, Google Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Flash, Palm, Samsung, etc.

The BBC news app, to be released in April, will offer content from the BBC News website. This will include - correspondent blogs, written stories, besides audio and video. The app will also encourage a lot of user involvement - users will also be able to send comments and pictures directly to the BBC newsroom. Moreover, there are plans of the sports app to be released during the Football World Cup, which starts in June, and will initially focus on football.

BBC News iPhone app might create tension in the Mobile world

While the new BBC News iPhone app has be offered as a free app (as Sky and the Daily Telegraph), some other iPhone apps in this category however are paid such as The Guardian (£2.39). Analysts are apprehensive that the apps might add to tension between publishers of paid-for content and those dependent on other revenue.

Although. BBC’s strategy to foray into a highly saturated and competitive news and sports app market is understandable; it definitely can destabilize the market to a certain extent. Many have not taken BBC’s free app service lightly – mainly those who are looking out to market news content. However, BBC maintains that it is simply providing users with digital content they have already paid for – just only in a way which suits them.

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Adobe Claims iPhone user’s Fetish for Flash – Apple Unmoved

2/15/2010 10:27:00 PM - 4 comments
Adobe Flash is one of the most sought after multimedia platform used worldwide. However, Flash has been evidently absent in Apple iPod, iPhone and now iPad as well. This in spite of Adobe claiming that Flash is in demand and that around seven million iPhone users have attempted to download it.

However, Apple seems to be dismissing the need for Flash as of now – not to mention, Flash for the iPad was one of the most anticipated additions, which have left Apple fans dejected. Apple however, appears to be banking on HTML5 while dismissing Flash, even claiming that many of the crashes frustrating Mac users are due to Flash.

Adobe: iPhone Users Want Flash by Millions

In a latest blog post, Adobe expressed iPhone user’s fetish for Flash; mentioning that 7 million iPhone users made an endeavor to download Flash by December of last year, which is a marked increase from 3 million in June 2009. Adobe cited this to be quite flattering and even said that they were amazed by the numbers of hits received from iPhone OS devices - from users seeking the Flash Player, so that they can play back rich content from their favorite sites.

However, unfortunately, Apple is adamant about not introducing Flash on the iPod, iPhone or iPad, as according to it - Flash is the greatest evil the Internet. Apple is unlikely to change its position on this issue and is waiting to work on the implementation of HTML5.

Adobe on the other hand has revealed that it supports HTML and its evolution despite some reservations. They are in fact looking forward to adding more capabilities to their software around HTML as it evolves. Developers on the other hand say that HTML5 is to far off, and that the iPad won't be good web experience for the user without flash.

Again, some analysts are also vying on Adobe to take Mac development seriously. Many of then feel that the road to the iPad Flash is through the Mac. If Adobe can get Flash working properly on the Mac, then there might be a change of mind from Apple quarters.

What is your opinion? Would you like to have Flash on your iPhone?

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Developer’s Indicate Thumbs-up for Apple iPad

2/13/2010 09:51:00 PM - 0 comments
The Apple iPad finally seems to be showing its shine. Thanks to Apple developer’s interest in developing mobile apps with the introduction of the iPad in January; it has almost become tri-fold.

According to Flurry Analytics, more than 1,600 new apps were initiated post-iPad launch in comparison with less than 600 in December 2009. It is indeed heartening to learn about the growing interest of developers towards iPad and related applications who are viewing the iPad as an opportunity.

This news comes in sharp contrast to earlier reports when the iPad was criticized for its limitations like absence of a camera and was also cited as too costly for its class. However, now more positive reviews have been noted about iPad and its prospects from people who have used it, and also from the developers who are all ready to cash in on the opportunity.

The iPad effect: A paradigm shift?

Flurry Analytics, who have been tracking apps for years now consider this surge in developers interest towards application development as a never before phenomena. Reports suggest that Flurry tracked data in more than 20,000 mobile applications to come to this logical conclusion regarding increasing interest in mobile apps amongst the developers following the Apple iPad launch in January, 2010. They have even gone to the extent of connoting this transition as the ‘iPad effect’.

Apart from iPad, which is motivating developers to jump on the bandwagon for customizing their applications for the iPad, Android new-application is also showing a steady growth of interest amongst developers as well. Reports indicate an average month-over-month growth of approximately 25 percent since the second half of 2009 to January 2010.

It is worth mentioning that earlier Android's steady new-application growth of about 33 percent over the second half of 2009 abridged the gap against the iPhone. However, the introduction of Apple iPad in January 2010 has shifted popularity back in Apple’s favor. Analysts consider this paradigm shift of developer’s support and interest towards Apple iPad as a positive indication of its commercial potential.

Even accessory makers are known to have jumped into the fray and are heard to have high hopes for the iPad. The iPad may still be weeks away from launch worldwide; however, companies that swear on the popularity of Apple Inc's products are already gearing up for the new tablet.

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Opera Mini for the iPhone: Will Apple Approve?

2/11/2010 03:01:00 PM - 2 comments
Come next week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona,Spain; the Norwegian browser company Opera Software is all set to present a demo version of its Opera Mini browser - most widely-used cell phone browser is coming to the world’s coolest cell phone – the Apple iPhone.

All this years since the inception of the iPhone, Apple has been earning loads of accolades for the iPhone which is considered to be one of the better mobile browsing devices today. Now, Opera Mini for the iPhone will offer faster browsing than Apple's Safari – available on iPhone.

How can Opera Mini enhance iPhone

- Opera Mini is slated to be up to six times faster downloading speed than Apple's Safari browser. This increased speed is in large part down to the browser's use of a proxy server to compress and reformat web pages before they are transmitted to the phone.

- Reuters has reported that Opera Mini for iPhone can cut data traffic by up to 90 percent. This is great news considering ‘massive data traffic from iPhone mobile phones has caused problems for many operators’ networks’.

- Using compression also helps consume less data, which is a good thing when you are abroad and mobile data costs more

- Opera hopes will attract iPhone owners are support for tabs and speed dial, a feature that provides direct access to favorites via thumbnail images on the start page.

Will Apple Approve Opera browser for the iPhone?

Although, Opera hasn't yet submitted the browser for approval to the Apple App Store, nor is it known when it will be; the company is convinced that Apple Inc. will surely approve the application. This puts Apple in a tricky situation; because consumers who buy the iPhone would obviously seek optimum browsing. And Opera browser is one of the most used browsers on more cell phones around the world than any other.

Analysts and critics are however, apprehensive about Apple’s approval for Opera Mini taking into account Apple's policy that they will not approve applications that duplicate a feature already offered by the iPhone's software.

What do you think; will Apple approve Opera Mini for the iPhone?

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UPDATE: Dev Team Releases Pwnage Tool 3.1.5 for iPhone OS 3.1.3

2/09/2010 09:25:00 PM - 1 comments
If you own a jailbroken phone and have been caught in a dilemma for the last few days since the iPhone OS 3.1.3 update has been released; here’s good news for you all.

Keeping alive the spirit of the cat-and-mouse game between the iPhone Dev Team and Apple Inc. the dev team confirms in a blog post about the jailbreaking being made possible for iPhone OS 3.1.3.

The iphone dev team has stated that iPhone OS 3.1.3 IPSWs can be jailbroken by the group’s redsn0w jailbreak tool. Supported devices presently include the iPhone 2G (first-generation iPhones), iPhone 3G, and iPod touch 2G (second-generation iPod touch).

Blog ’comments’ confirm: Redsn0w works for iPhone OS 3.1.3

Such has been the association between the dev team and its avid followers that they never cease to offer constructive feedback and work in tandem with the dev team. Sharing the same sentiment, the dev team in its blog fondly refers to them as ‘daring experimenters’ who as the latest response to Apple’s iPhone OS 3.1.3 have confirmed that ‘yesterday’s redsn0w works for today’s 3.1.3 update for iPhone 2G’. In another update, it has been reiterated that ultrasn0w also works for iPhone 3G and first-generation iPod touch units.

Pwnage Tool 3.1.5 Adds iPhone OS 3.1.3 Support

Pwnage Tool 3.1.5 was released by the iPhone Dev Team on Monday, just a few days after Apple released its iPhone OS 3.1.3 update. As a utility, Pwnage Tool "jailbreaks" the iPhone and iPod touch; thereby, users can install and run applications that are not available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

Although the utility does appear to work, it is not prepared for users that are not comfortable with terms like ‘SHSH hashes’ and ‘bootroom’. The jailbreak utility is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS with early bootroom, original iPod touch, and the second generation iPod touch with ‘early bootroom’.

The dev team has also issued a warning: If you don’t know if you have an early bootrom or not, please avoid updating until you learn more. Like any jailbreak iphone, Pwnage Tool could leave you with an iPhone or iPod touch that doesn't work. Therefore, try not to jailbreak iphone unless you are comfortable with the process.

Seek professional help for recommended service and support. You may log on to easyiphoneunlocking.com for round the clock services regarding iphone unlocking and jailbreak iphone.

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Rumor: Price Slash for Apple iPad inevitable?

2/07/2010 11:30:00 PM - 0 comments
One of the most prominent grievances most Apple enthusiasts have with the iPad is its exorbitant pricing. However, here is good news for you all!

Analysts believe that Apple might soon cut down price of its much-hyped tablet. This has been concluded on the basis of Apple’s earlier trend of dropping the price of iPhone, if sales figures do not meet Apple's expectations.

Although analysts expect that Apple will be able to sell between one million and five million iPads in its first year, they have also engaged in making pricing predictions at the same time. Now, the big question is that will this deliberate debate analyzing a price cut deter the opening demand for the pricey tablet computer?

What is the iPad price cut issue all about?

As announced on launch, Apple iPad is priced at $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB model, and $699 for the 64GB model – all these models will be available in March. On the other hand, the 3G models will not be available until April and will sell for $629 for the 16GB model, $729 for the 32GB model and $829 for the 64GB model.

Credit Suisse analysts are however anticipating that Apple will opt to stay ‘agile’ with its pricing strategy and may even consider a discount for the devices if customers aren't buying. Apple trends indicate that it had earlier slashed iPhone prices sharply triggering boost in sales. It was done soon after iPhone demand dropped off after the first couple of weeks. Analysts are predicting that iPad will go through a similar price drop as the iPhone.

Although it still remains to be seen how much foothold the iPad gets initially in the tablet computer market, Apple is apparently quite willing to get even more aggressive with the iPad's $499 to $829 pricing.

Lets wait and watch; we’ll surely keep you updated.

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Jailbroken iPhones Not Compatible to iPhone 3.1.3 OS Update

2/05/2010 10:06:00 PM - 8 comments
Seems it’s the season for iPhone updates! It has been quite a while since the iPhone OS has been updated and following closely the release of the iPad and announcements of VoIP for 3G and Skype update comes the news of the iPhone OS newest version, the iPhone OS 3.1.3.

The iPhone 3.1.3 OS is available for all iPhone versions and is also compatible with all iPod Touch versions. Although there isn’t much concrete content to go with this new update, Apple assures that it will definitely look into fixing the occasional bugs and errors that accompanies every single update – and might come along with iPhone 3.1.3 OS too.

Apple also stated that the updated iPhone 3.1.3 OS will offer enhanced accuracy for battery level reports on the iPhone 3GS and repair problems that some Third Party Apps have had launching. It also fixes a problem that has been going on with the iPhone not working properly with the Japanese Kana keyboard.

Geohot confirms: Blackra1n & Blacksn0w not ready for the latest update

George Hotz (popularly Geohot) has confirmed that Blackra1n and Blacksn0w tools are not yet compatible with the latest iPhone 3.1.3 firmware. In a recent tweet, Geohot shares that the new firmware brings 05.12.01 baseband for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G which restricts jailbreaking and unlocking on newer devices.

iPhone 3.1.3 OS Update & Dev Team’s Note for Jailbroken iPhone

The iphone dev team has as quickly as always updated its followers about Apple iPhone 3.1.3 OS and its effect on jailbroken iPhone. In their latest blog post ‘3.1.3 and thee’ in the iphone dev team blog it posted a warning iPhone users with jailbroken devices to not update their device - 3G and 3G(S). It has been further explained that PwnageTool and redsn0w are not yet compatible with 3.1.3 and there is not instant solution to this.

The dev team has also urged its followers to not ‘bug’ then regarding this since no estimated time frame is possible at this moment regarding the release of compatible tools to work for iPhone 3.1.3 OS. However, all of you who have jailbreak iPhone keep a check on this space as we promise to keep you updated.

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Coming Soon: Skype iPhone App for 3G

2/03/2010 11:30:00 PM - 1 comments
Finally the much in-demand version of Skype for iPhone which supports 3G calling is soon to be released. In a latest blog post, the company has divulged that this update has been done of the SDK (Software Development Kit) which Apple provides to developers like Skype for the iPad.

With the release of the iPhone OS 3.2 for the iPad, restrictions on calling over a 3G network have been removed, paving the way for Skype to integrate the much requested feature into their app. This will allow iPhone users to now make calls in wideband audio, giving you greater clarity and fidelity – because that’s what is expected from Skype.

Here is a video announcing Skype's new update:

What took so long to introduce Skype calling over 3G…..

Earlier, 3G calling over VoIP has been banned because of an agreement between AT&T and Apple, with AT&T’s network unable to support the heavy data traffic. Then, iPhone users have only been able to make VoIP calls over WiFi. However, it will no longer be the case now.

Further, the Skype team optimistically reveals that they might soon come up with Skype for iPad, as they have already started reviewing the device and its specs.

Video-chat facility for Skype on iPhone – next in line?

Video-chat facility for Skype on iPhone is another expected feature amongst iPhone users. Peter Parkes, the social media communications lead at Skype, has until now not given any specific on any time-line or assurances regarding video chat.

However, he has hinted that Skype will look to develop video-capable apps wherever devices can support video calls. Parkes stressed on the fact that the main focus for Skype will be on a great user experience.

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Apple Drops VoIP-over-3G Restrictions on the iPhone

2/01/2010 09:29:00 PM - 0 comments
Apple has some more good news to share with you post the iPad launch. In a recent company announcement, Apple has revealed that it has done away with the restrictions that earlier prevented VoIP iPhone applications from working over 3G. iPhone enthusiasts are elated as this will unleash newer opportunities for VoIP applications, which until now have only worked over Wi-Fi.

This was one of the much awaited news from Apple since October 2009, since AT&T announced that it would allow VoIP apps over 3G.Quite a few popular VoIP application developers like the iCall and Fring have already announced their support for VoIP. This is in fact a priority as allowing VoIP over 3G will set the stage for increased innovation in the VoIP arena, and also more experimentation with video chatting.

The Edge VoIP can Give to the iPhone

The reaction of the VoIP developers is understandable considering the fact that an update to the iPhone SDK will finally allows application developers to build this capability into their programs. Effectively, this will allow iPhone users like you to drop their unlimited voice plans and opt for a combination of data and voice for calls. Most users are elated as they can now find a way to save big on their monthly cell phone bill using VoIP calling.

iCall - the first app to use this capability (now available in the iPhone’s App Store) reveals that with this new announcement with the iPhone, it will not only let you make VoIP calls, but also offer a way to switch cellular calls to VoIP. The free app allows you set free five-minute telephone calls to the United States and Canada. For $10 per month, users can get unlimited calling to those countries and pay-as-you-go international rates.

VoIP calls over 3G would use no voice minutes, only data. So, when you sign up for the monthly plan, users will get a new phone number in the area code of their choice. However, they might still show their existing number on caller ID.

Sharing this sentiment, web communication aggregator Fring reveals that users can now video chat over 3G as well. As experts believe, video chatting is going to become more and more significant in mobile devices over the next few years and Apple for sure will be taking that into account by dropping 3G restrictions.

Limitation: The only limitation is that since VoIP services are not allowed to use the iPhone’s dialer and calling system, incoming VoIP calls appear as push notifications (as if you got a text message), rather than a full-blown ring. With iCall however, you can also switch incoming voice calls over to VoIP after you’ve answered the phone. These methods will certainly allow people to cut down on voice minutes in exchange for a cheap VoIP plan.

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