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iPhone 4 Jailbreak News - Cydia App Store Merges with Rock

9/19/2010 01:17:00 PM - 2 comments
It was Redmond Pie who officially broke the news of this merger when they announced that people who regularly use the Rock app to download apps to their jailbroken handsets would now see that all their content will be moved onto Cydia in the coming days. This news was released by Cydia.For those who love Cydia this won’t be an issue but for anyone else that prefers Rock it may be a little disappointing. The good thing though is that you won’t have to go between the two stores to find the apps you are looking for. All the content from Rock is being moved to Cydia. Anything that you may have previously purchased from Rock will be transferred also and all your information including your backups will now be available.

A further update from Cydia is to be announced in the next couple of days so be sure to keep a look out for this. This all comes with the latest iOS 4.1 update and really is great news for all iPhone users. If you jailbreak your iPhone it will now be even easier to locate the apps that you want to buy and add to your handset.

If you haven’t already jailbroken your iPhone then you really are missing out. When you jailbreak your iPhone 4 you have the ability to use third party applications. When you purchase an iPhone you are tied to the Apple app store and third party applications are not allowed. When you jailbreak your phone you remove this restriction and you can use any app you like.

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