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GreenPois0n iPhone 4 Jailbreak Nearly Ready

9/16/2010 09:56:00 PM - 3 comments
There have been a lot of hints that the next jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4 is almost ready. This new jailbreak solution will be available for the iPhone 4 and also the new iPod Touch and iPad using the iOS 4.1. There has been a lot of speculation as to the name of this new jailbreak solution and we are happy to announce that the new method is going to be known as GreenPois0n. This new jailbreak solution for the iOS 4.1 comes from the Chronic Dev-Team. If you have experience with jailbreaking then you probably already recognise this name. GreenPoison was the same tool that was previously used to jailbreak the iPhone OS 3.13 and the S 3.2 for the iPad.

A week after Apple released the iOS 4.1 to its users it seems like an iPhone 4 jailbreak is already on its way. There were some very positive Twitter messages by p0sixninja who is a member of the Chronic Dev-Team and he reported that the epic greenpois0n works well on the iPhone 4G but that work needs to be done on the framebuffer code. It all sounds very interesting and I’m sure we will be getting more updates in the days to come.

Once this new jailbreak goes live you will hear a lot more about it but for now it is great to know that the Chronic Dev-Team have been working hard and that their new jailbreak greenpois0n is in development and almost ready to be launched. You can keep your eye on the tweets from this team by following them on Twitter and of course we will keep you updated here as any more information comes our way. It is all good for iPhone 4 users and now with the indication that this new jailbreak for the iOS 4.1 will also work on the new iPod Touch and the iPad things are getting even better. Now you will be able to do what you like and install the apps that you want on all the latest Apple devices.

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i have upgraded my iphone 3g to 4.1 and its locked. how long it will take to unlock available for this? please reply

but when? i am waiting for a long time now :-(

so this will work for unlocking an iphone 4 running v4.0.2 with 01.59.00 as the baseband?

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