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Consumer Reports Does not Recommend iPhone 4

9/15/2010 06:05:00 PM - 6 comments
The iPhone 4 has just received its second non-recommendation from consumer reports. They claim that the new bumper policy released by Apple is not consumer friendly.Every since the launch of the new iPhone 4 there have been antenna issues and owners complained about dampened signals. This seemed to be an issue whenever bare skin touched of the exterior antenna rim.

Tests have been carried out and it seems that when you finger or hand touches a spot on the lower left side of the iPhone 4 you can get a weak signal or lose your connection altogether depending on your signal strength at the time. This is the reason that the iPhone 4 has not received recommendation.

Apple did launch a free bumper giveaway after receiving complaints and they are now discontinuing this offer as and from the 30th of September so if you want a free bumper you better do it quickly.

Apple are really trying to get out of this one but it is clear that there was a design flaw and hopefully Apple will continuing working on fixing this issue. Apple’s sales of the iPhone 4 have not been affected at all because of this little flaw and it seems that consumers can’t get enough of this latest idevice. Recommendation or not, the iPhone 4 really is the must have gadget of the moment.

6 Responses

This is ridiculous, I have an iPhone4. The signal problem is totally hyped by the media, I have not experienced this issue at all and neither has anyone else I know who has an iPhone4.

Agree !!! same here

same here.. no problems at all..

Me too. I have had no problems with my iPhone 4.

My Iphone 4 drops every call three times anyway, with or without finger contact with antenna/rim. That's at&t not apple.

I bought a little cover that just covers the sides of the iPhone but even before I had no problems with it.

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