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iPhone Dev team Introduces Android OS to iPhone

4/22/2010 09:59:00 PM - 2 comments
If you have been wondering if someday you can install Android on an iPhone, just the way you made possible to make the OS X run on a Windows netbook; look no further – the day has arrived. In a recent YouTube video, iphone dev team member planetbeing has successfully demonstrated installing Google’s Android operating system and running the Linux Kernel on the iPhone2G. Not only that, he has even successfully set it up to dual boot Android and the iPhone OS on iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G devices.

Here is the video demonstration showing the iPhone being dual-booted to run Android OS:

How the Android was made to run on the iPhone….

In the video, dev team’s planetbeing apparently demonstrated an Apple iPhone running with the Google's Android operating system. It shows that using Android you can boot, make phone calls, receive text messages, play music, browse and WiFi, amongst many other features working alongside.

Apart from that the video has also highlighted the boot process of the iPhone which worked with the Tux Linux mascot. The demo also shows that the device initially runs on iPhone Operating system and that dual-boot configuration is set up in the phone.

In the video message, planetbeing has stated that although the process cannot be termed as production-quality; it can surely be named alpha quality. He also claimed that nearly everything has been found to be working after the interchange. So, if you really want to tinker, you can download the system image and documentation.

How it works….

The Android port works on the first and second generation iPhone models while the iPhone 3GS support will require more time. The Android port was possible with OpeniBoot, a Linux 2.6 bootloader, which currently works with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G only.

It has been the dream of every iPhone developer to have Android OS working on the iPhone. And planetbeing’s demo has definitely brought much discomfort to Apple (considering the ongoing tussle for excellence between Google and Apple Inc.). However, its all a win-win for users who can now have a choice in hand for a change.

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when you installed android running on iphone?
is the iphone unlocked? to all the carrier or not?

is the android system installed on the iphone, is going to be unlocked to all carrier?

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