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iPhone Dev Team Demonstrates early iPad Jailbreak

4/10/2010 11:02:00 PM - 2 comments
Any addition in the Apple family is incomplete without the iPhone dev team offering a befitting response. Keeping in tune to the trend, there are reports of the dev team showing early iPad jailbreak, just a day after the iPad is publicly made available. This news was revealed by this torch-bearer of the jailbreaking community through a message on the social networking website Twitter.

The Apple iPad was released in U.S. stores for sale on April 3, 2010; and as the iPad opened up to record sales, so also was divulged the news of the iPhone dev team to have demonstrated a successful jailbreaking of the tablet. Earlier, George Hotz had announced a effective solution to jailbreak the iPad. Whatever be the outcome, it is the consumers who will gain on both counts with the iPad - be it jailbroken or not.

Jailbreaking the iPad…..

The iPhone dev team is said to have developed a new technique for iPad jailbreak, as mentioned by their team member, MuscleNerd. By definition, jailbreak installs an open-source package manager called Cydia or others; the only difference being apps (both paid and free) are offered by this package manager, which are not available in the Apple App Store.

This recent jailbreak which has given root access to the iPad, has been referred by the iPhone Dev team as Spirit - credited to Comex who mentioned that the 'Spirit' jailbreak isn't based on a browser hack. There are indications that the iPhone Dev Team might be working with Comex to reveal a user-friendly tool for jailbreaking the iPad. However, not much is known about unlocking the Wi-Fi+3G versions of iPad since they haven’t been unveiled yet.

Spicing up the jailbreak iPad race….

Geohot had earlier revealed his intentions of offering jailbreak for the iPad and we may expect him to show off his skills soon, now that the tablet device is released. Although not much has been divulged either from Hotz or the iphone dev team, it is most anticipated that the easiest solution leading to iPad jailbreak will soon be available.

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George Hotz is the MAESTRO of i-phones. So we can expect good news of Jailbreaking the i-Pads too.

Its just epic fail i upgraded to 3.1.3 :(

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