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Initial iPad Sale Scales 3 Million, Breaks All Apple Records

4/09/2010 10:46:00 AM - 2 comments
Finally, the D-day arrived for Apple iPad on April 3 and the first day sales figures exceeded the figures Apple sold of the first-generation iPhones in 2007 over a two-day period. Apple claims that 300,000 iPads were sold on Saturday against the reported selling of 270,000 iPhones during the new smartphone's first two days of availability in 2007.

The sales figures that Apple publicized included deliveries of pre-ordered iPads, sales at Apple's retail stores and shipments to its partners. However, this figure and the response garnered during iPad launch were much anticipated by analysts; some even quoting that Apple sold closer to half a million iPads over the weekend.

iPad sales breaks all Apple records

The iPad sales figures have surpassed all records at Apple Inc. and it is very much on the expected lines predicted by analysts prior to its release. A March 26 estimate of Apple iPad preorders revealed the figures of 240,000 – exclusive of in-store reservations or bulk orders by businesses, schools and other organizations. While an analyst’s calculation on the basis of Marshall's two-thirds Saturday, one-third Sunday formula, Apple would have probably sold a total of 450,000 iPads approximately.

Reports indicate that Apple sales multiplied over the weekend mainly through retail stores and through Best Buy than it did in the initial three weeks of pre-orders. However, the best part is that unlike the first-generation iPhone launch, Apple didn’t disappoint its customers and had a sizeable inventory of iPads.

Analysts have predicted that if this trend is maintained, Apple will sell about four million iPads this year. Apple also revealed on Monday that the new iPad owners have downloaded more than a million applications and more than 250,000 electronic books from its iTunes store on Saturday. This is indeed encouraging trend, isn’t it?

Apple enthusiasts have more to cheer as Apple's online store will release the WiFi-only iPad on April 12, while the model that also includes 3G connectivity will be launched later this month.

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