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Opera Mini for the iPhone: Will Apple Approve?

2/11/2010 03:01:00 PM - 2 comments
Come next week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona,Spain; the Norwegian browser company Opera Software is all set to present a demo version of its Opera Mini browser - most widely-used cell phone browser is coming to the world’s coolest cell phone – the Apple iPhone.

All this years since the inception of the iPhone, Apple has been earning loads of accolades for the iPhone which is considered to be one of the better mobile browsing devices today. Now, Opera Mini for the iPhone will offer faster browsing than Apple's Safari – available on iPhone.

How can Opera Mini enhance iPhone

- Opera Mini is slated to be up to six times faster downloading speed than Apple's Safari browser. This increased speed is in large part down to the browser's use of a proxy server to compress and reformat web pages before they are transmitted to the phone.

- Reuters has reported that Opera Mini for iPhone can cut data traffic by up to 90 percent. This is great news considering ‘massive data traffic from iPhone mobile phones has caused problems for many operators’ networks’.

- Using compression also helps consume less data, which is a good thing when you are abroad and mobile data costs more

- Opera hopes will attract iPhone owners are support for tabs and speed dial, a feature that provides direct access to favorites via thumbnail images on the start page.

Will Apple Approve Opera browser for the iPhone?

Although, Opera hasn't yet submitted the browser for approval to the Apple App Store, nor is it known when it will be; the company is convinced that Apple Inc. will surely approve the application. This puts Apple in a tricky situation; because consumers who buy the iPhone would obviously seek optimum browsing. And Opera browser is one of the most used browsers on more cell phones around the world than any other.

Analysts and critics are however, apprehensive about Apple’s approval for Opera Mini taking into account Apple's policy that they will not approve applications that duplicate a feature already offered by the iPhone's software.

What do you think; will Apple approve Opera Mini for the iPhone?

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No. The beginning of the end for Apple.


No chance Apple is a Controlling Monopoly

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