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Google Acquires reMail iPhone App, Removed from App Store

2/21/2010 09:45:00 PM - 1 comments
Apple Inc. did not let Goodle Voice happen for the App Store. In a latest development, Google acquired reMail from the AppStore on February 17, 2010 and removed it from the iTunes Store. As anticipated, the reMail – considered to be one of the best apps for the iPhone; could soon make its way to Android.

The reMail website already reads "Copyright 2009 Google"; however, not all of the links to the ‘presently unoccupied’ spot on the iTunes Store have been removed. As of now, reMail is active and continues to work for iPhone users who had purchased the application before its removal, was meant to be an alternative to the iPhone's built-in mail client.

reMail’s iPhone application – What Next?

The reMail’s iPhone application allowed for full-text search and offline support, among other things. One of its best features was that it helped store all mails on the iPhone in such a way that it took up significantly less space as compared to the same amount of mail on Google's servers.

Addressing the curiosity that accompanied this buy back of reMail from the App Store, Gabor Cselle, the founder who will soon join Google’s Gmail team has released a statement for its customers using reMail’s iPhone application:

“You might be wondering what will happen with reMail’s product. Google and reMail have decided to discontinue reMail’s iPhone application, and we have removed it from the App Store. reMail is an application on your phone. If you already have reMail, it will continue to work.”

The statement further reiterates to offer support for all reMail’s iPhone application users until the end of March besides promising to enable all paid reMail features for you. You can activate these by clicking “Restore Purchases” inside the app. reMail downloads email directly from your email provider to your phone, and your personal information, passwords, and email are never sent to or stored on our servers.

Here is a video of reMail in action:

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