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Apple Removing ‘Indecent’ iPhone Apps from App Store

2/23/2010 01:30:00 PM - 3 comments
Latest reports to have stirred the iPhone world are of Apple removing over 5000 risqué iPhone and iPod Touch applications from its online App Store. This includes banning sexually explicit material including those which had previously been approved for sale. This move comes as a surprise for the”developers” who have been raking fortunes with such iPhone apps.

According to reports published in The Wall Street Journal, this new policy towards adult-themed contents and apps with "overtly sexual content" will face the brunt of the decision – inclusive of photos featuring women in bikinis and lingerie. The Journal quoted an Apple statement as saying, "If we find these apps contain inappropriate material, we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple".

What made Apple take to moral policing?

Its hard to conclude at the moment if this is a sheer case of moral policing; however, sources reveal that this could be an earnest attempt on the part of Apple to clean up the App Store ahead of the shipping late next month of its new iPad tablet computer. This is an important agenda for Apple since it intent to promote the iPad and it’s App Store, which currently offers more than 140,000 programs as a device for families and schools.

Check out the new guidelines Apple has posted:
- No images of women in bikinis.
- No images of men in bikinis
- No skin
- No silhouettes
- No sexual connotations or innuendo.
- Nothing that can be sexually arousing
- No apps will be approved that in any way imply sexual content

Apple has also been heard to have stated saying that this move was a consequence of complaints from App Store users. The statement also added that Apple has been frequently reviewing and responding to customer complaints about objectionable content when reported.

App Store to come clean for the iPad launch

Apple has always been a marketing genius and what better to promote its latest device – iPad to reach out to families and schools as an educational tool; thus getting the App Store cleaned of racy applications. All in all, it is a strategic attempt for the “Brand Apple” to represent a clean image.

Speaking in real terms, the iPad is going to be a big-big platform for apps; not to mention that the iPad will run almost the same applications that work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Considering the popularity of the iPod Touch amongst the children and teenagers, Apple considered this as its social responsibility to impart some sort of policing for the App Store.

It is worth mentioning that Apple last June, had introduced parental controls and ratings to help keep sex-themed applications away from children. However, analysts opine that the volume of such apps - which he estimated made up as much as 5 percent of the more than 140,000 apps in the App Store - might have exceeded the level Apple could be comfortable with.

Apple’s ban drives developers in a tizzy…

This latest decision by Apple Inc to remove all lascivious apps from its App store has driven many developers in a tizzy. Even as Apple shows little to change their minds, developers are finding it absolutely hard to accept that their wages will turn into a zero. Some of them have also indicated at a paradigm shift towards alternative platforms like Google Android.

What are your views on this issue?

Posted: Seuli.B

3 Responses

Well, it is not really any big deal. Of cause it is kind of weird that they suddenly decide to remove these apps, but if you want to watch p*** then there is loads of sides on the internet which works for Iphone/Ipod Touch.
It might be because these apps with women in bikinis are not allowed in some countries, and thereby using apple store is not allowed there. Which would mean apple only does this to earn more money.

i think apple doing this better .

Its about time. I think apple is making a wise market decision. If parents feel safe giving ipods to their children this opens the door to greater profit. If adults want porn or sex apps, there are plenty of apps, and options outside of this venue. I personally was very upset that my 8 year old would look for an app and suddenly smut pops ups. Well Done Apple. Thanks for listening to you customers.

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