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Apple iPhone, iPad Triggering Memory Shortage

2/19/2010 02:57:00 PM - 1 comments
The latest buzz to have hit the iPhone world is about the probability of iPhone causing memory supply crunch in 2010. This assumption has been fuelled courtesy Apple's iPhone plans this year – where the average iPhone to carry over 35GB of storage after capacity upgrades across the line, or more than the 32GB maximum available today.

Analysts at iSuppli have indicted Apple of creating an industry-wide shortage of NAND flash memory; which is used to store music, video and apps on its Iphone and Ipod. On the other hand Apple would like to increase the iPhone’s storage capacity to 64GB.

The study further reiterates that collectively with an approximate growth of nearly 32 percent in iPhone shipments that is an estimated 33 million, Apple's sheer dominance of NAND flash memory could lead to a major crunch in the rest of 2010.

Will Apple be responsible for triggering memory shortage?

However, analysts indicate that this is not an out-of-the-blue incident. Even conventionally, Apple has always doubled the capacity on its flash-based devices every year. Apart from that, it could also produce a 64GB iPhone as well as a 128GB iPod touch through memory technology advances.

Going by the trend, if the situation persists, added competition from Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, Google Nexus One and other smartphone devices – who are deliberately trying to match Apple's level of storage; can only make matters worse. There are also popular e-readers like the Kindle and Nook, which in spite of growing in popularity hardly ever have more than 2GB of storage as a result of the very small file sizes of e-books.

On the other hand are tablets like the iPad, which have the potential to aggravate supply problems with as much as 64GB of memory onboard. However, without a clear hint of their success, it is really impossible to judge whether these will impact the market as much as smartphones.

The effect…

NAND Flash Memory shortage, according to the analysts may have possible effects on the market. Since other device manufacturers might have some trouble sourcing NAND flash chips, they could become more expensive considering the fact that Apple has already reserved ample supplies of NAND memory in long term contracts.

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There are too many players in the market...if they do not meet the requirement some one else will.So the decision is left to them.Tough competition because customers will not remain hugry.
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