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Adobe Claims iPhone user’s Fetish for Flash – Apple Unmoved

2/15/2010 10:27:00 PM - 4 comments
Adobe Flash is one of the most sought after multimedia platform used worldwide. However, Flash has been evidently absent in Apple iPod, iPhone and now iPad as well. This in spite of Adobe claiming that Flash is in demand and that around seven million iPhone users have attempted to download it.

However, Apple seems to be dismissing the need for Flash as of now – not to mention, Flash for the iPad was one of the most anticipated additions, which have left Apple fans dejected. Apple however, appears to be banking on HTML5 while dismissing Flash, even claiming that many of the crashes frustrating Mac users are due to Flash.

Adobe: iPhone Users Want Flash by Millions

In a latest blog post, Adobe expressed iPhone user’s fetish for Flash; mentioning that 7 million iPhone users made an endeavor to download Flash by December of last year, which is a marked increase from 3 million in June 2009. Adobe cited this to be quite flattering and even said that they were amazed by the numbers of hits received from iPhone OS devices - from users seeking the Flash Player, so that they can play back rich content from their favorite sites.

However, unfortunately, Apple is adamant about not introducing Flash on the iPod, iPhone or iPad, as according to it - Flash is the greatest evil the Internet. Apple is unlikely to change its position on this issue and is waiting to work on the implementation of HTML5.

Adobe on the other hand has revealed that it supports HTML and its evolution despite some reservations. They are in fact looking forward to adding more capabilities to their software around HTML as it evolves. Developers on the other hand say that HTML5 is to far off, and that the iPad won't be good web experience for the user without flash.

Again, some analysts are also vying on Adobe to take Mac development seriously. Many of then feel that the road to the iPad Flash is through the Mac. If Adobe can get Flash working properly on the Mac, then there might be a change of mind from Apple quarters.

What is your opinion? Would you like to have Flash on your iPhone?

Posted: Seuli.B

4 Responses

Yes!!! I would LOVE to have flash on my iPhone. I run into something I can't see or do on a daily basis because of the lack of flash player.

As time goes by and you realise how restricted the iphone really is i dislike it more and more. There are too many restrictions, too many 'cant do's', which makes it difficult to enjoy the full experiece you would expect from an iphone, considering what you pay for the darn thing! As for the iPad.............that is all i have to say. It is too expensive, again too restricted. I dont think i need to go into detail. I look forward to seeing Apple's logo turn from one small bite taken from the Apple, to that of an apple core once competition cathes up with them. I can assure you that I will be one of the first to leave Apple unless they get their act together. Allow Flash on the iPhone / iPad!

Hmm the only reason I'm here is the fact my phone is jailbroken if i couldn't I wouldn't own one but anyways seeing flash player on cydia would make my day :-)

I think it's silly to make such a wonderful device capable of such amazing feats and cut it's balls off. We pay good money for such devices and apple acts like they still own them. I think they should give us some money back if they won't let us use them how we want

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