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How to get voice control on iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch

12/31/2009 03:54:00 PM - 4 comments

Voice control is one of the main features of the iPhone 3GS. The bad thing is that voice control is not available for the 1st generation iPhone, the iPhone 3g or the iPod Touch. But there is a way to get voice control on your device without having to buy a new iPhone 3GS. To get Voice Control simply follow the instructions given in the video below.

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Google Voice Coming Back to iPhone as VoiceCentral 'BlackSwan'

12/29/2009 02:24:00 PM - 2 comments
If you are one of those ardent fans of Google Voice whose heart Apple had broken last July as Apple Inc. prevented its foray into the App store, here’s news for you to rejoice. Google Voice is making a comeback to the device in early 2010. But, hold on! It’s not via the App Store nor will you require to jailbreak your iPhone to avail it.

News is that Riverturn is slated to bring back its third-party Google Voice app, VoiceCentral, as an in-browser application dubbed the Black Swan edition. Not to forget Apple left no stones unturned to reject Google Voice and also banished all related third-party applications.

VoiceCentral Black Swan is slated to be the next revolution in iPhone applications. Nor is it tied to the App Store or is a website optimized for the iPhone. Simply speaking, it is a feature-rich web-application that enables you to view and manage your Google Voice data just like a native iPhone application. Also, it allows you to combine the iPhone's user-friendly interface with the ease of an always state-of-the-art web application.

What Riverturn’s VoiceCentral will feature?

- Native iPhone look and feel.
- Automatic and immediate updates.
- Sync your Google Voice data.
- Offline access to Google Voice data.
- Listen to Google Voice messages and read transcriptions.
- Google Contacts import.
- Call using Google Voice or iPhone.
- Uses Mobile Safari HTML5 capabilities.
- Swipe to delete calls, voicemails, or SMS conversations.

However, one prominent limitation that remains is that, the in-browser app will be unable to access your iPhone contact list. You as a user will have to export all contact to Google Voice yourself, so as to access them. Moreover, in this case the audio will play through the speaker and not the earpiece; which can however be resolved by using earphones.

BlackSwan VoiceCentral: Coming soon…

Hope BlackSwan proves to be another good example of what developers can accomplish even when Apple’s highhanded attitude about what can be offered on the App Store becomes more evident. The Riverturn team’s effort to promote and support ingenuity and creativity is nonetheless a matter to be applauded and hopefully, this will inspire other developers to consider locally stored web apps as a development option.

As of now, no public release date or price has been announced by Riverturn. But, we all hope it will be priced reasonably and competitively. You can register online for limited private beta, and watch this space for the next update.

Posted: Seuli.B