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CNN Interactive News App for iPhone with iReport

9/30/2009 09:56:00 PM - 0 comments
Any interactive media in the recent times sound obsolete without having its own iPhone application. And the latest to join the party is your very own CNN – which has been keeping you updated on the latest news and views around the world; but with the world going fast and mobile, it was an absolute necessity to make it available to the exclusive smartphone circle. So, what better than coming up with an Interactive News App?

The USP of CNN’s Interactive News App is that it has been developed keeping into account the iPhone’s latest capabilities. The application besides offering news delivery in a variety of formats can be used by users not only for downloading but for uploading news as well. This feature of the app that introduces iReport, makes it easier for citizen journalists (iReporters) to file their own video news reports from the field.

The required specifications for installing CNN app is iPhone OS 3.1. The application basically features four major sections: Headlines; My CNN - which defaults to weather and traffic but can also display local news from third-party affiliates; a Follow tab for tracking specific stories such as China or the wildfire in California; and Saved, which allows you to mark articles for future reading.

Features: CNN Interactive News App

The CNN iPhone app has several advanced features than its web and mobile applications. In short, the CNN app features

- Well-designed live breaking news video and archived stories in short text, long text, video, and photo formats.

- Technology to capture and submit user-generated photos and (on the iPhone 3GS) videos for CNN iReport.

- Personalization and location tools

- Push notification

- The app is also supported by advertisements. Here the users can click on an ad, visit a sponsor's site, and make a quick return to their location in the app for the continued experience - reading news or watching video.

- The app also allows you to search news and content by following specific keywords. This is possible only on the iPhone app and not on the website CNN.com; thereby, saving time.

- All stories related to your keywords are stored in the iPhone’s memory cache and appear in the MyCNN section. Moreover, the app allows you to automatically save stories of interest by tagging them one-by-one in a special section for offline reading.

- CNN iPhone app is used exclusively to provide content from CNN.com. This app will always provide you news headlines in real time and will include similar, configurable breaking news alerts as in mobile services.

- Reports from reliable sources reveal that Apple had presented CNN.com with bandwidth guidelines for its videos. You can see that the video portion of the app call for lots of wireless bandwidth, which can be an expensive proposition for carriers (and users without unlimited data plans).

- CNN iPhone app features rich and enhanced imagery and video than CNN's mobile WAP site. The new iPhone app is dominated by video and enhanced by text in comparison to CNN's mobile site, which is dominated by text and enhanced by video.

- The app offers a live stream from CNN Live from which you can share content using e-mail, text message or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How it works

- The CNN iPhone app works with the help of an across-and-down navigation system. This makes for easy readability – as you can easily look over a large number of stories, (each marked by two bullet points of text and an image).

- The application also calls for a revolution in the way readers browse articles. Here the iPhone users can choose a category; say, United Kingdom or World news—and then see a lineup of about 10 stories. If you click say the first story, the app will display the story along with an image and video link. You can now navigate left or right, and track stories of your choice.

- If any of the stories interest you, the app allows you to probe deeper by tapping through to a video or text article.

- You can flip the iPhone sideways to bring up a tiled interface (now in landscape mode) the app will display the same array of articles using Cover Flow-like animation. You may also swipe a finger left or right across the screen scrolls between stories.

Become a CNN iReporter

Do you take interest in breaking news amongst your friends and colleagues? Well, you can definitely transform your interest into a profession by becoming CNN iReporter, courtesy CNN iPhone app. The app allows users to not only download, but also upload news. It is to encourage mobile reporting from the ground on any location where you as send iReport by recording it on the move. You can then edit it with the iPhone’s inbuilt video software (or capture footage from within the CNN app itself) and then upload it to CNN.com from the field.

Then, the content has to go through the selection process on the back-end, where editors may transcribe on certain ones before approval and on selection; they'll show up as vetted in iReport. Analysts are weighing CNN’s viability in involving eminent itinerant reporters for the service by linking it up with remote networks. This will facilitate iReporters to upload breaking news videos once to CNN and syndicate from there.

The CNN app costs $1.99 and is available in the App Store. This app although more expensive than the free mobile web version of CNN.com and other free alternatives, proves its worth by exploiting a wide range of the iPhone’s latest features.

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iPhone Dev Team Urges Future-Proofing jailbreak iPhone 3GS

9/28/2009 08:23:00 PM - 2 comments
An Apple update has always been exciting for all iPhone users and even more inspiring for the iPhone dev team and the large following of users who use unlocked/ jailbreak iPhone.

Although there has been no official acceptance of iPhone unlocking, the steady increase of iPhone users opting for jailbreak iPhone is on the rise and the number of readers (currently at 36, 162) following the iPhone dev team blog boosts confidence in itself.

One factor that has been keeping the dev team stressed on and off is that, if you are interested to continue with the jailbreak or unlock on your 3GS, you should restrain all temptations to install Apple’s official firmware updates; and that too without knowing if a jailbreak is viable for that version yet. If you acknowledge official updates regardless of waiting a different bootrom exploit for the 3GS that doesn’t require a signed official iBoot, it may cause you to be disconnected from the jailbreak.

What IF you ‘unknowingly’ take an official 3GS update…

It happens many a times when after being tempted to install the latest Apple updates for the iPhone 3GS into your jailbroken iPhone; you regret the decision and ponder if there was a way to retract. The dev team clearly cautions against this practice; however, at the same time it definitely the shows the way for all those who like to revert to a jailbreakable 3GS (not unlock).

You can opt for the dev team blog suggested methods like the iTunes /tmp technique and let us know your feedback. You may also seek the help of saurik’s new ’on file’ server method to future proof the jailbreak iPhone 3GS throughout all potential updates. The iPhone dev team also reiterates the need to avoid doing an actual firmware update, even after adjusting your iTunes setup.

iPhone ‘unlocking’ is lost with 3G S update

There are some clouds of confusion about the impact of Apple iPhone 3G S update on unlocked and jailbreak iPhone. Here, the dev team makes an incredible attempt to educate the users that ‘jailbreaking and unlocking have two different security mechanisms’. Even if you can restore jailbreak iPhone on installing Apple updates, you will possibly lose your carrier unlock forever on updating your 3GS (or 3G) to 3.1 or downgrading from 3.1 to 3.0.

Moreover, the dev team has developed method by which you will be able to create custom 3.1 IPSWs using PwnageTool. This allows you to pre-hack your 3.1 update in a specific way that helps you preserve the carrier unlock. So, there are no hassles involved; get ready for the excitement and unlock your iPhone with easyiphoneunlocking.com.

Posted: Seuli.B