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Earn with Photofame 1.0 app for iPhone

8/29/2009 08:37:00 PM - 0 comments
Photofame 1.0 app for iPhone is UnlockingHave you got an interesting photo to share that can make news headlines? Seen a celebrity with her child in the departmental store or with a mystery partner? Or, clicked a social awareness appropriate snap of someone defying traffic rules or garbage dumped in the wrong place? Well, if you have a fascination for captivating sizzling incidents on your iPhone camera as such, Photofame 1.0 application is the one for you.

Photofame 1.0 app can bring you name and fame. You can facilitate with Photofame 1.0 app by taking advantage of your inquisitiveness in clicking photos that can be relevant in making news with your iPhone. The application is the brainchild of a very talented trio – Gedgers, who in alliance with SWNS and Mark Humpage developed this innovative app for iPhone users.

Photofame 1.0 Features

- The application enables users to send images to the news agency quickly effortlessly.

- The basic requirement for installing Photofame 1.0 is iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later version.

- The app works merely by taking a photo with your iPhone camera (or pick a photo from album); enter a simple description of the event – where and when it has been taken etc. Once that is done, you can press the ‘Submit’ button.

- Once your photo is received by the news agency, they will definitely get back to you, if they find it interesting and also inquire a bit about it. Thereafter, they will keep you informed probably through email, if the photo has been published.

Making Money with Photofame 1.0 app

Photofame 1.0 is a very easy to use application facilitating users to take a photo and then attach and forward the image off to the news agency. Moreover, the app also boasts of its collaboration with SWNS - a news and image agency, which offers the platform for iPhone users to earn money from their photos. As one of the largest and most successful agencies supplying photos and stories; the application’s partnership with SWNS will ensure quick, smooth, transmission of iPhone photos to the agency’s lead news team.

Just as Mark Humpage, one of the creators of the app reveals – most photos published in newspapers, which you may quote as ‘amazing facts’ about your city are sent by public. Although, it is not sure if your picture will bag you money, but you never know when you can hit the jackpot; just as a customer’s entry bagged him £20,000 from the agency.

The Photofame 1.0 application is now available at the Apple iTunes App Store for only $0.99.

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iTV 2.0 iPhone Application – Fully Reloaded!

8/23/2009 11:35:00 PM - 3 comments
The i.TV iPhone app is one of the popular and adored applications amongst the television and movie buffs. However, now they will not have to wait much longer for better and bigger entertainment as i.TV 2.0 app will be made available in the Apple App store shortly. IntoMobile, the developer of the upgraded version i.TV 2.0 app has declared that the new version will be more sophisticated and will come packed with innovative features in comparison to the prior version.

The good news is that, i.TV 2.0 iPhone app is available for free download for iPhone users from the iTunes App Store.

Unlock iPhone iTV 2.0 Application
i.TV 2.0 app Features – Innovative, Sophisticated and User-friendly

- The user-interface of i.TV 2.0 app is claimed to be more streamlined and user-friendly.

- The updated application will also come loaded with provisions like television listings, movie listings and trailers.

- The application will also allow users to purchase movie tickets, managing users’ Netflix queue, reviews, etc.

- With this iPhone app, users go about rating shows, mark favorite shows and view YouTube clips, besides viewing show details.

- i.TV 2.0 app will provide integration facilities with the iTunes; thereby, facilitating users to discover related TV and movie content.

- The app will also come along with features like Push notifications that will help alert users when their favorite TV shows are aired.

- Reports indicate that i.TV 2.0 app will also feature innovative i.TV Remote Control Framework which facilitates users to exploit the app with a number of devices.

- The TiVo, which is at the planning stage for developing a remote within the i.TV framework will allow users all basic functions – surf channels, rewind, forward and fast forward, play and record their favorite movies and shows as well.

- i.TV 2.0 app also makes it possible for iPhone users to use their Apple device as a universal television remote with the help of Bluetooth , Wi-Fi or via connection with a dock connector.

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Wikipedia ‘official’ iPhone application launched

8/22/2009 10:51:00 PM - 0 comments
Wikipedia Unlock iPhone application for Apple iPhonesA new application being launched on Apple iPhone is no more a celebration, except when exclusive websites launch their app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Recently, Wikipedia created a stir by launching ‘official’ iPhone application. The launch of the app named ‘Wikipedia Mobile' by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation will be available free for download now from Apple iTunes App Store.

This Wikepedia app is termed ‘official’ since there is also other application for the iPhone which makes Wikepedia accessible. Wikepedia has been a favorite with iPhone developers who have then and now developed Wiki-style encyclopedia apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Some of the apps influenced by Wikepedia have also been much appreciated. Even, Wikimedia Foundation has gone on record to acknowledge that some features of ‘near to’ Wikepedia app are better in comparison to the official software; which in this version is mainly focusing on speed and simplicity.

Is Wikepedia iPhone app an upgrade of mobile version?

The newly launched 1.6 MB open-source Wikepedia application is considered by analysts as an upgraded and sophisticated adaptation of the mobile version of the Wikipedia website. However, one of the spectacular advantages of the iPhone app (not seen in the mobile version) is that, it provides you with the pioneering feature of saving your Wikipedia browsing history for quick access and later use.

Prime Feature focus – Wikepedia Mobile

The developers of Wikepedia Mobile iPhone app in the current and its first iPhone version is concentrating on speed and simplicity. One of the positive aspects from the promoters of this iPhone app, Wikimedia Foundation is that they are aware of their short-comings and are ardently requesting feedback from users, and welcoming suggestions from other developers and programmers as well. Wikimedia Foundation is confident that in the next version, it will be able to come up with a full-featured version of Wikepedia Mobile.

Wikepedia touches the 3 million mark

In a recent announcement, Wikipedia has confirmed that web users had contributed more than 3 million English-language articles to the user-generated website. This is an amazing achievement for Wikimedia Foundation whose mission is to spread free knowledge and pursuit everything to meet its goal.

Now with Wikepedia being accessible to millions of iPhone users worldwide; it is for sure Wikepedia has many other milestones to explore. And Wikimedia Foundation is honest in its duties to take Wikepedia to the next level by housing the source code and continuing to update the application through Apple channels with successive releases.

Posted: Seuli.B