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Apple’s MobileMe iDisk app is Finally Here!

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Apple has finally released MobileMe iDisk application for the iPhone and iPod touch after keeping ardent iPhone users in the wait for long. This free application can be downloaded from the App Store and enables iPhone and iPod touch users with MobileMe accounts to access the contents of their iDisk, which is a flattering online storage module of Apple's subscription-based online service.

MobileMe iDisk app has been long overdue since Apple made its arrival public at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June 2009. This application was listed as the forthcoming feature in Apple’s iPhone pages and since then, has garnered quite a few eyeballs. The system requirement for the application is an iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.0 and an active MobileMe subscription.

Apple’s MobileMe iDisk appMobileMe iDisk Features

- The interface for the application is very slick and easy-to-use. A user can easily navigate through the files and folders as each file folder shows you the number of items available in the folder.

- You can view files on your iDisk. Even though viewing files is limited to iPhone-supported file types, including iWork, Office, PDF, QuickTime and others. There is also a risked probability as expressed by Apple that files larger than 20MB may not be viewable.

- You can also access Public folders and quickly access recently viewed files through MobileMe iDisk app.

- You can also easily share files from your iPhone and the sharing interface brings up an email template (similar to the sharing interface on MobileMe's iDisk Web Application).

- The app has a local cache of recently viewed items, wherein the user can set the space between 50MB and 200MB.

How it works

MobileMe iDisk application allows you to view and share files stored in your iDisk. All you need to do is log in with your MobileMe username and password. You can see a list of the folders and files on your iDisk. You can either select a file to view it or just tap the Share icon to share files with others. You just have to choose your recipients, and MobileMe iDisk app will send all your recipients an email with a link to download your file directly from MobileMe. Isn’t that easy?

Moreover, MobileMe iDisk app also has measure to keep your files and data secure. You can assign a password for your files, and also limit the number of days you want the download to be made available. In short, users can effortlessly browse and view files stored on their iDisk and at the same time share files with others via integrated e-mail links and all these can be done right from your iPhone.

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News Mix: iDisk, Cydia Store and iPhone charging

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MobileMe: iDisk
Apple has finally released the iDisk application. The free 2mb app allows you to search your own documents as well as search through public folders. You can also view, share and delete you documents. Apple has also released a short tutorial video. A MobileMe account is required.

Cydia Store
About 5 months ago, the Cydia Store opened its gates. According to Jay Freeman, Cydia's developer, the Cydia users love the store. $210.000 were spend in the store for 53.000 downloads. This Number seems to be little compared to the ones from the App Store. But the developers, who publish their apps at the Cydia Store can earn a lot of money. YourTube, an application that lets you download youtube videos, got sold 1800 times in 3 days.
'Freeman, like Apple, keeps a variable percentage of the sales, depending on whether there is sales tax applicable. The percentage never tops 30%, Apple's cut for AppStore apps. Another developer's net income was over $10,000 in the first week of sales.'
via ModMyI

Use your notebook battery to charge your iPhone
Prusajr, a czech DJ, shows how you can use a simple netbook battery to charge your iPhone in this step by step guide. You can also watch a short video about it on YouTube.

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Spotify iPhone App: Can Apple See Beyond iTunes

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Spotify iPhone AppApple Inc. must have never faced a situation as this, when an application comes knocking at its door for approval to be included in its App Store and double up as a direct competition to its own iTunes music store. The center of discussion in the iPhone world now is Spotify, the hugely popular streaming music service in Europe that has submitted its iPhone app to Apple. However, analysts are doubtful if Steve Job’s Apple will approve an application that is too close to iTunes.

It all began when the Swedish streaming music startup, after a successful stint in wooing more than 6 million users in Europe, released a first glimpse at its much-awaited iPhone application as it plans to enter the U.S. market by the end of the year with the app. What instantly caught the attention was the application’s user-friendliness and comprehensive library of more than 6 million tracks. Soon tongues began wagging about a striking similarity of Spotify to Apple iTunes. The only prominent difference is that although, Spotify resembles iTunes on many counts, here the users can only stream the songs instead of owning them.

Spotify App Features – Too Similar, yet different to iTunes

The debate is hot about Spotify’s uncanny resemblance to iTunes. Sometimes it is called a potential iTunes killer, while at other times it is appreciated as the rival to piracy and a legal alternative.

- Spotify has a very clean and simple interface, exhibiting quick launch and Playlists.

- You can search for songs and build a playlist, all without owning the tracks.

- You can sync Playlists easily over Wi-Fi; and no USB cable will be required.

- On the Playlists screen, you can shuffle any playlist, or play it in order. Moreover, there is also an “offline playlists” button and you can cache playlists to listen to when the AT&T network fails or you lose connection.

- You can store up to 3,333 songs in Spotify Playlists on the iPhone.

- You can play songs continuously on Wi-Fi connection courtesy an offline playback feature, even though there are lags on the Edge and 3G networks like in planes, subways, and other places where you cannot get a proper mobile signal.

The 'Spotify' story

Spotify which adds a record 10,000 tracks a day, have agreements with record labels including Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, EMI Music and Warner Music Group that compensate them via click-through rates. It is the brainchild of Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek, who paired up after European online marketing company TradeDoubler, acquired Ek’s contextual advertising start-up Advertigo in 2006. Since then, Spotify has never looked back. They have kept the European market grooving to its music, and is all set to take the U.S markets soon, courtesy the Spotify iPhone app.

The pricing for the Spotify iPhone app is likely to be ‘free’ as the company offers an ad-supported free desktop version, interspersing tracks with occasional adverts. However, a recent update has confirmed that users can enjoy the premium service package from Spotify at the rate £9.99 per month ($16). This package comes minus the adverts, and with an improved audio quality. Spotify on an iPhone resembles an iPod with incredibly the same comprehensive library.

Will Apple approve Spotify’s iPhone app for the AppStore?

This is perhaps the BIG QUESTION doing the rounds, as most analysts believe Spotify’s iPhone app definitely shows real potential to threaten iTunes on Apple’s own iPhone turf. As Spotify representatives keep their fingers crossed as it has already been submitted for approval’ sources have revealed that Spotify will include “buy” links to the iTunes music store unlike other app.

However, there is speculation that Apple might even approve Spotify, by taking a certain percentage of Spotify’s iPhone-related revenue, and not ponder much into what app users rely to listen to music, as long as they continue buying Apple hardware to play it on. There are also reports that even in the eventuality of getting a clearance for release, music-lovers and iPhone users in the United States will have to wait until the end of 2009 for Spotify to launch its services in the U.S.

Until then, we can only wish Spotify ‘Good Luck’!

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Is your Data Secure with iPhone 3GS Encryption

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iPhone 3GS EncryptionIt was only on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 when Apple proudly announced in it financial results about the growing trust and business relationship between Apple Inc. and the corporate sector. Citing example of almost 20 percent of Fortune 100 companies having purchased 10,000 or more iPhones per company, this is considered as one of the most successful partnerships, which is anticipated to grow over the years.

However, what followed the announcement was a startling revelation by an iPhone developer and professor of forensic studies, Jonathan Zdziarski. He broke the news much to the discomfort of Apple Inc. that frequent test have indicated a fragile encryption functionality of the iPhone 3GS. According to Zdziarski, it is so easy to crack the encryption that any one can extract your confidential information (otherwise stored as encryption in the iPhone) within two minutes with regular free software available.

Clients trust on iPhone Encryption Feature questioned

The Encryption feature is undoubtedly one of the most dominant ones to have enticed the corporate clients as they go gaga over Apple iPhone 3G S. The recent statistics provided by Apple Inc. in its latest quarterly earnings conference is enough evidence of the growing popularity of iPhones easy-to-use interface and wealth of downloadable applications in the world of corporate business.

Tim Cook, the chief operating officer of Apple has revealed that while almost 20 percent of Fortune 100 companies have purchased 10,000 or more iPhones apiece, multiple corporations and government organizations have purchased 25,000 iPhones each. Moreover, the iPhone has also been approved in more than 300 institutions of higher education. And, one of the most intrinsic part of choosing iPhone is definitely the trust the device is supposed to provide in high security business information and financial data.

BIG REVELATION - Encryption of iPhone 3GS is easy to crack

Jonathan Zdziarski’s big revelation that the encryption functionality of the iPhone 3GS is too easy to crack has created a commotion in the iPhone world. Even a forensics expert has categorically claimed that the ‘flawed’ encryption feature in iPhone 3G S can be ‘broken’ and is a threat to your sensitive personal data likes credit card and social security numbers, including business information and financial data.

This encryption system in the enterprise-friendly iPhone 3G S is cited to be one of the most poorly implemented and thereby, a big security threat, according to Zdziarski. Apart from the iPhone 3GS, even the previous generation iPhone 3G or first generation iPhone did not feature encryption. Therefore, if by chance, your iPhone falls into some wrong hands; all the intruder will need is a few pieces of readily available freeware, which can extract all the live data in 2 minutes flat.

Zdziarski has also added that the one who intrudes your data can then make an entire raw disk image in about 45 minutes using popular jailbreaking tools such as Red Sn0w and Purple Ra1n to install a custom kernel on the phone. After that, all that needs to do is install Secure Shell (SSH) client to port the iPhone’s raw disk image across SSH onto a computer.

Zdziarski in a demonstration of the technique easily tapped into an iPhone 3GS’ data with a few steps. As claimed, the encryption did not pose any hindrance. Another notable fact is that the iPhone 3GS begins to decrypt the data on its own, once one begins extracting data from the device.

Will iPhone App Developers offer extra security?

It is true that most iPhone users including the corporate and business organizations are ignorant and unaware of the iPhone’s encryption flaws. At the same time, the iPhone applications are too good to resist and are increasingly attracting business groups. For example, while applications, which help process credit cards on an iPhone anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection is a favorite with the merchants handling frequent transactions; iPhone app such as Quickoffice Mobile, enables users to access and edit Microsoft Word or Excel files on their iPhone.

Now, the big question is that, with the iPhone’s poor encryption functionality posing a threat to data security, will the App developers add an extra level of security to their apps? Although, there are instances of some business-savvy apps that have already managed to integrate better security; companies however, need to be cautious about ushering too much trust in the iPhone and the available iPhone apps.

What is Apple saying?

Apple yet has declined to comment on iPhone security issues. However, the company has earlier nearly admitted that iPhones are susceptible to security threats, since an emergency measure exists. What measures Apple Inc. takes to rectify the threat perception pertaining to the device’s encryption functionality, only time will say. Until then, play safe with your iPhone.

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Navigon launches MobileNavigator iPhone App

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MobileNavigator iPhone AppGPS or navigation-based iPhone app has always been one of the most favored amongst the iPhone application developers and users alike. It will not be exaggerated to say that some of the best companies starting from Google to TomTom and Garmin have been in the fray for a sizeable pie of the GPS iPhone app market. And, the latest to join the elite panel of GPS navigation providers on the iPhone platform is Navigon, which has recently launched a U.S. version of its mobile GPS iPhone app in the United States.

Navigon AG, the leading innovator in the navigation market, but presently only a software provider, has launched an application that is equipped with maps of only North America from Navteq. The MobileNavigator transforms any iPhone 3G, equipped with the new Apple OS 3.0 operating system, and any iPhone 3G S into a complete navigation device.

Although, not much has been disclosed about the product strategy as of now as to if map updates will be provided in due course; if yes, then how often, etc. Anticipation is however, high that the maps can be persistently updated, with updates sent down to the iPhone on a regular basis.

‘Navigon Turn-By-Turn iPhone App’ Features

Navigon’s MobileNavigator, currently launched in North America and previously launched in Europe has been provided with substantial competitive features like the

- The map will flip orientations depending on how the iPhone is oriented, and will stop and resume if a phone call takes place.
- The iPhone’s large touchscreen with multi-touch functionality
- Reality View™ Pro displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit, drivers will come across.
- Lane Assistant Pro helps drivers strategize to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry.
- Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning.
- Direct Access allows navigation to contacts saved in the iPhone's address book.
- Day & Night Mode for map display
- Branded POIs and POIs along the route
- 2D and 3D map view.
- Automatic switch between portrait and landscape format
- Intelligent address entry
- Real signpost display
- It also brings some iPhone specific features like automatic switching from portrait to landscape view
- Direct navigation to an address from saved contacts
- Multi-touch zooms.

The Navigon app solution MobileNavigator is tagged at a regular price of $99.99. However, you can obtain MobileNavigator via iTunes or the iPhone App Store for a promotional price of $69.99 until August 15, 2009. At the same time, AT&T’s Navigator is priced at $10 a month and downloads maps are available as needed.

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How to: Battery percentage on every iPhone

7/23/2009 07:07:00 PM - 6 comments
Battery percentage meter on every iPhone
To know exactly how much of your battery life is remaining is a really useful thing. Apple has included the 'battery percentage' in the iPhone OS 3.0 for this reason. They made this feature 3 GS only so the iPhone classic and the 3G users can't use it although they could. The feature is hidden on the older iPhone's OS. It is quite easy to activate it. The only thing to do is to follow the instructions below.

- Access your iPhone via SSH (How to SSH into your iPhone)
- Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app
- Download M68AP.plist
- Open this file with a plist-editor
- Create a new 'boolean' in the 'capabilities' folder
- Name it 'gas-gauge-battery' (=Boolean Key) and set the value to 'true'
- Save the edited plist file and upload it to your iPhone
- Reboot your device

to activate or deactivate the battery percentage go to settings -> General -> Usage -> battery percentage

Now enjoy the 'new' feature! If you don't like it anymore, simply turn it off.



MasterCard ‘Priceless Picks’ iPhone app Launched

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MasterCard ‘Priceless Picks’At a time when the iPhone is proving handy for everything from reading newspapers, searching the bestsellers to ordering pizzas – thanks to the innovative iPhone applications that has caught the imagination of developers worldwide. MasterCard has also joined the big league with its first corporate iPhone app. MasterCard has always been known for its powerful marketing strategy and their ‘Priceless’ campaign has almost become synonymous to the Brand itself.

MasterCard Worldwide is now, all set to cash on in its ‘Priceless’ tag by recently launching the free iPhone app MasterCard Priceless Picks. Most interestingly, the Credit Card brand in this app as the location-based solution is meant to enable users find and share with their friends and family their favorite picks. It is pairing up with GPS and 3D maps to show you local deals, dining, and other issues of interest in your vicinity; and is on many counts is similar to those from Google Maps, Yelp, etc.

MasterCard ‘Priceless Picks’ Features

Certain MasterCard Priceless Picks features allow you to soar around the map in bird's-eye view, identifying locations with the popping up of color-coordinated bubbles. Red for dining, blue for shopping, orange for "Priceless" items, to mention a few. Furthermore, the application also makes use of the iPhone’s GPS technology in finding good shopping deals, dining venues, entertainment options, and many others.

In short, the MasterCard ‘Priceless Picks’ features worth mentioning are:

- User-generated content, including partner generated offers
- ‘Send to a Friend’ allows sharing your Priceless Picks with others via email.
- Five categories for the app that includes Priceless, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and Others
- Pinpoints Priceless Picks in your selected location.
- Add your own ‘Priceless Pick’ by just inputting the name, description and location along with your first name and a Priceless Pick category.

MasterCard iPhone App – Second time lucky?

MasterCard has made the best effort to make sure that this second app under its brand name garners the same amount of craze and popularity as its first iPhone app - MasterCard ATM Hunter, which offers users the opportunity to locate the nearest ATM, anywhere around the globe. This has been one of the many attempts by MasterCard to enhance user experience; and the best part about this iPhone app from MasterCard is that, it can be quickly downloaded ‘Free’ from the Apple App Store.

All in all, the app's description on iTunes which quotes “The perfect bench to catch a sunset, the best pizz on earth, a secret spot to watch the world go by - we call them "Priceless Picks", and they're all here, submitted by people like you” rightly summarizes what the iPhone app has in store for you.

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Pizza Hut iPhone app – Ordering Pizza is Fun!

7/20/2009 08:58:00 PM - 1 comments
Pizza Hut iPhone app–Ordering Pizza is FunAre you hungry and craving for fresh pizzas with pepperonis and sausages? Well, if you busy stuck up in a meeting or entertaining friends, you need not waste your time anymore looking put for the pizza catalogue; because now mobile ordering of pizza comes easy and fast with the new iPhone App from Pizza Hut – America’s and the world’s favorite pizza destination.

The Pizza Hut iPhone app is available with a number of cool functionalities that make ordering pizza even more a joy other than its easy to use features. All you need to do to order your favorite crust, topics or sauce is to can tap it, tilt it, drag it, drop it, shake it, pinch it, stretch it and order it. The application also comes with a fun game – The Hut Racer that keeps you glued until the Pizza Boy rings your doorbell and delivers your order.

Pizza Hut iPhone app features

- The app has integrated innovative iPhone features like the accelerometer and the multitouch display into the ordering process.

- You do not require a dialing number, nor do you need to interact with anyone to order your favorite pizza from Pizza Hut. Just place your order through the iPhone.

- Zoom in on your virtual fridge for the hottest deals on your favorite Pizza Hut pizza, pasta and wings.

- Save your favorite orders.

- Find the nearest Pizza Hut location ‘Free’ with the location finder in the application.

- The app also comes with a Hut Racer game, where you just need to tilt the iPhone to control the way your car will move. You have to avoid the obstacles on the road and reach its destination within the best time possible.

Shake your way to your favorite Pizza

Build your own choice of Pizza by ‘Scroll & tap’ to pick your crust; ‘Pinch & stretch’ to change your size; ‘Drag & drop’ your toppings and ‘Tilt to adjust’ the toppings. Similarly, to order Pizza Hut’s delicious wings from your iPhone, ‘tap’ your favorite type of wings; ‘Scroll & tap’ to choose your sauce; ‘Shake’ to sauce your wings and ‘Tap’ to order more or less. Isn’t that fun?

For the new-age customers

If you think, your life revolves around your iPhone and cannot simply live without it, Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer, Brian Niccol thinks Pizza Hut iPhone app can definitely be the solution when you are hungry. It is also a great tool for the GenNext who are somewhat bored with the conventional methods of ordering pizza by text message, web site ordering, mobile web site ordering and Facebook ordering system. In summary, ordering pizza, pasta or wings with sauce from your iPhone with the help of the Pizza Hut iPhone App is definitely appealing for the new age customers.

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Rowmote - Remote Control for Mac & Apple TV

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Some years ago Apple shipped a remote with most of the Macs. Nowadays you have to pay 20$ if you want one. But why should someone use a remote and pay if he already has an iPhone? Rowmote is a great App that helps you to remote control your Mac. The only condition is that your Mac and your iPhone have to be connected to the same Network.

Remote Control for Mac & Apple TVFeatures
The Application works exactly like Apple's remote control. It allows you to control your Mac or Apple TV wirelessly. The Application's design looks quite similar to Apple's remote control. you can control the applications on your mac with this Application. The App is $0.99.

Rowmote Pro
Rowmote Pro is a bit more expensive than Rowmote ($4.99) but it is definitely worth it. Apart from the usual Rowmote, it offers a wireless trackpad to control your mouse which works exactly like the MacBook trackpad and a wireless keyboard. with this app you can control your whole mac, with only the tap of your finger!
Other features:
- landscape keyboard and trackpad
- two finger scrolling
- right click
- no screen size limitation
-keyboard (dis)appears by shaking the device
- and more

The setup is as easy as it can be. You simply have to download and install 'rowmote helper' from rowmote.com and enter 4 numbers.

Supported Applications
With Rowmote you can control the following applications on your Mac:
- Boxee
- DVD Player
- iPhoto
- iTunes
- keynote 08 & 09
- Powerpoint 04 & 08
- Quicktime
- and more

This Application is definitely one of my favorite apps in the App Store. I Use it very often and it is worth the money.



Google Search with My Location for iPhone 3.0

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As the world awaits new features and applications to be slowly made accessible to the users with the release of iPhone 3.0, Google introduces Search with My Location for iPhone 3.0. This is available by using the mobile Safari web browser on iPhone. On visiting Google.com you can see a text below search box written ‘New!’

The best part about this new presentation from Google is that, while you are already enjoying the Google Maps application with the same built-in functionality in iPhone, this My Location search feature will definitely bring you closer to desktop experience.

Google Search for iPhone 3.0
How it works

- Browse Google.com from Safari on your iPhone 3.0

- Choose to turn on My Location by tapping on the link on the homepage. You can find restaurants, shops, bars and hotels to put up for the night located in your vicinity. On clicking on the hyper link ‘My Location’, Safari will show up a pop-up inquiring if you wish to allow Safari to use your current location.

- To allow Safari to use your location, you will have to tap on the "update" link, and your location will be updated and displayed (a blue dot will show up below the search box along with your current location) right there on the homepage.

- It's not automatic; that means you'll have to update your location every time you want to perform a new search for local listings. So, whenever you want to refresh your location, just tap the "update" link.

- You can also turn off this option from preferences.

Google 'My Location' Features

- 'My Location' from Safari is available in English in the US and UK. Multinational and multilingual combination will also be soon made available.

- You can also search with My Location using Google Mobile App, available from the iPhone App Store.

- Google promises to abide by stringent privacy policy, and will not use your location in search unless you clearly favor using it. Moreover, you can also disable the feature from Preferences at the bottom of the homepage any time you wish to.

Well, Google intends to make searching the world around you as easy and informative as searching the web. Do you think Google has come closer to its objective with ‘My Location’ ?

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