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iPhone 3Gs Unlock - 3.0 Firmware

6/28/2009 02:54:00 PM - 4 comments

How many of you have been using the Apple iPhone, but have never tried to unlock it? Is it because you are happy with what you have or are you apprehensive of experiencing ‘a revolution’? Well, I’d say, it’s true as we sometimes resort to the famous saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’; but what about missing the fun and adventure when the whole of iPhone world goes crazy about iPhone unlocking and iPhone Jailbreak.

I have tried to make a careful study about the apprehensions regarding the unlocking or jailbreaking of iPhone; and the results I found are quite startling. It is not always that people are happy with what they have, but they still do not want to try unlocking. Most of the iPhone user’s apprehension to opt for iPhone unlocking or Jailbreaking is due to their lack of proper knowledge or clarity of concepts relating to the same. Many of them I spoke to weren’t too sure about the differences between Unlock iPhone and Jailbreak.

Unlock iPhone vs. Jailbreak

Well, iPhone jailbreaking refers to the process that allows the installation of 3rd party applications on iPhone, and it’s applicable to all versions of firmwares. While, unlocking iPhone refers to the process which allows your iPhone to open up and accept all carriers, i.e. you can use the service of any carriers and is no longer bound to Apple’s 1 iPhone 1 carrier policy. This gives the iPhone users a wider choice and puts to rest the monopoly of a single carrier (viz. AT&T) approved by Apple.

Although there is a cloud of doubt about the credibility of jailbreak iPhone or the actual need for third party applications in presence of the App Store, here are a few reasons why:

You can Install 3rd party applications via Cydia and Installer

It is undoubtedly true that the App Store has some of the path breaking application in store for you. However, you really need to come across through Cydia and Installer to actually know what you have been missing all along. Do you know, many of the iPhone applications that could not make it to the App Store due to certain technical reasons pertaining to Apple’s T&C have been highly applauded and are doing brisk business on Cydia. A few such app include

* iPhoneModem – Use of iPhone as modem, and even connect your laptop to Internet via iPhone
* MxTube – Download and save YouTube video on iPhone
* Mame4iPhone – Play arcade game on iPhone
* NemusSync – Sync iPhone calendar with Google Calendar

Winterboard themes - Change the Look & Feel of your iPhone

If you think the regular icons that come with iPhone is boring, here’s a reason for you to jailbreak iPhone. A jailbreak iPhone allows you to use Winterboard and choose to apply theme on iPhone to make your own style statement.

iPhone Geeks can have Full control of your iPhone

Not of much interest to the non-techies though, for geeks, securing full control of the iPhone to carry out further research and development and is the ardent need to jailbreak iPhones. Moreover, with iPhone jailbreak, you can also install a lightweight version of HTTP server and other similar servers. One of the most popular servers amongst Jailbreak iPhone users is a SSH daemon. The best part about SSH is that, you can connect to iPhone remotely and transfer any file to/from it.
Unlock iPhone to know what you have been missing!

Ask anyone why they Jailbreak and the most common answer will be ‘To Unlock’.

Well, if you are not too sure where to seek advice for trusted and reliable services in iPhone unlocking, you may check out www.easyiphoneunlocking.com and meet the experts there for a tailor-made solution.

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News Mix: videos, wrong icons and wrong color

6/27/2009 05:04:00 PM - 1 comments
After every release of a new software or software version many user complain about it's childhood illnesses. So they do after the release of iPhone OS 3.0. One of those is a quite strange one. It seems that the OS 3.0 plays something like 'musical chairs' with the application's icons. This is quite annoying because the application you open has the icon of another application and most of the iPhone users recognize the apps only because of their icon. So it could happen that you open a wrong application. It seems that the only way to get rid of this issue is to restore your phone. We hope that Apple fixes this bug as soon as possible.

Check iPhone 3GS availability
Follow this link to see if the new iPhone 3 GS is available in the store in your neighbourhood.

Wrong Color
The new white iPhone 3 GS could change its color from white to pink! How? Just use GPS and UMTS a long time and a pink ring will be 'burned' into the backside of your iPhone! After this report and some others of its kind (yellowish 3 GS displays) it seems that the new iPhone gets produced very sloppy. We'll see how Apple will react after this problems.

Tutorial videos
We would like to remind you on our tutorial videos. They all show a step by step guide.
- How to order a brand new iPhone 3 GS without an AT&T plan
- How to make custom webclip icons
- How to SSh into your iPhone



Find Online Images with GazoPa iPhone App

6/23/2009 05:52:00 PM - 0 comments
It might have happened many a times when you badly wished you had a camera or an iPhone to click something unique and find more about it. Well, you still can find about it. All you need to do is just sketch the features on your iPhone with your fingers and GazoPa, the iPhone app for finding online images will do it for you.

Since the launch of Gazopa for iPhone Application by Hitachi early this year in April, the iPhone application has been quite a rage. Thanks to its amazing feature that allows users to search for similar images on the web, just by uploading any photo captured with camera on iPhone.

This has been highly popular with iPhone users since they can search for any images similar to what they see in front of them, without typing any words. In short, GazoPa iPhone app enables you to draw an image with your finger, take a photo with the iPhone camera, or load a source image stored on your iPhone and find images that match the original.

There is also provision of searching similar images using user's drawing as well. This way, GazoPa iPhone App allows the search of images which the user has in mind and has drawn it by visualization. Because, many a times you might see something and it leaves an impression in your mind; but becomes hard to find a similar image, nor do you get words to exactly describe it.

GazoPa Features at a glance

- GazoPa is compatible with any iPhone or second-generation iPod touch running the iPhone 2.2.1 software update or later.

- Apart from images found using keyword searches, GazoPa also allows users' own photos and drawings, and images found on the Web, as search keys to locate similar images.

- GazoPa can support not only photos but also the search of video thumbnails.

- The search of images is made possible by using image features such as color, layout, shape and the ability to filter by size.

- The app works by analyzing the angles and lines of the source image and finding matches online. On finding the required image, you can view it on your phone (from within GazoPa) or in the mobile Safari browser. You can also e-mail the match to anyone or store it in your camera roll.

- The app searches support both images and video. You can search either images or only videos. An image-size setting is also available. The best part is that, you can reposition the source image and zoom in or out to improve results while searching.

- The tool also has a safe search setting which is believed to weed out explicit photos and videos. However, Hitachi has indicated that there are still some flaws like in the app’s filter, which have been worked on.

How GazoPa App works

GazoPa iPhone App works by analyzing the angles and lines of the source image and searching for relevant matches online. On the realization of your required image, you can view it on your iPhone (from within GazoPa) or in the mobile Safari browser. You can also store the match for future use and even e-mail it to others as well.

GazoPa offers excellent customization options by which you can control search criteria such as color, layout, shape, and face that will determine the kinds of results you see. Moreover, the app also allows repositioning of the source image and zoom in or out to improve results, other than a setting called ‘image-size’

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How to order a brand new iPhone 3 GS without an AT&T plan

6/21/2009 08:28:00 PM - 13 comments

Many people want to order the new iPhone but they just don't want to sign a contract with AT&T. There are several reasons for this. Maybe the plan is just to expensive or they don't know where they will be the next years. The following video shows, how you can order the new iPhone 3GS without a AT&T plan. The 16 GB one is 599 $ and the 32GB iPhone 3GS is 699$

You will need one of this Apple IDs:
iPhone 3GS 16GB Black: MB715LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB White: MB716LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB Black: MB717LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB White: MB718LL/A

Also required:
- Firefox
- Firebug

We found this 'trick' on italkiphone.com and they say it works, but we have NOT tested it yet. A similar trick also worked for refurbished macs. This works only for the US Apple Store.



Apple's iPhone 3G S: Haven’t You Made a Pre-Order Yet?

6/18/2009 09:14:00 PM - 0 comments

Apple Inc. is reported to be on the verge of recording yet another unprecedented pre-order session for the new iPhone 3G S. Well, this seems like we have heard it several times over the last 3 years since iPhone’s were first released in mid-2007. However, the best part is that Apple never stop only by just basking on the appreciation; but went on to offer its loyal customer something MORE to look up to every year.

As the iPhone 3G S is slated to reach the U.S markets on Friday, June 19 2009, along with a few other countries (list provided); to be more precise the much-awaited device will be up for sale in the United States starting at 8 a.m. (in all time zones) next Friday. Reports have also come in that some AT&T stores will open even earlier, at 7 a.m., for those to pickup the pre-ordered iPhone 3G S. Wow! Apple is really having their cash registers ringing.

If you are one of those who haven’t yet made a pre-order for your iPhone 3G S, you still stand a chance to receive your consignment of the new Apple iPhone 3G S device by Friday, June the 19th. Because, as per reports from reliable sources, there are still possibilities that the iPhone 3G S pre-order stock is not sold out yet. Check out the few places in the United States and pre-order NOW!

Apple Store: According to representatives at numerous Apple Store locations across the United States, you can still place pre-orders online and receive a phone on Friday, So, this may be your confirmed chance to walk out with the new iPhone 3G S this week.

AT&T: All those who have placed an order with AT&T prior to June 12, 2009 are expected to get their delivery of the new device on Friday the 19th June. However, all those who have made a pre-order after the 13th of June in person or via At&T website will have to wait for a week more. However, with some AT&T stores opening early on Friday morning at 7 a.m, you may still take a chance.

Best Buy: In spite of Best Buy still accepting pre-orders till date, there is quite a bit of apprehension amongst store representative, if the pre-order stock will still be available by tomorrow. Reports indicate that AT&T and Best Buy have sold out their pre-order allotments of the iPhone 3G S, slated to go on sale on June 19, but Apple revealed that it still was taking early orders till date.

However, confusion still persists regarding the actual availability of pre-ordered stocks. It all started when A representative of Apple Inc, has however, stressed that the June 19 date announced by the company is just an ‘estimate’. The pre-order delivery of the iPhone 3G S will be made within 7-14 days of placing the order and that too will be shipped on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’.

Wal-Mart: Although Wal-Mart is not taking pre-orders, the retail giant has promised to keep iPhone 3G S readily available on Friday on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you haven’t placed an order yet and are still eying the new smartphone from Apple, then you surely know what to do - get up early and get in line.

The iPhone 3G S is priced at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. And, both models are available in black and white. However, the big question is ‘Are you aware of the dates when the iPhone 3G S will be launched in your country. Here’s the consolidated checklist for you:


New iPhone 3G s Features

6/15/2009 11:59:00 AM - 2 comments
Deciding between the cheap $99 and so last year iPhone 3G and the latest $199 or $299 iPhone 3GS. Thankfully, you can decide with this iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS feature chart.

All speculations and rumors have been put to rest as Apple® introduced to the world the new iPhone™ 3G S. Connoted as the fastest and the most powerful iPhone ever, the device also comes with incredibly new and improved features including enhanced speed and performance—up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G—with longer battery life, a high-quality 3 mega pixel auto focus camera, easy to use video recording and hands free voice control, etc to name a few.

3 megapixel autofocus camera: This new feature is an asset that takes amazing pictures and video, with easy capture, editing and photo sharing functions. You can consider this new autofocus camera to adjust focus, color, contrast and exposure, for excellent image quality. It also includes an automatic macro focus for extra close up shots. All you need to do with the new ‘Tap to focus’ feature is just tap the display to select an object/ area of interest. The camera will automatically re-adjust focus and exposure.

You can also record very high-quality video clips and edit them right on your iPhone 3G S by just trimming the start and stop points. Moreover, the iPhone 3G S also helps you send photos and video by email or MMS and even post them to MobileMe™ or YouTube with just one tap.

Voice control: Voice control feature in iPhone 3G S offers hands free operation for the functioning of both the iPhone and the iPod. You just need to simply speak the appropriate commands into the built-in microphone or headset microphone to dial by name or number. This feature also follows instructions to the iPhone like ‘pause the music’, ‘play the next track’, ‘turn on shuffle or even ask, ‘What’s playing right now?’ With this voice control feature, you can play your favorite music by artist, album or playlist and activate the Genius feature by saying “play more songs like this.”

Digital compass: Digital compass is the new built-in feature in iPhone 3G S. This feature can be used for instant navigation. The Compass app show direction in which you are moving and promptly rotates as you change your path/direction. This feature is also integrated within Maps, so it automatically orients any map to the direction you are facing. Moreover, the iPhone’s built-in GPS also help in automatically displaying the coordinates of your current location.

VoiceOver: The latest accessibility feature from iPhone included in the iPhone 3G S is VoiceOver, which is a screen reader that speaks what appears on the iPhone 3G S display. This is a revolutionary feature that enables visually impaired iPhone users to read email, browse web pages, make calls, play music and even run applications. The iPhone 3G S also has feature like Mono Audio catering to those with hearing loss in one ear. It functions by combining left and right audio channels so that they can be heard in both earbuds.

Advance mobile OS iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone 3G S

Most importantly, the new iPhone 3G S comes with the world’s most advanced mobile operating system iPhone OS 3.0, which again comes with over 100 new features. A few of these includes:
• Cut, Copy and Paste
• Spotlight Search to search across iPhone or within Mail
• Contacts, Calendar and iPod
• Landscape keyboard for Mail
• Messages, Notes and Safari®
• Expanded parental controls for TV shows
• Movies and apps from the App Store
• Ability to capture and send audio recordings on the go with the new Voice Memo app.
• New iTunes features like downloading movies wirelessly, TV and audio programs as well as iTunes U, for students to download learning materials on the go.

The iPhone 3G now Available at $99 – Unbelievable but True!

Following the announcement and release of the new iPhone 3G S, the iPhone 3G 8GB model will be made available at $99 much to the delight of consumers worldwide. Apple’s senior vice president Philip Schiller of Worldwide Product Marketing considers this as a celebration and a win-win situation for both Apple and all the people who would like to own this incredible smartphone from Apple - the iPhone 3G.


iPhone OS 3.0 Will Allow Redownloading of Apps

6/14/2009 10:25:00 AM - 4 comments
Have you installed iTunes 8.2 and synced it to your computer authorized with your iTunes account? Well, these are the priorities for re-downloading of purchased applications for free in the iPhone 3.0 firmware.
iPhone 3G S - v 3.0
A couple of weeks ago, it so happened that users when running the iPhone OS 3.0 beta discovered that they were unable to re-download the iPhone applications which they had purchased. This was in spite of the message from the App Store which clearly stated “You've already purchased this. You can redownload it for free on your computer, or tap Buy to buy it again”.

In spite of that, users were not able to re-download it. On further investigation, it was found that ‘not all’ iPhone users were deprived of the re-downloading facility. A careful study of the issue revealed that this message is only meant for users who had not updated to the new iTunes 8.2 software.

This new version further adds some logic that notifies a device what iTunes accounts are authorized on the computer. Many users who were using the beta releases of iTunes were not prompted with an available update and found no reason to upgrade. At the same time, those users’ devices were never getting the authorization information to pass on to the App Store when they tried re-downloading apps.

However, some users are also receiving the old message which instructed them to go and re-download the app for free. Well, you now know what was stopping you from re-downloading the app. Go for it.


Apple WWDC keynote - round up

6/09/2009 01:59:00 PM - 1 comments

Apple has announced a lot of new things on yesterdays WWDC keynote. Here's what:

iPhone 3G S - The new iPhone

Apple has finally announced a new iPhone - The iPhone 3G S! It is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet ( what a surprise). Here is a short summary of it's new features:

- camera: The iPhone 3G S has a completely new camera (3MP). It supports Autofokus, better photos if it is dark and video-recording. According to Apple it is going to be the most used mobile phone camera on YouTube.

- Voice Control: With the new iPhone you can dial a number, call a friend and use the iPod App with the sound of your finger. To activate it you simply have to press and hold the home button for 1 second.

- VoiceOver:The same thing works also the other way round. If it is needed, the new iPhone reads the things, which are displayed on your screen.

- Integrated compass: The new iPhone has an integrated compass that can be used with Google Maps, Navigation Software or just to orientate yourself.

- Nike+ Support

- Improved battery live: Internet use: 9h (6h 3g), listen to music 30h (24h), Talk time up to 12h (10h)

The new iPhone will be available on June 19th. There will be a 16GB (199$, AT&T) and a 32 GB (299$, AT&T) iPhone. The iPhone 3G with 8GB is still buyable for 99$ (AT&T).

- Design: As you can see in this TV comercial, Apple has NOT changed the design of the new iPhone compared to the iPhone 3G. So the pictures we showed you are a fake, or maybe a picture of the next iPhone after the iPhone 3G S?

If you want some more information about the new iPhone you can watch Apple's guided tour.

iPhone OS 3.0

Most of the things Apple presented at the WWDC about the new iPhone OS were already known from the special event in March (-> Article). The only really new thing was, that AT&T wont support tethering and MMS for the first few Months.

It will be available on June 17th worldwide! OS 3.0 is free for iPhone users. iPod Touch users have to pay 9,99$ for the update.

Non-iPhone News

Appart from the new iPhone 3G S and the iPhone OS 3.0 Apple has also announced some new Mac and Mac OS specific Updates

MacBook (Pro)

Apple has Updated or/and lowered the prices of their complete Notebook series.
the 15" one now has a SD Card slot, an improved Battery (7h battery live). The cheapest model is 1699$.
The MacBook Air (1499$) and the 17" Macbook Pro (2499$) are now sold cheaper.
The smalest Macbook with a 13" screen is now caled MacBook Pro instead of only Macbook. It also comes with a Sd Card slot and a better battery. It supports fireWire 800.

Mac OS

Snow Leopard will be shipping in September. Apple said that they wanted to improve Leopard, which they love. So the main things they did were refinements. Leopard Users will have to pay 29$ for an upgrade.

Safari 4

Finally, Apple's web-browser Safari 4 is out. It is the fastest web-browser on any platform. The new Safari is available today for Mac and PC.

Watch the WWDC
If you are interested in watching the WWDC you can do that if you follow this link! The Video is about 2h 15 min long.



New iPhone photos part 2

6/07/2009 06:31:00 PM - 1 comments

There are a lot of rumors around the web these days about the new iPhone. Some of theme seem realistic and some not. We are not a big fan of such rumors. most of them are simply a big lie. But the photo, which you can see below this text, could really be the next gen. iPhone. We've had enough of words! A picture says more than a thousand words, so here it is:

We'll tell you tomorrow, if this is really the new iPhone or just a fake and about everything else, that apple is going to present us at the keynote. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and I'm sure most of you, too!


Walt Mossberg presents -All Things Digital app for iPhone

6/07/2009 06:22:00 PM - 0 comments

Noted ‘highest paid’ reporter Walt Mossberg also nicknamed the ‘Kingmaker’ traversed another media border on May 18, 2009 by launching his own All Things Digital iPhone app at the Apple’s (AAPL) App Store. He along with fellow Journal writer Kara Swisher hosts and produces the Journal’s annual D: All Things Digital conference.
All Things Digital since its inception has been dedicatedly providing its audience complete analysis, news and opinions about the digital revolution. The All Things Digital website is an online sequel of the conference where Mossberg and Swisher — with their colleagues Peter Kafka and John Paczkowski — cover technology news around the clock. Herein, the industry celebrities appear onstage and unscripted to answer to a volley of questionnaires from Kara and Walt.

Digital revolution news & analysis on the iPhone

However, on Sunday Walt Mossberg has attempted a feat which is appropriate for business expansion in this hi-tech world of smartphones like iPhones. By introducing All Things Digital the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch, it can invariably reach out to a wide audience than ever before. The app has posts and columns – already available on the website; including news, product reviews, analysis and video.

The press release launching the iPhone app quotes Walt Mossberg offering to deliver accurate and entertaining news, reviews and commentary. It also promises to offer quality experience and improved features like engaging photos and daily video initiative. All in all, this application for iPhone will offer exclusive content from AllThingsD.com and the D conference.

‘All Things Digital’ - Features and tools

Walt Mossberg’s Personal Technology and Mossberg’s Mailbox columns, his videos and his Mossblog
Kara Swisher’s BoomTown, John Paczkowski’s Digital Daily and Peter Kafka’s MediaMemo blogs and video
Katherine Boehret’s Mossberg Solution column and videos
Each journalist’s section is made exclusive by specific color schemes and headshots. That also includes stylized icons that emphasize each writer’s personality and beat.
The application is available 365x24x7 and you can access the site’s daily columns, blog posts, or videos on the fly, and stay informed of breaking news from the digital technology world.
Enabling users to choose their favorite sections and personalize the content, with the help of customized navigation.
You’ll be able to post article links and text descriptions directly to Twitter and Facebook, or email them to a friend
Galleries of D conference videos and photos including the full 2007 historic joint appearance by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Coverage of live D7 conference throughout the May 26-28, 2009 event.

All Things Digital: the user-friendly iPhone App

All Things Digital iPhone app developed using the NewsGator iPhone Media Application Framework is designed, so as to include all the news and reviews from the web site AllThingsD.com. It is a slick and sophisticated mobile application Walt Mossberg is confident, the iPhone and iPod touch users will enjoy.
It may take a couple of minutes the first time you download the app, to draw in a backlog of previous posts and stories. However, from the next time onwards, things are expected to be smoother and quicker. Because, from the next time it only searches the web site for updates since you last logged on. The All Things Digital app is available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

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Yahoo! Messenger iPhone app latest feature - ‘Press and Speak’

6/05/2009 04:56:00 PM - 0 comments
It has not been too long ago when Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone was launched amidst much fanfare. And, for all those who are following this development minutely, here’s good news for you all. Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone v. 1.1 will now come with voice search.

Yahoo! seems to be quite committed and excited about the response its new iPhone app has generated in this short period. Reports indicate that Yahoo! is also contemplating reprioritizing some products also, as a means to offer a better user-experience to its consumers on mobile. There is also news doing the rounds that Yahoo! has taken quick and appropriate action in fixing up some log-in issues experienced by some users in Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone v. 1.1.

Moreover, the addition of this new feature of ‘voice search’ can be considered the first step forward in its realization of offering improved technology and services to its consumers.

‘Press and Speak’ feature from Yahoo! Messenger iPhone app

According to a recent report, Yahoo! has already added its voice-enabled search program to its iPhone app. However, the new capability is yet to arrive on an iPhone through an update, as it is still being rolled out. For all those who can’t wait to experience this indomitable ‘voice search’ feature from Yahoo app can download it free right now from iTunes app store.

The best part of this new feature is that Yahoo Mobile 1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch enables voice searches in all the places wherever the search bar is located in the app. All you have to do is press the oneSearch field; you will be able to see the large gray tab prompting you to ‘Press and Speak’ your inquiry. You can already find the voice recognition, called oneSearch, available for Windows Mobile, Nokia and BlackBerry phones.

Voice Recognition app: Google vs. Yahoo!

The voice recognition or ‘voice search’ feature in Yahoo! iPhone app invites comparison with the Google app for the iPhone, which also has similar voice recognition feature. The basic difference with Google's voice app is that, while Google's voice app by all appearances allows permission to break Apple's development rules, the Yahoo! iPhone app does not allow you to bring the phone closer to your ear to activate the voice prompt.

At a Glance: The other Yahoo! Messenger iPhone 1.1 features

Custom status message:
 You can set in your online status by typing a message of your choice (including a web link).

Instant Messaging:
 This is the main function of Yahoo! Messenger that allows you to network with your friends via IM.

Photo Sharing:
 Share photos (stored in iPhone or a ‘just clicked’ picture) with your contacts.

Special idle state:
 The app automatically sets your status to “Idle” when you have moved away to another browser from IM.

Stealth Settings:
 You can stay invisible even when you are online and can even choose user(s) who can see you when you are available.

Report a Problem” feature:
 This feature has been recently introduced to help you convey any of your YM usage problems to the Messenger team. You can view the tab “Report a Problem”, under the Settings icon.

Recent conversations archive:
 You can choose to save and store recent conversation with your contacts for future reference.

Landscape keyboard mode:
 This very useful mode of the app allows you to just flip the iPhone on its side and type away.

The general mood amongst iPhone users availing Yahoo! Messenger services is quite optimistic and ecstatic. They are hopeful that this iPhone app will prove to an asset for all those who are on the move and need to keep connected to their base.

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Rumor: Is this the new iPhone?

6/04/2009 03:04:00 PM - 1 comments
A few days before WWDC it seems that everybody wants to tell us how the next iPhone could look like. This is quite confusing! But now iSpazio, an italian iPhone Blog, shows two fotos, which they got from tipsters. Both show a hazy screenshot from Apple's development web server. The first picture shows the 'new' iPhone with a front camera, a higher speaker and the new app 'voice Memo'. You can also see that the next generation iPhone may be totally black. The second one shows the ability to use internet tethering on your iPhone. Are the Pictures fake or not? We'll have to wait until monday to get an answer to this question.

Unlock & Jailbreak iPhone
Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone



Apple Releases iTunes 8.2 with Support for iPhone 3.0

6/03/2009 08:29:00 PM - 0 comments

The iPhone world has been rife with buzz about the soon to be made released smartphone operating system. However, all speculations were put to rest by Apple Inc. on Monday, June 1, 2009, when it officially released iTunes 8.2 with support for iPhone 3.0. This is indeed a positive indication for the soon-to-come smartphone operating system.

All eyes are on the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) to be held at San Francisco the following week (June 8-12, 2009) and there is high optimism in the technology circuit that Apple might release iPhone 3.0 out of beta in this much-awaited event. However, there has been no official confirmation yet about Apple’s plans on the same.

Analysts believe that the Monday’s release of the iTunes 8.2 makes the probabilities for the release of the iPhone 3.0 even more likely. Another indication comes in the form of Apple appealing to developers to develop programs compatible to the forthcoming OS, and will only then be accepted at the App Store. Many consider this as part of Apple’s bigger marketing strategy to gradually prepare the industry and the consumers of its forthcoming product.

Reviews: Thumbsup for iPhone 3.0

Since the introduction of iPhone 3.0 in March 2009, which is presently in beta; expectations have been quite high on this new software. Several new features have been introduced in this new version of the software, which are mainly considered to be consumer friendly - a universal search function, cut and paste and multimedia text capabilities.

Apart from these, iPhone 3.0 also opens up opportunities for peer-to-peer multiplayer capabilities and apps with third-party hardware, along with more innovative and lucrative apps by enabling in-app purchasing. Apple Inc. also takes pride in adding new features to its V1 wireless headset. It allows the user issue voice commands that can control the headset as well as the cell phone. Generally speaking, it’s a win-win state and appropriately thumbsup for iPhone 3.0.

iTunes 8.2 to offer apt support for iPhone 3.0

iTunes 8.2, which is an update to its music jukebox software and online store interface for the Mac and Windows is slated to support iPhones and iPod Touches equipped with the iPhone 3.0 software update. You can easily download it through the Software Update system preference. Apple has also indicated that other improvements related to accessibility and bug fixes have also been made.
Moreover, Apple is also keen on improving security in iTunes 8.2. There are reports that Apple has improved bounds checking in iTunes 8.2 to prevent a stack buffer overflow problem that could otherwise, lead to unexpected app termination or arbitrary code execution.

iPhone-Dev Team Forbids Potential Jailbreaker ‘Not to Install iTunes 8.2’

With the official release of Apple iTunes 8.2 comes along a stern warning to all the prospective iPhone jailbreakers - ‘Avoid installing iTunes 8.2 for the time being’. Reports suggest that iTunes 8.2 update changes the way your computer talks to the device. Although, iPhone enthusiasts consider this as completely unintentional on the part of Apple Inc., it is a fact that this will affects things like QuickPwn and PwnageTool when they try to identify what’s connected. Moreover, chances are also high that SSH over USB breaks and that too due to same reasons.

Therefore, iPhone Dev-Team recommends prospective jailbreakers to avoid this latest version of iTunes – iTunes 8.2 until a fix is made available to the public.