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How to make custom webclips on iPhone/iPod Touch

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Webclips are a very useful thing on the iPhone. But a lot of websites don't offer a webclip icon. If you want to make a webclip of that website you just see a little screenshot of the website on your homescreen. This does not look good and can be really confusing. The following Video tutorial shows, how to make a webclip with a custom webclip icon for any website!

For those of you who still don't know what a webclip is:
It's an icon, that is located on your homescreen. If you tap on it the belonging website opens in safari.

Please tell us if you liked the video or not and the reason for your opinion.

If you want to include a webclip icon for your own website, simply add the following metatag to your website's header.
 <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/customIcon.png"/>

The Icon should be 57 * 57 px and has to be a *.png file.



Warner Bros to launch 40 new iPhone App

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At a time when Morgan Stanley has predicted that the iPhone app sales would reach $1 billion in 2009, the apps market is considered to signify a profitable and fast-growing business. This prediction has led to several business entities enter the iPhone app market and try their luck.

Warner Bros. Digital Entertainment, the pioneers in the world of media entertainment has announced its plan to launch the release of 40 iPhone applications by the end of the year. Industry analyst consider this a vital strategic move by the media giant to acquire new positioning as a major distributor of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Warner Bros. until now has launched about 15 apps, including the one representing its forthcoming film 'Terminator Salvation’. While most Warner apps sell for 99 cents, Warner Digital Distribution director of worldwide marketing Stephanie Bohn is hopeful that consumers will be willing to pay more if they see value in the app. This theory has been inducted in its new app ‘The Terminator: Salvation Graphic Novel’, which is currently being sold at a price of $3.99. Warner is even heard to have considered price points of $5.99, $7.99 and up for future apps.

Warner eying iPhone app developers for expansion

Reports also suggest that the studio (Warner Bros.) besides positioning itself as an end-to-end app distributor is also in to some extent, trying to lend a hand to developers in developing their apps and businesses. Bohn is optimistic about cashing on its accessibility to developers in comparison to Apple (with whom it is impossible to have a direct call), by spending time discussing with them at least on a weekly basis. Sources reveal that while a few of the app (from the yet to come 40 app) will roll out from its theatrical unit and Warner Interactive, the rest will be developed on contract from outside developers.

Their foray into the iPhone app market has made quite a splash with the release of several high-profile apps tied to "Terminator Salvation" and other major film and DVD releases. However, inside sources has revealed that Warner Bros. is working in tandem with developers on a much wider range of game, comic book and entertainment apps – all of which are not attached to Warner properties.

Warner Bros. joins the league of ‘Studio’ iPhone app distributors

With its foray into the iPhone app market, Warner Bros. joins the big league of studios developing apps amidst film properties. While Paramount just released "Star Trek" comic book apps with iVerse, in addition to its "Top Gun" and other movie-related game apps; Sony has an "Angels and Demons" game app, and Disney put out a Fairies game app the previous year in conjunction to its DVD premiere release, called ‘Tinker Bell’.

Warner is optimistic that in the next few years it would lead the bandwagon of iPhone app developers. It has already managed to create a niche for itself with the release of app like The Dark Knight: Batmobile (the studio's first app), followed by real time street brawler game app like ‘Watchmen: Justice is Coming’, which all purchasers play together. The excitement over the release of its latest presentation ‘Terminator Salvation’ has brightened hope on its future releases like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes app.

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Zillow Real Estate App for iPhone

5/24/2009 11:19:00 PM - 1 comments

Does instant real estate information on the move and that too right on your fingertips seem to be far-sighted dream? Look no further, Zillow.com has converted this dream into a reality with the launch of Zillow real estate app for the iPhone. Available now as free app from the App Store, this iPhone App leads you to a database of almost on 88 million U.S. homes, i.e. about 95 percent of homes in the U.S with just the press of a button.

What to expect from Zillow iPhone app

Zillow.com after its three years of online presence has an extensive database of over 95 percent of U.S homes, together with photos and contact information for 3.4 million ‘For-Sale’ listings.

- The iPhone app will also provide users with information on recently-sold homes and bottom-line prices that homeowners would accept.

- Users can also use the iPhone app GPS capabilities to display homes near the user's location. It also has a ‘Search’ feature to search for data on particular addresses, neighborhoods, zip codes and cities, in any part of the country, just as in the website.

- The app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to identify your location and give you an idea about price estimates known as ‘Zestimates’ for all of the homes nearby, as you move along past any neighborhood with your iPhone. So you need not even add address.

- Some parts of the app that do not require GPS, even works on the iPod Touch as well apart from iPhone.

- A feature called ‘Make Me Move’ lets owners to choose a price at which they would think about selling their house without formally listing their property for sale.

- You can see Zestimates, homes for sale, recently sold propertied and Make Me Move homes all on one screen.

Zillow iPhone app – A futuristic move

Zillow.com, the premier real estate website has a fantastic web presence with over 8 million visitors a month. It caters to a sizeable chunk of the real estate market in the United States for buyers, sellers and real estate agents looking out for corresponding real estate opportunities and business.

However, home buying and selling which was just a couple of clicks away (Thanks to Zillow.com) has now become much easier with the help of the iPhone app courtesy Zillow real estate services. Detailed home-buying information, agent information, and the property prices in the locality can easily be obtained with just the press of a button on the iPhone pad just as you did over the Zillow website.

You can not only pull up a map view of the area showing nearby homes with housing prices; but also icons to indicate the status of the house such as red meaning ‘The Home is for Sale, yellow meaning ‘Recently Sold’, and blue is ‘Make me Move’, or the seller’s expected price at which someone (a prospective buyer) would consider moving.

What’s missing in the Zillow iPhone app vs. website:

Although most functionalities and features available in Zillow.com is available in its iPhone app, there are a few features which are yet to be included in the iPhone version. A few such features include that of managing listings, local information that is decisive to home buying like information on schools, parks, hospitals and statistics on the privileged circumstances of the close neighborhood.

Restricted local information can sometimes be a limitation; however, Zillow iPhone app is a ideal when it comes to procuring information about other cities or comparing prices amongst neighborhood. Moreover, the Zillow iPhone app as yet focuses only on the purchasing aspect of home buying and not the selling aspect.


New iPhone 4G Releases July 17, 2009

5/24/2009 09:32:00 PM - 10 comments

iPhones rumors are nevertheless hyped as any celebrity scandals. And the latest to hit the rumor mills is of a new iPhone ‘ready to go on sale’ as early as July 17, 2009. Now, you call that another rumor that would soon bite the dust or the tight-lipped policy of Apple Inc. to leak, yet step back from spilling the beans altogether. The seeds of this rumor might be linked to the fact that Apple Inc. might like to follow its tradition of releasing a new iPhone version mid-summer every year.

The tongues went wagging and the news spread like wildfire, when rumors spilled from a post in AppleiPhoneApps.com revealing a possible third generation iPhone release. The post even cited a possible date - Friday, July 17, 2009, quoting ‘inside sources’ from Apple development team. The website has also quoted that the present price tags of $199 and $299 will remain.

New iPhone Specifications - What to expect

  • There are also reports of a few changes in the external look of the new iPhone. Apart from reports of the metal band around the edge of the device ‘gone missing’, the new device is believed to have a comparatively sleeker design with a rubber-tread backing.

  • Moreover, the rear of the phone will also sport a glowing Apple logo.

  • The new iPhone is stated to offer 32GB storage capacity.

  • Although there is no confirmation yet on the price, rumors are rife that the 16GB and 32GB storage is priced at $199 and $299 respectively.

  • The short battery life in the current iPhone version is believed to be one of the bigger flaws in this highly popular device. The battery life of the new iPhone is believed to be 1.5 times greater than the original Palm Pre

  • Apart from doubling of the RAM to 256MB, the processor speed is also expected to be twice as fast from the current 412MHz clock speed to 600MHz. iPhone enthusiasts are hopeful about the inclusion of background processing too.

  • Possible inclusion of 3.2-megapixel camera, for taking clear pictures; along with functions like video-recording and editing.

  • The new iPhone with iPhone 3.0 software update will most likely allow iPhone users send pictures and videos via MMS.

  • Built-in FM transmitter is probably one of the most anticipated features to look forward in the new iPhone. Another expected feature is the OLED screen.

  • • Another enviable feature in the new iPhone is said to be that of a built-in compass and the GPS, camera, compass and Google map combined will functions like ‘identify photo’ and ‘inform about photo locations’.

  • • The new device allowing turn-by-turn directions is another feature iPhone users are looking up to.

Confirmation expected...

All eyes are now set on Monday, June 8, 2009 for further details on the new iPhone when Apple Inc. Vice President Phil Schiller will give out a keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) in San Francisco. While another theory doing the rounds related to the release of the new iPhone is in anticipation of Apple’s affinity to schedule significant releases in the magic month of July. And analysts are hopeful that a formal announcement is on the cards following the return of CEO Steve Jobs to Apple Inc.

Industry analysts are optimistic that release of the new iPhone would drive demand as it has on other release of the earlier versions. Although, IPhone sales represent about 11% of Apple's last quarterly revenue, and the Q1 report for the current shows a 123% rise in sales, the new iPhone is expected to steer the smartphone giant clear out of recession blues. And the results are already showing on the Apple Inc. shares, which have risen 43% until now this year, somewhat in anticipation of Apple releasing a new iPhone sometime this year.


Kern – The Puzzle Game For iPhone

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iPhone games has always been fascinating for iPhone users as well as developers. This excitement has inspired professional as well as amateurs to develop their own iPhone game. One such iPhone game that has generated quite a flutter in the iPhone world recently is Kern, meaning reverse 'Tetris' with falling text. It is a text-based puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires iPhone OS 2.2 or a later version to install and run Kern.

Kern – Gaming Basics

Step 1: The players have to move letters into the right location to correspond with a falling word.
Step 2: Now, slide the missing letter into the correct location and let go of the touchscreen. You will score a given number of points depending on where the rest of the word falls around the letter.
Step 3: If you mis-align a letter too far to either side of the falling word, you will lose a ligature (one of five life points).
Step 4: If you lose all five ligatures, the game ends immediately.

Kern Interface

The effortless approach taken by Kern regarding graphics and sound seems to blend perfectly, giving it a minimal-yet-stylish interface. This interface, besides giving sizable amount of facts with good use of the iPhone's screen space, also makes a great use of tones and audio feedback. It goes on to show that you do not require a symphony orchestra to put across the acoustic elements of a game.

The best part of Kern is its user-friendliness. The game literally takes only a few seconds to learn. The game literally takes only a few seconds to learn. However, it keeps the players on their toes with the well-crafted difficulty levels. While a player might sometimes work to fit a letter into a word with large, easy type to target and work; at other times, he must be squinting at the small text, sliding what appears to be a four-point font letter from side to side and praying. It can be seen that the player ultimately drops the rest of the word in around it at the right location.

Kern leaves scope for improvement

It is seen that Kern intermittently stood frozen from time to time under iPhone OS 2.2.1, leading one to quit to the iPhone's home screen and then re-launching the application. Even though the game is intuitive and easy to learn, the title sometimes gets too repetitive. Kern for iPhone can be improved with additional features such as additional music, global scoreboard, score multipliers and other power-ups.

However, in spite of all these shortcomings, Kern is considered a good bet at a price value of US$1. And with enough room available for improvement, you surely can look up to sensational updates in the near future. With Text now becoming a fast-paced puzzle game Kern, is the answer to all those who love to spend a lazy day solving word puzzles. And in a highly competitive market of iPhone games, the makers of Kern believes firmly in doing everything possible that would make Kern a favorite with the iPhone users.

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iPhone tops the Smartphone list for Consumer Satisfaction

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The popularity of Apple iPhone and its 123 percent surge in sales (Q1 Apple Inc.) is testament to the sizable chunk of the smartphone market it is dominating. However, the icing on the cake now comes in the form of a top recognition for consumer satisfaction ranking, according to a latest survey report J.D. Power’s 2009 smartphone consumer satisfaction survey released on April 30, 2009 by J.D. Power and Associates.

In a recent survey conducted for smartphones (between July and December 2008 among 2,648 smartphone users) in categories like ease of operation, physical design, and operating system by J.D. Power and Associates Apple - J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Wireless Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study and the 2009 Wireless Traditional Mobile Phone Satisfaction Study; iPhone topped the list when it comes to consumer satisfaction among smartphone manufacturers.

The iPhone scores ‘low’ in Battery Life

Apple iPhone, which scored the highest rank in J.D. Power’s 2009 smartphone consumer satisfaction survey, has been ranked at the top for all categories except battery life. Apple iPhone has been tied for the last position with Motorola; while Motion’s BlackBerry scored highest in battery life (even though it fared poorly in other categories).

Apple iPhone – the winner in Customer Satisfaction

In this latest survey by J.D. Power, Apple iPhones with a winning score of 791 on a 1000-point scale excel in customer satisfaction to be closely followed by LG with 772 points and Samsung with 759 points respectively. The scores have been given on the parameters of operating system, features, physical design and user-friendliness, including battery function. However, when it came to traditional phones, LG ranked the highest with an overall score of 733.

Research and survey has thrown light on the fact that, with the consistent upgrading of the consumers to new and improved smartphones, coupled with the growing demand for a complete mobile-Web experience, advanced multimedia programs and 3G data downloads, the overall consumer satisfaction for handsets is expected to rise. The survey indicates that consumer friendly devices like the iPhone tend to make lives more convenient and enjoyable.

Surveys indicate that Apple iPhone’s firm position on top of the consumer satisfaction charts is facilitated by its user friendliness, expandability offered by the App Store, and more so due to Apple's responsiveness to fixing problems with frequent firmware updates. However, in spite of all eventualities and despite all problems—the iPhone has managed to win the hearts and trust of many smartphone buyers.

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Wall Street Journal iPhone App – Business Now Within Reach

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Wall Street Journal has always been considered a prestigious media representative, dedicatedly bringing all day’s business news for you. What started off as a print media version is now famously available as the web version and lately has been made available as the Wall Street Journal iPhone App.

Offering Cost-free Wall Street Journal iPhone App

While the web version of the financial newspaper with online content is priced at $103 per year, the print edition is available at $140, and on the Amazon’s Kindle, the Wall Street Journal is priced at $9.99 per month. However, the lately released Wall Street Journal iPhone app is offered free of cost. Now, this move by the media giant to offer free news content for the iPhone is considered quite an achievement as The Wall Street Journal, is considered one of the few newspapers that ‘charges’ for content online.

Wall Street Journal can soon be accessed right in the palm of your hand, courtesy Apple iPhone. The app has been formatted exclusively for the iPhone or iPod touch, with news and views regularly updated on this site, thus facilitating people to take informed business. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) app for iPhones prominently features videos and podcasts; however, one thing that is missing in the app is the Search function.

Keeping options open for Wall Street Journal

The concept of brand-name news app on the iPhone is not new, as the New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN and Associated Press seems to be already using seems to be basking on iPhone success. Latest reports have revealed that the media giant is not completely decided on the current Wall Street Journal ‘free’ status; by indicating that the company is "still exploring all options". However, there is also the option of offering both free and subscription content, to mirror the experience on the site.

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Web-based Kindle Store for iPhone from Amazon

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The ‘Kindle for iPhone’ app from Amazon, which is the top e-book app in the U.S. store, has fascinated iPhone users and book lovers since its launch in March, 2009. Since its release early this year, Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone has enabled users to read their purchased books and publications on their iPhones.

Kindle & the Kindle Store

Kindle for iPhone is a free application that was clearly meant as a companion for those who already owned a Kindle. It is true that books can be purchased online and read via the software without any other gadgets involved, and Kindle did not make much of a difference. However, the popularity of the app can be assessed from the fact that within months of launch, Amazon has announced the launch of its Kindle Store. Now, Kindle for iPhone users can now buy books from an iPhone-optimized site.

Even though Amazon has turned around out a version of the online store made exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, it still exists within Safari and not within the Kindle app itself. However, some users found the implementation of the Kindle Store a bit annoying, as it drove them into the normal version of the site in Mobile Safari.

Amazon Kindle Store for iPhone – Expanding to new horizons

Amazon since the launch of Kindle for iPhone has come up with a number of exciting developments, including the acquisition of popular e-book reader Stanza for the iPhone/iPod touch platform, the recent release of the large-format Kindle DX and now the web-based Kindle Store that gives it an added iPhone-friendly formatting.

Amazon’s business strategy regarding the acquisition of Stanza is still unclear, as they haven’t yet offered Kindle content in the app, or given ‘Kindle for iPhone’ users access to the titles they may have in their Stanza library. However, Amazon’s interest about the iPhone platform seems to be geared towards an enduring and thriving alliance.

The online Kindle Store has not been optimized for the iPhone like some other sections of Amazon.com; however, you can easily navigate around the page but using pinch and zoom. Amazon is also hopeful that it can offer the iPhone users better experience on a full desktop browser in the future, with iPhone web app that makes browsing and purchasing of e-books a little better on the iPhone itself.

Kindle for iPhone Features:

  • Buy a Kindle book from your Mac, PC, or iPhone using a web browser and transfer the books wirelessly to your iPhone

  • You can read the first chapters of any book for free before you buy

  • You can download the Kindle books you already own for free — they are automatically backed up on Amazon.com

  • Adjust the text size, add bookmarks, and view the annotations you created on your Kindle device

How it works

As you open the Kindle for iPhone app, you will be greeted by a setup screen that asks you to login to your Amazon account. Just after you login with your username/email and password, you will get to see an empty bookshelf, requesting you to buy some books from the Kindle Store.

Even though, books cannot be bought directly from the app, you can definitely buy books on Amazon’s site by using a web browser on your Mac or PC, or even on the iPhone.

Just click ‘Get Books’ in the Kindle iPhone app, and it will navigate you to a shopping site nicely optimized for Mobile Safari; therefore, you don’t even have to squint and swipe around for paying for the books on Amazon. Kindle Store certainly improves the user experience of book shopping; however, experts opine that in comparison to a few other iPhone-optimized site designs based on similar concepts, there is still much room for improvement.

Kindle for iPhone app - the user experience

The user experience as of now for Amazon Kindle for iPhone is encouraging. Although there are a few flaws the errors are soon expected to be fixed. The app is responsive and fast, and swiping pages is quite natural, not letting the user feel that the app is getting in the way of the book.


Apple Inc. to design its own Chips for the iPhone

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Speculations are rife about Apple setting out to manufacture its own chip for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This is considered to be a desperate attempt by Apple’s to tackle the problem of information leakage about its forthcoming endeavors. The news about the iPhone manufacturing giant’s new intentions surfaced with the hiring of Bob Drebin, the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of chipmaker AMD's Graphic Products Group.

Sources keeping a close eye on the developments consider this move to develop its own chip for giving its gadgets more exclusive features, as Apple’s strategic move to keep a firm hold on the increasingly competitive smartphone market. This is evident from the latest remark from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who said, "You can't just go out and buy the chips off the shelf to do that.” This remark came soon after the company finalized contract with chip designer P.A. Semi, which was acquired to help run the software on iPhones and iPods.

Apple is Hiring

There has been a hiring spree in Apple Inc. and the most sought after professionals are the experts from the chip industry. This new endeavor by Apple in hiring new employees from the semiconductor industry is seen as Apple’s step forward in building the capability to design its own chips. This new change in strategy is considered as Apple Inc’s initiative to curb sharing information with external chip vendors, thus preventing revelation of strategic information.

A spokesman from Apple has confirmed that the company has hired both Bob Drebin, former CTO of the graphics products group at chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Raja Koduri, who had held equivalent position in the past. Apple has also been hiring engineers to produce multifunction chips that are used in cell phones. However, chips for the iPhone and iPod Touch are not expected to churn out of Apple’s design section until next year at the earliest.

What is Apple planning with is new chips

Sources close to Apple Inc. indicate the inclusion of a few new features for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with the iPhone maker’s foray into the chip design business. The most probable addition is expected to be for an enhanced battery life and superior capability to run high definition videos and realistic graphics for better gaming experience. Rumors are also rife about Apple’s plan to develop chips for the iPhone that involves handwriting recognition technology; and also ones that manages displays.


Swine Flu Tracker App for iPhone – Coming Soon

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Swine Flu has almost taken the world by storm as panic and apprehension of widespread catastrophe engulfs United States and other affected nations. While NGOs and government agencies are leaving no stones unturned to limit the spread of the dreaded epidemic, media agencies and a few business minded companies are busy capitalizing on the Swine Flue factor.

Be it selling news or the latest entry of an iPhone application that helps track Swine Flu. Appropriately named ‘Swine Flue Tracker’ this new app from IntuApps, is awiting the nod for approval from Apple, to be released in the App Store. Barry Schwartz from IntuApps' has also distributed screenshots of the app to various agencies in a bid to generate popularity.
Proposed feature of Swine Flu Tracker

The proposed features of the IntuApps developed Swine Flue Tracker includes
- The current Threat Level for the disease
- A map showing confirmed and suspected cases of Swine Flu in the region
- A symptoms area to inform people
- An alert page for the latest updates and news on Swine Flu

Even though there are allegations about iPhone to be the latest entrant in the bandwagon of companies and entities seeking to capitalize on the Swine Flu factor, there has also been a growing support for the iPhone app as it may be quite useful as a way to be acquainted and informed with what areas you should avoid going. IntuApps has recently announced of giving away the app for free, when it is made available for download in the App Store.

However, the BIG question still remains. Will Apple Inc. approve this Swine Flue Tracker iPhone app?

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iPhone Application to help you Quit Smoking

5/06/2009 05:25:00 PM - 2 comments

You all must have heard and read testimonials about how iPhone has made life easier for many people; however, have you heard of iPhone helping you stay healthier? Yes, what you have heard is absolutely right. Smokers concerned about their smoking habit and all those who want to call it quits, can now get some serious help from their iPhones.

A new free application for Apple iPhone known as ‘My QuitLine’ provides ‘live’ therapeutically constructive coaching and also offers live text to advice on how to quit smoking. This app is also known to provide evidence-based treatment for quitting. This ‘free’ iPhone app to ‘Quit smoking’ has been developed by The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) and the National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative (NTCC)

How does the Application work?

The iPhone app ‘My QuitLine’ was designed by the assistant research professor in the Department of Prevention and Community Health, at George Washington University, Dr. Lorien Abroms, for all those seeking help to quit smoking. The app helped connect the user (smoker) to the National Cancer Institute’s quitline service speak to a live quitline coach or use live text to get advice on quitting.

The app for the iPhone was designed with feedback from the NTCC; and after reading an NTCC report about the lack of iPhone apps that link smokers to proven therapies. 

The iPhone app for smoking cessation works with the help of Quitline counseling, which has been made known to double a person’s chance of quitting smoking. However, at the same time it is important that people still receive information about what has been proven to work in quitting smoking, and also getting access to tools that are based on these proven therapies, such as the iPhone application.

You can easily find access to the app by searching “My QuitLine ” or “quit smoking” on your iPhone or iTunes. The edge of this app over other similar smoking cessation applications for the iPhone is that this app is recommended as effective by the 2008 Public Health Service Guideline Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence.

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Apple - Verizon to launch Media pad and iPhonelite soon

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Come summer, and world of smartphones seem to keep a watchful eye on every move of Apple Inc. While the world patiently awaits the launch of iPhone OS 3.0 this summer, news is rife about the launch of two iPhone devices – Mediapad and iPhonelite. It has almost become like a ritual now for Apple to launch an upgraded version of the iPhone ever summer, since the launch of the first iPhone in summer 2007.

Information sources reveal that Apple and Verizon (which supports CDMA technology) are in talks about launching a new device – one a light tablet-like device called iPhonelite; and another one is supposed to be heavy duty called the Media pad. While the iPhone lite version is said to be smaller and cheaper; the media pad version allows users to watch HD video, listen to music, and have fun with the help of touch screen.

Even though the news about this new iPhone device launch makes headlines, courtesy some leaked information passed on to BusinessWeek from Apple insiders; the authenticity of the devices launching this summer is yet to be ascertained.

There has been news about Apple’s meeting with Verizon about half a year ago about a Verizon CDMA iPhone in 2010. Many believe iPhonelite to be possibly the CDMA iPhone version in its initial stage. The other device Media pad allows users to view photos; users listen to music, and watch high-definition videos. The media pad is apparently smaller than Amazon's Kindle, although with a larger touchscreen.

Until now, AT&T was iPhone’s exclusive carrier and Verizon has always been the second option, primarily due to its CDMA background. Business analysts believe switching to CDMA would be expensive proposition for Apple iPhone. It would not only restrict Apple with a product exclusively suited to the North American market, but also curtail its business prospects.

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