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Apple Q2 Result Surprises: 3.8 Million iPhones Sold

4/30/2009 08:55:00 PM - 0 comments
The global economic meltdown seems to take a backseat when it comes to iPhones and iPods sales. In the latest Q2 report, Apple Inc. has stated a sales record of 3.8 million iPhones during the first three months of 2009, which indicates a 123 percent increase in sales. An ecstatic Apple Inc. CFO, Peter Oppenheimer during the conference call announcing the results has quoted this as, ‘its best non-holiday quarter earnings report ever’.

Apple converts weakest Q2 season to profitable non-holiday quarter

Traditionally, the second fiscal for Apple Inc. is considered the weakest, as it comes right after the holiday season. However, in comparison to the previous Q2 report of 2008, the sales figures are quite encouraging with 15 percent surge above the previous year; and a $1.33 per diluted share on revenues of $8.16 billion. Apple is also optimistic that the revenue for the third fiscal will be in the range of about $7.7 billion to $7.9 billion, with earnings in the range of about $.95 to $1.00 per share.

iPhone Sales double: Market gives thumbs up

The iPhone sales move up to 793,000 for the 2nd quarter, which is up 123 percent surge over the Apple iPhones Q2 results of 2008. Apple Inc. has sold over 21 million iPhones in total with the handset selling in 81 countries. The trading market also seems to have given thumbs up to Apple positive Q2 report, which is evident from the fact that Apple shares were bid up more than two percent in after-hours trading, even after shares closed flat on the day.

Interestingly, the sales of iPhone doubled year-over-year to 3.79 million. This trend in sales comes despite the rumors of the 3G model to be launched at the same time last year. Industry analysts anticipate similar response even in case of the next generation iPhone, rumored to be launched this summer. Apple Inc. is quite appreciative of the good Q2 for iTunes Store as well. The App Store currently offers more than 35,000 iPhone applications.

AT&T proud to be associated with Apple iPhone

AT&T the exclusive carrier network for Apple iPhones is hopeful of refurbishing its two-year of old contract with Apple Inc until 2011. Their confidence comes on the heels of Apple’s decision to go only with the competing GSM standard for iPhones; thus nullifying the chances of trying up with Verizon, which primarily uses CDMA cellular standard.

The Secret behind Apple iPhones Success

However, the secret of Apple’s success story lies within its exceptional marketing strategy. Apple Inc. constantly offers its customers with innovative iPhone model and upgraded versions, making a careful; alterations to its limitations. Moreover, Apple intelligently tweaks prices and margins to continue delivering strong sales results.


SlingPlayer for the iPhone Released

4/29/2009 10:17:00 PM - 1 comments
Sling Media has recently announced the long-awaited iPhone version of SlingPlayer Mobile. This mobile app allows Slingbox owners to watch their cable boxes or DVRs on the move.

A latest report on the SlingPlayer iPhone version has revealed that the controls offered to the SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry is similar to the iPhone version, including its novel ribbon interface. However, this new iPhone app from Sling Media takes advantage of that handset's touch screen and larger display. Also to take note off are the interface sports, with many of the same icon designs as the BlackBerry version, notwithstanding larger ones that are more finger-friendly.

How to use

A random test session on an alpha version of the app on an iPhone 3G has indicated positive results. What is seen is that, Slingbox owners can log onto the iPhone version using their online accounts, which has all of the appropriate Slingbox tags for use across multiple platforms stored in it.For beginners, there is a new feature called ‘Home Channel Set’ which lets you specify what the default channel is whenever you fire up the app on the iPhone. This is possible even if the cable box back at home is set to a different channel. You can also set up a separate Mobile Favorites list that helps you download directly to the iPhone device. You can then just use your fingers on the touch screen to surf Favorite channels by ‘flicking right or left’ with your index finger.

The SlingPlayer iPhone app responds within about one second per "flick". This can be considered quite fast considering the remote channel changing that is taking place in the background over the Internet. This is in fact an asset for those surfing their favorite channels, as this can be done without having to return to the Program Guide or clutter up the screen with various UI elements. You can change the channel normally by ‘flicking up and down’, instead of left and right. This helps change the channel normally from the entire list of available channels, including your list of favorites, but without having to bring up the remote control or guide.

Distinctive features

It is indeed a pity that in spite of the new app being filled with nice smooth picture, the application does not take full advantage of the increased screen resolution. A practical insight reveals that the application scales up the same 320 x 240 pixel image from the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry versions to fit the iPhone's 320 x 480 pixel screen. However, in all probabilities, it still looked sharp with a full screen view, with reasonable smoothness over a weak 3G signal and near 30 fps animation over Wi- Fi.

Preliminary reports of the alpha version suggest that there are certain UI glitches, including a malfunctioning volume slider and a messy icon arrangement. However, considering the excellent software performance record of Sling Media, it is expected that the company will take care to amend these issues by the time the app is released.

Pricing it right

Media reports indicate that the final version of SlingPlayer for the iPhone is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2009. And considering Apple’s quick turnaround principle for other iPhone app, it is expected that this SlingPlayer app could reach the App Store, if all conditions pertaining to Apple’s app store policy is met. However, a stark silence is maintained on the price value for SlingPlayer iPhone application. If similar mobile versions (Windows Mobile, Palm OS, BlackBerry, Symbian) are taken into account, they have been tentatively priced at $29.95.


iPhone App Store Crosses the 1 billion Download Mark

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The countdown to mark the 1 billion download for iPhone App Store, which began with much fanfare on April 10, 2009 ultimately managed to reach its finish line on April 23, 2009. It also ended the speculation about the lucky iPhone use who finally became the proud winner of the $13,000 booty in Apple stuff. The winner will receive from Apple $10,000 in iTunes credit, a 17" MacBook Pro, a 32GB iPod touch, and a Time Capsule priced at a retail value of $13,746.

However, industry resources have quoted this as one of the finest moments for all the iPhone app developers who had a gala time selling their software on the platform – thanks to the brilliant marketing minds of the sponsors of the event. Yet, the application developers are worthy of being appreciated for making the iPhone world exciting and helping in transforming the iPhone OS into something enjoyable for all.

Little did one expect that the promotion announcement for the ‘One billion app download’ in early April would get such marvelous response, and gain such momentum to achieve the mark in a matter of just 13 days. Reports show that Apple had already predicted the ‘landmark day’ for the 1 billionth download as April 23, 2009 considering the current trend of roughly 5.1 million downloads per day, on an average.

As the world waited to witness the download of the one-billionth iPhone application, the D-day finally arrived on April 23, when the countdown page suddenly flipped to the webpage written ‘Thanks a billion.’, marking history being made with the just the flip of a switch by Apple Inc. The milestone is considered a landmark achievement and the many believe the ‘Thanks a billion’ note conveys the heartiest gratitude to the millions of people who have made this possible in only a matter of nine months.

Step-by-Step Guide to SSH/SFTP For Windows/Mac

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iPhones has been responsible in revolutionizing to a large extent the way we think, lead our lives and do business. However, until now there has been a void regarding the need for accessing files on iPhone.

Here's presenting a step-by-step tutorial for Windows/Mac Users using SSH/SFTP for accessing file on iPhone. It may have happened many a times when you come across require Open SSH in a tutorial, but do not know how to use it. This guide is directed at providing a quick walkthrough of SSH/SFTP installation and use.


We made a video tutorial on how to use SSH on a Mac. We hope you like it! (YouTube-Link)


Step 0 - Jailbreak your device

Step 1 - Install OpenSSH

To install OpenSSH on your iPhone, you have to first go to Cydia, and install OpenSSH - located in the network section. The next viable step is of course to install the BSD subsystem, although package is no longer available. So you gain a substantial leap by default, although SSH works absolutely fine without it.

Step 2 - Connect iPhone to your Wi-Fi network

Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network. Please take a note that, in spite of being already connected, you will still require going into wireless settings to get your local IP address. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi, now tap on the blue arrow button next to your wireless router. You will be able to see your iPhone's IP address (as given in the address below).

Step 3 - Disable Auto-lock

Next, go to Settings>General>Auto-lock and Disable auto-lock. It is imperative for Wi-Fi to stay connected with SSH. Disabling auto-lock is significant because, in case your iPhone auto-locks then Wi-Fi will be disabled severing connection with SSH.

Step 4 - Install a Windows SSH client application

Necessary software has to be installed into the computer to connect. This can be done after proper installation of OpenSSH, and ensuring that the settings and IP are correct. The best proposition is to install WinSCP as the installation is simple and facilitates easy and simple file transfers when used in Norton commander mode. However, it is imperative to make sure that your desktop is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

Step 5 - Configure the SSH client application

Now that the installation of WinSCP is complete, proceed to open. Click New.

Enter your IP address in the Host text box. Put down the port number as 22. Then enter "root" in the Username text box and "alpine" in the password text box. Next just click Save and give a filename, which will help you reconnect quickly if required.

You may then enter a name and save the session for this connection.

Step 6 - Connect to your device (now the magic happens)

Select the just created saved connection and Click Login. A connecting window will open and you can see the WinSCP beginning to populate the iPhones file system. However, please take note that you may not be able to use the saved connection next time you try to use the SSH as the IP address of the iPhones may change.

Step 7 - You are Connected!

A message box will appear; click 'Yes' and wait until the PC establishes a connection with your iPhone. You have logged in and now have access to the phoneís file system.

Step 8 - Wait for a dialog box to appear.

The right panel displays the folders of the iPhone, the left one the folders of your PC. You can drag & drop files, rename them and make other files operations just as you do using Explorer in your PC.

You can now readily transfer files over for your projects like adding new custom SMS, email tones, and even remove videos off your iPhone. This will not only facilitate many jailbreaking projects, but will also help you develop a better understanding of your iPhone file structure.

Tips for using OpenSSH with iPhone:

- The password and username are the same for all iPhones equipped with OpenSSH. Therefore, preferably use Sbsettings to disable SSH when not in use.
- Changing password is essential to ensure that SSH is enabled instead of getting upset over unauthorized access.

- You can also get your IP address with other applications such as SBSettings or WhatIP


Enjoy Cricket Game v.1.2 on iPhone AppStore

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Games for iPhones have always been an attraction for everyone, young and old. Although, football, baseball, basketball, bowling, racing, etc are some of the most favored games on the iPhone, Cricket Game on the AppStore is the exclusive game for cricket sport.

Considering the huge fan following cricket has in different parts of the world, this 3D cricket game on the iPhone via the AppStore is considered an asset for the die-hard cricket fans, for whom this iPhone game is nothing less than a must buy. Although the original version supported playing shots with a flick of your finger while keeping an eye on the field set-up amongst other features, a few anomalies in the earlier version of the game app has now been solved.

Moreover, with the upgrade to the latest version 1.2, some very complacent features pertaining to the Cricket game has been added for the extra zing to the game.


• Improvement in Performance and steadiness
• Provision to name your cricket team and squad
• Option to choose your opponent and match-up
• Minor improvements in interface
• Bowlers now change ends after every over to get a realistic feel.
• Run Chase. The app helps automatically set up a score for you to chase down.
• Increased control over shots. Now you can have a better control over the strength of your swing. Draw a short stroke to finesse the ball.
• Minor shot tweaks. Hooks and Cuts are a little more receptive now and paddle scoops have been refurbished for usability.
• You can view Scorecard in between overs by touching on the score display.

Overall, the updated version 1.2 of Cricket Game is quite sophisticated and much more stable in comparison to the previous versions and is available at a very cost effective rate of 99 cents under the games section in the AppStore.


iPhone OS 3.0 - hidden features & Push beta

4/14/2009 11:40:00 AM - 2 comments

Since the presentation of iPhone OS 3.0 we know most of its new features. One of the most important new features will be the Push Notification Service (PNS). As of today iPhone users, who already use iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 2, can use this feature. This Beta test is going to show if the PNS is already usable or if its release has to be moved again. [...]


Many iPhone users are waiting for the possibility to record videos with their iPhone. It seems that this feature is going to be build in to the next generation iPhone. MacRumors has found this screenshot in the new iPhone OS 3.0 beta.

Voice Control

It is also possible that the iPhone OS 3.0 is going to offer the possibility to Control your phone using "Voice Control". This is what the BGR found in the iPhone OS beta.


Using iPhone OS 2.2.1 the iPhone is only able to display the remaining battery life as a green or red battery. This is going to change with OS 3.0! Take a closer look at the following screenshot.



TUTORIAL: Installing iNav Theme (Winterboard and Springboard)[UPDATED]

4/05/2009 09:52:00 PM - 12 comments
New iPhone themes have always generated interest amongst iPhones enthusiasts. The iNav theme is a breakthrough development for the iPhone world, as it promises to go beyond what any other theme has ever offered. iNav will also be the first ever paid theme.

The iNav theme is available as of now; however, installing it to get the desired feel, can eventually be a little risky proposition. Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently configure and install the iNav themes via Winterboard.

Install the iNav themes via Winterboard

Step 0: If you want to install the iNav Theme, you need to download this file (special thanks to http://www.benm.at/) to your computer. You also have to install Categories and Winterboard on your iPhone (Cydia) and the ability to SSH into your device.

Step 1: Open Categories and make 2 folders: "Games" and "Apps". Now sort your apps. Put all games into the games folder and all remaining apps, except Phone, Safari, iPod, Photos, Mail, and Settings, into the apps folder.

Step 2: Install webclips: SSH into your iPhone and navigate to Private>Var>Mobile>Library. Replace the Webclips folder with the Webclips folder you downloaded.

Step 3: Put 10 Webclips (hold an app and you will see them) on every springboard page. The 11th icon will be one of the apps you left out of the folders.
- Page 1: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Phone icon.
- Page 2: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the SMS icon.
- Page 3: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Email icon.
- Page 4: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Safari icon.

- Page 5: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the iPod icon.
- Page 6: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Fotos icon.

- Page 7: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Games folder.

- Page 8: 10 blank icons (webclips) and then the Apps folder.
- Dock: 3 blank icons (webclips) and then the Settings icon.

Step 4: SSH into your device and copy the iNav Beta 1.0 folder, which you downloaded at the beginning, into Library Themes.

Step 5: Open the Games and the Apps Folder. Tapp the small icon in the lower right corner and change the settings to the following ones:

Folder Title: OFF
Icon Labels: On

Use Background: ON

Left/Right Scroll: ON

Keep Resident: Off
Rows: 3
Theme : iNav Beta 1.0

Step 6: open winterboard and activate iNav Beta 1.0 und No Undocked icon Labels.

Step 7: Respring/Reboot your iPhone.

Install the iNav themes (Springboard)

Just like the Winterboard – Cydia, you can also install iNav on the Springboard. Here is a stepwise guide to the installation of the iNav theme.

Step 1: Install iBlank and Categories from Cydia.

Step 2: Then soon after, launch iBlank and create 80 blank icons

Step 3: Thereafter, launch Categories and create two new categories: Apps and Games

Step 4: In the Apps category, add all the applications excluding Phone, Settings, Text, Email, Safari, Mediaplayer

Step 5: Then add all your games to the Games category

Step 6: You will then launch Winterboard and select iNav and No Undocked Icon Labels (however, ensure it is above the theme)

Step 7: Thereafter, exit from Winterboard. Put at least 10 blank icons and then the application icon, after the re-spring in each Springboard page.

Step 8: You can then set 3 blank icons in the dock, followed by the Settings icon

Step 9: Next, open Apps/Games category, Click the information icon at the bottom right and set the options:

o Folder Title: OFF
o Icon Labels: ON
o Use Background: ON
o Left/Right Scroll: ON
o Keep Resident: OFF
o Rows: 3
o Icons Theme: iNav

iNav theme for Winterboard and Springboard are sure to make radical changes on your iPhone and iPod looks and operations. In short, the iNav theme will be largely responsible for the way the main menu looks. In fact, iNav theme even removes the dock bar on the bottom of the screen.


Internet Tethering Invokes High Hopes for iPhone Users

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Have you thought of using your iPhone as a modem? It is possible, thanks to the efforts of an enterprising developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who exposed the iPhone's tethering preferences pane. All you need to do is connect your iPhone (just as he did) to the Mac via USB, and you can use the iPhone as a modem. This is indeed a startling revelation, just months prior to the release of iPhone OS 3.0.

Steve Troughton-Smith although elated at his new discovery is however, in no mood to take the credit as he believes it is all ‘by chance and default’ that he has landed up on this iPhone tethering feature. According to a latest statement from Senior VP for iPhone Software Scott Forstall, ‘Although the iPhone OS 3.0 supported Internet tethering, it was never made into an option’.

The Big Question

With the advent of iPhone’s new tethering feature has given scope to the big question – Are carriers such as AT&T equipped to bear the (quite huge) burden, tethering would create on its networks? The doubt however, is not without a valid reason. Just week before, iPhones almost crippled AT&T's 3G network; and just consider hundreds of thousands of computers connected to that same network; the carrier’s network is sure to wreck causing nationwide havoc.

Internet tethering available in jailbroken iPhone

A jailbroken iPhone comes readily available with Internet tethering. There are apprehensions that with the soon to roll out iPhone OS 3.0, Apple Inc. will make jailbreaking a difficult proposition. The dev-team at Apple Inc. has also announced the iPhone 3.0 to be absolutely ‘jailbreakable’, while for all those contemplating the use of the software-based jailbreaking system - Yellowsn0w, there is requirement for restraint to be exercised.

The tethering capability is rightfully the most compelling enterprise feature in iPhone 3.0; considering the advantage, it has by replacing the requirement of mobile broadband cards to our iPhone users. However, the suspense continues as to if AT&T, as the sole and exclusive carrier for iPhones in the United States will use the tethering feature. There is also conflicting reports as to whether or how much will be charged for the same.

High expectation from AT&T for tethering

Reports from reliable sources indicate that there are probabilities that AT&T will implement tethering, which however, will come with a price. However, industry sources are hopeful that charges if applied will be modest and affordable, considering the popularity of iPhones and the impact it has now on the AT&T is however, silent on its next move involving the internet-tethering feature in iPhones, amidst anticipation that free tethering will all of a sudden cut sales of air cards. This might consequently influence revenues at AT&T and the 25 other iPhone carriers in 80 countries (even outside the United States).

Experts opine that updated software, which is shipped to iPhone users, has the ability to transform the iPhone into a modem. This will in turn substitute the currently monthly expenditure of $60 incurred on laptop computers of those users.