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New Apple iPhone Slated for a June 2009 Release

3/31/2009 09:59:00 PM - 5 comments
News of a more sophisticated next-generation iPhone from Apple Inc. consecutively in the third year of inception is worth an achievement in itself. According to Boy Genius report (BGR), a new iPhone is slated for the summer release of 2009 with higher speed and features that are more sophisticated, poised for a seamless user experience.

Moreover, considering the success of the two versions of iPhones in the previous years since its first launch in mid-2007 and the second version in mid-2008, a mid-year launch has almost become a tradition for success.

What is new in the latest Apple iPhone?

As per the BGR blog published on Monday, its reliable sources from the AT&T has disclosed that the new iPhone scheduled for a June launch will offer major upgrade in features like video functionality. Rumors doing the rounds indicate that higher speed HSDPA 7.2 MBPS will support AT&T's planned upgrade, to be inducted by a new Infineon chipset, resulting in a speedier 3G network access.

Although nothing official has been confirmed on the speculated June-release of the new generation iPhone, BGR is quite confident of its AT&T sources information, which has indicated ‘an exciting summer of 2009, courtesy Apple iPhone.’ Now, if that is a mere speculation is yet to be ascertained. Reports from Boy Genius has also revealed news of a new $99 3G Netbook – without Windows OS to be launched this summer 2009.

Noteworthy Video Features Expected in the new iPhone

Amongst the new features to be included in the new iPhone (according to BGR) includes automation tools, which allows customers to use the AT&T U-Verse application. Now, iPhone users with the help of AT&T's fiber optic service will be able to offer users with high-speed data, video and voice options. Users will also be able to remotely play, record and pause their home DVRs, which is in fact a significant development from Apple Inc.

Further investigation on the new video feature has revealed that the support functions for video recording will likely be available only through an upgraded rear-facing camera, accomplished of captivating higher resolution photos. However, there is still speculation if Apple will allow the sophisticated video feature in regular model or keep it specifically only for high-end model.
Although many stories are doing the rounds regarding the much hyped video feature, an inside report from highly reliable sources, as per BGR indicates that the video function could most probably also include a 'movies’ iPhone application. This feature besides provide basic editing support, would also enable users to email movie clips to friends and family or even send videos via MMS messages.

AT&T also seems excited on the forthcoming June release of the next generation iPhone. The carrier company is of the opinion that customers should buy a smartphone from AT&T based on their personal tastes. However, what remains confusing is whether the AT&T advice refers to in-the-metal features. On the other hand, there is conflicting news that indicates that the iPhone 3.0 firmware will also apply to older iPhone models.

AT&T Announces ‘No Contract’ for iPhones

3/26/2009 03:56:00 PM - 4 comments
It seems all the jailbreaking and the rising popularity of Apple iPhones has ultimately had some effect on AT&T’s latest announcement to offer iPhones without a two-year contract. Confirmed reports from AT&T suggest that ‘no contract’ iPhones will be available from March 26, 2009.

However, industry analysts believe that there is not much to be elated as there is a catch in the deal proposed by AT&T. The inside story is that, the iPhones in spite of the announcement ‘no contract for will still be locked to AT&T's network. You will still require a regular AT&T iPhone account to operate the iPhone, even though AT&T boasts of keeping a provision where one can cancel their account the next day.

iPhone users believes, the deal is worth taking as you can only do without activation fees and a month's worth of service, rather than two years worth of service. AT&T at the same time is sure that this will to a large extent help in curbing the ‘jailbreaking’ phenomenon of iPhones. With this ‘no contract’ deal from AT&T in place, you can even choose to use cheaper options like Wi-Fi networks if not you are willing to unlock it for other networks.

The AT&T ‘No Contract’ Offer comes for a price

However, there is still suspense over whether AT&T would avail similar offer at Apple's retail stores; and clarification from media sources seeking Apple Inc’s response on this, did not yield much result. Again, AT&T is clear that the ‘no contract’ offer is not to come without a price.

A latest report - the Boy Genius Report quoted that the 8-GB model is expected to cost $599 instead of the original rate of $499; the 16-GB version will be priced at $699 in lieu of the present AT&T inclusive contract rate of $599. The report has also quoted that the offer (no contract) will be made available only for existing AT&T customers; which however, is pending confirmation from AT&T.
Moreover, on further analysis it is found that the price is not so exaggerated in comparison the price value of other high-end, non-subsidized smartphones like Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 at $799; or Nokia's N96 at $700 to mention a few.

How successful will be the ‘no contract’ option

However, amidst all the hoopla, there is a confused undertone if the ‘no contract’ option will be able to achieve the desired popular acclaim; especially considering the alleged version of its restricted offer only to the existing AT&T customers. The reason being, there are not many options for the U.S. iPhone users to take the iPhone 3G considering the carriers or providers. An iPhone 3G can get only 3G on AT&T's network, while users will be able to get voice and EDGE service on T-Mobile.

Frankly speaking, this ‘no contract’ offer from AT&T is no surprise as the carrier company had already indicated about a possible no-contract option before the launch of the iPhone 3G. Even though the second version of the iPhone added GPS and 3G connectivity, industry experts attribute the retail success of iPhone to the initial price of $199 + the AT&T contract.


News Mix - Navigation, Installer and more

3/25/2009 09:48:00 PM - 1 comments
Until now it was very cumbersome to uninstall an app, which you downloaded via Cydia. Now there is a solution for that issue: CyDelete! This small app, which is available via Cydia, allows to delete every inofficial App just like every App you bought in the App Store. (Small X)

This Program, which is temporary only available for Mac, allows to install Apps, which are available in Cydia or the Installer, on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. The program costs 7$ and is available on Ripdev's Website.

This is an announcement for german ziPhone readers.
Wir möchten daran erinnern, dass es ziPhone auch auf deutsch gibt. Es ist unter de.ziphone.org zu erreichen. Aber wieso sollte man überhaupt die deutsche ziPhone Seite verfolgen? Hier ein paar Gründe.

We would like to warn all our readers: Please don't update to iPhone OS 3.0 now, except you are in Apple's Developer Program! If you update your iPhone to 3.0, you will have to activate your Device! If you don't have a Developer Account, your iPhone will be useless afterwards!

Navigation on the iPhone
It is only a rumor, but it is not wayward: If Macobserver is right, TomTom will release a turn by turn navigation system soon after the release of iPhone OS 3.0. Other Developers will also release such an app for sure. Until the release of 3.0 we have to use xGPS (Cydia).

Cydia Store
The Cydia Store now also accepts, appart from Amazon's Simple Pay, payments with PayPal. However, the Cydia Store only offers 3 apps, so it is not really interesting yet.


iBluetooth - transferring files over Bluetooth from/to the iPhone

3/24/2009 09:13:00 PM - 2 comments
iBluetooth is an app for jailbroken iPhones, which you can install via cydia. You will get a 15 days demo version, after this you have to buy iBluetooth for 3.99 €. We think it is worth the money because it brings full Bluetooth support to your iPhone. This application could be a reason for many people to jailbreak their device.


It is very easy to transfer files between different devices. You browse through the file system, select a file, press the "send" button, select a Bluetooth device and transfer it.
iBluetooth also offers the ability to transfer pictures. You can send pictures directly from your picture library and when receiving photos it is possible to select the save location, either the photo library or just any folder. 
So far only the transfer of pictures is fully supported but the developers are likely to add support for music and videos soon.
While testing iBluetooth with a Macbook and some other mobile devices we did not experience any major problems.
One other aspect is important: iBluetooth also has the ability to run as a background process and so you can receive files anytime.
To quit the program completely press the red "x" button on the application's homescreen.



Car manufacturers and their apps

3/22/2009 09:47:00 PM - 1 comments
Nowadays every bigger company has noticed that having an own app in the App Store is a really easy and good way to promote their product. Disney for example offered the app "RhinoBall" to promote the movie "Bolt". The first ones who noticed the enormous potential of the App Store, were the car manufacturers. Most of them made a quite good job.

Audi was the first car manufacturer, that offered a racing app for the iPhone. "Audi A4 Driving" was made to promote the new Audi A4. The game is very spartan. You have to drive an Audi A4 through a racetrack and you have to beat a shadow car.

"Volkswagen Polo challenge 3D" was also only made to promote a new car, the new VW Polo. The only mode you can play is a time attack mode. You drive a VW polo. Well, you don't really drive... The only thing you can do is to steer and to put on the brakes. Nevertheless this app is really entertaining.


The app "BMW Z4 - An Expression of Joy. - Lite" Is not a traditional racing game. It is the first app, which combines driving and drawing. While you are driving a BMW Z4, which is free customizable, you draw a picture using your wheels as brushes. You have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download it, because it is bigger than 10 MB.

"Seat Ibiza Cupra Race" by Seat is the only traditional racing game. There are 3 different modes:
- Racing Mode: This is a traditional racing mode.You compete against 5 other drivers
- Time Attack: In this mode your only enemy is the clock.
- Test Drive: The mode's name tells everything you have to know about the mode.
You have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download it, because it is bigger than 10 MB.

Mercedes Benz
This car manufacturer is the only one, which published an app, that doesn't offer the possibility to drive a car. It is called "Mercedes-Benz Top Trumps" and it shows you 64 original cars from the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart (Germany).
Appart from this app, Mercedes Benz also offers an app called "Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG App". This app is nothing special, it only allows you to watch small movies or pictures, which show the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

All of this Apps are available in the App Store for free.



Apple iPhone sales grew a record 245% in 2008

3/20/2009 03:37:00 PM - 0 comments
Despite the global meltdown and a period of extreme financial uncertainties, Apple iPhone has registered a 245% sales growth in the year 2008. This is of course a very encouraging trend for all smartphone manufacturers. While Nokia still maintains the number 1 slot when it comes to smartphones with 43.7 percent market share, Apple iPhone has steadily managed to achieve the third position at 8 percent.

iPhone Sales Growth – On a promising note

Apple iPhone sales for the year 2008, which began on a promising note in the first quarter, suffer significant dip in sales during the fourth quarter. However, the worldwide demand for Apple iPhones can be sealed by acknowledging 3rd position in worldwide smartphone market and 245 percent growth, which is of course a commendable feat considering the adverse market conditions in the recent times.

In spite of Nokia’s dominance in the world of smartphones with almost 44 percent share, the sales rate have exceptionally deteriorated to 16.8% year to year in the third quarter. Similar are the consequences face by HTC and Samsung, which in spite of showing growth in smartphone market share the previous year, were nowhere in comparison to Apple iPhone’s growth and sales graph of 245%.

Industry sources believe that Apple iPhone in spite of the huge succes in promoting sale growth has to meet with a slowdown and subsequent losses in the last quarter especially in December 2008. This can be attributed to the absence of any new iPhone in the market during that period, to attract sales.

The sales graph dipped from 4.72 million in Q3 to 4.08 million in Q4. However, there was no less of enthusiasm in the iPhone Camp as all as it is all set to explore new horizons with new handsets and softwares like the iPhone 3.

Apple iPhones revives the smartphone market – The year ahead

It is undoubtedly clear that Apple has played a significant role in reviving the smartphone market. A recent research report from Gartner has confirmed the paradigm shift in the year 2008. Although, apprehension is high regarding a shrinking of the mobile market in 2009, there is a growing anticipation on the expansion of the smartphone market with Gartner predicting a growth of 28 percent while Informa Telecoms and Media predicting about 35.3% growth.

On further analysis of Apple’s success and the growing iPhones sale in 2008 at the rate of an astounding 245 percent, the success of the iPhone over smartphone giants like Nokia can be attributed to its absence from the yet to offer "iPhone-style" touchphone market. This is perhaps the reason why Nokia in spite of having an almost 44 percent market in fact lost 5.7% of the smartphone market, and 10% of its overall market share.

According to Gartner’s report, new products offering persuasive device experiences and touch interfaces are responsible for driving smartphone sales in 2008. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Apple iPhone in spite of registering a slowdown in sale in the Q4 due to dipping December sales still managed to gather more than 111% year to year; courtesy its Q3 sales.


iPhone OS 3.0 - the new features

3/18/2009 07:32:00 PM - 5 comments

Yesterday the iPhone OS 3.0 was presented. Most of the things Apple presented were more interesting for developers, than for users, but there are also some really good new features for costumers. Apple says that there are more than 100 new features build in. But first of all the most important thing for users: iPhone OS is already available for developers and will be available for normal users in summer. Here is a short summary of the most important new features.

The SMS app won't exist anymore. It will be replaced by "Messages". This App looks exactly like the SMS app, with the little difference, that you will be able to send vCards, photos, GPS information and voice memos. Of course you'll be still able to send SMS.

Cut Copy and Paste is going to work in every application. If you double tap on a word, copy & paste will open. You can copy or paste single words and whole texts. You can also copy texts in Safari and photos. To undo your paste, you simply have to shake your device.

You'll be able to play games with other iPhone users via bluetooth. Another iPhone OS supports is A2DP.

This is not something really new. But something really great! Now every "key app" (Mail, Messages, Notes) is going to use the landscape keyboard!


Until now the only app you could search in was contacts. This is going to change.
- there will be a search bar in every "key app"
- If you want to search your whole phone you can use spotlight. This is a new feature which is integrated in a new home screen. It allows you to search for everything you have on your iPhone, for example apps, songs or contacts.

Voice Memos
This is a new app, which enables the possibility to record voice memos. It also allows to edit the memo or to share it using email or MMS.


Yes, push has finally arrived on the iPhone. It is going to work exactly as presented on the WWDC. Now every app has the possibility to inform the user if something important happened, for example if you got a new IM message.

The new In-App Commerce lets the user buy new features directly in the App you are using, for example new levels for games.


The iPhone OS 3.0 will support "turn by turn". There are no details about how it is going to work, but it is finally here.

Pricing & more information
The update will be free for all iPhone users, iPod Touch user will have to pay 9.99$. The first iPhone generation wont be able to send or receive MMS, because of its hardware.

This all sounds quite impressive to us and we can't wait to update our iPhones to 3.0. But what about the jailbreak? There is going to be a jailbreak for 3.0. This is what the Dev-Team said:

“And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices. It’s just those using 3G yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update.”



iPhone OS 3.0 - Rumors [update]

3/16/2009 09:33:00 PM - 7 comments
We already told you about the presentation of iPhone OS 3.0 tomorrow and of course there are lots and lots of rumors in the world wide web. Here is a short listing of the most important ones.

App Store
If Wired is right, there will be a premium section in the App Store. This would be really useful, because often good apps aren't recognized by most of the users, because there are so many fart and flashlight apps.
The german Blog iphoneticker.de expects some changes in the App Store to give the user a better overview.

There will be a complete new springboard. This is what Macrumors is expecting. If their dreams come true, there will be a completely new way to sort your Apps, maybe using iTunes. They also think that Apple will include a push service and Copy and Paste.

According to AppleInsider Apple is going to prepare the iPhone for turn by turn navigation.
'Apple may leave that area to third party developers, or could enhance directions within Maps to support turn by turn features itself.'

Copy & Paste
Apart from Macrumors Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg.com, is talking about Copy and Paste. He describes it really similar to Clippy, which is a Copy an Paste solution for jailbreaked iPhones.

Most of the iPhone related websites think, that there is going to be a MMS service on the iPhone. It could work like the MMS app from Portugal.

There is no warranty that they will be included to iPhone OS 3.0, so the only thing we can do is to hope.


iPhone OS 3.0 is just around the corner - presentation on tuesday

3/12/2009 06:31:00 PM - 1 comments

"Advance preview of what we're building." This is, what Apple says about their next big event. Apple is going to present the next big step towards the "perfect iPhone" - iPhone OS 3.0 - on tuesday, March 17, 2009. There is no detailed information about the event yet and we don't expect a release of 3.0, but maybe Apple is going to show the world something really big. Maybe they show us Copy & Paste, video recording, multitasking or something completely different. And what about Steve Jobs? Maybe this event will be his big comeback!!! We don't really know, what is going to happen, but we know, that this is going to be a huge thing, so mark this date in your calendar and follow one of the livetickers around the web!



3 Great Applications that Turns iPhone into eBook Reader

3/08/2009 08:36:00 PM - 2 comments
Not everyone has the spare money to buy the sleek Kindle 2 from Amazon for reading electronic book. Why spend extra money on it? iPhone is already a great eBook Reader that you can put tons of books into your pocket. Here, we're going to show you three great iPhone applications for reading digital books.


First, it's Stanza from Lexcycle. Stanza has been rated by Time Magazine as one of the top 11 must-have iPhone applications. Once you download and install it on your iPhone, it instantly turns your iPhone into an amazing ebook device. The interface of Stanza is very simple and intuitive. Once you tap on a book title, you can read through the book page by page. A single page occupies the whole iPhone screen, so you don't have to scroll down the page. To turn to the next page, just flick through pages by using finger. Or you just tap on the left or right side of screen to turn to previous or next page.

Finding the eBook to read...

Reading the eBook...

A great ebook application shouldn't just let you read pages. Stanza offers options to streamline your reading. While viewing a page, just tap on the screen and you're allowed to jump through pages quickly using the scroll bar. Or you can tap on the search icon to search for keywords.

And, what makes Stanza stands out of other eBook applications is it offers a great collection of free eBooks for download. And it also covers free newspaper and magazines (Full content / summary) in its online library. The best of all, it's a free application and you can download it from App Store directly via this iTunes link.


If you have used any Windows mobile phone before, you may heard of eReader. eReader is a flagship product from Fictionwise that is one of the most popular ebook reader on mobile phones. Definitely, it won't ignore the iPhone market. While Stanza offers a great collection of free books and magazines, eReader focuses on premium eBook title. As of now, over 60,000 premium e-books are available for download via eReader.com and Fictionwise.com. You can easily find book title from top authors.

eReader offers an intuitive interface that you can navigate through the book content easily and it also lets you read book in both landscape & portrait mode. Another notable feature is that it lets you highlight any text and add note to it. You can always come back and view your note again. For those who take note while reading, this unique feature from eReader will be great for you.

eReader for iPhone is absolutely free and available for download via this iTunes link.

Amazon's Kindle App for iPhone

When it comes to book, we can't leave out the online book store giant - Amazon. The third eBook application is Kindle for iPhone. For starters who may not heard of Kindle, it is Amazon's flagship wireless digital book reader. The book titles sold for Kindle are specially formatted and at a discount price (~$9.99).

Last week, Amazon released Kindle App for iPhone, that lets iPhone users to read and purchase Kindle-formatted titles from Amazon. Like eReader and Stanza, Kindle displays the whole page on screen and you can flick through pages to navigate. By tapping on the screen, Kindle shows options for bookmark, changing font size or using the scroll bar to quickly navigate the book. Amazon also introduces a service called "Whispersync" that keeps track of the latest page you've read across iPhone and Kindle device.

However, don't expect you can download free book. Amazon only provide a sample chapter for you to download. To download the whole book, you need to pay. The Kindle store is now selling over 240,000 books and for most of the titles, they are selling at $9.99. It's quite unexpected you can't buy book directly inside Kindle app. Instead, Kindle launches a link via Safari for you to make a purchase.

Same as the other two applications, Kindle for iPhone is also free-of-charge. You can download Kindle application by using this direct iTunes links.


Kali Anti-Piracy

3/06/2009 01:45:00 PM - 0 comments
Get all the App Store Apps, but free! This is not a lie, it is the dark side of the internet! If you search the internet, you'll find lots and lots of cracked iPhone Apps and after the release of Crackulous, everybody is able to crack iPhone Apps. Apple's DRM is useless, that's a fakt! But what should developers do, to save their Apps from Crackers? The members of the russian developer-team Ripdev think they have a solution! It is called Kali Anti Piracy and it is the first try to save Apps from piracy by "non-Apple-developers". Kali Anti Piracy is fully compliant with the Apple iPhone SDK and it can be integrated in already existing Apps.

How does Kali AP work?
Kali Anti Piracy is a server based solution to protect apps. So everytime an Application using Kali AP is opened, the App checks if you bought the App using the App Store or if it is cracked. Depending on this information the App will start or not.

The Pricing is based on two payments: "Initial setup fees", which only have to be payed once, and "Royalty fees", which have to be payed every quarter. For more detailed pricing information
download this PDF

Some more Information
The developers promise:
"Kali Anti-Piracy is entirely self-contained, and will never “phone home” or otherwise contact the remote servers without your knowledge. We take end user privacy very seriously."
Kali will run on jailbroken devices and it wont harm you in any way if you are not a software pirate! Rip-Dev says, that Kali Anti Piracy has already left the beta-stadium, so we think a soon release is planed.

Cydia Store - buy Cydia Apps easy

3/05/2009 05:53:00 PM - 1 comments
Saurik, the developer of Cydia has announced a release of the Cydia Store on Friday. The Cydia Store is an App, which works very similar to the App Store. This Store allows you to buy Apps, which are only avaible for jailbreaked iPhones or iPod Touchs. The App will offer an easier way to download fee requiring Apps for jailbroaken devices. The first Apps you'll be able to download will be iPhone video recorder, SwirlyMMS, QuickSMS, iRealSMS and more Apps, which are already avaible via Cydia. This App was introduced at the 360iDev developers conference.


Yahoo Mobile Services for iPhones from March

3/03/2009 04:14:00 PM - 2 comments
Yahoo Mobile services from the Search Engine giant Yahoo is one of the hottest attractions of the Mobile World Congress held recently in Barcelona, Spain. Introduced as a mobile phone portal, users of Apple iPhone or any other Windows Mobile based smartphone can install Yahoo Mobile on their iPhones/ smartphone and access it through their mobile browser.

Apple iPhones to have Yahoo Mobile ahead of other Smartphones

This mobile browser from Yahoo is available now only as a beta version and Apple iPhone users will be the privileged few to use it as early as March, 2009; other than the users of devices running WebKit-based browsers like iPod touch, Android devices, and a few Nokia Series 60 units. The application will initially be made available in a few countries like the Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Philippines and Indonesia in the month of March; to be spread out to the rest of the world in the later part of the year.

While the rest of the smartphones running Windows Mobile such as Motorola, Nokia, RIM, Samsung and Sony Ericsson will have to wait till it hits the market in the 2nd quarter of 2009, possibly till the month of May to download the Yahoo application browser.

What to look out for in Yahoo Mobile for iPhones

• Yahoo Mobile package is an easy to use interface.
• Early reports have indicated that the Yahoo Mobile application will comprise of the mobile browser Opera Mini and Yahoo Maps.
• It will obviously have the search functions, diverse content and also user-filtered content via Yahoo Oneplace.
• It will offer access to email accounts on Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL mail; while the feature indicated as ‘Pulse’ will allow users access to a number of social networking sites such as Myspace, Flickr and Facebook.
• iPhone users will also get to use the OneConnect service, combining e-mail, Yahoo Messenger, Address book and Calendar, as part of the Yahoo Mobile application package.
• Users will be able to use the revolutionary search-by-voice option feature Onesearch Voice in Yahoo Mobile, which allows them to use the search feature by just saying the search terms into their phone.


The most fascinating aspect of Yahoo Mobile that has created an impact amongst iPhone and other smartphone users is that, it will enable the users to create their own Internet source on their mobile device which will not only help them stay connected and informed, but also to discover better and do things they enjoy doing most.


Offline Gmail Accessibility Made Possible on iPhone

3/01/2009 10:07:00 PM - 0 comments
Ever thought of accessing your mails offline while you are on the move? It might sound impossible but, thanks to Google – Gmail becomes accessible offline on Apple iPhone and Google Android phones. This latest development was showcased in the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain amidst much applause on Wednesday, 18th Feb, 2009.

Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering, Google demonstrated the mobile version of Gmail designed for both the iPhone and Google Android phones. The exception about this web-based application (for mobiles) is that besides accessing their email offlin
e, it also brings support for Gmail's labels feature. Moreover, what makes this application unique is that it is browser-based and do not require any mobile software application downloads.

Offline Gmail Access – The Technical Concept

Much adulation has been received in the MWC, as Google showcased to the world this ‘technical-concept’ application of Gmail , which helps store information on the device it is used on - not only a user's data, but also the software itself.

The Gmail application from Google based on HTML5 (a new Web language) is supported by both iPhone and Android. Just as features rely on extensions in desktop, offline Gmail for mobiles is dependent on HTML5’s AppCache and database standards. This helped secure data availability during absence of internet connection, which means it requires no additional software downloads; which further ensures that the feature would work flawlessly across multiple operating systems just as long as they support HTML5.

However, the feature that is making people go gaga over the application is its capability to run on both Apple's iPhone and Google's Android mobile, without the installation of any application on the phone.
The soon to be launched Gmail web application, besides its breakthrough attribute of gaining offline email access, features a floating toolbar that tracks users' email browsing and also support for message labeling. The demonstration for this GMail web app was done on iPhone 3G and on a HTC Magic (T-Mobile G2) at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. However, any details on the possible launch of this application have not been divulged.

Beyond Offline Gmail Access

Apart from offline Gmail access on Apple iPhone, the search engine giant also showed off an HTML5 built browser version of Google Maps on the Palm Pre which offered all the functionality of a native client. Even though no announcement has formally been made yet on when Google will make a world-wide release of these new features, but the mobile scenario is certainly poised at an interesting juncture.