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Alert in Casinos – Track the ‘Card-Counting’ iPhone App

2/26/2009 04:32:00 PM - 0 comments
Alert has been sounded in casinos across Nevada and gambling regulators across the city has been warned against a blackjack card-counting iPhone application that can counts cards. Even though reports of such application use is still unheard of in the casino city Las Vegas, information about the app has been traced to an Indian casino in Northern California, where the operators after discovering customers using the card-counting iPhone program, alerted the California Bureau of Gambling Control.
Even though counting cards is not illegal in Nevada, gaming regulators are taking this seriously; considering the fact that using a device for counting is ethically unacceptable and illegal.

How the Card Counting App Works

Even though not much is yet revealed about the iPhone application, the application presently available at the iTunes App store, works on Apple iPod touch and Apple iPhones. It works by keeping track of the cards that has been seen in blackjack (with machine accuracy); thus helping users tip the chances in their favor. Preliminary reports have suggested that the application which looks like an uncomplicated application uses four different strategies for card counting. It basically operates in the ‘stealth mode,’ in which the phone's screen is shut off. However, the user can run the program with ease without revealing if the key positions are known.
This application has however cooked up a storm on the issue of banning or allowing cellphones (including iPhones) inside casinos and gaming zones. The decision however, is subjective to individual casino owners. In a memorandum sent to casino operators in Nevada, the Gaming Control Board has warned of the iPhone application program, which it says can evaluate the true card count and that too accurately.

iPhone Users at Casinos beware – You are Being Watched!

If you are an iPhone user and gambler intending to use the iPhone card-counting application on your next visit to the casino, Beware! You may be apprehended by casino operators and put behind bars by state gaming agents. The whole casino industry is taking the invasion of this electronic method for cheating in a card game quite seriously and has pledged to take out an awareness mission about the application to every casino.

However, casino operators are skeptical about banning the application or restricting the use of iPhones in a casino at this stage, considering financial outfall in an already troubled economy. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that some deterrence about the iPhone app will definitely exhibit restraints amongst the high-tech gamblers.

News Mix - Cydia Apps, fix the iPhone and more

2/24/2009 05:45:00 PM - 0 comments

I'm sure you have already heard about the iBluetooth
project. It's aim is to allow the iPhone to transfer and receive files, music an vCards using the build in Bluetooth. Now iSpazio has announced a soon release of the iBluetooth App. “Actually, the application is in beta testing and i’m fixing some of the bug our tester did found. When ALL (or, the most important) bugs will be fixed, the app will be released.”


During the last days we told you about a lot of things Apple forgot to put in the iPhone. After a while we found this interesting website: pleasefixtheiphone.com! The site allows to list and vote for features, which have to be fixed on the iPhone, like Copy & Paste, add Flash or multitasking. Together we can change the world (or just the iPhone)!


A Few days ago we told you about the release of xGPS with speechnavigation on february 20th. So we have to apologize the date was wrong! But a soon release is planed!
"We think we are able to release xGPS 1.2 on the 7th of March. However, as usual, this is an approximative date and it can change if majors bugs are discovered."

Happy Birthday!

Today, feb 24th, it's Steve Jobs Birthday! ziPhone says Happy Birthday!

Stack App discontinued!

“I have to work extra hard as it is on creating things for the App Store, but when people like paniK go ahead and make my software available to pirates and I watch sales vanish overnight, it means I have to spend much more time on marketing and development for my App Store apps to try and offset my losses, leaving no time for projects like Stack that earn me nothing.”
This is the reason, why the Stack App will be removed from Cydia within the next days. So be sure you download it, while you can! The developer also says: "I'm still planning on releasing Stack 2.2 [...] But it shan't get any updates".

iTunes concept

svdomer09 shows us this interesting concept to sort your Apps with iTunes! check out how it works on YouTube!


Stack - v2.2 announced

2/21/2009 06:33:00 PM - 3 comments
After we told you about TabSB we want to show you another solution for a better access to your favourite apps. Stack will seem very familiar to all leopard users, because it works just like stacks on a Mac. It allows you to access your favourite programms in a very easy way.

How does Stack work?

If you want to add an app to Stack, just hold this app, until it starts to wiggle. Then just slide with your finger to the Stack icon and the back to its old position, as the picture at the right side shows.

If you want to open an application, that is in Stacks, just tap the "stack" and then select the app you want to open.

This app is realy easy to use and a good and fast way to access your favourite applications!

Whats new in v.2.2

Well, v.2.2 is not released yet, but there is going to be a big change. You will be able to move the Stack icon where ever you want. In older versions Stack was always located in the right corner of the dock.

You can download Stack via Cydia.

If you want to know how Stack v2.2 works, check out this video!

Apple Launches $99 iPhone 3G

2/21/2009 03:01:00 PM - 2 comments
Do you wish to replace your simple mobile phone with fast 3G wireless technology, maps with GPS and web browsing such as Safari? Well, this is no miracle; it is very much real and happening. You can very soon own an iPhone 3G with all the above features plus the as App Store to keep you updated on the latest from the iPhone world as Apple Inc. have made refurbished iPhones available for as little as $99 onwards through its AT&T website.

What are refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones are formerly owned devices that have been either slightly used or unused and returned within the 30-day trial period. Each of these refurbished iPhones put up for sale in the AT&T website are independently tested for quality and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. More details about the specific length of your warranty on their website can be provided courtesy Apple Inc., on providing the serial number of the device.

What to expect…

Much to the delight of iPhone lovers, the refurbished iPhone 3G devices are available in both the models – 8GB and 16GB. While the 8GB model is available at a flattering price of $99 only, the 16GB iPhone 3G available in black and white is available at a Refurb discount of $199 - a $100 discount from its market price of $299. Moreover, the refurbished iPhone 3G devices also come with a warranty period of 90 days or more.

The refurbished iPhone 3G also includes a charger, headphones, USB cable and user manual. However, a few of the refurbished iPhones might have minor scratches. Therefore, it is advisable to check and device practically and then arrive at a buying decision. However, stocks for refurbished iPhones is very limited and the market is all for grabs.

Apart from the 90 days warranty, made available with a two-year contract on purchase of a refurbished iPhone ; it also includes an activation fee of $36. Also available is a monthly data plan of $30/month; other than keeping options open for text messaging plan.

The refurbished iPhone 3G with a discounted value of $100 less is a treat for all those who would otherwise twice consider before buying an iPhone due to the price factor. In spite of the high monthly service charges and dataplans which goes up to a minimum of $70 per month + additional charges on taxes and fees iPhones is much desirable and in demand.


Copy & Paste on the iPhone

2/17/2009 04:04:00 PM - 2 comments
In my oppinion the iPhone is the best mobile phone, but it is not perfect! Appart from MMS and a turn by turn navigation software, Apple also missed to put copy & paste into the iPhone. But, as you may know, there is a solution for every problem! For copy and paste on the iPhone, there are two realy good ones!The only problem is, that they both only work when your iPhone keyboard is opened.


The first solution is called "Clippy" and is available via Cydia in version 0.95-4. It was the first real copy & paste solution for the iPhone, but it is still in Beta. It is realy easy to use! After installing it just go to the text you want to copy. Double-tap at the place you want to start marking the text an then hold it (left picture). Now just mark it like on a computer. If the text is marked, just hold the "123" button for a while until you can see something similar to the picture in the middle above. Now just tap "Cut" or "Copy" and the text will be saved to your Stack.
If you want to Paste something just tap at the position, where the text should be, and hold the "123" button like before. Tap "Stack" and select what you want to paste (right picture). If you tap "Paste" the uppermost text will be inserted.


This copy and paste solution is also available via Cydia. It solves the same problem as Clippy, but it works very different. It is just packed into a "international" keyboard. So after downloading it you have to activate it first (Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboard -> hClipboard). To open it, just tap the "world" next to the space bar. There are 2 ways to copy a text with hClipboard:
1. Copy the whole text: just tap "copy"
2. Copy a part of a text: tap, where you want to start to copy and then tap "Select from here". Now go to the end and tap "Select to here and copy"
To paste something, just tap on the text you copied before.

I tested both and both are realy good and easy to use. So there is no better one. Maybe Clippy is better if you use many international keyboards. You have to decide on your own which one is best for you.


ZiPhone International - German

2/14/2009 05:28:00 PM - 2 comments
Everything is getting international - ZiPhone.org, too!
So, today the first International ZiPhone
Blog is available in version 2.0! The german Blog now
also has the new design and is just waiting
for you to visit it at de.ziphone.org!

Alles wird international - ZiPhone auch!
Heute wurde der erste internationale ZiPhone Blog
in Version 2.0 online gestellt! Der deutsche Blog
erstrahlt nun auch im neuen Design und wartet
nur auf deinen Besuch!

Full Screen Web Browser available in the App Store

2/14/2009 03:09:00 PM - 4 comments
SOPODS has released the first full screen web browser for iPhone/iPod Touch! It can be downloaded in the App Store (App Store Link). It is currently free.
If you use the Full Screen Web Browser, you have 25% more viable area in portrait mode an almost 40% more in the landscape mode! It works just like Safari, but if you don't need the
address and button bars, they are hidden. If you need them again, just shake your iPhone/iPod Touch!


MMS for the iPhone!

2/12/2009 04:36:00 PM - 5 comments
“That’s one small step for WIT-Software, but one giant leap for Apple.“

One of the things, iPhone users missed, is MMS. Now the first by Apple certified MMS-App was released by WIT-Software. Temporaly it is only available in the portuguese App Store. The App looks really similar to the SMS or E-Mail App. It checks for new MMS only if you have the Application opened. Now you can receive and write MMS directly from your iPhone!
The App is able to display and send MMS containing photos (JPG,PNG,BMP,GIF and TIF), ARM
-audio and 3GP/MP4-videos. The Software is free, but you have to pay for every MMS you write.

Luis Silva, WIT Software CEO, stated that “This MMS application brings the iPhone up to speed on mobile messaging features, allowing clients to make use of the iPhone camera and image gallery to express their feelings. This iPhone application will be important for Mobile Operators that want to create a new revenue stream with MMS messaging.”
This App should be avaible in other App Stores soon.

Watch the MMS App test video on Youtube!

TapSB - Comming soon...

2/12/2009 02:03:00 PM - 8 comments
Every iPhone user knows it. The more Homescreen pages you have, the more difficult it is to navigate through them.

iSpazio has announced a soon release of TapSB via Cydia. It is a little Springboard modification, which allows you to navigate between your Homescreens very easy!
It looks similar to "Spaces"
on a Mac.

So what does it do?

If you double tap on your homescreen, TapSB will open. Now you can see 6 Pages at a time.

Now, you just have to click at the small preview of the page you want to go and it will zoom in.


GPS Voice Navigation on February 20, 2009!

2/11/2009 06:25:00 PM - 2 comments
“Location service is going to be a really big deal on the iPhone”.

That’s what Steve Jobs said while introducing the new iPhone 3g at WWDC 2008. But is this really that big deal as it is called? Ok, you can locate yourself on a map, but who needs that? Nobody! What we need is a navigation system, which tells you how to get where ever you want!

So, of course the big companies like TomTom or ALK Technologies have already developed an App to solve this problem, but – how could it be different – Apple prohibits them to sell it at the App Store.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 the first public “alpha” of xGPS was released. xGPS is a Navigation System, which is based on Google Maps and works on both, iPod Touch (1G/2G) and iPhone(3G), if you have a GPS module. It is already avaible in version 1.1.0 via Cydia (source:


Something huge coming…

On February 20, 2009 the release of the version 1.2 is planned. This version comes, apart from its known features, with a night mode and you will be able to listen to music while navigate, but the most important change is that there will be VOICE NAVIGATION!

“A first beta version of voice navigation in English is now implemented and the speech engine does a pretty good job of pronouncing the directions). It will need some future tweaks to correctly pronounce abbreviations (like Rd, Blvd, Pkwy, N, E, S W, slashes, etc), but other than that it does a very good job. It would also be nice if the user could set the distance(s) at which voice directions are given; they are currently set at about 400m and 20m before the next turn.“

This should be the first working navigation system for iPhone and iPod touch!

Watch the xGPS test video at YouTube:


Apple, AT&T Face Multiple iPhone Lawsuits

2/10/2009 10:45:00 AM - 1 comments
As recent reports reveal the news of iPhone sales touching a record 101 percent in the YOY sales of 2008, much to the dismay of Apple Inc, four separate lawsuits have been filed in the last couple of weeks. The basic anomaly pointed out in the lawsuits all filed from Florida, New Jersey, and Texas is primarily about the iPhone 3G’s connectivity and robustness. The lawsuits besides stating the iPhone 3G as a faulty device that cannot provide adequate 3G reception and surfing at 3G speeds, also places complaints about cracks in the casing.

Complaints seek injunction

iPhone 3G, in spite of being the most popular and sold off smartphone device of 2008, with record sales of more than 13 million units, has failed to keep all its customers happy and live up to their expectations. Four lawsuits in 2 weeks very well sum this up. Moreover, injunction has also being sought on companies trying to spread incorrect information with false advertising and corrective damages.

According to a report published in Ny Teknik, a Swedish engineering publication citing the reasons given in the lawsuit, the complainants have pointed towards the poor connectivity issue in iPhone 3G in receiving 3G signals. And, at the same time it stands united to the call for ban by U.K. Advertising Standards Authority on iPhone advertisements claiming its complete access over the Internet.

Another scope of complaints refers to the crack-prone casing of the Apple iPhone – mainly around the camera and near the volume button on the side. Some reports also highlights complaints indicating that the cracks appear near the earphone jack and on the bottom of the phone near the sync cable port as well. The premature wear-and-tear including the formation of hairline cracks in the casing is a well known problem known by all. The bone of contention of the complaints is that Apple Inc. and AT&T have been marketing the device aggressively in spite of knowing all about these flaws.

Apple assures fixing the hardware problems

Although Apple’s discussion boards is fully active with numerous posts on this issue; Apple as always maintaining its adherence to avoid commenting on pending litigation, has maintained a discerning silence to the media quest on the lawsuits. It has however, acknowledged the truth pertaining to the 3G connectivity issue. Reports also indicate that Apple Inc. is closer to fixing those issues in the successive firmware updates.


How to Install Winterboard from Cydia

2/03/2009 09:52:00 PM - 27 comments
If iPhone is a revolution, Cydia is the application that has given the ‘hush-hush’ jailbreaking/ unlocked iPhones a new recognition. However, the perfect blend comes with the installation of the much talked about theming tool – Winterboard from Cydia. But, what is driving people crazy over your Winterboard and gaga over Cydia? It is nothing but the zeal to create a customized look for the iPhone and iPod, that’s getting the people hooked up to this ‘wonder’ theming tool.

One of the important aspects about installing Winterboard is that, you need to have Cydia installed first and for that you need a jailbroken/ unlocked iPhone to start with. The beauty of Winterboard is that, it can handle everything from basic themes like wallpaper, status bar, dock, etc to entire themes for the customization of the complete system UI, including features like backgrounds, buttons and sounds. Presuming you already have an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone installed with Cydia; here is a step-by-step guide on:

• Installing WinterBoard from Cydia
• Installing themes from Cydia
• Applying selected theme(s) to WinterBoard
• Removing themes from WinterBoard

Installing WinterBoard from Cydia

After launching Cydia by simply tapping the Cydia icon on your Homescreen, go to the search section of Cydia by tapping the ‘Search’ icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then enter WinterBoard in the search box at the top of your screen, and scroll down to locate WinterBoard in the list. Then tap to select the WinterBoard application then tap ‘Install’ button at the top right. On completion of the installation, Cydia will restart your device.

Installing themes from Cydia

After launching Cydia, go to ‘Sections’ at the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you find the list of categories - Themes (Apps), Themes (Batteries), Themes (Complete), Themes (Keyboard), etc. You can easily find the theme of your choice and customize it by simply tapping to enter one of these categories - find a list of custom themes - go through each theme/ preview the screenshots - choose your favorite theme. Install your favorite theme by tapping the ‘Install’ button at the top right of the screen.

Applying selected theme(s) to WinterBoard

As you launch WinterBoard from the Homescreen, you can locate a list of themes that you have installed; other than those that comes pre-installed in Cydia. All you need to do is simply tap the theme of your choice and a checkmark will appear to the right of it. Now press the ‘Home’ button to exit WinterBoard. At this point, SpringBoard will restart and return you to the ‘Slide to Unlock’ screen; your chosen theme is now visible. In the same way, you can use WinterBoard to apply multiple themes at one time.

Remove themes from WinterBoard

You can easily remove a theme in WinterBoard by simply tapping the theme in the list. After the checkmark disappears, exit WinterBoard to apply your settings and wait for SpringBoard to restart.


Can Your iPhone Replace The Home PC

2/01/2009 11:28:00 PM - 0 comments
The advent of Internet has not only made communication easier and accessible from any part of the world, it has also working from remote location a virtual reality. However, as technology rejuvenates, the user finds more handy devices like the Apple iPhone taking over the Home PC in remote locations where cable/DSL broadband connection is unavailable. Moreover, they also sum up to be one of the most viable alternatives in cases when you move over to a new location (without a cable/DSL broadband connection) and are left with no choice but your iPhone.

iPhone Vs. Cable/DSL broadband connection

There is an air of disbelief and suspicion over iPhone replacing high speed internet connection. The most obvious question is, ‘Can the iPhone match the high speed connectivity required by remote workers?’ Well, there has been substantial acknowledgement from several iPhone users in the recent times which states that Iphones are as easy and compatible as any cable/DSL broadband connection, when it comes to surfing, e-mailing and talking as well.

Cutting Costs with iPhones…

Who doesn’t want to do some cost cutting in this economic upheaval? But many seem to question, ‘How can my iPhone help me save money?’ Well, as discussed in the previous paragraph, accessing internet and even continuing with basic office work is possible through iPhone. So, if you want to save some money, you definitely can ponder over replacing the broadband connection with the sleek and trendy iPhones.

One of the only things that make an iPhones lose its ground over the Home PC is the absence of a normal size screen, keyboard and mouse. But it is nevertheless tempting to use the Iphone as a modem. It may not be long, when you can probably use your iPhone to access high speed internet and will not need a separate DSL broadband connection for the same. Who knows, the economic turmoil and global recession can bring about a new turning point in the history of iPhones and its accessibility to the remotest location in the world.

iPhones can be your Mobile PC

As the great debate continues over iPhones replacing the Home PC, one thing is sure; the iPhones can very well be substituted as the mobile PC considering the mobility factor, ease of use and of course, the cost-effectiveness of using it for all communication needs rather than going all the way for seeking the broadband connection. Although, it is too early for iPhones to fully replace the high speed connectivity of cable/DSL broadband connection, it will not be very long when the conventional offices will go mobile and be dependent on iPhones for all remote communication.