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San Fransisco hosts the First iPhone Game Summit, 2009

1/29/2009 04:56:00 PM - 0 comments
Who would have thought a few years ago that your very personalized games on your mobiles will see a day when the global summit on iPhone games will be held? Well, this is nothing less than a dream come true. The first iPhone game Summit, 2009 is to be held in San Francisco. The summit is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 19 from 11:00AM to 5:30PM Pacific Time at the Mission Bay Conference Center, University of California (San Francisco campus).
This first of its kind of event is expected to provide and exciting and encouraging platform for several iPhone games developer from all across the globe.

Apple calls for a larger perspective of the iPhones game Summit…

Although, it is well known than said that the iPhones Games Summit will be integral to Apple’s marketing policies, however, Apple Inc. prefers to acknowledge it as only ‘iPhones Games Summit’ to give the event a larger perspective. In its first year of inception, which is going to kickstart with a half-day long conference; iPhone developers from several countries all around the world are expected to attend to this mega event.

iPhone Game developers gear up for the show…

Apple Inc. is leaving no stones unturned to make the event a success. Considering the web strategies implemented for the event, a brand new website igsummit.com keeps the ever-enthusiastic iPhone game lovers connected to the latest news and updates on the event. Scheduled to be attended by some of the well-known iPhone game developers from across the globe, the half-day conference is sure to see many sparklers.

A few of the prominent developers who have confirmed their participation in the iPhones Games Summit, 2009 are Zynga (Facebook and MySpace games developer), SGN (iGolf, iBowling, iBasketball and others), Keith Lee of Booyah, Mike Mettler from AdMob and Tapulous (Tap Tap Revenge) to name a few. The excitement over the event can be felt at the AppStre which is seen buzzing with activity like never before.

The Games summit - an icing on the vibrant iPhones Market

The 2009 iPhone Games Summit announced by 3rd Power LLC, is expected to attract a large swarm of investors, industry experts, buyers and developers promises to make the world of iPhones games more accessible, competitive, exciting and ‘larger than life’. 3rd Power, until now has been able to register speakers for the even who can throw light on various issues from ‘Why iPhone Games Work’ to ‘The Future for iPhone Games’. While early-bird registration is priced at $299; academic passes are available for $85 only. You may visit the summit website for registration at www.igsummit.com


Can iPhones Replace Educators to Be the Invincible Study Machine?

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Technology like any other good things in life has craved a prominent place for itself in our lifestyle. It sometimes becomes virtually impossible to imagine life without cellphones, internet and now iPhones. iPhones has opened up a Pandora’s box of opportunities for the thousands of developers all around the globe, who strive hard to get their applications approved from the App Store and buy a chunk of fame and revenue.

iPhone vs. Internet

Internet has revolutionized the way the world looked at Research, Information and Communication. All information, courtesy the Internet is accessible to people sitting in any corner of the globe and iPhones are the latest entrant into the world of information, as they get set to take on the Educators as the invincible study machine.
However, the topic is quite debatable with many raising the obvious question that, ‘Do iPhones really make any difference in educational research, if we already have high speed internet access?’ The answer probably will be ‘Not much’. Nonetheless, what needs to be understood is that, the touch screen in an iPhone will make gathering and storing information easier and also appealing to the younger generation.

iPhone – The Trendy Study Machine

It is practically immaterial but true that the present generation of people is more attracted to the trendy appeal in any product or service they would like to endorse. And, not many differences can be seen even when it comes to education or gathering information. The popularity of information searching through iPhone can be validated from the growing demand of the App Store, which has witnessed more than 500 million downloads spread over more than 15,000 iPhone applications.
Although, most of the revenue is understood to have come from gaming application and entertainment, a sizeable chunk of the pie is owed to ‘study guides’ as well. This is an incredible development considering the fact that internet is still a hugely predominant player when it comes to Information research.

The iPhone Edge

What does it take for iPhones to cut across the internet-dominant market? Armed with enviable dimensions equivalent to conventional note cards and extensive gigabytes of storage space and full-color touch screen; iPhones is the indomitable study guide. One of the striking aspects that appeals the younger generation of iPhone and iPod Touch users is its breathtaking features and feather touch functionalities enroute to information.

Need of the Hour – Apple Inc. need to Change Marketing Strategies

However, the need of the hour is a change in Apple Inc’s strategy to focus their marketing on the iPhone's learning applications, as much as they do for games and entertainment. Stakes are also held high on hopes that a carefully developed section on Education at App Store could encourage more young people to give a thought and buy an iPhone or iPod Touch; many of whom would not have otherwise opted for one at the moment. Hope Apple’s listening!

Apple Talks Tough on iPhone’s Intellectual Property Infringement

1/23/2009 10:08:00 PM - 3 comments
The iPhone is probably one of the most enviable products which any technology giant would like to have in its portfolio. However, credit goes to Apple Inc. for developing this revolutionary gadget – iPhones; that has almost given technology a new dimension. Also, with all the adulations and business success has arrived cut-throat competition from some of the biggest names in the contemporary technology market like Google, Research In Motion, Palm, to name a few.

Apple Inc. talks tough…

But, what makes Apple Inc. apprehensive is its infringement of iPhone’s intellectual property rights. Early this month quite a few eyebrows were raised and blogs were written about the new smartphone from Palm – Palm Pre; which reflected many similar attributes to Apple iPhone.

Although, Apple Inc. is tightlipped about the much discussed similarities between the iPhone and Pre, buzz is around that the technology giant is seriously contemplating scrutinizing the facts if it feels its intellectual property right has been violated. And some tough sound bytes from Apple COO Tim Cook saying "We will not stand for having our iPhone ripped off," is quite an indication of the message Apple Inc. would like to pass on to its competitors.

Palm Pre comes closer to Apple iPhone

All those who have seen the Palm Pre at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show, could not stop exclaiming the strong similarity Palm Pre had with the Apple iPhone. Other than its smooth trendy design, user interface and Operating System (OS) and a sharp and brilliant color half-VGA (320x480) resolution Multi-touch screen. It has similar iPhone features like using Multi-touch gestures to zoom in and out of Web pages and swiping the screen to shift between windows.

And in the line of fire is Palm’s executive chairman Jon Rubinstein, who is famously an ex-Apple employee and is known to poach several Apple staff since his Motorola days. Therefore, apprehensions at Apple Inc. are quite high as Palm is contemplating a launch date for the Pre, later this year.

Apple is watching…

As news of possible resemblance is gathering storm in the technology market with many competitors battling hard to get their share of the market pie, which iPhone has already captured; Apple is waiting and watching closely. All it needs is vital proof against infringement of its intellectual property; for ascertaining possible actions under law.

At the same time, Apple is not taking it lightly as it is working towards constantly upgrading the features and applications of the iPhone, so that the craze never dies down. This is perhaps the finest aspect of the iPhone generation – Innovation as the key to Success and Surviving Competition.

iControlPad for iPhone – Coming Soon!

1/23/2009 12:12:00 AM - 3 comments
The best developers in the world take pride in developing applications for iPhone. iControlPad, the latest accessory to be associated with iPhone; has lately become one of the most awaited device amongst iPhone enthusiasts. There has been enough buzz about iControlPad since early 2008, when iControlPad.com divulged its plans of working on a gamepad shield project for Apple iPhone. Now, almost nine months into a brainstorming development process, the iControlPad is soon waiting to be launched.

The story behind….

iControlPad has been conceptualized as the gamepad shield that would assist in the playing of jailbreak games and also soothe emulators. Since its development began in May, 2008, the iControlPad has been undergoing a process of transformation from the better to the best. What started off initially at a very individual level with the assembling of a serial interface for connecting a Super Nintendo controller to the iPhone, is now poised at a very crucial stage of development; when the requisite code is implemented to use the device with their applications before it goes for the big launch.

The iControlPad Journey - then and now…

It has been fascinating for iControlPad.com to keep millions of iPhone user all over the world updated on each developmental moves of the iControlPad till the final stage prototype video that was used to play Quake was shown to the world. All those who kept a keen watch on the entire trail of iControlPad from the initial days of development for a glimpse of the CG renders and a few still pictures can now see the final device.

What you can see now are several add-ons, other than the distinctive white prototype finish presently at the periphery. The add-ons (suggested earlier in previous trails) are equipped to handle I/O and derives power from iControlPad’s dock connector, which includes an eight-direction d-pad—A, B, X, Y, other than a set of select and start buttons.

What to look out for…

iControlPad like the other iPhone accessories and applications have bagged huge expectations and appreciation much before its release. Tentatively set to release in mid-2009, the iControlPad is reportedly being developed to work on games that rely on the iPhone Jailbreak. It will be competitively priced, around $30 (according to iControlPad.com) and will have the quality to match the iPhone. However, it is still unclear if this much awaited device will work with App Store applications.

ziPhone website version 2.0

1/22/2009 09:29:00 PM - 24 comments
ziPhone website version 2.0

One year passed since the start of this blog by Zibri. More than 16 million web surfers visited it in 2008. And now it is time for some changes to make it even better. We`ve come a long way preparing the 2.0 upgrade. So please welcome to new ziPhone website.

A large design update

As you have probably noticed the new design is nothing like the old one, a great designer and coders worked on this for us and did an amazing job, and they are still in process. That`s why we would love to get a feedback from our dedicated readers in order to know what other improvements you would like to have at the website? And please report any errors you might find.

What's to come...

As you may know, Zibri has become a father in November (all the best wishes to him and his family) and the good part is that www.ziphone.org is really popular. So we want to improve the user experience at our website for those of you who visit us regularly and keep you updated with all the fresh iPhone, Apple and Digital News.
So enjoy the new ziPhone website! We will try our best posting new interesting articles on daily basis. If you notice any bugs or errors - comment them here and we will fix all the little issues. :)

Passing the baton...

1/13/2009 05:25:00 PM - 7 comments
As you maybe already know, I called the auction off.
I refunded all $50 bidding donations.

Since I have much less time to manage this site, I will pass the baton to David. David runs many sites and a few are about cellular unlocking.

Stay tuned for news!