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iTV 2.0 iPhone Application – Fully Reloaded!

8/23/2009 11:35:00 PM - 3 comments
The i.TV iPhone app is one of the popular and adored applications amongst the television and movie buffs. However, now they will not have to wait much longer for better and bigger entertainment as i.TV 2.0 app will be made available in the Apple App store shortly. IntoMobile, the developer of the upgraded version i.TV 2.0 app has declared that the new version will be more sophisticated and will come packed with innovative features in comparison to the prior version.

The good news is that, i.TV 2.0 iPhone app is available for free download for iPhone users from the iTunes App Store.

Unlock iPhone iTV 2.0 Application
i.TV 2.0 app Features – Innovative, Sophisticated and User-friendly

- The user-interface of i.TV 2.0 app is claimed to be more streamlined and user-friendly.

- The updated application will also come loaded with provisions like television listings, movie listings and trailers.

- The application will also allow users to purchase movie tickets, managing users’ Netflix queue, reviews, etc.

- With this iPhone app, users go about rating shows, mark favorite shows and view YouTube clips, besides viewing show details.

- i.TV 2.0 app will provide integration facilities with the iTunes; thereby, facilitating users to discover related TV and movie content.

- The app will also come along with features like Push notifications that will help alert users when their favorite TV shows are aired.

- Reports indicate that i.TV 2.0 app will also feature innovative i.TV Remote Control Framework which facilitates users to exploit the app with a number of devices.

- The TiVo, which is at the planning stage for developing a remote within the i.TV framework will allow users all basic functions – surf channels, rewind, forward and fast forward, play and record their favorite movies and shows as well.

- i.TV 2.0 app also makes it possible for iPhone users to use their Apple device as a universal television remote with the help of Bluetooth , Wi-Fi or via connection with a dock connector.

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3 Responses

what channels are on it? does it have comedy central? cartoon network? any of those?

Now I have itv 2.2 and I still can't even search on the Book of Eli.
I even called my local theatre to see if it was playing- it was! BUT NOT ACCORDING TO iTV won't show up ANYWHERE!

when will they release one for symbian

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