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Pizza Hut iPhone app – Ordering Pizza is Fun!

7/20/2009 08:58:00 PM - 1 comments
Pizza Hut iPhone app–Ordering Pizza is FunAre you hungry and craving for fresh pizzas with pepperonis and sausages? Well, if you busy stuck up in a meeting or entertaining friends, you need not waste your time anymore looking put for the pizza catalogue; because now mobile ordering of pizza comes easy and fast with the new iPhone App from Pizza Hut – America’s and the world’s favorite pizza destination.

The Pizza Hut iPhone app is available with a number of cool functionalities that make ordering pizza even more a joy other than its easy to use features. All you need to do to order your favorite crust, topics or sauce is to can tap it, tilt it, drag it, drop it, shake it, pinch it, stretch it and order it. The application also comes with a fun game – The Hut Racer that keeps you glued until the Pizza Boy rings your doorbell and delivers your order.

Pizza Hut iPhone app features

- The app has integrated innovative iPhone features like the accelerometer and the multitouch display into the ordering process.

- You do not require a dialing number, nor do you need to interact with anyone to order your favorite pizza from Pizza Hut. Just place your order through the iPhone.

- Zoom in on your virtual fridge for the hottest deals on your favorite Pizza Hut pizza, pasta and wings.

- Save your favorite orders.

- Find the nearest Pizza Hut location ‘Free’ with the location finder in the application.

- The app also comes with a Hut Racer game, where you just need to tilt the iPhone to control the way your car will move. You have to avoid the obstacles on the road and reach its destination within the best time possible.

Shake your way to your favorite Pizza

Build your own choice of Pizza by ‘Scroll & tap’ to pick your crust; ‘Pinch & stretch’ to change your size; ‘Drag & drop’ your toppings and ‘Tilt to adjust’ the toppings. Similarly, to order Pizza Hut’s delicious wings from your iPhone, ‘tap’ your favorite type of wings; ‘Scroll & tap’ to choose your sauce; ‘Shake’ to sauce your wings and ‘Tap’ to order more or less. Isn’t that fun?

For the new-age customers

If you think, your life revolves around your iPhone and cannot simply live without it, Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer, Brian Niccol thinks Pizza Hut iPhone app can definitely be the solution when you are hungry. It is also a great tool for the GenNext who are somewhat bored with the conventional methods of ordering pizza by text message, web site ordering, mobile web site ordering and Facebook ordering system. In summary, ordering pizza, pasta or wings with sauce from your iPhone with the help of the Pizza Hut iPhone App is definitely appealing for the new age customers.

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Hi Seuli.B
I am nikhil patel.
I have read your blog its very funny...
I am last 3 months searching about this type application for my iPhone.
I have as possible as soon try to use Pizza Hut iPhone app.

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