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How to: Battery percentage on every iPhone

7/23/2009 07:07:00 PM - 6 comments
Battery percentage meter on every iPhone
To know exactly how much of your battery life is remaining is a really useful thing. Apple has included the 'battery percentage' in the iPhone OS 3.0 for this reason. They made this feature 3 GS only so the iPhone classic and the 3G users can't use it although they could. The feature is hidden on the older iPhone's OS. It is quite easy to activate it. The only thing to do is to follow the instructions below.

- Access your iPhone via SSH (How to SSH into your iPhone)
- Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app
- Download M68AP.plist
- Open this file with a plist-editor
- Create a new 'boolean' in the 'capabilities' folder
- Name it 'gas-gauge-battery' (=Boolean Key) and set the value to 'true'
- Save the edited plist file and upload it to your iPhone
- Reboot your device

to activate or deactivate the battery percentage go to settings -> General -> Usage -> battery percentage

Now enjoy the 'new' feature! If you don't like it anymore, simply turn it off.


6 Responses

There is a much easier way to do it!
First : install SBSettings
Second : load it (slide on the top menu where there is the carrier + wifi + battery).
Third : go to "more"
Fourth : go to "Extras & Options"
Fifth : turn on "Nueric Battery"
Then quit using the home button (SpringBoard will reload).

Note : this also works on 2.x firmwares, but you'll have to tap on the battery, and you'll have either the percentage or the battery.

or you could just download a supreme preferences app and activate via a SLIDE BAR since you already have to hack your phone to do this ^^^^
dont be stupid people

i tired this on iphone3g 16gb but nithing happended ... please guide step by setp

or enable it as winterboard theme, dont remeber what its called but ModMyI hosts it

You can also download and use the percentage battery by downloading SSB settings from cydia.

worked for me, but instead of using WINSCP I used total commander


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