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Zillow Real Estate App for iPhone

5/24/2009 11:19:00 PM - 1 comments

Does instant real estate information on the move and that too right on your fingertips seem to be far-sighted dream? Look no further, Zillow.com has converted this dream into a reality with the launch of Zillow real estate app for the iPhone. Available now as free app from the App Store, this iPhone App leads you to a database of almost on 88 million U.S. homes, i.e. about 95 percent of homes in the U.S with just the press of a button.

What to expect from Zillow iPhone app

Zillow.com after its three years of online presence has an extensive database of over 95 percent of U.S homes, together with photos and contact information for 3.4 million ‘For-Sale’ listings.

- The iPhone app will also provide users with information on recently-sold homes and bottom-line prices that homeowners would accept.

- Users can also use the iPhone app GPS capabilities to display homes near the user's location. It also has a ‘Search’ feature to search for data on particular addresses, neighborhoods, zip codes and cities, in any part of the country, just as in the website.

- The app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to identify your location and give you an idea about price estimates known as ‘Zestimates’ for all of the homes nearby, as you move along past any neighborhood with your iPhone. So you need not even add address.

- Some parts of the app that do not require GPS, even works on the iPod Touch as well apart from iPhone.

- A feature called ‘Make Me Move’ lets owners to choose a price at which they would think about selling their house without formally listing their property for sale.

- You can see Zestimates, homes for sale, recently sold propertied and Make Me Move homes all on one screen.

Zillow iPhone app – A futuristic move

Zillow.com, the premier real estate website has a fantastic web presence with over 8 million visitors a month. It caters to a sizeable chunk of the real estate market in the United States for buyers, sellers and real estate agents looking out for corresponding real estate opportunities and business.

However, home buying and selling which was just a couple of clicks away (Thanks to Zillow.com) has now become much easier with the help of the iPhone app courtesy Zillow real estate services. Detailed home-buying information, agent information, and the property prices in the locality can easily be obtained with just the press of a button on the iPhone pad just as you did over the Zillow website.

You can not only pull up a map view of the area showing nearby homes with housing prices; but also icons to indicate the status of the house such as red meaning ‘The Home is for Sale, yellow meaning ‘Recently Sold’, and blue is ‘Make me Move’, or the seller’s expected price at which someone (a prospective buyer) would consider moving.

What’s missing in the Zillow iPhone app vs. website:

Although most functionalities and features available in Zillow.com is available in its iPhone app, there are a few features which are yet to be included in the iPhone version. A few such features include that of managing listings, local information that is decisive to home buying like information on schools, parks, hospitals and statistics on the privileged circumstances of the close neighborhood.

Restricted local information can sometimes be a limitation; however, Zillow iPhone app is a ideal when it comes to procuring information about other cities or comparing prices amongst neighborhood. Moreover, the Zillow iPhone app as yet focuses only on the purchasing aspect of home buying and not the selling aspect.

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It is hard to understand that this app is only published in the U.S. App Store. Even Europeans are traveling in our times and might be interested in buying U.S. real estate. And it´s not just since the US$ is weak against the EURO that European Apple customers own properties in the U.S.

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