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TapSB - Comming soon...

2/12/2009 02:03:00 PM - 8 comments
Every iPhone user knows it. The more Homescreen pages you have, the more difficult it is to navigate through them.

iSpazio has announced a soon release of TapSB via Cydia. It is a little Springboard modification, which allows you to navigate between your Homescreens very easy!
It looks similar to "Spaces"
on a Mac.

So what does it do?

If you double tap on your homescreen, TapSB will open. Now you can see 6 Pages at a time.

Now, you just have to click at the small preview of the page you want to go and it will zoom in.

8 Responses

It looks great!! What about if you have more than 6 pages? Will there be an option to move to a second screen with the remaining pages? Thanks for the great info!

That looks great! What about if we have more than 6 pages? To we have an option to see both zoomed out pages? Thanks for the info!

if you have more than 6 pages, you can just scroll down (look at the second picture)!


it mean we will have 16x6(minimum)x9

great application

we are waiting


Almost one month and nothing, was it cancelled?

we are still waiting... was it a hoax ? bunch of pussies :(

11.28.09 its still not listed

uuhhh...? did you just screw us all in the butt?
nothing here yet

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