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Stack - v2.2 announced

2/21/2009 06:33:00 PM - 3 comments
After we told you about TabSB we want to show you another solution for a better access to your favourite apps. Stack will seem very familiar to all leopard users, because it works just like stacks on a Mac. It allows you to access your favourite programms in a very easy way.

How does Stack work?

If you want to add an app to Stack, just hold this app, until it starts to wiggle. Then just slide with your finger to the Stack icon and the back to its old position, as the picture at the right side shows.

If you want to open an application, that is in Stacks, just tap the "stack" and then select the app you want to open.

This app is realy easy to use and a good and fast way to access your favourite applications!

Whats new in v.2.2

Well, v.2.2 is not released yet, but there is going to be a big change. You will be able to move the Stack icon where ever you want. In older versions Stack was always located in the right corner of the dock.

You can download Stack via Cydia.

If you want to know how Stack v2.2 works, check out this video!

3 Responses

Very nice designed

Why on my iphone, the stack icon is located at the center of the dock ?

A reboot, may help ?

2.2 Edge

go to 'settings' and tapp on 'Stack'.
This should help.

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