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MMS for the iPhone!

2/12/2009 04:36:00 PM - 5 comments
“That’s one small step for WIT-Software, but one giant leap for Apple.“

One of the things, iPhone users missed, is MMS. Now the first by Apple certified MMS-App was released by WIT-Software. Temporaly it is only available in the portuguese App Store. The App looks really similar to the SMS or E-Mail App. It checks for new MMS only if you have the Application opened. Now you can receive and write MMS directly from your iPhone!
The App is able to display and send MMS containing photos (JPG,PNG,BMP,GIF and TIF), ARM
-audio and 3GP/MP4-videos. The Software is free, but you have to pay for every MMS you write.

Luis Silva, WIT Software CEO, stated that “This MMS application brings the iPhone up to speed on mobile messaging features, allowing clients to make use of the iPhone camera and image gallery to express their feelings. This iPhone application will be important for Mobile Operators that want to create a new revenue stream with MMS messaging.”
This App should be avaible in other App Stores soon.

Watch the MMS App test video on Youtube!

5 Responses

What are you talking about? MMS Photo Messaging has been available on App Store in the uk, free, for over a month at least.

Garry Robson

this was not real MMS !
it just showed you what was saved on a server!
But this is the first App, which realy allows you to write a MMS DIRECTLY from your iPhone!

Have you used it? I have sent 14 photo messages with the UK MMS Photo Messaging app direct from my iPhone O2 and other networks and it works perfectly. What else do you want?

the app you know works different!
you send an email to a server, where it is converted into a MMS! If you receive a MMS, the MMS goes to the server and is converted into a email!
This is not real MMS, it's just a solution!

You dont have to like the App, but its a big step!

I know, but who cares? I can send and receive great quality photo messages directly from my phone on those few occasions when it could be useful and it works perfectly. Absolutely perfectly.

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