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How to Install Winterboard from Cydia

2/03/2009 09:52:00 PM - 27 comments
If iPhone is a revolution, Cydia is the application that has given the ‘hush-hush’ jailbreaking/ unlocked iPhones a new recognition. However, the perfect blend comes with the installation of the much talked about theming tool – Winterboard from Cydia. But, what is driving people crazy over your Winterboard and gaga over Cydia? It is nothing but the zeal to create a customized look for the iPhone and iPod, that’s getting the people hooked up to this ‘wonder’ theming tool.

One of the important aspects about installing Winterboard is that, you need to have Cydia installed first and for that you need a jailbroken/ unlocked iPhone to start with. The beauty of Winterboard is that, it can handle everything from basic themes like wallpaper, status bar, dock, etc to entire themes for the customization of the complete system UI, including features like backgrounds, buttons and sounds. Presuming you already have an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone installed with Cydia; here is a step-by-step guide on:

• Installing WinterBoard from Cydia
• Installing themes from Cydia
• Applying selected theme(s) to WinterBoard
• Removing themes from WinterBoard

Installing WinterBoard from Cydia

After launching Cydia by simply tapping the Cydia icon on your Homescreen, go to the search section of Cydia by tapping the ‘Search’ icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then enter WinterBoard in the search box at the top of your screen, and scroll down to locate WinterBoard in the list. Then tap to select the WinterBoard application then tap ‘Install’ button at the top right. On completion of the installation, Cydia will restart your device.

Installing themes from Cydia

After launching Cydia, go to ‘Sections’ at the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you find the list of categories - Themes (Apps), Themes (Batteries), Themes (Complete), Themes (Keyboard), etc. You can easily find the theme of your choice and customize it by simply tapping to enter one of these categories - find a list of custom themes - go through each theme/ preview the screenshots - choose your favorite theme. Install your favorite theme by tapping the ‘Install’ button at the top right of the screen.

Applying selected theme(s) to WinterBoard

As you launch WinterBoard from the Homescreen, you can locate a list of themes that you have installed; other than those that comes pre-installed in Cydia. All you need to do is simply tap the theme of your choice and a checkmark will appear to the right of it. Now press the ‘Home’ button to exit WinterBoard. At this point, SpringBoard will restart and return you to the ‘Slide to Unlock’ screen; your chosen theme is now visible. In the same way, you can use WinterBoard to apply multiple themes at one time.

Remove themes from WinterBoard

You can easily remove a theme in WinterBoard by simply tapping the theme in the list. After the checkmark disappears, exit WinterBoard to apply your settings and wait for SpringBoard to restart.

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hey David
I have a question:
Is ZiPhone dieing?
please tell us what you are doing and what you are planing to do. please!
I think a lot of people would love to see ziphone growing and a lot of people would love to help you!
Please give us a sign!

greetimgs from germany

Hi Patrick!
What are you asking about? About the blog or the software? Zibri is not going to make new releases of the software, as you may know..
If you have any interesting ideas/info to post at this blog - you are welcome! We are even ready to pay for good tutorials.

Patrick, send me your email address please. Just post it here as a reply - it won't be posted at the blog.

Just release Ziphone already!! And hopefully work for ipod Touch 2g!!

I have an important question. my itouch isnt working now? please help!

If your going to post how to install apps from cydia, shouldn't you first talk about how to jailbreak your iPhone/ iPod touch. Just makes sense to start from the beggining doesn't it. Or maybe your trying to avoid the ziphone subject.....

Is zibri really not releasing any software? for good? and how about you David? please answer man! I have been on the edge of my seat since the "egg of columbus" post... I really think that he has the software up and running... but he can't post it because it uses a piece of code with copyright and he can't upload it because he's a legal guy... Am I right?

@Grant I think he's going for the people who have already jailbroke there iPhone on 2.0 with another program. As David said in a comment above, "Zibri is not going to make new releases of the software, as you may know.."

I don't believe Zibri said the iPhone Dev Team's programs was dangerous or unstable. I might be wrong about that. i've never had any major problems with them.

o come on! winterboard has been going on for a while!

If I could do that jailbreaking stuff I would release it!! sooner! It probably never be released when a new iphone is coming out!


sorry i got a question???
can you tell me how to put new ipone version in my ipod ????

jst one thing on this, i have the OS 3.0 on my ipod, jailbroken of course & it has cydia, but wen i search for winterboard as listed above, nothing shows up
wats up wif dat

For some reason my ipod touch seems to brick everytime I click restart for Winterboard. Anyone else have any of the same issues?

I'm wondering the same thing twizled. And the funny thing is yesterday I jailbroke my friend's phone and installed cydia and found winterboard with no problem. Its not working on this other phone though. WEIRD@

Veroljub, if you mean as in every time you install an app from cydia the iPod goes into recovery mode then yes. I've had to rejailbreak my iPod about 4 to 5 times already because of that.

Hey i just jailbroke my iPod touch 2G, which is runnin 3.1.2 software, using blackra1n then i install cydia all ok until this poiint... i then try to install the Winterboard it install ok but when it reboots it comes back on in restore mode. Have i done anything wrong?

eveytime i select a theme in winterboard and hit the home button it stops loads the spring board i unlock it and its the same i dont know what to do it wont load the themes

Veroljub, if you mean as in every time you install an app from cydia the iPod goes into recovery mode then yes. I've had to rejailbreak my iPod about 4 to 5 times already because of that.
di u ever get rid of that problem if so how

Apparently this issue is unique to the iPod 2G but nobody bothers saying so.

When Winterboard is done installing your device will be in recovery mode. DON'T do anything with iTunes, and DON'T push any buttons. Just run blackra1n again and when your iPod reboots, all will be happy and Winterboard will be there for ya.


Forgot to mention, leave the iPod tethered through the whole process.

My phone has been jailbroken and unlocked but for some reason when i follow these instructions, winterboard still does not appear on my springboard... what's worng???
Please Help

i havent jailbroke my iphone yet but really wont 2 just bit weary really so want advice on if i should do it or not

Can I jailbreak my iPod 3.1.3?

bueno queria comentar que tenia problemas con los temas pero gracias a esta informacion todo esta bien ahora gracias

jason i jailbroke my ipod 4.1 im SURE you can do it to 3.1.3 i suggest you use snowbreeze

just use Spirit, spiritjb.com

it works perfectly.

I downloaded winterboard and then i reset my ipod and the app for winterboard isnt there. help?

warum kann ich cydia nicht downloaden

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