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Full Screen Web Browser available in the App Store

2/14/2009 03:09:00 PM - 4 comments
SOPODS has released the first full screen web browser for iPhone/iPod Touch! It can be downloaded in the App Store (App Store Link). It is currently free.
If you use the Full Screen Web Browser, you have 25% more viable area in portrait mode an almost 40% more in the landscape mode! It works just like Safari, but if you don't need the
address and button bars, they are hidden. If you need them again, just shake your iPhone/iPod Touch!

4 Responses

it's not free, its costs 99 cents

yes its not free anymore!
but it was free for the first 4 days

I don't like the full screen web browser because
it hasen't that much function like the mobilesafari browser.
You don't have a bookmark or somethink like this.
I rather use the MobileSafari Browser.

Full Screen Web Browser supports bookmarks now.

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