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Copy & Paste on the iPhone

2/17/2009 04:04:00 PM - 2 comments
In my oppinion the iPhone is the best mobile phone, but it is not perfect! Appart from MMS and a turn by turn navigation software, Apple also missed to put copy & paste into the iPhone. But, as you may know, there is a solution for every problem! For copy and paste on the iPhone, there are two realy good ones!The only problem is, that they both only work when your iPhone keyboard is opened.


The first solution is called "Clippy" and is available via Cydia in version 0.95-4. It was the first real copy & paste solution for the iPhone, but it is still in Beta. It is realy easy to use! After installing it just go to the text you want to copy. Double-tap at the place you want to start marking the text an then hold it (left picture). Now just mark it like on a computer. If the text is marked, just hold the "123" button for a while until you can see something similar to the picture in the middle above. Now just tap "Cut" or "Copy" and the text will be saved to your Stack.
If you want to Paste something just tap at the position, where the text should be, and hold the "123" button like before. Tap "Stack" and select what you want to paste (right picture). If you tap "Paste" the uppermost text will be inserted.


This copy and paste solution is also available via Cydia. It solves the same problem as Clippy, but it works very different. It is just packed into a "international" keyboard. So after downloading it you have to activate it first (Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboard -> hClipboard). To open it, just tap the "world" next to the space bar. There are 2 ways to copy a text with hClipboard:
1. Copy the whole text: just tap "copy"
2. Copy a part of a text: tap, where you want to start to copy and then tap "Select from here". Now go to the end and tap "Select to here and copy"
To paste something, just tap on the text you copied before.

I tested both and both are realy good and easy to use. So there is no better one. Maybe Clippy is better if you use many international keyboards. You have to decide on your own which one is best for you.

2 Responses

I think clippy is a very nice app!!
I like the design and the handling with it is very well programmed.
Befor this app realeased i really missed this function in the iPhone !!

Hi domi,
I also thought clippy is the best Copy & Paste solution for the IPhone, but now it got updated and it makes a lot of trouble, so now hClipboard is the best one!

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