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Can Your iPhone Replace The Home PC

2/01/2009 11:28:00 PM - 0 comments
The advent of Internet has not only made communication easier and accessible from any part of the world, it has also working from remote location a virtual reality. However, as technology rejuvenates, the user finds more handy devices like the Apple iPhone taking over the Home PC in remote locations where cable/DSL broadband connection is unavailable. Moreover, they also sum up to be one of the most viable alternatives in cases when you move over to a new location (without a cable/DSL broadband connection) and are left with no choice but your iPhone.

iPhone Vs. Cable/DSL broadband connection

There is an air of disbelief and suspicion over iPhone replacing high speed internet connection. The most obvious question is, ‘Can the iPhone match the high speed connectivity required by remote workers?’ Well, there has been substantial acknowledgement from several iPhone users in the recent times which states that Iphones are as easy and compatible as any cable/DSL broadband connection, when it comes to surfing, e-mailing and talking as well.

Cutting Costs with iPhones…

Who doesn’t want to do some cost cutting in this economic upheaval? But many seem to question, ‘How can my iPhone help me save money?’ Well, as discussed in the previous paragraph, accessing internet and even continuing with basic office work is possible through iPhone. So, if you want to save some money, you definitely can ponder over replacing the broadband connection with the sleek and trendy iPhones.

One of the only things that make an iPhones lose its ground over the Home PC is the absence of a normal size screen, keyboard and mouse. But it is nevertheless tempting to use the Iphone as a modem. It may not be long, when you can probably use your iPhone to access high speed internet and will not need a separate DSL broadband connection for the same. Who knows, the economic turmoil and global recession can bring about a new turning point in the history of iPhones and its accessibility to the remotest location in the world.

iPhones can be your Mobile PC

As the great debate continues over iPhones replacing the Home PC, one thing is sure; the iPhones can very well be substituted as the mobile PC considering the mobility factor, ease of use and of course, the cost-effectiveness of using it for all communication needs rather than going all the way for seeking the broadband connection. Although, it is too early for iPhones to fully replace the high speed connectivity of cable/DSL broadband connection, it will not be very long when the conventional offices will go mobile and be dependent on iPhones for all remote communication.

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