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Apple, AT&T Face Multiple iPhone Lawsuits

2/10/2009 10:45:00 AM - 1 comments
As recent reports reveal the news of iPhone sales touching a record 101 percent in the YOY sales of 2008, much to the dismay of Apple Inc, four separate lawsuits have been filed in the last couple of weeks. The basic anomaly pointed out in the lawsuits all filed from Florida, New Jersey, and Texas is primarily about the iPhone 3G’s connectivity and robustness. The lawsuits besides stating the iPhone 3G as a faulty device that cannot provide adequate 3G reception and surfing at 3G speeds, also places complaints about cracks in the casing.

Complaints seek injunction

iPhone 3G, in spite of being the most popular and sold off smartphone device of 2008, with record sales of more than 13 million units, has failed to keep all its customers happy and live up to their expectations. Four lawsuits in 2 weeks very well sum this up. Moreover, injunction has also being sought on companies trying to spread incorrect information with false advertising and corrective damages.

According to a report published in Ny Teknik, a Swedish engineering publication citing the reasons given in the lawsuit, the complainants have pointed towards the poor connectivity issue in iPhone 3G in receiving 3G signals. And, at the same time it stands united to the call for ban by U.K. Advertising Standards Authority on iPhone advertisements claiming its complete access over the Internet.

Another scope of complaints refers to the crack-prone casing of the Apple iPhone – mainly around the camera and near the volume button on the side. Some reports also highlights complaints indicating that the cracks appear near the earphone jack and on the bottom of the phone near the sync cable port as well. The premature wear-and-tear including the formation of hairline cracks in the casing is a well known problem known by all. The bone of contention of the complaints is that Apple Inc. and AT&T have been marketing the device aggressively in spite of knowing all about these flaws.

Apple assures fixing the hardware problems

Although Apple’s discussion boards is fully active with numerous posts on this issue; Apple as always maintaining its adherence to avoid commenting on pending litigation, has maintained a discerning silence to the media quest on the lawsuits. It has however, acknowledged the truth pertaining to the 3G connectivity issue. Reports also indicate that Apple Inc. is closer to fixing those issues in the successive firmware updates.

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Loking closely at the performance of the 3G compared to my trusty 2G it was clear that, at best, the web page loading speed of the 3G is about 50% higher then my 2G when I did side by side comparisons at the Apple store.

When you bake in to that the fact that the 3G battery life is significantly depleated when on a 3G signal AND the additional $10 per month of the 3G service access plan, it was clear to me 3G was NOT an upgrade from 2G.

Physically, it was obvious the aluminum backed 2G was an M1A1 Tank compared to the plastic backing of the 3G.

I have two 2G's. One an AT@T and the other a ziphone 3.0 unlocked week 19 build on T-mobile. Both with added mophie power.

I Love em. The do just what I need and they are durable.

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