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ziPhone website version 2.0

1/22/2009 09:29:00 PM - 24 comments
ziPhone website version 2.0

One year passed since the start of this blog by Zibri. More than 16 million web surfers visited it in 2008. And now it is time for some changes to make it even better. We`ve come a long way preparing the 2.0 upgrade. So please welcome to new ziPhone website.

A large design update

As you have probably noticed the new design is nothing like the old one, a great designer and coders worked on this for us and did an amazing job, and they are still in process. That`s why we would love to get a feedback from our dedicated readers in order to know what other improvements you would like to have at the website? And please report any errors you might find.

What's to come...

As you may know, Zibri has become a father in November (all the best wishes to him and his family) and the good part is that www.ziphone.org is really popular. So we want to improve the user experience at our website for those of you who visit us regularly and keep you updated with all the fresh iPhone, Apple and Digital News.
So enjoy the new ziPhone website! We will try our best posting new interesting articles on daily basis. If you notice any bugs or errors - comment them here and we will fix all the little issues. :)

24 Responses

site looks ordinary. imho

2.0 update is just started yesterday. Stay tuned for further changes that will be very soon.

come on funatic, give him a chance, the site has just started, it has to progress, its a process not instantaneous, so chill, he just spend a lot of money on it, give him time.

David, there are always negative comments, the trick is to move on with the constructive ones.




couldn't find any contact info on the site (could very well be me being very tired in the head and missing sth) so i write here in comments:

there's a sight issue with styling in Safari and FF2/3 on Mac:

the left margin seems to be a tad too wide, and the text next to the flag in language select is pushed down to the next row. clip the margin to resolve.

I do not know others, but I am not switching languages (in the upper right corner).

Hello, Guys!

Stim, you are 100% right we are working on this issue! :)

Anthon, we will get our coder to find out the Safari bug, thx for the screen shot it really is helpful! :)

"David, there are always negative comments, the trick is to move on with the constructive ones."

You are right... Just trying to answer every question! :)


well! the site is terrific! I really like it! well one thing I've noticed is that you have included ziphone news and ziphone downloads in the menu! could you tell me if the page's focus have changed? or is it still about iphone and iphone hacking? or you wont do that anymore?

thanks in advance!

Cheers David ur work is very good!

DanExtreme, thanks for your comment! This blog is devoted only to iPhone and we are not going to change it. I would love to post hacking/unlocking news every day but they don't happen so often unfortunately. :)
So, we will also post more general iPhone news - to make the blog more dynamic, up-to-date and interesting for you (I hope :)

P.S. I'm receiving a lot of questions from you about Zibri. Don't worry - I talk to him every day and he is fine! :) He has a lack of time, as he need to devote it to his baby. But he will post at this blog from time to time.

hello David,congrats !.. newbie hier..still proud to be 1st Gen.iPhone owner... when can i upgrade my iPhone.. still have firmware 1.1.4


Hey David! I want to ask you something! are there any news on "the egg of columbus"? what was all that about? cheers...

Missing Bob. Marley Jah Rasta, Yeah POSIITIVE New phone user I. Freeedom 2 ALL!!!

Help! I've locked up my iPod Touch, and It's
usless now. Here's the situation. It's a 32
gig gen1 touch, that came with 1.1.4 I jailbroke it about a year ago, and life was good.

Today, I decided to upgrade it to 1.1.5 through
Itunes, that worked too. But it threw away all
my old non-apple apps. I knew this was likely,
so I tried to re-jailbreak it with the software
that's on this page.

That's when the trouble began. It never completed (after almost an hour), so I stopped
it and restarted it as the instructions
suggest. It's got the white text on it now
and just loops with this message:

BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0

Of course Itunes doesn't even see it, and it
seems that there is nothing I can do to get
out of this depressing situation.

Any help you can offer will be greatly
appreciated, and improve your karma too!

Thanks for relating your experience.


get the ipod touch into dfu mode (plug it into a computer, turn it off, then hold the power button + home buttons together for 10 seconds, and then let go of power and continue to hold home button for 10 more seconds. Computer should recognize it, and then restore it using apple firmware through itunes, and it should work again.

1st Gen.iPhone owner... when can i upgrade my iPhone.. still have firmware 1.1.4



Thanks for your suggestion. It seems to
work, but it's all for naught. In the
interrum, it seems that this site has gone
to "Pay-Only" to jailbreak the iPod Touch.

Ziphone is now no better than Apple iTunes.

What a disappointment...

So, erm... does it work on iTouch 2.2.1?

Downloaded the tool but all the Readme files seem to refer to downgrading to 1.1.x and then jailbreak.


can i use this if i 'restore' from 1.1.4 to 2.2 ?

I can't get ZiPhone to work on my Second Gen iPod Touch. It just says it's in recovery mode and it never leaves.
Am I doing something wrong or does ZiPhone not work with the second gen iPod Touch?


does it work on 16GB 3G iphones?

Can this unlock the iPhone 3G?

hmm i am having a similar problem to what others have reported. my phone gets stuck at the recovery mode part and never leaves. just wondering if there was a asolution to this. thanks! :)

I downloaded the software and when I conected mu ipod touch to my pc and start de program ziphon on the computer it stared showing werid messages in my ipod touch, it reads as following:
Ipod stack can't star! Need configuration!

And now itunes doesn't recognize it anymore and i can't use it anymora, how do i fix this?? please help me!!

Francisco Luis ive got the exact same thing.

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