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Passing the baton...

1/13/2009 05:25:00 PM - 7 comments
As you maybe already know, I called the auction off.
I refunded all $50 bidding donations.

Since I have much less time to manage this site, I will pass the baton to David. David runs many sites and a few are about cellular unlocking.

Stay tuned for news!


7 Responses

Is ziphone dead? or will you surprise us once again? well... if you tell us it wont be a surprise anymore! right? :P best of lucks! cheers from venezuela!

The iPhone world will miss you. Thanx for everything!

Ifor one hope you will come back with ziphone for 3g 2.2 with an imei changer.


so long ziphone. you have been great to this community! You have impact the world, really you have! Take care! :-)

David where are you? zibri are you still seeing this? where are you guys?

you guys need to still work on ZiPhone. WE NEED IT!! i liked it better that winpwn and all the other pwning apps back in our 1.x days, and i shure as hell would love it for formware 2.x. please continue it!!

Hey guys, u should come back... zip phone was the first and best unlocker program....

cheers from brazil =Pp

I dont know why did this guy used keyword "Namaste" at the end. Its hindi word and I presume user must not be knowing its meaning. :) Anyways thats fine.. It means "Hi" :)

- Avi

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