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iControlPad for iPhone – Coming Soon!

1/23/2009 12:12:00 AM - 3 comments
The best developers in the world take pride in developing applications for iPhone. iControlPad, the latest accessory to be associated with iPhone; has lately become one of the most awaited device amongst iPhone enthusiasts. There has been enough buzz about iControlPad since early 2008, when iControlPad.com divulged its plans of working on a gamepad shield project for Apple iPhone. Now, almost nine months into a brainstorming development process, the iControlPad is soon waiting to be launched.

The story behind….

iControlPad has been conceptualized as the gamepad shield that would assist in the playing of jailbreak games and also soothe emulators. Since its development began in May, 2008, the iControlPad has been undergoing a process of transformation from the better to the best. What started off initially at a very individual level with the assembling of a serial interface for connecting a Super Nintendo controller to the iPhone, is now poised at a very crucial stage of development; when the requisite code is implemented to use the device with their applications before it goes for the big launch.

The iControlPad Journey - then and now…

It has been fascinating for iControlPad.com to keep millions of iPhone user all over the world updated on each developmental moves of the iControlPad till the final stage prototype video that was used to play Quake was shown to the world. All those who kept a keen watch on the entire trail of iControlPad from the initial days of development for a glimpse of the CG renders and a few still pictures can now see the final device.

What you can see now are several add-ons, other than the distinctive white prototype finish presently at the periphery. The add-ons (suggested earlier in previous trails) are equipped to handle I/O and derives power from iControlPad’s dock connector, which includes an eight-direction d-pad—A, B, X, Y, other than a set of select and start buttons.

What to look out for…

iControlPad like the other iPhone accessories and applications have bagged huge expectations and appreciation much before its release. Tentatively set to release in mid-2009, the iControlPad is reportedly being developed to work on games that rely on the iPhone Jailbreak. It will be competitively priced, around $30 (according to iControlPad.com) and will have the quality to match the iPhone. However, it is still unclear if this much awaited device will work with App Store applications.

3 Responses

This looks pretty damn good!
Its quite tricky to play any emulation games on iphone, I have tried before and it isnt easy
If this is actually released im sure it will prove to be a massive success!
1 thing I cant work out is how will it connect to the iphone? through the connection port at the bottom?

I think this is a really good idea!
but in my opinion there only will be a small number of games which can be played with the iControlPad.

Yes Lord Kram, you're right! It will be connected through the port at the bottom!

Will this also be avaible for iPod Touch 1g/2g?

Also interested in support of iPod Touch. I think it should work ok technically, but form-factors are a bit different...

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