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Apple Talks Tough on iPhone’s Intellectual Property Infringement

1/23/2009 10:08:00 PM - 3 comments
The iPhone is probably one of the most enviable products which any technology giant would like to have in its portfolio. However, credit goes to Apple Inc. for developing this revolutionary gadget – iPhones; that has almost given technology a new dimension. Also, with all the adulations and business success has arrived cut-throat competition from some of the biggest names in the contemporary technology market like Google, Research In Motion, Palm, to name a few.

Apple Inc. talks tough…

But, what makes Apple Inc. apprehensive is its infringement of iPhone’s intellectual property rights. Early this month quite a few eyebrows were raised and blogs were written about the new smartphone from Palm – Palm Pre; which reflected many similar attributes to Apple iPhone.

Although, Apple Inc. is tightlipped about the much discussed similarities between the iPhone and Pre, buzz is around that the technology giant is seriously contemplating scrutinizing the facts if it feels its intellectual property right has been violated. And some tough sound bytes from Apple COO Tim Cook saying "We will not stand for having our iPhone ripped off," is quite an indication of the message Apple Inc. would like to pass on to its competitors.

Palm Pre comes closer to Apple iPhone

All those who have seen the Palm Pre at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show, could not stop exclaiming the strong similarity Palm Pre had with the Apple iPhone. Other than its smooth trendy design, user interface and Operating System (OS) and a sharp and brilliant color half-VGA (320x480) resolution Multi-touch screen. It has similar iPhone features like using Multi-touch gestures to zoom in and out of Web pages and swiping the screen to shift between windows.

And in the line of fire is Palm’s executive chairman Jon Rubinstein, who is famously an ex-Apple employee and is known to poach several Apple staff since his Motorola days. Therefore, apprehensions at Apple Inc. are quite high as Palm is contemplating a launch date for the Pre, later this year.

Apple is watching…

As news of possible resemblance is gathering storm in the technology market with many competitors battling hard to get their share of the market pie, which iPhone has already captured; Apple is waiting and watching closely. All it needs is vital proof against infringement of its intellectual property; for ascertaining possible actions under law.

At the same time, Apple is not taking it lightly as it is working towards constantly upgrading the features and applications of the iPhone, so that the craze never dies down. This is perhaps the finest aspect of the iPhone generation – Innovation as the key to Success and Surviving Competition.

3 Responses

I never noticed this!
But you're right they are quite similar
let's see what apple will do...

you did a great job!
Ziphone looks realy good now!
the only thing I miss is the international ziphone. Are you planing to introduce this again?

greetings from germany

Patrick, international website versions will be available soon. Check for future updates.

Patrick, international website versions will be available soon. Check for future updates.

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